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[MUSIC PLAYING] How would I describe
the world of “Ambitions?” Dangerous. Sexy. Juicy. Glamorous. Shocking. Jaw-dropping. It’s a lot going on. And by a lot going on,
I mean a lot of sex. Sex. Sex, sex, and more sex. OK, it’s got a lot of that. And drama. Drama. – Guaranteed.
– The sex. Did I say sex? You know, everybody in
“Ambitions” is getting some. I just got to say.
I just got to say it. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MOANING] The world of “Ambitions” is
a modern day “Game of Thrones”, minus the dragons. If you’re going
to play with fire, make damn sure you’re the
one controlling the flames. It’s five interconnected
families, full of schemers and scoundrels. You have the
impossibly, wealthy, treacherous Carlisle’s. The Lancaster’s– Snitches get stitches. –who came from nothing
on the rough side of town. But their son, Evan, married
into the Carlisle family. The Trujillo’s, a Latin-American
family of strivers. You have the Purifoy’s– Call me Hunt. –old-money
southern, conservative, pharmaceutical dynasty. A young brother like you
is going to go far in a city like this. A young brother? Uh-huh. [LAUGHTER] And you have the Hughes’,
hoping for a fresh start in their marriage. And they have no
idea that they’re entering this den of iniquity. May God have mercy on the
poor souls unfortunate enough to become our enemies. These are people
who are fearless, for better or for worse. You won’t believe
the things that happen. I’m not sure how the writers
come up with these things. Not everyone plots
world domination before their second
cocktail, dear. People will be able to have
fun seeing rich people suffer and seeing middle class
people strive to achieve more, but also suffering because
pretty much everyone suffers on “Ambitions.” Our show is juicy, folks. It’s just hot in
the most fun way. Expect the unexpected, always. There’s nothing guilty
about this pleasure. I’m not sure I can think of
ever seen anything like this. [MUSIC PLAYING]

25 thoughts on “Cast Members Describe the World of “Ambitions” | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. I love this but my only qualm is why do we always have to include a white character(s) in our shows. They said its a modern day Games of Thrones but you don’t see ANY people of color in that show! Its like our projects won’t even get looked at if a white wasn’t included!

  2. I described it as the world of Oprah Winfrey, doing what the elites like her to do 👹distract people from what's really going on👀 and show us this dysfunctional bulshit👏

  3. I really like Robin Given's work. She always does a fantastic job. Also, what does Robin Given's have like a fountain of youth at her house!? She looks great!

  4. Will this show be placed on Hulu or other networks? My own app only shows 2 episodes per series!!

  5. These one trick pony shows are tired. Robin Givens has played the same character her entire career. She even looks the same and not in a good way.

  6. Well done OWN! Looks like another fantastic hour long drama added to your lineup! June 18……10 days away can't wait!

  7. Brilliant usage of Carmen in the intro. Giving me HBO-Success vibes. Will initially be watching for Robin who as always is simply exquisite.

  8. I'm READY! I've been watching all of these inside sneak peek videos this morning and I'm pumped!

  9. My new (other) favorite show on OWN, besides Greenleaf. 4 seasons in and I still haven't gotten into Queen Sugar. And Tyler Perry's shows have always been awful, especially when you compare them to the new shows on the network.

  10. It's exactly like Power without the Violence. Mayor Evan is James St Patrick, Stephanie is Tasha, Rondell is Keisha, Amara is Angela 😂😂😂😂😂

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