Case 1B Group 8. Social Relations

Melanie Shorr is in Toronto on business, staying
at a hotel in Yorkville. She’s had two days of back-¬‐to-¬‐back
meetings with clients, and it’s now the end of the second day. Exhausted and exhilarated (her meetings went
very well), Melanie is looking forward to enjoying her last night in Toronto. She decides she’ll do some shopping and
then have dinner and maybe see a movie at the Varsity. Bryan Toave is a sales associate at Holt Renfrew
on Bloor St. He works in the women’s leather goods department, where products can retail
for up to $50,000. Bryan has been with Holt’s for four years,
during which time he’s been promoted from shipping and receiving. It’s a Tuesday night, and things are on
the quiet side, although there are one or two women browsing near his section of the
floor. “But seriously, you had to be there. She looked like some sort of street person,
but she swept in here all high and mighty and asked to see the new Chanel clutch. Can you believe it?” says Bryan. “Drag. That’s retail. We can’t stop ‘em from coming in here,”
Tashanna replies. “So I said to her ‘Can I help you?’-¬‐-¬‐
but you know, without really engaging, so she got the point,” Bryan goes on. “What did she do?” Tashanna asks. “Exactly what I expected her to do – she
sort of got nervous, turned around and left,” Bryan says, smiling. “I think you’ve got someone who wants
to buy, Bryan,” Tashanna says. Bryan walks up to Melanie. He says, “Hello, can I answer any questions
about that Michael Kors?” “Thanks, but I’m just looking for now,”
Melanie says. “Well, I’m by the luggage if you decide
you’re interested in anything,” he says. “I’ll let you know.” Scene 1 What should happen
Brayan: Ok mam’ (with smile) that your time. If you will need any help I am always there
to help you. Melanie: (Happy. She liked his attitude and tone) Ok thank
you so much. Brayan goes back and Melanie calls him and
bought purse and few more items and afterwards she always recommends this shop to everyone. Scene 2 What happened
“Hi,” says Melanie to the hostess. “I’d like a table for one.” “I’m not sure if anything’s available
right now, could you give me a sec?” she says. “Sure,” Melanie replies. “I don’t think there’s anything available
for at least an hour,” the hostess says. “What if I just wait here; maybe a spot
at the bar, or that table for two over there that looks empty?” Melanie asks, suspiciously. “That table’s not available, sorry,”
the hostess says. “I see,” Melanie replies. “Is it reserved?” “Um, no it’s just…” the hostess looks
a bit flustered. “That’s okay, I’m going to try my luck
across the street,” says Melanie, hungry and a bit pissed off at this point. Scene 2 What should happen. Melanie: Hi, I would like a table for one. Hostess: (Welcomes her in a kind way) Hi sure,
wait for a second let me check. Melanie: No problem. Hostess: Sorry mam there are no table available
for at least an hour. Melanie: But I can see two tables there. Hostess: Absolutely but that tables are for
couples. Melanie: Oh I see. No problem. Hostess: Really sorry for the inconvenience,
you can to nearby restaurant which is only a 50 meters away. Melanie: Ok, thanks. Scene 3 What happened. “Excuse me,” Melanie says
“I’d like a ticket for the Woody Allen movie at 9:00”. “Machines are over there,” says the young
woman. “Excuse me?” Melanie replies. “My cash is closed,” the young woman says,
turning back around to talk to her friend. “I’d like to speak to your manager.” Scene 3 What should happen. When Melanie walks up to the counter the women
there welcomes her in an exciting way. Melanie: I would like a ticket for the Woody
Allen movie at 9.00. Women: Great, your choice is excellent and
this movie is incredible. Melanie gave cash and got a ticket.

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