CareSouth Carolina Dental Services, Society Hill, SC

We began to hear
as we talked with our communities about the signficant unmet needs for children,
in terms of dental care. And we started really trying to examine, well,
how could we go about addressing that. One of the number one reaons why kids
miss school is for dental issues. So to be able to have a mobile dental unit that goes into a school to provide dental care
is huge for the kids. We have a big truck,
and in that big truck our equipment roles out, and it moves into the different locations. These are fully operational operatories
for dental services. They have all the bells and whistles,
and all of the newest and latest technology. It’s something to see. CareSouth Carolina is a federally-qualified health center, otherwise known as a community health center. We provide a full scope of primary care services,
including medical and dental.
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Currently we are serving over 30 schools in
our 5 counties, and we’re adding them all the time. Hopefully having 3,000 visits plus this year.Everybody brushing at home?
Yes? With primary care, such small care
can benefit so many people. And we’re designing brand new systems and
deliveries of care to best serve the patient. Being a National Health Service Corps site has
really provided us with the opportunity to have a pool of highly-qualified and talented providers –
medical, dental – and they get their loans forgiven. They come to us not with just the skills and talent, but they come to us with the heart. So it’s a win-win.
It’s a win for the individual. It’s a win for the community.
And it’s a win for the organization.

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