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Take a walk around Prescott Arizona and
it’s easy to get a sense of the community spirit here. Nicknamed
everyone’s hometown, even visitors feel right at home in Prescott. A few miles
away at the Good Samaritan Society Prescott Valley that community spirit
has been taken to new heights. Former staff development director Maggie
Durbin had been a beacon of light here. When she died in August of 2011 the
message Maggie left her Good Samaritan community shortly before her passing was
starting to take hold. About a week before she had passed she had made a
comment to the department heads in a meeting and she said that you know, we need to focus more in loving one another. We always focus on the
residents needs and and that’s important that’s what we do, but we also need to
focus on our biggest biggest resource and that’s our staff her exact words
were, “We basically just need to love each other more.” Maggie was really
something special to everybody and she was always, “You know you guys got to
watch out for each other, you got to take care of each other.” No one needed that
care more than Paula Cedillo, a CNA at Prescott Valley for nearly five years. I
was married before and my ex-husband left me with a lot of bills and so I was
struggling to pay those. On top of that one of Paula’s two teenage sons had been
hospitalized several times in the last year with various sports injuries. The
bills started to pile up faster than they could be paid. At about the same
time Paula’s co-worker and friend Lisa Brandt, a nurse at Prescott Valley was
dealing with the loss of Maggie, had another close friend dying, and a
daughter leaving for college. I had a good friend who was on Hospice and she
passed away so I had three major things happening like within a week you know my
daughter going away and two people passing away and and shortly after that
I took a vacation to Oregon and had time to think. She had just come to
me and was like I know you’re struggling you know the economy thing has not
affected me at all. I’m just looking in my big house and
thinking I don’t want to be here and I knew of her problems. She was trying to
relocate to another apartment that was more affordable and it just dawned on me
I don’t need to be in this house. I just said, “Hey Paula why don’t you live in my
house and I’ll move out and go live with my parents,” and that’s what we did. And
she’s like and you and the boys just move in stay for six months do what you
need to do and pay, you know get your bills caught up, and she didn’t even
realize that I was losing my car that’s that’s what was crazy she just thought I
was just struggling you know just the month-to-month stuff like no I probably
would have lost in the car if I’d got another month. I moved in in November and maybe not even a month ago she’s like you know what, “Stay until after
graduation because if I’d done the six months I would had to move out like
three weeks before my son’s graduation you know it’d have been a nightmare she
just came to me and she’s like, “You know what your son needs to have a senior
year, get him his class ring, you know do this do that,” and so you know the other
day I came in I’m like, “Kenny got his class ring, thank you if I hadn’t been
for you he went to gotten his class ring.” She’ll tell me along the way well you
know because you did this I can go do this or because I’m saving money here I
am able to do this now I can understand that with kids going to college it’s
amazing you you don’t think of all the little things you need until until
they’re getting there and then all these things just crop up and you have to deal
with them. Lisa didn’t say anything and Paula didn’t say anything about it. No
one knew that this had happened I think someone had just heard offhand that Paula
was going to be moving in and you know I don’t think Lisa wants any recognition
for this she was just doing something nice. I arrived and Greg had said he just
heard the most awesome thing that he’d ever heard. She’s on those people that’s
not into getting recognition for things and so right away I went to my boss. I
was like, Darcy, I got to tell you what Lisa’s doing is I’m gonna explode if I
don’t tell somebody.” She had me in tears As staff have heard about this
and you know seeing how it’s made a difference in Paula’s life we’ve seen
more acts of kindness and and more friendships built and better teamwork
and better communication just because of Paul Lisa’s led by that example. The
mission of the Good Samaritan Society is to share God’s love and word indeed and
you know we do that for our residents on a daily basis but I think we’ve really
started focusing with our staff and showing God’s love to them too. The reason
why I like nursing homes is just the community. You know this is more than
just a 40-hour work week.

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