Captain Marvel helps Spiderman Scene – AVENGERS 4: Endgame (2019)

26 thoughts on “Captain Marvel helps Spiderman Scene – AVENGERS 4: Endgame (2019)

  1. Cap Marvel showing up is the only really cool moment of this movie since they ruin all the rest with crappy writing and bad directing. However even this scene is ruined by the all-girl-pose. Endgame is such a shitty movie and I cannot believe people like such garbage. Marvel should make a bunch of sequels to Captain Marvel and skip all the rest, clearly they are incapable of making any other great movies.

  2. エンドゲームは神だったな…というかアベンジャーズが神いや、MARVELが神

  3. lol. Better call the scene "Deus Ex machina saves the writer from having to kill of the whole cast". Everyone is about to die and Miss Marvel just bitchslaps the giant enemy ship to pieces. Yeah good writing. 😉

  4. I don't mind Captain Marvel but I also don't understand why World Breaker Hulk couldn't do what she did, like, even in Infinity War. Seems like the writers didn't want to use him to his full extent just because there isn't much of a story when he goes full Hulk

  5. 1:06 I feel bad for Thanos. NOW WAIT, BEFORE YOU HATE ME, HEAR ME OUT. During this battle Thanos has seen everything he ever cared about fall to ruins. His daughter Nebula, Gamora switched sides, all his children died (Ebony Maw, Proximum Midnight, those guys), his ship gets destroyed, even his god dang CHAIR. Even HE gets dusted away. Thanos realizes that he is defeated and that’s why he is fine with getting snapped away. He just sits there, no final blow to a character, no last words, he just sits and thinks.

  6. Captain Marvel: how dare you hurt Spiderman
    * destroy spaceship*
    Spiderman: holds hand like a teddy bear

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