Capitalism, class, gender, city, machine, workplace I

In this lecture what we are going to do, we
are going to stay on with the social shaping of technology which are we in relation to
the technological shaping of society. And when we discuss social shaping of technology
we are discussing social shaping of technology in contradistinction with technological shaping
of society. In this context we have discussed many things,
political constitutional of technological systems, technology as knowledge, social construction
of technological systems, actor network theory, and from here onwards we are going to discuss
how technologies also set by gender. In this context we are going to discuss the
relationship between feminism and technology. Or how do feminists bring about the critic
to technology okay. Technologies, I mean when I say feminists
critic to technology, I mean technology I just shows you technical arrangement okay
of such in political order, social order, military order, ethical order, legal order
and so on okay. In this context Cynthia Cockburn, I mean in
her article thought in the wills which represents a pivotal point in the growing engagement
between feminism and technology. Cockburn went beyond concerns for equal opportunities,
I mean when I say equal opportunities, I mean when mentioned when Cockburn mentioned equal
opportunities, it is not simply equal opportunities between two genders, but which goes beyond
equal opportunities, I mean greater representation of women in the traditionally male provisions
of science and engineering to ask to further questions. Number one is that each technology itself
set by gender, number two, what is gender set by technology. When Cockburn post this question, each technology
itself set by gender okay, I mean whether or is gender set by technology okay. What is the cause and what is the effect? What is the antecedent and what is the concept,
what is the explic and what is the explic then, I mean what is the cause and what is
the effect. Whether gender is the cause and technology
is the effect, or technology is the cause and gender is the effect, let us see. When Cockburn post this question, first question
is technology itself set by gender, Cockburn’s answer to the first question that is each
technology itself set by gender okay, the answer to that question is that industrial,
commercial, military technologies are muscular in a very historical and material sets. In part this gendering role okay, arises because
at effects and forms of knowledge associated with women often simply not regarded as technology
okay. Even Ruth Kwan, I mean Ruth called as Kwan
for example, noted in 1979 there I mean the exclusion of women from traditional history
of technology okay. When we quote Kwan here she mentions that
the indices to the standard histories of technology do not contain a single reference. For example, to such a significant cultural
at effect as the baby bottle, here is a simple implement which has transformed a fundamental
human experience for vast numbers of infants and mothers and being one of the more controversial
exports of western technology to under developed countries, yet it finds no place in our histories
of technology. Kwan write in 1979 okay. We will come to the second point a little
while later. I mean one must explore the gendering of technology
in several other ways, here what is more immediately relevant and are verbally Cockburn’s distinctive
contribution to the debate around gender and technology okay, is a answer to the second
question that is, is gender set by technology. Technology Cockburn argues is one of the formative
processes of men, men not women okay historical materially okay. The appropriation of technology by men and
we exclusive of women from any of the domains being technical or processes that leave their
mark in the very design of tasks and of the machines I mean, I mean their also part of
the processes by which in our society generic constitute okay different childhoods social
different role models different forms of schooling okay. I mean childhood sociologies different role
models different forms of schooling gender segregation and occupations different domestic
responsibilities and sometimes play n historical processes expulsion okay as after the faster
second world wars have all contributed to what Cockburn describes as the construction
of men as strong manually able and technologically end out and women as physically in technically
incompetent okay. This is how gendering of technologies has
been done historically and materially okay if gender and technology are mutually constitutive
okay if a feminist course to all of technology okay I mean if technology and gender okay
are mutually constitutive so are explicitly and technology. Though this is the topic that has been much
less thoroughly exploded recent literature how a particular ethnic group conceive of
technology perceive technology the mutual, the mutual constitute is most evident in relation
to that common place marker of ethnicity technology has been shaped by ethnicity in the scene
that in that convectional valuations of skin colors have been the bench mark in the development
of autographic and film technologies okay and in you can look at many Hollywood movies
where you will find if a film is based on US or UK okay. You will find the name of Villains okay they
are mostly from the years 12 say before with union okay this is how film industry photographic
industries film theologies they are they have exhibited the spirit of recigiment. In this sense firstly first I mean number
one I mean did the relationship between ethnicity and technology it can be established on two
points okay first technology has been set by ethnicity in that convectional valuations
of in colors have been the bench mark in the development of autographic and film technologies
these typically or fine tuned so that they provide pleasing recigiment of white face
some times to the determinist of the reproduction of other skin colors essence. That is why you will find in Hollywood has
well has in some Bollywood that especially the villains are of black color okay the skin
color determines who is going to be the villain so far as the relationship is between ethnicity
and technology or recigiment technology is concerned okay is extremely important precisely
because the way we look at childhood sociologies and I mean the background different role models
different forms of schooling segregation of occupations different responsibilities there
historically conditioned okay. They must be examined in more historical and
material scene okay in this scene I mean that is why what we first point is to be examined
in detail that how technology has been shaped by ethnicity in that convectional valuations
of skin colors have been benchmark or in the development of autography can film technologies
okay these typically are fine tuned so that they provide pleasing rend scene of white
face some times to determined of the reproduction of other skin color is used. And secondly technology has helped constitute
ethnicity in that convectional hierarchies of desirability have been reinforced by the
reproduction of white faces has pleasing flesh tones stones rather than has unpleasantly
beefy okay I mean if you if we can look at these I mean technology the way technology
has helped constitute ethnicity in that convectional hierarchies of desirability have been reinforced
by the reproduction of white phase has pleasing flesh tones rather than has often happened
with unturned photographic technologies has unpleasantly beefy okay. From here onward what we are going to do we
are going to look at in specific terms okay other ways to look at the social shaping of
technologies okay where in this section we are trying to provide as many examples has
possible okay to establish how technology is socially economically politically culturally
ethically legally institutionally ideologically shaped okay technology is not an autonomous
activity it is not independent okay it does not develop on it is own rater it the development
the emergence and development of a particular technology is very much contingent up on though
the way our economy culture and polity our desired okay. That is in if you recall the initial lectures
that we disused that technology is not neutral in the neutrality of particular technology
depends on the way it is designed and controlled okay let us see how Donna Haraway she is a
she is an she is an eminent HTS scholar the way the we are going to discuss the way she
has unfolded the different dimensions within this within the preview of social setting
of technology. I mean if you look at all language including
mathematics is figure it that is made of tropes constituted by bumps. That makes sure from liturgical mindless mindedness
what do we mean by topes I mean non liturgical inches of language such has metaphor over
it tends to emphasize figuration to make explicit in a stable that topic quality the topic quality
of all materials of semiotic process especially in techno sites okay what is the semiotic
process that when I say techno science I am in we are trying to we are trying go beyond
the disquisition between science and technology we are trying to look at technology and science
on come power lines. I mean we are not trying to make an disgusting
between science and technology because what is technology becomes science tomorrow what
is technology today become will become science tomorrow and what is science today may become
technology tomorrow I mean this is the dialectical relationship between science and technology
that is why we are suing techno science what is that semiotic process a semiotic process
is loosely one in which meaning is created however use the term techno science in preference
to science and technology. Because if we less than two have become inseparable
we cannot make a disgusting between science and technology for example think of small
set of objects into which lines and worlds are bent cheep may be cheap gene shaped fitters
data base boom race brain ecosystem and many other things okay this kind of list is made
up of metaphor world so brackets the cheap seemed or gene is simultaneously. Let well as well as figure it here we inhabit
end up inhabited by such figures that map universe of knowledge practice and about the
globalization of the world of plant earth is a semiotic material production of some
for in so fly it than others okay eco science is the story of such, such globalized world
such will the in the such process of globalization it is the travel of our distributed heterogeneous
linked social technical calculations. That kind of the world does not need to call
the global okay here in like the significant proper concept called cybrog or hibernating
organize okay when we look at before getting into information society I mean what are involving
information society what are the illusions that information society brings in to the
before getting into these important you look at cybrog or cybernetic organization propounded
by a Donna Haraway I mean cybrog refers to a fusion of the organic and the technique. Life forms that inhabit the recently confident
plant or earth the whole earth of eco activists and green commodity catalogue just it just
it in a historically specific eco scientific bumped okay we can give Nemours examples I
mean for example okay I mean we come to this point houses the cyborg is figure both material
and fantastic both real and imaginary that explored the implications for life in the
context of techno science okay let us gives let us have some examples the apparatuses
of the 28th century military conflicts embedded in repeated world wars decades of world war. Nuclear weapons event to the and their institutional
matrix in strategic planning in bit scenario production and simulations in think that such
as ranked the in new system like networking strategies for post colonial global control
inscribed in no intensity conflict doctor in and post cold war simultaneous multiple
war fight in strategies depending on rapid massive deployment concentrated control of
information and communications and high intensity sub nuclear proceed weapons. The apparatus of hyper capitalist market tropic
I man in today’s terminologies it is capitalist market that we see in the international carrier
of okay you know the apparatus of hyper capitalist market tropic and flexible accumulation strategies
are lying on standing speeds and powers of manipulation of scale especially miniature
dispense which characterize the paradigmatic high technology transnational work places
okay the apparatus of production in that techno scientific planetary have we get space called
ecosystems which it is constituted birth bangs in resource management. Practices is in such institutions and national
picture is in the 1900 and 20s and 30s imposed Second World War theoretical fascines and
with all things cybernetic in the atomic energy commission. AC mitigated rejects in the 1950 in the US
for trussing radial strokes in radical a through food chains in the pacific ocean in the in
the 1970s global modeling infact is indicated to the club of Rome and to scientific effect
and to international projects such as the United nations educational scientific and
cultural organizations I means units course as a man in the biosphere program and in the
only cybrog of whit spread green war as a dominant new world war of security concern
which it is diplomatic forms. Played out in 1992 at the earth some it I
mean if we look at the development of capitalist and subsequently capitalizing that as given
raise to certain types of technology capitalizing had not given raise to hand look technology
for example capitalism is given raise to whether power loom technology even more sophisticated
technologies to reduce cotton or silk I mean and cloth okay and then we see the responds
is the that the critical responses to such large in state funded a states sponsored. Capitalists technology okay the apparatuses
of products and of the globalized extra territorial everybody consensus in the planetary pending
of multi sight multimedia multi specific multi cultural cybrog and entrainment events such
as I mean many start take over and so on, and they are proliferating a sequel in the
daily information stream embedded in transnational US dominated brought spectrum media conglomerate
conglomerates such as those worst by the mergers of time Horner with CNN and the design universe
with capital cities owner of CBSN and so on okay. The offspring the offspring of these techno
scientific needs or cybrogs imploded germinal entities Stansky packed condenses of worlds
socket into being from the force the impotence of the natural and the artificial nature and
culture subject and object machine and organic body money and lives additives and reality
and so on that is why the cyborg the figure both material and fantastic both real and
imaginary that explore the implications of life in the context of techno science so what
kinds of skin or called in the preparatory forms of live in these days near the I mean
in these days I mean into 1070 in the 21st century okay. How do we who innovate such stories make cybernetic
and commercial investments in forms of life where the lines among human, machine and organic
nature are highly permeable in eminently be visible. How useful is my embedding suspension that
biology the historically specific consult embodiments in the world as well as the techno
scientific discourse projecting such bodies is an accumulation strategy. The point is less disrupt able if head hallow
away written that bio-technology both the discourse and the body constituted as a bio-techniques
is an accumulation strategy but much of what is accumulated is more strange than capital
more kind than alien more alluring than gold. The liberatory the potential of science and
technology for liberation the liberatory potential science and technology I mean when we look
at it is the great power of science and technology to create new meanings and entities to make
worlds, okay. In what gets politely called modernity I mean
when we create new meanings, new entities, new worlds we tend to arrive at a we tend
to look at a modernist construal of meanings, modernist construal of entities, modernist
of these worlds. In what gets politely called modernity and
its after life or half life actually they trade protection of natural knowledge permissibly
structures and commerce, industry healing community, war, sex, literacy, entertainment
and worship the wide building alliances of humans and non humans in techno science shape,
subjects and objects, subjective and objective, action and passion, inside and outside in
ways that inferable other modes of speaking about science and technology. In short, in brief in a nut shell techno science
is about worldly materialist signifying and significant power. And many things can come. I mean the Cyborg, the way or a way try to
look at Cyborg I mean the Cyborg gives the Cybernetic organism effusion of the organic
and the technical forced in particular historical cultural practices. Cyborg’s are not about the machine and the
human as if such things and our subjects universally existed instead Cyborg’s are about specific
historical machines and people interacts in that often turns out to be painfully countered
inattentive for the analyst of techno science. The term Cyborg was coined by Manfred Clynes
and Nettheim Clynes to refer to the enhanced man who could survive in extra territorial
environments. They imagine the cyberbobent man machine hybrid
would be needed in the next great techno humanist challenge that is the space flight. A designer of physiological instrument is
an electronic data processing systems, clients was the chief research scientist in the dynamic
simulation laboratory or at Rockland state hospital in New York okay, Clyne that were
was the director of research and at Rockland state he was a Clyne was a clinical psychartorist
and the way they looked at these one of their first cyborg’s was as tended white laboratory
rat sorry, implanted within osmotic pump design to inject chemical continuously. Exchanging knowing figures with their primate
keen okay, wrong dems will reappear in this at every turn. Beginning with the rats who is stored away
on the mast chips of Europe’s age of explorlism Wrong dems have gone fast into the unexplored
regions in the great travel narratives of western techno science. Many I like in the science fictional work
modeling in an episode in the television so deep space nine the laboratory continuous
to sack us into uncharted regions of technical culture in political space. Passing through the work mole of techno science
the fill mice emerge as the final tellered laboratory Robin’s model systems, anemic
tools, research material, self acting, organic technical hybrids, okay through whose eyes
Donna Haraway wrote this wrote it is on Cyborg. The such modernist perspective on new meanings,
modernist perspectives on new entities, modernist perspectives on new worlds okay, what Donna
Haraway calls this filled site the cultural, the culture and practice of techno science,
okay culture and practice of techno science. While critical of newer aspects of the way
things happen such as the whole sale extending the private property to patenting life forms
Haraway warns against any purist rejection of the un-natural hybrid entities produced
by biotechnology. For example, the introduction of a gene from
flounders into tomatoes which live in cold seas. It enables the tomato to produce a protein
that slows freezing, right okay. The transplanting organism contains genes
transplanted from one strain or species or even across taxonomic kingdoms. For example from freeze to tomatoes of fire
flies to tobacco bacteria to humans or vice versa or to all other. Transgenic body crossing specifies series
challenges to the sanctity of life for many members of western cultures which historically
have been offsets with rasile purity, okay which is unscientific in fact, okay which
is historically have been offsets with which is historically have been offsets with rasile
purity categories, authorized by nature and the well define itself the distinction between
nature and culture in western society is has been a secreted one it has been at the heart
of the great narratives of salvager history. And they are genetic transmutation in to sort
of secular progress. What seems to be at stake in these cultures
stories of the human place in nature human place in nature that is genesis and its end
list repetitions and western intellectual perhaps especially natural scientist and philosophers
have historically been particularly likely to take their cultural stories for universal
realities. Often the kind of efforts to develop a politics
of technology are seen as anti- technology as an attempt to impose upon technology rigid,
negative political controls. The prevalence of that conception is sometimes
misunderstood as an attack on science in technology okay. In this context it is a mistake to forget
that anxiety over the pollution of lineages is at the origin of resist discourse in European
cultures as well as at the hot of linked gender in sexual anxiety. The discourses of transmission get all mixed
up in the body of nature, transprisive border crossing pollutes lineages in a transgenic
organism case the lineage of nature itself transforming nature in to its binary of proceed
culture. The line between the acts agents and products
of divine creation and human engineering is given in the sacred secular border zones and
of molecule at genetics and bio technology. The revolutionary continuities between natural
kinds ion saturated by the theory of biological evolution seem flash it compare to the rigger
is coupling across taxonomic kingdoms not to mention missions and companies produced
daily in the genetic leveled. What appears here>is it what is the again
what is the cause and what is the effect, like we started with these what is the cause
and what is the effect gender or technology okay, how we try to look at the electrical
relationship between gender and technology okay. And this dialectical relationship can be established
in a more historical and material sense, now what is the cause and what is the effect? Nature or culture, one may say that even our
culture is a part of nature somebody may counter or moment somebody may say that, no the way
we understand the relationship between nature and culture it is culturally amplified it
is culturally conditioned okay. We must try to look at we must try to examine
the dialectical relationship between nature and culture okay. One just cannot say no the culture is prior
or nature prior rote in it is the way we try to conceptualize nature or culture okay, they
are very context specific, when Haraway pointed out that often efforts to develop a politics
of technology or seen as anti technology as I attempt to impose of an technology rigid
negative political controls the prevalent of that misconception is sometimes misunderstood
as an attack on science and technology in this context Haraway shortly critical of those
who reject technology in favor of a return to up mythical natural state and see are use
in state for an embracing of the positive potential of science and technology. Here we are trying to bring about a cryptic
to technology does not imply that we want to go back to the theological stage or metaphysical
stage, when we started this course where we also started that the three stages through
which science as met progress we have come to a point there are three large of stages
in the development of society namely theological stage or theological stage secondly metaphysical
stage and thirdly positivistic or scientific stage. When we in theological stage is based on super
natural forces, I mean social change or the change is in economical culture and politics
or based on changes in super natural phenomena okay whereas metaphysical stage suggests that
no this is only the change is which occur in economic culture and politic they are naturally
mediated okay and positivism or positivistic stage or scientific stage they questioned
is in the existence of got the question the existence of religion they are questioned
theological stage metaphysical stage and so on. I mean positivism also has to be look that
ion the context of industrial revolution critical thinking reasoning capacity of the individuals
as well as institutions. That is why when we try to bring about the
critic to technology we are not trying to go back to theological or metaphysical stage
but we are trying to understand how a particular technology is socially economically and politically
culturally saved okay. By interrogating the either to existing forms
and contained of technology okay, in opposing the production of transgenic organisms especially
opposing their patenting and other forms of private commercial exploits committed activist
appeal to notions such as the integrity of natural kinds and natural tillage or self
defining purpose of all forms of life or life forms. From this perspective to mixed match genes
as if organisms were legitimate raw materials for redesign is to while natural integrity
at its vital core transferring genes between species natural barriers compromising species
integrity this they activities and others also inform many other arguments for apogees
into various bio technological practices in the new old order. The objections including increasing capital
concentration and the monopolization of the means of life reproduction and labor appropriation
of the commons of biological in returns is that the private preserve of competitions
the global detaining of inequality by region nations race gender and classed individual
of people self determination and sovereignty in regions designated as bio diverse file
indigenous lands and bodies become the object of intense gene perception and proprietary
development. Inadequately assessed and potentially environmental
health consequences misplaced priorities for techno scientific investment ferns propagation
of distorted in simplistic scientific explanations such as genetic determining intensified cruelty
to and dominance of over animals depletion of bio diversity undermine of established
practices of human and non human life cultured and production without embracing the most
affected in democratic decision making and they valid and this is the objections this
interrogations are legitimate their valid okay. And one must take these objections very seriously
the state also must take these objections interrogations very seriously okay and all
of them are taken off if but must be taken up very seriously okay but what try to point
out that is how it does not things simply naming the concerns either designed the directions
of effects or describes the cross cultural qualifying through which scientific practices
constituted worldwide. Effects and practices are mutilate and context
specific and it is too easy for all parties to fall into doubt mark where fundamental
cultural and material values are both not sad and at state what much not be lost from
sight in all of this complexity however is that power profit and bodily arrangements
are at the heart of biotechnology age able global practice the states are immense just
as there in nuclear culture okay. That is why but by bringing about that rejections
to the hither to existing forms and contents of technology in does not imply that one must
go back to natural state and the perhaps for this region perhaps for this region do not
know how away arguing instead for an embracing of the projected import in some of science
and technology. For she revels in the very difficulty of predicting
what technology’s effects will be okay the lively unfixed and unfixing practices of science
and technology produce surprises which just might be good ones how focuses on the western
theme of purity of tie natural purposes and translation of sacred boundary edge the history
and current politics of ratiosonal in Europe and united states of to set off at cute anxiety
in the presence of this supposed lay high ethical and ontological themes okay. If you slightly recall what is the ethics,
ethics is this study of nature of conduct but in ontology I mean we discussed in selective
the ontological questions, ontology what is big what is existing okay that is why in the
in the appeal I mean it is important to hear in the biotitic debates the intend tools of
fear for the alien and suspicion of the mixed variety the appeal to introit natures along
it try to look at a mystification of kind and purity aced to the doctoral of wide racial
hegemony and evilness integrity and purpose that to per meet north American cultural history. How you know that this appeal to sustain other
organ gens inviolable intrinsic natures and is intended to affirm the difference from
humanity and their claim on lives lived on the terms and not mans they appeal aims to
limit turning all the world into the source for human appropriation but it is the problematic
or moment resting on unconvincing biology histories erased for other organisms as well
as for humans in the doctrine of types and androgens purposes and kind of time less in
nature is piously narrate it. If you look at these then the unsent together
mixed of history of living beings okay who is long tradition of genetic exchange will
be the envy of industry for a long time to come gets sort shift more fundamentally in
the mixed of the unless fair race is everywhere reproduced at real forced everywhere unspeakable
and infamies okay and everywhere deferred obliquely as in top of urban under classes
diversity illegal aliens wilderness preservation terrorists viruses immune deficiency they
are going to invaders and crack babies. I cannot hear discussion I mean, I mean what,
what how away try to interrogate okay that receivers I mean how away tried to try not
to look at disharmonies crosses among or try to avoid disharmonies crosses among organic
beings and of implanted alien gens without hearing inflected in gene fabrics impound
look it at in the belly of the monster how ever found the dispurposes of natural harmonic
the non aliens and purity and salvable for understanding our genealogy of the new or
lot. The way how ever tried to look at this the
difficulty of predicting technologies effects I mean in turn I mean emotionally intellectually
morally and politically to the natural at the peer perhaps, perhaps for how way it is
converse to hear the dangers of resigen in the apologies of genetic engineering and especially
transgenic at just the movement when national and international qualicens of indigenous
consumer famines environmental and development nongovernmental organizations. I mean civil society organizations have found
to approach commercial agiens and expropriation of human animal and implant genetic materials
although the morals scientific and economic resources are far from simple however approached
the patenting of animals human genes and much plant genetic material okay. It is important okay when we patterned what
kind of things you are going to pretend if you are going to patented medicine then it
will be accessibility of many, many, many inspections of the population in the world
if we petted seed that our food systems will be at state okay that is why however I just
humanitarian okay see approached pretending of animals human genes and much plant genetic
material genes for profit are not equal to science itself or to economic health. Genetic science is in politics are at the
haunt of critical struggles are equality democracy and sustainable life. The global co modification of genetics resources
is a political and scientific emergency and intelligence are among the key actors in bi
politics just said they have to be in nuclear culture but the actors in bi politics, just
as they have to be. But the tendency by in a interesting manner
reflected on the political left okay or the area of the political spectrum okay, to collapse
molecular genetics bi technology profit and exploits into one un differenced mask is at
least as much of the mistake as the mirror image reduction by the right of biological
or informational complexity to the gene and it is for incarnation, including the dollar. Interesting deflection on this, objects I
mean many unique things can come up now, I mean stem cells for example are those cells
in an organism that retain the capacity to differentiate into any kind of cell. Stem cells can regenerate the whole array
of the cells types possible for that life for. Stem cells the notes in which the potential
of entire world is concentrating. Objects like the fittest, computer gene rays
eco system brain database stem cells for the techno scientific body. Each of these curious objects maybe fitters,
chief, gene, computer whatever bomb database whatever you say I mean each of this curious
objects in a recent construct or material of knowledge forced by practices in the furnishes
of techno science to be a construct does not mean to be unreal or medium. When you say technology is a constructed one
if does not imply that it is unreal. Infact it is quite the opposite it is real,
okay. Out of
each of these notes are stem cells sticky trades lead to every nook of the waltz. To follow is an analytical emerging physical
and political choice okay. However he was committed to showing how each
of these stems knot of knowledge making practices industry and commerce popular culture, social;
struggles human and non human accent, local and global fudge and many more. For example a seed contains inside it is coat
that the history of practices such as collective, breeding, marketing taxonomizing, bi chemically,
analyzing, advertising, eating, cultivating harvesting, celebrating and starving okay. These may be the functions of the seed a seed
produced in the bio technological institutions, now spread around the void contains the specifics
in for the labor systems. Pest control procedures, marketing and land
holding and beliefs about hunger and well being, similarly at database is a technical
and ectopic objects that structures future accessibility why would we create database? So that in the future we can depend on that
okay, in database is an ideal place where are elements are equally greet and everyone
can access all of that in the future. The database is contained sight for contestation
over techno scientific works of democracy and freedom. It is very important, if democracy and freedom
will be removed from the preview of the database then the database losses it is many. Both the gene and the brain are database literally
build in the experimental multi disciplinary, documentary, prospectively information management
and other practices of the human gene project and human brain mapping project. What in a nut cell in the context of the sibyl
organism and so on, what Haraway try to examined? Let us sum up okay Haraway try to work out
at least some of the knots that again I repeat knots how attempted to work out at least some
of the knots that constituted genes databases, chiefs, computers, seeds and so on. Her accounts are clearly not exertive as seed
no they are regressively cog ale but they had intended to be more then nearly justice
about the connect ting tissues, lubricants coats and actors in the worlds we must care
about. And such about stems cells and within each
of them are links that matter in what gets affectionately called the real void. How do techno scientific stems cells link
up with each other in expected and unexpected ways and differentiated into entire worlds
and ways of life. It is fantastic; it is interesting to note
this okay. How do techno scientific stem cells link up
with each other in expected as well as unexpected ways and differentiate into entire worlds
and ways of life. How do they differently situated human and
non human actives and encounter each other in interactions that materialize the worlds
in some forms rather than the others. Haraway objective, Haraway purpose is to argue
for practices of situated knowledge in the world of techno sciences. That is why he is contacted that is why we
allowed these quest okay. Around the objective of Haraway is to argue
for a practice of situated knowledge’s context the fixed knowledge’s okay in the world
of techno science worlds which fibers in filter deep in wide throughout the tissues of the
planet including the places of personal bodies okay then what we have discussed till now
in this lecture. We started with how I mean what is the relationship
between gender and technology okay whether the technology is itself set by gender or
gender is set by technology I mean feminism control of technological systems then we discussed
the relationship between ethnicity and technology I mean when we say the relationship between
gender and technology when cook burn boost this question this technology itself set by
gender see effect to industrial communal and merit technologies which are musical in a
very historical. And material sense will cook burn forced the
second question is gender set by technology in this sense technology is one of the fanatic
process of men I mean the approximation of technology by men and the exclusion of women
from many of the domains being technical or process that need they mate in the very design
of tasks and of messes in ethnicity and technology we have discussed how technology has been
set by ethnicity in that conventional values sense of skin scholars had been the benchmark
in the development of autographic. And film technologies technology has well
constituted ethnicity in that convectional hierarchy of the desirability had been reinforced
by the reproduction of white placing play stone rather than unpleasantly diffuse there
from on we have come to point of cybong or cybernetic organism as enriched by donna J
Hardaway I mean the cybong is the figure in the both material. And fanatics sense of real and imaginary sense
which explore the implications for life in the context of techno science okay I mean
Hardaway tried to Hardaway always used the term techno science because for here for STS
scholars mostly science and technology are in separable that why I see induced the term
science and technology separately if we use the term techno science the liberty reporting
potential of science and technology involves in the greater power of science and technology
to create new meanings new entities into make new worlds this is the modulus perceptive
on new meanings. And modules perceptive on new entities new
module perspective on new worlds while critical of many aspects so the way things certain
such as the wholesale extending of private property to pending life on how the way one
second the purist rejection of this unnatural hibernate entities produced by a by technology
although she was very much opposed to pending of animal human beings and much planet genetic
material I mean for the example the introduction of gene from flowers into tomato which leave
in pole seas which enables the tomato to produce a fruit index freezing. From there on Haraway goes on to reflect on
of an effects to develop a politics of technology as seen as entity technology as an attentive
impose upon technology region negative political controls the prevalence of that miss conception
is sometimes misunderstanding attack on science and technology okay Haraway is sort in a critical
of those who reject technology in favor a written to a multiple natural stage or metaphorical
stage rather see argue instead for an emplacing of the positive potential of science. And technology Faraway reveals in the very
difficulty of the predicting what technologies effect will be in this sense she reflects
on the lively unfixed and unfixing practices of science and technology that produces surprises
that which produce I mean the lively unfixed and unfixing practices of science and technology
which produce surprises is just might okay and the purpose Haraway is purpose is to argue
for the practice of situated knowledge’s in the worlds of techno science worlds which
fibers in filtrate deep in white throughout the pieces of the planet including the flames
of our personal bodies okay in the next lecture what we are going to do we are going to discuss
in the next lecture we will wide up two components especially two components to establish for
the social settings of technology. One was the accepts from Marx’s writings
okay the machine versus the worker. And technology and capitalist control by and
then we will come for to a gender to a social technical construction in the context of the
smart house. Case the smart house prototypes and what do
designers have in mind when we go out with construction when we go out with a design
okay house work out of side out of mind we social group reverent we mean or and I mean
that marginalized communities individual communities significant the revolt social groups but they
are mostly they are neglected removed while constructive a particular technology that
is why we will discuss how our smart house is a masculine construct. That decline of the one size fits all paradigm
history of contraception if technologies the instutionalization of women has the other
shift in focus from similarities to differences the instuitionalize of women has the other
and then we will discuss development of the fast physiological means of concepts and focus
exclusively on women one size fits on and it is and counter arguments to such notion
of one size fits all and how to whether we should modify technology to fit people or
we should modify people to technology that is different thing before we go into our discussion
go into discussing the information society issues and allusion by David line okay thank

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