Can't Help Falling in Love – Jess and Gabriel

25 thoughts on “Can't Help Falling in Love – Jess and Gabriel

  1. Jess looks so beautiful in that dress and Gabriel looks so handsome. I love your relationship, wish you the best♡

  2. So like the MV is perfect, their voices are perfect, their outfits are perfect, their looks are beyond perfect and they are perfect. ❤️

    And they say perfections doesn’t exist.

  3. Love this song so much ♥️
    I posted a piano cover of this song. Click the link below to watch 😊

  4. Ahhh i've just created a channel and can finally comment.
    Can I just say that almost EVERY boy there is in the world, would call this cringey or say it's not man-ish to do this? But it's so freaking cute I'm crying watching this <3

  5. Please….This is not okay for a christian girl watched by thousands of people to wear such a dress. Sorry!

  6. But I can't help falling in love with them❤😭
    They are soo freaking adorable!!
    I'm soo in love with you guyss!❤❤

  7. I just noticed this video… and now I wish I haven’t… bc they are so perfect I feel as though I can’t watch it😭😭😭😭 Jess is so perfect, Gabriel is the gold standard for a man and a husband, and both are loyal and faithful Christians. God bless you both for this pure, meaningful, and amazing video even though I am so late.

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