Canadian vs. German Culture – Who wins the challenge?

good morning from Grandma in Canada I am really really happy to say that Gregg and I have been living and traveling together for a bit over five years now five years and within that time we've been challenging each other on regular basis but also learned a lot from each other so I think now it's time to take our relationship to the next level today is the German versus Canadian challenge let the battle so here's what we're gonna do in this video we're going to compare cultural elements qualities and characteristics of the German and Canadian life and then see who does better obviously this comparison or competition is going to be a little bit stereotyping and also very subjective so I apologize in advance in case we are stepping on anybody's toes today I assume that most of you guys know my channel and know who we are but in case you don't I am Nellie I'm from Hamburg Germany and Greg is from Toronto Canada so I believe that because we're natives were also allowed to stereotype a little bit and of course by the end of this video I want you guys to comment below if you agree with our judgement because as you all know you should never really be judging your own competition but now let's jump right into the panel the first challenge is who makes the better breakfast and this isn't just like your normal everyday Monday to Friday breakfast it's more of the special sort of weekend breakfast so what we want to do is we are going to tell you what we would make for breakfast on like a Sunday and then we run compare who does the better healthier spread yeah I think healthy and Canadian standards is gonna make us lose right away because the most typical sort of Sunday Canadian breakfast would definitely be toast bacon eggs maple syrup pancakes possibly like fruit or jam maybe some cereal you know which isn't that unhealthy I think the most sort of unhealthy part of it is like bacon and and maple syrup essentially but bacon and maple syrup together are really good you know you have that savory and that sweet tomato mess admit that does sound pretty good it is also not that different from a German breakfast I think the main difference is that we would have the better healthier bread and you guys think we have those bread rolls so that really really tasty chicken exactly and then on top of that we would have a giant spread of things to put on your your Boyken which would be meat or cheese or mom lay jam honey Nutella and then on top of that there would be eggs usually hot boiled eggs sometimes scrambled eggs I personally really like my fruit salad with yogurt in the morning but that's not necessarily the most typical German thing to do and then obviously coffee so I think they're probably not that far aren't the two breakfasts right but the healthier is probably the journey one and it's also the more important one think it would be the bigger meal people would sit down and have breakfast whatever right whereas with me growing up like my family wouldn't necessarily get together on a Sunday morning for breakfast every week so yeah let us know your comments regarding the breakfast if you are Canadian or American it's pretty similar yeah let us know if you like bacon and maple syrup together or if you think the Germans spread is it's the better way to go personally I'll probably end up steering more towards the German side what nothing it is then so right now Germany's winning won nothing but next we're going to judge our surrounding so nature and wildlife yes I think Canada it's got a pretty good chance of getting this point specifically sort of like wilderness right yeah exactly I mean look at where we are there's birds they're squirrels there's foxes foxes while turkey ran through our garden the other day and that's just amazing that's something that I'm not used to and I think those are not even special animals I mean there's Cougars and bears in Canada and like yet further north you go it just gets wild caribou and mountain goats and a whole bunch of great great wildlife and not to say that Germany doesn't have a lot of wildlife but I think it's more of like a space to population ratio because I we were talking about this earlier we think the population of Germany is like eighty two million two million people population in Canada is probably thirty eight million and yet Canada has got so much more space and most of those people even I don't know if you know this they live like right along the southern border so if you once you go a few hundred kilometers north of the border of the United States is just pure wilderness tons of lakes lots of mosquitoes the Tangra the Great Canadian Shield so we are definitely getting a big point is okay but that's all we're not so we're judging it so definitely the sword side we're back inside and currently tied 1-1 which keeps things interesting and I'm excited to jump in the next one because this is a topic that both Nelly and I are pretty passionate about and that is languages I do still hope to be able to shine a little bit in this one because languages in Germany are a really important part of the education system growing up I grew up learning English pretty quickly in school and then we also have the opportunity to learn French and Spanish and sometimes Russian and Italian and Dutch and you have a lot of opportunity there and I think in Europe it's also seen as a bit of a really useful skill to be able to speak several languages because there are so many different cultures within really small territory Canada and Canadians are officially bilingual so as most of you know watching this there is Quebec and New Brunswick in Manitoba which are all french-speaking provinces the whole like federal system in Canada is based on bilingualism between French and English so if you want to become a an employee of the government you actually have to pass a French language test or an English language test vice versa so we started learning French in elementary school and throughout high school however like my personal experience growing up in Canada I didn't really learn enough French to be bilingual I never really got good at French yeah you know there's some basic knowledge that's kind of an engrained into my memory but I do think that Europe will take the point on this one for languages I agree but I do still think that we should do a bit of a challenge here oh okay what's good so I have thought of a couple of really german woods that i would like you to try and pronounce go for it then you can go for canadian okay yeah it's not imperative but so one of my favorite words growing up as a kid in German was grew I want you to try and pronounce it I H try that one at home okay what are canadians likes he knows English is so good that this is totally unfair a Canadian slang how about go big or go home and get her done you hoser go big I go home get it done you know is it yeah that's pretty good yeah Canadian would be just short forming things like for sure that's a good sure for sure for sure oh for sure I don't know if you know any Canadians laying down in the comments right but that is a huge point for the European on the languages okay on to the next office and work ethic and efficiency as you guys own or your digital nomads and we can work from anywhere hands my laptop right there but that also means being our own bosses means that we have to be productive like we have to be productive on a daily basis and it's really important that we stay on top of things and that we are efficient with our work yes so right off the bat I think a lot of you know that German stereotype is definitely efficiency and having a really strong work ethic and staying focused so I'm pretty certain you're gonna get the point here because I am an entrepreneur so I'm definitely driven and motivated to run my own business I have a lot of passion and purpose behind my work but I am also very easily distracted and I procrastinate all the time and maybe that's a product of my upbringing but I find it really good traveling with you because nothing likes to keep me sort of on task and saying okay you know have we done this this this is this I don't do procrastination very often yeah I like to do lists I think as an entrepreneur you have to stay on top of your own kind of priorities to be able to create enough income to sustain your lifestyle but it is a bit of a stereotype the Germans for for efficiency and work ethic and it's true I've known a lot of Germans through your family and through some of your friends and travelling in Europe and and it is definitely true that there's more sort of efficiency when it comes to your work ethic then I believe with Canadians I guess in this in this case it's a point for the German dispersion so Greg is losing he's really really sad 3:1 can you believe it where my Canadians but I do think that you can come back on this one because one thing that I want to talk about is politeness or madness and I believe that Canadians are not only much more polite they are also much more well-mannered in a way that yes you would say thank you and apologize all the time and to be honest address me nuts but it is a very good change and I do believe that gems can definitely learn from that because sometimes we just say things I would love it too quickly and it might actually help our efficiency your work efficiency that we don't talk around things too much and get to the point by the same time it doesn't necessarily make relationships better or like the social interaction exactly yes Canadians are known internationally for being far too polite and that is a correct stereotype it's not uncommon for you to sort of maybe bump into somebody and both of you turn around and say sorry at the exact same time and they say sorry oh sorry my foot I shouldn't have bumped into you oh no no it was me because I was walking in the wrong way yeah but I should have been able to look how you're walking into me oh no don't worry about it I'll pay for the bill no I'll pay for the bill and I'm all pay for the bill just over and over and over again which is kind of hilarious but definitely the truth so Canadians get a huge point favor being polite and just all-around very very nice now here it is my favorite part of the video and our last challenge is the beer culture and this one might be a bit surprising to you but we've stepped outside it's a beautiful sunny day in Ontario and we're gonna try German vs. Canadian beer to tie this game for you is to win with the Canadian beers and given the rotation of German beers that might be tough that's true I don't know if you guys know but there is a beer Purity law in Germany that was passed in I believe the 16th century which states that beer can only really be made with four specific ingredients and these Ontario craft beers are kind of killing that but they are able to really sort of experiment and come up with some really really interesting beers so we've got two very typical German Vice beer here yeah do you want to tell them what they are well this is adding of ice beer Antipa bytes and so they're both very cloudy beers very rich and we have craft beers from Ontario uh-huh and the craft beers from Ontario are the surprising part of this final challenge because we have a whole bunch of different sort of really really unique breweries only from this province that are producing beers this is a rhubarb wheat ale this is a tangerine IPA and this last one is like a hazy Pale Ale so all really really kind of crafty artsy beers and and I think that they are delicious and absolutely taking the cake convinced me well which one you want to try well we should try both next to each other right okay well maybe nothing hazy Pale Ale it's gonna look really similar to the wheat beer with yeah okay all right let's do it adding of ice yeah and I'm so sorry for the really intense highlights and shadows your rate in the Sun pouring skills I think because you're German you'll always pour beer with Moorhead where's my North American ISM it's like really not that much headed also no judging okay that's enough Tess I'm winning the pouring contest yeah for sure alright do you want to try this one first Cheers it's pretty good yeah that's really nice all right I think this is just so classic that you know exactly what you're gonna get when it comes to German beers and there are a whole bunch of German beers that you can choose from but they are all really kind of similar that they follow that same rule with the purity law and they're really traditionally proud of that as well and Germany has a very strong beer culture with like Oktoberfest and all that stuff but I think what you get an Ontario is much more experimenting yeah diversity and not really as strict on the tradition so thinkin we're leaning towards Ontario something you might not know about me I actually don't really like beer and most Germans hate me huh because I'm supposed to like me alright but yeah I gotta say that that is it is pretty tasty so yeah we're giving a big point to Canada on the beer and that ties us up it does three three times let us know what you think of the differences between German and Canadian culture yeah because in the end you shouldn't be judging your own context either and that's what we've been doing so I can feel free to leave your comment and your judgement on the challenges below this video that'd be great and I hope you enjoyed this video as we enjoyed filming it and let us know if you want us to do more of those challenges very even a relationship alright thank you so much for watching I really appreciate your time to watch this video and I hope to see you again on this channel very soon bye all right so good No

15 thoughts on “Canadian vs. German Culture – Who wins the challenge?

  1. Love both countries and had the opportunity to had spend significant time in both. On the breakfast, Canada for sure, no way Germany can beat the maple syrup over eggs and bacon. Beer is s different one, Germany has excellent beer, Canada traditional beer (Molson, Moosehead, etc) is so so, but when one throws in the micro brew, different game and that is hit and miss. If Germany didn't have the purity laws who knows. I would lean to Germany on the beer considering traditional beer. Manner and politeness, Canada for sure-no county and I mean no country comes close. Landscape wildlife, Canada, last is productivity and efficiency, have to go with Germany, but there are such do to being set in the way, i.e. follow the rules no matter what, seems Canada will think outside the box (like the US) more often and come up with new things more than Germany. Hell I can remember being in Landsthule once waiting to cross the street on a Sunday with no traffic. Waited and waited for the sign to change and finally said, 5 min no traffic-no change in sign go for it, some local lady yell at me for going against the signs, I told her sorry but I wanted to see Germany and not spend my time stuck on a corner waiting for a cross walk sign that either was broken or only changed once an hour.

  2. Lived in Germany breakfast wasn't that great, Americans won that because I could get a hearty breakfast eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, grits and pancakes with Maine made maple syrup, best ever breakfast has to be traditional English breakfast and other than Canadian bacon I find Canadian breakfasts boring. Polite goes to Canadians unless they are visiting in Maine where they forget their culture and frequently are quite rude, visiting Canada I found everyone very friendly so I've seen both. Germans depending where I was at and what we were doing can be very friendly, not sure that counts as polite but I was a visitor so I accepted the German culture and adapted accordingly. Beer is not something I consume, like Nellie I don't like it. I totally get it that when your in Germany and don't drink beer you are considered an oddball, but I was ALWAYS able to drive when many others couldn't so that's a win.

  3. Greg, you forgot the home fries and hash browns and the WOLVES. Only decent beer I've ever had in Canada was dark beer from Creemore. Nellie, a German breakfast without sekt and orange juice? German sausages ROCK. Germany wins it for me on these challenges even though I've spent a lot more time in Canada than in Germany. Two of my most favourite countries to be in. A wine challenge would have been a close one and a lot of fun to watch, could take several days of hard drinking to decide!!!  
    P.S. I've always found Germans to be very polite and courteous in a formal way!

  4. Come on bacon. Bacon always wins not matter what country. For language, well I’m a white USA citizen and we can barely speak English let alone any other language. When I was in Germany in the 1970’s with the USAF many German kids wanted to speak with us to learn the US slang. They were also somewhat unwilling to speak English us as they were learning UK English and thought they didn’t sound American enough. Not sure if that has changed at all. For beer, well I never liked beer that much whether it was German or American or English. Loved the wine though. The SchwartzKatz from the Mosel, god I hope I didn’t murder the spelling on those too badly, were the best.

  5. Fun video. Id give an extra point to the Canadian influence on the results…a tie wouldn’t be acceptable in Germany😎. Full disclosure: I’m a UK-born Canadian. Oh, and my wife who lived for several years in Belgium, just laughed at the beer comparison. In her mind, neither Canada or Germany would be finalists in a beer competition.

  6. Loving the edit effects in this one babe 🙂 Great edit!! Also really fun video to film and be part of!! Thanks for letting Canada get the tie. Eh. Muahhhh!! #sorry

  7. Sorry, but maple syrup wins all categories! So Canada for the win! 😉 BTW, you guys are a great couple, and love all you guys do.

  8. What? No poutine for breakfast?! Actually, an Irish breakfast is best, not healthy, but satisfying. As for beer, the craft beers are an acquired taste, too many fruit ingredients. Give me a Molson's Golden Ale any day. That was my go to beer after 3 years in Germany. U.S. beers are generally boring. Nice challenge. Were they building a house next door? Safe travels! Rock on!

  9. This was quite a fun video! It is a fun way to celebrate both great cultures! I would love to see different challenges like this in the future! I enjoyed hearing how you rated each of the different topics and that both of you were willing to give the other side credit overcoming some bias. As I've been to both Canada and Germany, I enjoy both breakfasts although I tend to go more on the Canadian side as it is very similar to a Sunday breakfast here in the United States which has always been enjoyable. Both countries have amazing nature although Canada seems to have a larger variety. I definitely agree with both of you regarding the efficiency at work as I work for a German company, and they are very efficient workers. I don't drink too much beer, so I can't really decide which is best. Regardless of the comparisons, it is always great to experience and celebrate all cultures as we are all one!

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