Canada Votes 2019: Election Night Special

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  1. The Green Party got more than a million votes! Awesome. Great to see so many people still voted for the greens despite an electoral system that clearly hinders smaller parties and encourages strategic voting. Let's keep it growing.

  2. Justin didn't reach out to the west. Not surprised he hates the west and looks down on the west. He only serves Quebec. Even with that he gave the Bloc more power. Canada is a very divided country and that's on you Justin.

  3. Sad day for real Canadians. Another proof that this election system is the worst. Entire province voted blue yet the result is decided in Ontario and Quebec. How is this fair for the rest of Canada. Shame on everyone who didn’t vote 8 millions out of 36 million population. People fought and died in ww2 for you to have this right yet you do not care. This country is changing and this is the beginning of the downfall.

  4. Yahhhhoooooooo. What a fantastic night for the people of Canada.

    The CBC coverage has got it all WRONG.

    They were claiming that the only party that won tonight was the Bloc.

    WRONG. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa.

    You know who won BIG tonight??

    The NDP and the people of Canada.

    On May 12, 2011 the Conservative party of Canada increased it's seat count from a minority to a majority, and for the 1st time the NDP assumed the official opposition, while the Lib's ran in a distant 3rd. Because the NDP and the Con's are diametrically opposed and because the Con's had a majority that 1st time opposition win for the NDP resulted in a nothing burger for the NDP.

    The Con's didn't need any support at all from the NDP because they had won a majority and so the major achievement the NDP had pulled off was completely irrelevant from a policy perspective. The NDP had essentially no say in policy because of the Con's majority.

    This time in 2019 is a completely different ballgame.

    Even though the NDP lost a number of seats tonight, and even though they are not the official opposition, what's important to understand is that because the Lib's won only a minority of seats, in order for them to govern they will need to join forces with the NDP in order to stay in power.

    What does this mean for Canadian politics??

    Well, what it means is that in order for the Lib's to remain in power and not be overthrown by a vote of no confidence, they will need to compromise with the NDP in EVERY policy proposition that they want to put forward to the people of Canada. The NDP in Canada is the equivalent to AOC and Bernie Sanders in the US, much further to the left on the political spectrum than the Canadian Lib's are, who are equivalent to the Neo-lib's like Joe Biden or Major Pete.

    Bottom line for tonight. The NDP WON HUGE. Even though they only hold roughly 24 seats, they have now become a 50/50 partner with the Lib's because the Lib's know without the NDP propping them up they will fall and a new election will be called. They do NOT want that under ANY circumstances.

    And get this; the NDP know that in order for them to have any long term chance of being relevant in Canadian politics they will need to push through some type of Electoral Reform, the same kind of reform that Trudeau promised but backed away from between 2015-2019. Last time the Cons and the uproar sunk Trudeau's vision of making that happen because the Con's knew it wasn't a change that would help them, in fact it would sink the Con's perhaps permanently.

    But this election it appears that the Con's won more of the popular vote than the Lib's, and so you watch, there is going to be a huge outcry from the Con's base for electoral reform, which plays right into the NDP's plans to force that issue into the Lib's policy's debate.

    I so f**kin' love it!!!

    The Con's have yet to understand just how BAD this night has really been for them. The truth is they would have been better off if the Lib's had won a majority. Because they didn't, what's gonna happen over the next few years is that the NDP is gonna force the Lib's further to the left, which will really drive the Con's up the wall. If you Con's thought Justin was a socialist, just wait till you see the shift further to the left because of the leverage that the NDP bring to the table.

    And Sheer's concession speech at the end of the night where he envisions a quick collapse of the new minority Lib government…….hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….good luck with that f**ker…….between the Lib's 156 seats, and the NDP 24 seats… 180 seats (only 170 needed for a majority) you f**kin' climate denying assh*les are f**kin sunk perhaps FOREVER.

    This is the GREATEST outcome Canada and it's people have seen in MY LIFE.

    PROGRESS has arrived in technicolor MF's.


  5. 1:15:18 Rosemary Barton eviscerates Max on national TV in front of millions after months and months of his supporters trashing her and her colleagues on social media.

  6. I can't trust him ( JT ). He was a Liar in 2015 election ! He promised policies be good for the Middle Class ! Nothing had even done ! I am no better off than 4 years ago ! He promised the deficit would be balanced in 2019 ! Then we are more in debt by the millions ! He posed in Twitter "Welcome to Canada"! I am not against immigration ! But their backgrounds had not been checked properly. Canada has severe Homeless problem ! We should pay the veterans what they deserve especially the ones need medical care such as PTSD . Lots of soldiers commit suicide ! The veterans braved the lives to fight for our freedom ! So the WWI & WWII over, does that mean they can all be dead for all we care ?? All PM replied that they asked more than they could afford !! Say that to the future soldiers ! The way he is callously treating our survived Freedom Fighters ! Who will risk their lives for our freedom when threatened next time ??

  7. CBC really needs to replace Rosemary Barton. They have plenty of talent to do so and I have no idea why they stick with this empty shell

  8. Ive been following the last of the campaign from Barcelona, living here through the unrest and cops standing at street corners in battle gear and Uzis. Never been more thankful of Canada as one of the truest and best democracies in the world.

  9. How can the conservatives
    Win the rural vote and popular vote yet not have more seats?? We don't have proportional representation which gives more seats to the cities. If the conservatives won all the rural seats and the popular vote then they must have won some of the cities??!! Like in Clintons case she lost rural vote but won popular vote in the cities. This makes no sense it's the opposite of what it should be.

  10. Not that he would but if Mad Max is reading this I hope you know that in my book if this is your last dip into politics you will go down as one of the least morally corrupt MPs Canada ever had. As a Polish Canadian, I wholeheartedly supported you with my (albeit meaningless) vote and truly believe you had some of the most honest and earnest policies that could have greatly benefited this beautiful country. Unfortunately, Canada is not ready for change at that scale but for the first time I felt proud to cast my ballot knowing I was voting for someone I actually supported and not for the party that could balance power the most. Thank you for sharing your voice.

  11. I hope every Liberal rots in hell for this foolish decision. Really hating my country right now. They elected a complete moron.

  12. Bernier’s hologram was hilarious what a loser. He went from PM in waiting had he behaved under Scheer’s leadership to losing his own seat that both he and his father held for years. People’s Loser hahahahaha.

  13. Bernier had a bigger fall from grace than Michael Ignatieff. Lol makes sense Maxime was just visiting the Beauce just like Ignatieff was visiting Canada.

  14. I was watching another youtube clip about pumpkin pres and it reminds me of our Con leader.Drewpy Scheer.

  15. Jagmeet decided to go on a little too long and Scheer sniped in on him anyways, followed by Trudeau (the worst offender of the three in this case) sniping in on Scheer hardly a minute into his speech… great start to this new government of working together…? I wanted a minority government forced to work together but I get the feeling we're actually gonna get months of politicians butting heads like never before… I hope I'm wrong.

    They should have just played all their voices at the same time, not just simply shown the hilarity of them all giving their speeches at the same time. You know, for the sake of consistency… since just like the debates and, long before that, Question Period, they'd be talking over eachother yet again, just like they will be in QP once again.

    I try not to be cynical like a lot of other people about politics, but then crap like this happens and you just have to put your arms up about it. Maybe I'm reading too much into this small thing, but I guess I kinda see it as a bad omen, lol. Not really a good start, thats all I'm saying.

    Good coverage by the CBC (good of them to show Scheer's speech in its entirety after Trudeau's, even though I didnt vote for him I wanted to hear his speech) and great analysis by the pundits and commentators, imo. I'm glad I at least feel like I can count on them for trying to keep these guys in check.

  16. By the way we still want to know what Scheer was doing in the US on private and secret meetings with who and about what?

  17. Sad day for Canada. Well get your passports renewed Ontario you will need it to get into the west. Alberta BC Saskatchewan separate. Maybe join coalition with bloc. They know how to get what they want. The majority spoke for conservative government yet the eastern vote counts more. Trudeau will destroy what is left of our great country.

  18. Rosemary Barton, you should NOT be CBCs election face. Your comments at 4:45:27 are an insult to me and nearly half a million Canadians. I do not understand why you are reporting on an election yet giving an obvious biased opinion that will affect future elections. We already know your other party biases and your opinions are slipping out more and more. Bad news reporting. You should publicly apologize for these insults. As one of your board members stated, this fracture of the PC party should not be ignored…to do so would be at your peril.

  19. I’m ready for Alberta Saskatchewan and bc to separate. All Justin Trudeau is going to do is more harm to Canada instead of help it so Ontario get your passports renewed and ready

  20. Hope we don’t become a Venezuela 2.0 we need Alberta’s money or socialism won’t work. Which makes me wonder why Quebec didn’t vote conservative since they get 13+ billion from their oil money

  21. Justin Trudeau had so many problems and he did mistakes during the last 4 years, but he was able to get a minority government because of the hate and divisions that the conservative leader (American) was trying to spread in his campaign. Canadians showed that they don't like the American type of campaigns & the leaders can learn from mistakes.

  22. What a clown, doesn't even let the man give his concession speech. Great character you people from Ontario and Quebec voted in

  23. Rosemary,

    I hope you read this: Growing up, I considered the CBC to be a high quality, neutral, and impartial news network. Objectivity in journalism, that is, providing the facts alone, letting audiences interpret those facts on their own and allowing the audience to make up their own mind about a story is of the utmost importance to protect the independence of the CBC and to act responsibly and to be accountable.

    In the past few months, I’ve noticed that there has been a slight left leaning bias (i.e. Trudeau) coming into your network. I’m also a bit confused as to why world news picked up Trudeau blackface a day before CBC did, and even when it was reported, it wasn’t immediately on the front page. I dismissed this as a misinterpretation on my part, and of little consequence. After all, it’s nearly impossible to have a completely neutral stance on everything. But your coverage of the election yesterday was something else.

    You had an incredibly unprofessional demeanour throughout your reporting of the election, and instantly stood out against the panel as being inexperienced, impartial, and rude. The rest of the panel seemed more professional, objective, and composed.

    You need to go back and read the Journalistic Standards and Practices section of the CBC and ensure that you abide by them You were truly embarrassing and should be ashamed of how you reported election yesterday. Please go back and rewatch your own segments, and as yourself whether any respectable and impartial journalist would consider your tone professional? I say this as a centralist/traditional liberal myself. Your snide remarks and scoffs at Bernier and the Conservatives are especially telling.

    Few examples:
    When you “offer your advice” to Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden, that he should not
    call Lisa Raitt right away and let her deal with a grief, while scoffing.
    –“Andrew Scheer going to Ralph Goodale’s riding.” Liberals you know. Like yourself?
    Who give us examples? And how is this different than Liberals going to Milton
    riding to take the seat away from long-time MP Raitt?
    – “Lost all their deposits, so they may not be thrilled with you or want to
    work with you”, again with a scoff.

    I understand that as the host you are encouraging engagement amongst the panel, you let your loyalty to the liberals show a number of times, and your awkward pauses and scoffs were cringey to the audience. Please maintain your neutrality, many people question the journalistic objectivity of the CBC, and it’s no wonder given your insecure and immature style of reporting.

  24. If Canadians decide they don’t want Justin Trudeau we Americans will welcome him with open arms!! We can fast track his citizenship and put him on the ballot Nov. 2020!

  25. Guys, you are way too calm. Where are the scandals? Briberies? Public meltdowns? Take a look at your southern neighbors and thank God you live in such a wonderful country.

  26. We uh, we have recently switched to drinking uh water bottles out of uh, water out of uh when we have water bottles out of uh plastic…uh, sorry! -away from plastic towards uh paper..umm…like, drink box water bottle things

  27. I wish Congress from the depths of my heart Mr trudieo justin and all canadian people from Pakistan..💖💓💕❤🇵🇰❤💖

  28. the once mighty italian mafia now turns into isis shitskins just like the scene with dennis hopper in true romance

  29. Trudeau will have to work with other parties now. He has absolutely no choice. It would be political suicide not to. He will have work with the Conservatives to get the pipeline through BC. That is a major issue that must be addressed. A minority government is probably the best thing to happen in our country.

  30. Bon ! Les Bouseux du Q. ont remis leurs bottes et sont sortis de l"étable pour faire revivre les Séparatistes. Il parait qu'ils ont voté pour le fils de Duceppe pour que lui et son Bloc soient Premier Ministre du CANADA…. rire … Vrai ! On recommence avec les âneries du Bloc, les rois des limaces séparat…. du Q. à Ottawa. Au Q. On avance d'un pas et hop vite on recule de 3 pas. On va nulle part, on continue de stagner à cause de l'égocentrisme stupide et la cupidité des séparatisssses. Espérons qu'aux élections Provinciales on ne retourne pas avec des promesses d'un autre référendum et de plonger encore plus dans la vieille m arde du Q. Ça rime à quoi d'avoir voter pour tous ces Blocs là ? Ils sont complètement inutiles et super risibles. Je sais Gilles Duceppe a fait fortune et s'est peloter une super pension à vie au Club Med d'Ottawa, sans rien faire … Ok les autres veulent faire pareil … C,est normal !

  31. “Will bring you more of jagmeet Singh if he ever stops” DEAD

    6:41:25 is fricken iconic. Trudeau shutting shear down is classless tho 🙃

  32. The word canada comes from the word candida witch is a fungus, meaning that canadians are a fungus and need to be treated with the medication TRUMPOXADONE.

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