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it'll be in my house so I said talk about something that I like interest you those two pilots actually they allow them to drink we are not empty pack I'm talking about the carrier and the school system because you know why you're done with trading are you go out with them you can get free and whatever you want to do war now that you're all that training you know somewhere accent is questions in their mind and like okay to buy home to flight skin see that I will be able to pass again I will be able to socialize I will be so guys not actually what I'm going to be talking about if their pilots can drink I mean alcohol he can still party doing comedy character that do those things so stay tuned guys TV and if you're new to this channel I don't know why should you use each other but if you're new to this channel where everything Masek mistresses and xev we talk about ambition motivation and adventure are like I said to the ambien to tell you if slim pilots can actually drink and they can go for parties like socialize and you know this kind of stuff so the only thing I wants you to know these dads as student pilots is not so much different from if pilots already walking like an airline pilot or a cargo pilots or a sea pilot or in vodka a lot of our profession are a lot of other sectors inclined it's not different in the sense that the regulation regulates everybody student pilots airline pilots cargo pilot everybody regulations regulates all of us so there's something they call bottle to shorten your wanted to try to add like four and see which in Nigeria I'm talking about and you reference night jackets about eight ass pots or two truck soon sometimes to LOC is also 12 hours so if you know this your body traffic it out this means you cannot drink it if you are going to fly you should give at least space of eight hours or two of ours before you can fly that's after drinking so that's all covered 48 hours and a lot of people too are like okay the pattern of eating can I see socialize it's your life organizing just be sure that whatever you're going to do is my wingsuit limits or impair your judgment whatever I are going to do is not way to affect the way you regime is going to affect the kind of decisions you make in the cockpit just be sure that whatever you do affect how your your perception what you see I'll think so that's yeah the main concern is when you talk about drinking and eating good you guys even a ratio that the amount guys can take the amount ladies can't eat soup but it's something you also need to be careful about if that's what you're thinking okay well excuse to drink and everything is you know that you have a limits to eat so that's it but as for me I don't drink it's not something that is my team and I mean Kristin true so that's also part of my backing and I don't take that for granted so guys I just hope this video helps you you know means miss your social life you know when to say oh so I won't be able to drink again at the panel or blah blah blah and no it's not like that your students have all these things to yourself or just make sure you under you limit because if you're caught if they come to the cockpit and they check you and see some amount of alcohol like there's a percentage of zero point zero four zero zero to something like that there's a percentage of alcohol they must not see it in your blood if this is in your blood your license that means BC its parent ID or you're even going to be your your no way to be allowed to fly for some time so all that things you're supposed to know it's constant drinking so I hope this video helps you tune in next time even on the same channel to watch your visits

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