Can New York Actually Ban People From MTA Transit?

14 thoughts on “Can New York Actually Ban People From MTA Transit?

  1. That sounds so stupid and foolish they can't stop people from smoking and doing drugs and sleeping in the transit system and living in the tunnels that's not the answer the answer is we need to Outsource our prison system and get those people like this out of this state to the black dolphin prison system Siberia Russia they're promising to rehabilitate everyone that goes there

  2. 18 times he was locked up and 18 times he was waiting for a judge to appear in court and just look at this shit that goes on this is what diversity looks like this is what a mayor of diversity looks like

  3. They can't because certain groups will cry racial profiling and racism. Douchebag Deblasio will pander to their kind and won't let the police do their jobs.

  4. They can't even stop people smoking in their apartment in the New York City Housing Authority which the law was passed two years ago this is all smoke and mirrors and it is a waste of time I don't know these politicians really think the people are that stupid maybe we are I can't see them enforcing anyting

  5. Oh, for crying out loud. "Banning" is the best you can do? After 18 offenses you can't imprison him??? I don't know if all 18 are "violent" but included in his other arrests is a slashing – he cut someone up.
    Hey New York: do you think ANYONE who hears of this will spend one penny there on tourism? On coming to work there? On relocating a business to there?? No, you're just going to be regarded as a violent, lawless Liberal wasteland. "Greatest city in the world"? ARMPIT OF THE NATION.

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