Can Muslims Donate Blood & Organs – By Dr Zakir Naik

49 thoughts on “Can Muslims Donate Blood & Organs – By Dr Zakir Naik

  1. Medikel Doctor saab, Average person will have around 6 litres of blood can he donate 10 litres ..Anyway glad to hear that it is permissible irrespective of the religion of recipient.

  2. Muslims can donate blood because in Islam you can even eat another human being..

  3. इस्लाम में रक्तदान भी हराम 😡
    सभी डाक्टरों से अनुरोध है कि इन्हें जब भी ख़ून की जरुरत पड़े तो बकरी का ख़ून चढा देना।

  4. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXthe accent man !!! i get so angry hearing an indian talking english , you guys RIP the language

  5. Just wait for the qiyaama. Surely, GOD will judge between us.  
    ""Do they [then] wait for anything except that the angels should come to them or your Lord should come or that there come some of the signs of your Lord? The Day that some of the signs of your Lord will come no soul will benefit from its faith as long as it had not believed before or had earned through its faith some good. Say, "Wait. Indeed, we [also] are waiting." ""(Quran 6:158)

  6. what u saying zakir, allah said to the people what. allah himself is a muslim . if u save a people in this contex people means muslime and muslime means followers of muhammad. but in other case if u donate blood or organ to the non muslim that will be haram it should be muslim blood or organ

  7. What he is talking is obvious, and I believe no doctor will use ZN as a blood donor. But in practice I know muslims are hardly donate blood or any organs. Many muslim countries recieve eyes donated by buddhists countries like Sri Lanka as I know. But these people are ready spend money by any means to exract organs or anything as such. No islamic rules apply in those occations just as they involving in drug trafficing and any other(match fixing) barberic acts as such.

  8. @lethybaby yaa u r allowd 2 donate but it shud b useful 4r a v needy person who cnt live witout dat……….

  9. First of all one doesnt have 10 lt blood to donate…and second isnt it so to burry the dead with honour and respect and without harming any part of his body?? Islam doesnt even allow to cut him into pieces when he is can you say that for living beings….such a creep…..Dr.Zakir should learn about how it is said in Islam about the feelings of a dead person when even he is moved hardly…he begs to move his body smoothly cause it hurts….and he better explain what is it in women case

  10. i'm an open minded atheist, and this seems pretty fair to me. too bad not all religions are so open minded.

  11. @MrPakibastard not really majority r sayin dat ur not alowd 2 but i wud say afta death da organ's dcompose so wud be beta 2 help sum1 els whos dyin n nids sumat 2 stay aliv

    After death its the soul that goes up, hope you know what I mean

  12. would anyone have any answers for this, why cant we as muslims donate organs after death to save any persons life, remember what Dr Zakir has said 'if you save someones life, it represents as the whole of the humanity'

  13. Give your sources, where did you get your "information", not what you think, not your opinion.
    You wrote 4 answers and none of them gives any reference to ur info,
    Where are those mistakes? which leader said Islam is at risk?
    3 out of 4 converts leave Islam? cite your sources.
    once again give us your source of info, am I clear?
    Dont worry about muslims, we love to be submissive to Allah and we will Inshallah die that way, you go on with your life and have all the fun no one is stopping you.

  14. you know, i told this to my father to not use the word infidel because it is Harram and it was used by christians in a hateful manner

  15. I know Prof Moore is not a muslim that was not the subject, rather what he said about statements in the Koran and this you can watch on youtube.
    U claim I lie about autralians muslims converting, OK give ue reference, I'll give u mine (a government source ok)
    give me those "known mistaken beliefs…" and i will explain.
    Waiting for your answer!!!

  16. the word infidels was created by the christians crusaders. They used that word to refer to muslims and not the opposite.

  17. Keith L. Moore
    E. Marshall Johnson
    Joe Leigh Simpson
    Gerald C. Goeringer (to name a few)
    Hey mate! google these names, they are the best in the field of embryology, they confirm whats in the Koran and they embraced Islam.
    You are a diver so stick with your fish, dont wander to foreign territories. Dont make a fool of yourself, or are you angry that many Australians are embracing Islam, You cant stop it, I understand your frustration , Mate!!!

  18. All the wars fought by muslim warriors were OFFENSIVE ones.

    Read Indian history. Arab, Turk and Uzbek warriors arrived in India, destroyed Indian empire and Hindu and Buddhist temples.

    ARE YOU TRYING TO CHANGE HISTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Was Stalin a muslim or a christian or a jewish? the answer is NO, yet he killed how many?
    I did not say you are analyzing Islam, you said that 1 month ago, scroll down, here is what u wrote:"How am I out of context ???? I am just trying to anlyse your violent religion. " All wars spoken of in the Quran during the time of Mohamed were defensive wars. Chinese gov. is an atheist one yet they murder their own citizens (tibet)

  20. I am not trying to anlyse ISlam. I am trying to analyse the followers. I beleive most of the followers of this religion are violent. Just look at history and you will find that most violent invasions and wars have been fought by followers of this religion.

    Christianity and islam are on the same scale whereas the only religion that is relatively peaceful is Buddhism. The taliban destroyed Buddhist statues and there were no violent protests by Buddhists.

    But, I denounce ALL religions.

  21. I'm glad you were not able to come up with one single verse. U are not going to read any holy book, yet u contracdict urself by saying that u are just trying to analyze Islam, how can u do that if you dont read the quran. U judge the followers actions, I say fine! lets look at Hitler, Bush senior and junior, David Koresh, Jim Jones… they are christians, whats ur take on that?

  22. Beleiving in a sky god that dosent exist is unbeleivable !!!

    I hope you understand this fact someday, if you cant go to school and takse some lessons in biology and physics.

  23. God by definition is infinite ????

    Yes you lost me.

    You beleive in a sky God and YOU are incapabale of understanding what god is ??

    I dont think god is a alien. I think there is NO GOD. Try to understand the dufference !!!!

  24. OMG u make me laff so much LOLL.

    "There is NO god in this world or any other planet"

    u gotta be kidding me right? wat do u think god is an alien or something? Do urself a favour n throw ur tv out cause its making u a FOOL.

    God by definition means infinite and absolute, uncreated – he is outside dis domain (our universe) u cant comprehend him. (i think i lost u alredy)

    ur corect tho saying "no one could figure out the big bang at that time" WELL DUH

    Quran was SENT by ALLAH (god)

  25. That one line does not give the basis for anything.

    Heaven could mean one million things !!!

    There is NO way anybody could figure out the big bang theory one thousand years ago.

    There is NO god in this world or any other planet !!!!!!!!

    Do you have a brain !!

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