Can I Keep my Patch if I Retire and Go to Another MC

howdy folks on Black Dragon welcome to
my YouTube channel Black Dragon National President and today we want to talk
about well I got a message this morning it’s
kind of interesting to me, Black Dragon I’ve retired from my motorcycle club and
I found another motorcycle club I wanted to join but I’m a little bit upset
because the guys said they want their patch back but I’m retired so don’t I
get to keep my patches if I’m retired and to me that’s just like such an
interesting question it’s a kind of like, to me it’s kind of a reflection on
where person’s head is and their mindset is within the MC and I think
that you could answer that question pretty quickly but when I get asked a
question like that I try to delve into the thought process of the person asking
me the question like what’s really going on in your mind when you ask a question
like that are you really a person that’s for the MC or are you just a person that’s
for yourself because I really can’t see somebody
asking a question like that and being serious about it but oh my goodness are
people incredibly serious when they ask questions like that so I say why not just retire in style so
many people try to use retirement as a way to shirk club responsibilities and get
out of doing what they’re required to do for the club so I’ll just go ahead and
I’ll retire and I find that very interesting you think that when you
retire you get to wear your colors and do what you want to do and you don’t
have to answer anybody and you don’t have to have any respect for anybody
you’re retired and everybody’s just got to cater to you and wait on you and you
get to roll around in your colors and be part of the MC without having to be part
of the MC to be part of the MC without having to give anything to the MC and
that’s what a lot of people like to use retirement for not knowing that if
you’re retired you don’t really get to wear your colors around if you’re truly
retired you only get to wear your colors for like annuals or special visit
special events or special occasions on a case-by-case basis as decided by the
president that’s what a real retirement is lifers can wear their patches all the
time but retirees you’re retired if you want to wear a patch on a day-to-day
basis then you need to belong to a chapter and pay dues when you retire
you’re telling us you’re coming off the set and we let you keep your patches
because you’re retired but then you go join another MC and then you say well
I’m gonna keep my retirement path in the shadowbox listen the patch belongs to
the club and it’s not meant for a shadowbox the patch belongs to us we let
you keep it when you retired but when you join another MC our patches come
back our medallions come back our name plates come back it all comes back
t-shirts hats everything because you’re no longer
part of the MC you’re no longer retired you’re active in another MC, I’m saying you
can’t serve two gods and you can’t be in two MCS at the same time and all of that so no you don’t get to keep your patch
when you retire when you retire well I’m sorry no you get to keep your
patch when you retire but you don’t get to keep your patch when you join another
motorcycle club if you’ve retired and you want to go to another club give us all of our
stuff back and that’s name of that tune so if you
don’t get it being part of the club means you’re part of the patch when you
leave affiliations with that MC the patch stays with the MC so retire with style; if you’re retiring
you’re quitting; I’m not doing this no more, I’ll show up, I’ll support you
guys on this occasion or that occasion but I’m not doing this anymore
so why are you wearing your vest every day you don’t need to wear your vest
every day, you retired makes sense well I’m Black Dragon that’s my two cents I
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22 thoughts on “Can I Keep my Patch if I Retire and Go to Another MC

  1. I completely agree. It ain’t like retiring from a job and then getting a job to supplement your retirement. This is club retirement and if you retire from our club hell no you can’t keep our patches and join another MC…if you’re fit to be in an MC then what the hell is wrong with the one u were in to begin with??? So this other MC is worth serving and our MC…the MC that let you retire…is worth the shadow box??? Nahhh we ain’t playin that lol. Great video!

    Sup with Presidents bible BD?

  2. Good post Black Dragon. I don't think anyone who's in a serious MC would want to keep their patches, if they've left. If they do, they probably don't understand MC protocol or their MC didn't teach them the do's and don'ts which I can't really believe. They should have a prospecting period where the prospect learns the rules OR maybe they have their own version of the Prospect's Bible. I'm 75% done reading my copy and I strongly recommend it!

  3. Good morning Black Dragon, well i agree with you 200%, also my moto is dont start something that you going to give up on later, if you commit you commit from start to finish. will contact you as last time did or mail you soon. LHR …

  4. Good morning Black Dragon hope you're having a good day so far. I can't believe somebody would even ask this question. Sounds like they never quite understood what a club is and what a club should be…..

  5. Also when you're in a MC can you be part of other organizations. Like obviously not another MC but riding groups?

  6. In our Motorcycle Ministry, it is not "Your" patch. The patches and all related articles belongs to the unit.

  7. ::: Waves ::: Reluctantly, I have to agree. But first I'd need answers. How long was he in the club? How good of a standing was he in over the duration of his membership, when he retired? When he left, did he stick around or move to another part of the country? What kind of a club was he seeking to join? Everything is not black or white. If that member truly earned the right to keep his patch then some sort of alteration could have been done to denote his past. … BTW, I noted that detail. Nothing covers your patch / cut. – Anty

  8. Excellent point because if you are retired there's no point to wear colors daily because your not supporting daily so unless the motorcycle club or car club has colors for retired members it's definitely limited to special events or alumni meetings

  9. I agree wholeheartedly. If they are going to wear another clubs colors then they should definitely give them back.

  10. Didn't this happen in that show on the discovery channel I think it was called the devils ride or something…

  11. if they didn't know the answer to that question before they asked u for the answer u don't want them in ur club anyway

  12. Black dragon I watch all your videos. I am not in an mc I just ride everyday. You are a very wise man in the mc world. I don’t hear what your saying I listen to what you saying, and I use that in my everyday riding. Thanks for all the tips ……….

  13. A person's colors were found in a junk car in the junkyard by an employee. The Club got them back by hook or by crook in Los Angeles. They got them back!

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