Can humanity be trusted? Humanism and deconstructionism -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Shambhala

When my father used the words “creating enlightened society”, and by the ways it’s a great DVD, I encourage it, everybody thought, basically everybody thought he was crazy; we were at least deeply challenged by the concept. What we are doing and why he said creating enlightened society is that, I believe, that we’re living in a time where people are afraid to create. Some theories say that as the post First and Second World War, after a great rise in humanism, where there’s actually an embodiment of humanism, we have these great world wars, and that essentially is a huge blow to the human lungta, and that we have essentially said that, and fearful, that humanity is bad and must be contained. so sometimes people say we live now in a period of deconstructionism, where everybody wants to take things apart and it’s very hard to build anything, any society, because essentially the fear of individuals having power and the abuse of power. So we’re at a very interesting crossroads where how are we going to build a society, how are we are going to build something new, if we are essentially afraid of humanity and what it can do? And again I am not presenting that I have all the answers; but I would like to bring light to it.

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  1. I can tell you that I would rather live in today's world than even 15 years ago. The further we go back in history, the more insane and inhumane. I am not afraid of humanity. I am afraid of the inhumanity of a few who seek too much power over others, too much control. That we do need to guard against. But of course we need rules in society. If we see value in ourselves both individually and collectively, maybe we can find a happy balance.

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