Can A Facebook Page Join A Facebook Group?

Can a Facebook page join a Facebook
Group? The answer is … sometimes, and I’ll explain right now. Let’s get into it What’s up busy people? Welcome to
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video. My name is Jerry Potter and today we are answering the question, “Can you
join a Facebook group as your Facebook Business Page? The answer is
sometimes. It’s all up to the owner of the group .So as you can see here when I
go to join this group I can only join as myself, but meanwhile on this other
Facebook group I have the choice to choose to join as myself or any of the
business pages that I manage. So every Facebook group owner can go into their
settings and they can choose whether or not they want to allow business pages to
join the group. For my Five Minute Social Media Facebook group I have made the
decision not to allow business pages in I just want it to be a place where
people are connecting with each other. If you are a business page and you’re
trying to join a group as a business page, I’ll tell you one of the main
reasons I think that a lot of group owners are not letting them in – the
business pages – is because they’re afraid they’re just gonna be spammy or use it
for advertising, and nobody wants that for a community that they’ve taken the
time to build on Facebook. So next time you go to a group you try and join as
your business if that opportunity is there you’ll be able to choose it. If not,
the group owner has decided not to allow business pages to be a part of their
group. Any other questions? Let me know down in the comments or ask in our free
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45 thoughts on “Can A Facebook Page Join A Facebook Group?

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  2. Hey Jerry, sending you a huge thumbs up all the way from London. Quick question…

    If a Group Owner enables Pages to join, and then at a later date turns this option off, what happens to the Pages that are already members of the Group? Will they still have access or will they automatically be booted out?

    So if I wanted to make an exception and allow a Page into my Group as a member, I could turn the setting temporarily and then rescind it once the Page has joined. Does that work?

    Or I guess one could allow anyone to send a request to join (Profiles and Pages) but manually filter out the Pages who may potentially be spammy. A member request question (or series of questions) could help identify the Pages who have no real interest in participating constructively within the Group.

    I'll stop rambling now…

    Let me know if you have an answer to this.


  3. hi jerry, great content, thank you.
    i have the following issue trying to join groups as a business page.
    some groups allow me to join only with certain business pages (not all my business pages).
    do you know why?
    many thanks !

  4. I have a fb business page and a personal page. I was banned for 3 days for posting too much. I can still post on my personal page but not in groups. I can't understand why except maybe I was sharing too many houses, I'm a realtor, in groups under my personal page. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

  5. Hi Jerry, thank you for your video. I am new to social media. I now have a business page. I tried to join a group from my business page and it didn't work. I joined as my profile. Is there a reason why, whenever I share my posts from my page , the sender is my profile and not the page? This group is a buy-sell group and there other pages who are members. * I would really like to post as the page and not from my profile, which should remain private. I appreciate your help.

  6. I have a personal page. I want to post on others groups as my page. How can i post on groups as my page not my account. Please help me. Is only business page can join the groups???

  7. hi, how can i post on a group with my biz page? i do not get the drop down choice to choose this option or see the "Interacting as" option so many old blogs have stated i can set. thx

  8. Hi I have made two facebook business pages.But when i click to join any group my individual account and one business page is shown the second one is not shown as an option to join any group.. Why is that?

  9. The problem I have is that in some groups it lets me adds multiple fan Pages but in some other groups it only shows me one page
    How do I fix that?

  10. For me that link is entirely missing. I don't have this option: "membership requests from pages". What did I miss?

  11. i have three pages on fb … but when i have tried to join on some of groups i have only on of them that show to me but the others i can't

  12. I'm the Owner of my Site and the Owner of a Group.
    I'm following my Group as a private Person.
    And i have Business Groups allowed to join.
    But i can't join as my site. I event don't have the option for it.

  13. You know you can join as a business page when you go to the group and mouse over the "follow" or "join" button. If you can it will tell you you can join as a business page. If not, it says nothing.

  14. Thats not really true. Ive tried to join my buddies group where he has the option set to allow pages to join however it still will not let my page join his group. The only way around this is that I had to join the group as my person, he had to accept my personal account, then he had to add me as an admin. Once I was added as an admin, I could go to my page and add the group to my page. I could then leave the group as my person and it allows my page to stay as an admin, which he also had to allow. On the flip side there is a group I have never been a member of yet I can post as my page in the group where I am not an admin. Makes zero sense

  15. how do i allow all my pages to join other groups? as when i clicked join group, it only shows join as my profile or one of my pages but not all?

  16. Just watched your video to try and get the answer to my problem, but it didn't, I've created a second fan page for my second business, but when i goto join a facebook group and get asked Choose how to join group, the option for my second fan/business page isn't listed, just my main profile (my name) and my first fan/buisness page, can you help please

  17. I am Administrator for a Garden Club (volunteer) Facebook Page. I want to view a list of all the Groups and Pages that have 'Shared' our posts. I figured out how to view all the 'Pages' that have Liked our Page. But I can't find a way to view a complete list of the Groups and Pages who have 'Shared' our posts. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  18. Thanks for the video! I have a new FB page that doesn't show up as an option when joining a group. My other pages do. Most of my other pages have 1000's of followers and lots of posts, while my new page just a has a handful of followers and a few posts. I'm wondering if there's some kind of threshold that a page has to meet before FB allows it to join groups. Any thoughts?

  19. Hi Jerry, I am an admin of a group and we are looking to allow business pages to join our group, however, that setting that you showed in your video is not showing up when I click on "Edit Group Settings." What do I need to do?

  20. Hey Jerry. Question…What if I already joined a group with my personal account but I want to switch over to using my page instead. Is that possible?

  21. Hi, I am having trouble figuring out how to see all the groups that I have joined as my business page. Is there any way I can see them all in once place?

  22. Hello, I want my page to become a member in my group without making it an admin. I only want it to be a member without admin capabilities

  23. I'm trying to have a facebook page [business/office] (that I'm an owner of) join a facebook group [organization] (that I'm an owner of) but can't seem to do that. I have that groups can add turned on (and other groups have joined). Thoughts?

  24. Hello. I am trying to open a fan/business page because I am very very close to the 5000 max. Well, the question is… I have joined more than 1000 groups and also create a few as well among the years, and I am trying to find a way to keep or find out if it's going to also convert that groups in the new page. it was very hard work, so its a shame to lose it all. Tanks in advance.

  25. Hi Jerry,
    Great Video. Quick question – If the group admin allows business pages to be a part of a PRIVATE group. Do people who "like" the business page are also part of the private group?

    In other words, I have a private group. If I accept a request to join from a business page – are all the people who like that business page also automatically become members of my private group? How does that work out?

  26. If I join a facebook group using my page, how then do I find the group I joined later on. (It doesn't show up under your normal profile group list, is there another place it appears?)

  27. Any solutions yet for certain pages not being able to join groups? Trying to join groups with my page, I have 2 pages of nearly the exact same business when I go to join a group one business shows up the other one doesn't. The groups allow pages. Why will only one of my pages show up and not the other? I've gone through all the settings and both pages are set up exactly the same. Ideas?

  28. i try to do that but i don't see my new page as an option when i try to join. the only options it gives me is join with my personal profile, or with my old page. i don't know if its because i created the new page today… anyone has any ideas?

  29. Is there any condition for a page to verify before join a group?
    I've try create a new page and try to join a group that my friend newly created. but it's alway let my join with my personal account.
    My friend already set allowed for pages to join as your video.

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