Campus Tour – Dickinson Community

hi guys my name is Maya and I'm a freshman here in Dickinson community welcome to my room I love living in Dickinson because I get to have my own room in my own space but I also get to live with my four wonderful flatmates like Lily here hi Lily Hey I'm really and now I'll show you my room so I live in a typical double in Dickinson which means I have a roommate between us two we each get our own desk our own closet and a set of drawers what's great about living in Dickinson is between the five of us we have two bathrooms thank you for coming to our rooms we'd love to show you more we're both poor guys so go online and schedule campus tour

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  1. Great video and beautiful dorm!!! You want to have more inspiration for your dorm? Check out this playlist with more than 100 dorm room tours!
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