Caller Engages Trump Supporters and Comes Out Even More Afraid

In Woodland Hills California. Hey David.
thanks listening SiriusXM what’s on your mind today?
[DAVID] Thank you. Great show
today on so many topics and great Steve King rant. I would hope something would
happen there I’m not holding my breath. I would like to make the case
unfortunately why I believe we are headed for very violent times.
As you may remember, I’m part of a Facebook political group with liberals and conservatives.
I wanted to honestly debate conservatives and using Thom
Hartman water-cooler logic I was kicking ass on a regular basis it was almost unfair.
I got the group to start fact-checking and sourcing what they
were saying and and then it became began to become more and more name-calling on
both sides with little or no debate. And the Conservatives flat-out refusing to
critically evaluate Donald Trump just wasn’t happening. And I was getting
very very discouraged and then the death threat started coming in.
[THOM] To you as the
administrator of this of this area on Facebook? [DAVID] I wasn’t the administrator I
was just a member and my arguments were, I want Thom Hartman water cooler
arguments were so good the only thing they could do was start death threats.
And you’ve seen the Godfather right? Greatest movie ever made.
There’s a scene in it where the five families are at war they’ve gone to
the mattresses and the old pro is talking to the young Michael Corleone.
And he says every generation or so you got to get out the bad blood. There’s no
other way they’re not going to listen to reason it’s beyond that now. And I fear
that as a nation we may be there now and there’s one more thing I’d like to say
somebody called in and I think they said only you can talk on Fox News. And we all
need to be calling all of these right-wing hate shows. Every single
chance we get I’ve called the Mark Levin Show. Three or four times he hangs up on me every time. Second time I called him he
hung up on me and yelled at me for the next 45 minutes. Three commercial breaks he comes back still yelling. [THOM] You talking about the call screener?
[DAVID] No no Mark Levin himself he himself. He’s yelled at me for 45 and the topic was
why do conservatives hate the Constitution when it comes to promoting
the general welfare. And and he started talking about I think Madison who wrote
the thing who I think he was going to say that Madison was opposed to that and
I said there were a number of founding fathers and they wrote it twice in there.
So we all need to to to be calling these shows because it’s the
only way their audience hears something different. [THOM] Yeah I’m impressed that Mark
Levin actually put you on the air. I haven’t listened to his show in a lot of
years in large part because I almost never drive and that’s you know where I
was listening to the two right-wing radio. But yeah I go on Fox when they
asked me to because I think that we need to be talking back within their bubble.
You know we need we need to you know our voice needs to be heard their bubble is
constantly coming into our bubble as it were you know he watch MSNBC is the
closest thing that we have or you know free speech TV obviously is you know a
good progressive television network but it doesn’t have the national quite the
banana Lenna tration of MSNBC and and that network is like 50% Republicans you
know it’s like so the right-wing bubble is constantly in our face you go through
CNN of course you know and then Trump and everything else but we’re very
rarely in their face and and the Democratic Party this is what’s so
exciting about the Democratic primary is we’re having you were having people in
the Democratic primary now speaking out and saying the in fact Trump it is a
little Rose Garden thing just a few minutes ago said you know we’re not
going to expand the Supreme course not not ever going to happen
why is he saying that because you know a couple of the Democrats believe
Elizabeth Warren and maybe Pete put a judge have suggested that you know which
it’s tied to pack the court it’s trying time to explain expand the Supreme Court
so but but David to your to your point about violence this concerns me
tremendously I mean Steve King not only adjusted that there would be a civil war
and that if there was a civil war that the red states have 8 trillion bullets
more bullets than the blue states but he also took a kick at trans people by
saying you know the blue states can’t figure out which bathroom to use you
know it’s just it was homophobia on top of you know every other kind of you know
phobia and hate the that Steve King is so famous for promulgating and if you
look back at the at the at the Civil War that we had in the 1860s or for that
matter the American Revolution I mean Jimmy Carter wrote a brilliant novel
about this only about a third of Americans supported the American
Revolution at the time that it began and there were people fighting against their
own families in the American Revolution just like you know in the Civil War
these are these are huge painful destructive moments for America I don’t
think that they were any kind of purification I mean yes out of them came
you know transformation but David Swanson in fact in his book war as a lie
makes a strong argument that that war is the least effective way to bring about
change so these calls for a civil war that I’m hearing from the right and and
you know and they’re doing it with a lot of strutting and padding of their of
their phallic symbols of their guns I I’m not I have a hard time taking it
seriously that you know I get it that there are people like the shooter in New
Zealand who took it totally seriously if I can tell you Tom some of the things
that they said the death threat guys sure they are eagerly looking forward to
this and there’s the website I didn’t save it called thinning the herd it’s
part of their national or international group and by thinning the herd they mean
people of color they mean excess people because they really know that global
warming is true and they want to be the only survivors yeah it’s
it’s it’s a real tough one it really is David and and I you know on the one hand
I’m very concerned about the the stochastic terrorism that is being
encouraged by Donald Trump when he refuses to call out white nationalist
for example he’s encouraging more of them and they become terrorists and and
and that’s you know it’s what’s been going on it’s been going on in a big way
since the since the election of Obama and it’s been promoted by people like
Donald Trump but on the other hand to to freak out and say oh my god you know or
we can’t talk about this or we have to you know whatever and we can’t go there
you know I think is like to just hand it to them you know they need to be dealt
with like terrorists. I mean the FBI needs to
be on the case here you know it’s if we still below if has a country we believe
in Gitmo there’s the here that yours your place.

74 thoughts on “Caller Engages Trump Supporters and Comes Out Even More Afraid

  1. I'm telling you I love Bernie, but hes not gonna win the nomination. I'm telling you the vote is split and he needs to win swing states, swing voters and open state primaries. It's tough competition look at how split the cnn poll was 28% Biden, 20% Bernie, 12% kamala 11% Beto and 6% Warren those will be the candidates at super Tuesday 2020 ….ohio, Texas, Florida, Missiouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, north Carolina, PA. Regardless if he unionizes..the vote is split and alot of candidates in the race….you all need to unite of he isn't the nominee to get trump out of office. His current Emerson poll puts him at 51 to 49 against trump that is not a sign of progress. No more Bernie or bust of he's not the nominee ….get that screaming orange out of office!!!!!! It affects the environment, international relations and world economy

  2. As a Mexican-American I was attacked by a white male Trumpette who said to me, "I've been waiting for the chance to f*** up a Mexican," as he approached me with a 2' pry bar in his hand. With the followers of the "fake news president," reason is off the table!

  3. Lol the red states might have more bullets but the blue states are the only ones who are actually economically viable, all red states do is live off welfare from blue states, constantly paying less taxes in and getting out way more money from the federal government, we don’t need bullets, the red states would collapse within weeks without taking blue state welfare money

  4. Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai rivals The Godfather, if you have 3.5 hours to spare. There's an intermission, so it can be divided into two parts.

  5. I would fill bottles with tap water from Flint, the Keystones pipelines and West Virginia and sell them to MAGAts.

  6. Why do Trump supporters think what they do? Why does propaganda media networks exist? Just like Germany , why did so many Germans think what was happening was right ? Hate, Greed, and acts of violence are part of our society and have been since the beginning.

  7. I just watched King's town hall and his supporters were all seniors. He denied that he put up that Facebook page. He learned though, that his supporters were concerned about this.

  8. This is why CENTRISM will Lose. Establishment Centrism is CONSERVATIVISM. Cant fight and beat the Right by automatically Giving In. Being nice to Them Won't keep You off the BOXCARS.

  9. These things can NEVER happen on facebook which is why I started Free Discussion Society and everyone is invited

  10. This divide is rooted in the primal psychological differences between basing decisions on loyalty vs reason, and Trump is feeding a base that has been carefully cultivated by Republicans over the prior 3+ decades. So I fear that there is a real danger of Putinesque assinations during the coming election season.

  11. Schizophrenics include addiction behaviors, these folks are part of a group ethos, a set of common behaviors where the ego's agenda switches off the intellect hard•core Rush style, it's a psychosis and severe so basically incurable without the cooperation of the patient.

    Jus' sayin', it's a severe socially accepted psychosis in behavior that turns sociopathic in those masturbating on authoritarian, addiction to violence for superiority thrills by having victims a tho't, eh?.

  12. If they think they are going to start a civil war and have the help of military they are grossly mistaken. Because it's not the 1950s there are thousands and thousands of non white people in the military. Do you think they will fight against their selves for white Racists to slaughter half of America I don't think so. In my view they will commit a few terrorist attacks some big and some maybe as big as the Oklahoma Bombing. In the future we may have to change the laws to weed out and lock up these hate groups.

  13. Liberals really should arm up just in case. They're probably will never be a civil war. But what if there is and you're conservative neighbor has a gun and you have nothing? Too late then.

  14. Their absurd loyalty to the monstrous unhinged conman is disturbing and alarming !!

  15. First off, if the caller hasn't reported those threats to the FBI, he should do so immediately. You are old enough to remember the bad old days of the 60s and 70s. Those small generally poorly armed and trained extremist groups without any real propaganda arm managed to explode around 250 bombs a year. Trump has corraled about 1/3 of Americans…That's 100 million people.
    1. Within that group are thousands of well armed and trained militias that have shown themselves more than ready to use violence.
    2. If the Mercers and Adelsons don't provide funding, the Russians surely will.
    3. Fox, Sinclair and GOP politicians are ready made and active propaganda arms.

    The stage is set. The only question will be how bad will it be and what fighting it will do to the US justice system.

  16. The FBI is a Conservative Organization… They only help attack the Left.

    You of all people should know that Hartman.

  17. I think people were like this with GWB, as well. Difference there is that he wasn’t so obviously hate-mongering, so his supporters were at least more civil. Once he started his wars and the economy tanked, they were over him.
    I have much respect for good hearted people who are willing to try to communicate with these sick trump supporters, though my blood pressure can’t handle it.

  18. I tend to feel the same as the caller. I hope that my bleak vision of the future doesn’t come to pass, but I’m seeing among my FB friends how some have just taken to unapologetically posting the most racist and ignorant memes imaginable. Some indeed are looking for a reason to pull the trigger. We may not have a full on Civil War II but there very well could be lots of bloodshed from nationalist extremists.

  19. People are scientifically a certain way within their mind set, those things that they claim that they are so for isn’t the real reason it’s about their psychology, they are socially engineered in being conditioned that way, if you close off peoples minds they will have knowledge and intellectual gap and be more prone to fearing what and who they don’t under stand, why knowledge and anti-intellectualism is pushed, which lead people to think through their emotions as a substitute for what they lack knowledge and intellectual wise, that would more likely eventually leeds towards fear in exploitation of their minds of what and who they don’t under stand, for those emotions to be exploited on with cons for misuse by there manipulators, who will take what they’re saying at their confirmation biases as truth based on catering to how they feel inorder to not view themselves as idiots developing a form of narcissism in everything and everyone being about how they feel for self validation of being insecurely ignorant, but being told that the things that they think through their emotions over knowledge and logic is actually right and smart and looking for any irrational excuse to validate that for them to latch on to for southern strategy vote power You Have to indirectly lead them in a psychologically scientific way of the mind in the opposite direction by not closing off their environment to their minds, but integrating it with many different things and people instead towards change thats progressive, in changing them through their environment of the outside in against whats being pushed towards manipulating them of cronies, by having many different people to exchange information with in order to identify with them in a logical way in developing an understanding & adding their perspectives to your own towards broadening their mindset as one, because these people are puppets for manipulating cronies, as the real target, along with the environment that forces people to change theough adaptation, who are the ones that are supposed to be attacked just like with 911 when the US did not call out the crazies but those who financed them in seeing no difference between them and the terrorists, towards attacking their assets, knowing it’s nothing but its others manipulate people into thinking and acting a certain way that’s for their benefit in wealth and power, at every one’s expense for their a gain. You can see a correlation with Islamic state radicals and the far right wing radicals when they caught other muslims, that they were treating them like they were soft infidels, in showing them might is right logic of force, that the extreme right would do the same to those who are on the left, moderate and just think different overall independently in general, towards not aligning with their viewpoint and having a tyrannical ignorant imposing weaponized totalitarian mindset, where white supremacy killed a lot of whites as the real target for holding different political views as the real threat, that are contradicting to their own as a threat to the far rights power, who has the mindset of when they hold power in doing it by force, we’re lot of the fear that they have of others doing that to them has more to do with who they are in projecting their viewpoints and others and what they would do if they were in that position of power, why whites who arnt like them shouldn’t be cowed easily into buying into the anti other rhetoric, in feeling well I dont have anything to worry about, my Nordie‘s being used as a tool towards manipulating you into a false sense of security in going along with things against them towards infringing on their rights, thats really about getting to those whites who are a threat from having beliefes that are different to the far right, being targeted, because they’re trying to take out minorities inorder to get to whites who think differently, Why when they try to portray themselves as not being racist, Oh really talking to only whites to make them think that you are not that way if you join us, exposing how much they really care, and really wanting the things that they do to my Nordie groups based off them being of another race, also the polls on other whites who are more prone to think ideologically different than they do in converging them psychologically to be as backwards as they regressivley are in their beliefes, where thy could potentially be a threat in thinking differently and doing the same things to them that was pushed on my minorities as well, of might is right power, why I get frustrated with some liberal free minded moderate whites that get cowed by divisive rhetoric or act passive, in wondering what the hell are you doing, a diverse group of minorities are a good buffer within society with extremism being imposed on others in force out of fear of it potentially happening to them, where whites throughout the history of this country that were also a minority group in different ways were also attacked to, because of this country has a bad history on imposing on all groups that are minorities, whites included of a certain belief system, of an ideological mindset that would also be at threat from white Supremus far right fascist extremism ideologically, where hitler took the america first nationalism and racial segregation at blacks and implemented it at the jews with the same laws regardless of them being white towards executing them, where there was not an opposite side to push back on and it being so potent that it nearly led to their extinction, in if you are a free thinking white who is a minority in your perspective why would you buy into the anti-other bs rethoric of crazies who dont think like you, that always make a false equivalency connection between you as a progressive and them who is it regressive to the basis for being white, with policies that are imposing in infringing on others, that would be aimed at how you logically function in your belief system towards how you live your life in a way that you don’t want of ignorant ant intellectual intolerant totalitarian far right wing sharia like radical extremism nut imposing them selves on you, like how radical Muslims and post them selves on moderate Muslims or like how Nazis and pulls themselves on other whites, just like it’s imposed at Muslim in the middle east who are left leaning moderate minded and independent in there thinking. The Power of progress in the advancement of science and technology changes things by being in the information age,of communicating different forms of info to solve problems towards developing an understanding and having an idea how to go about it the right way as a resort, why technology and information on its platform was attacked by trying to do the opposite of what it’s meant for, in place of the spreading of ignorance of attacking what and who you don’t under stand, we’re people who are stubborn and ignorant whether they like it or not have to go all along with the positive progression that comes along the always on the right side of history logical progressive liberalism & its policies, in communicating with them a different way in getting through to them, other than words of reason that they won’t listen to.

  20. In any civil war, the South will lose for the same reason it lost before. They don't have the industrial base to win a war against the most powerful established military on earth, backed by one of the largest economies on earth, with the political backing of most of the earth.

    Same people, same war, same conditions. Except for the tanks, missiles and planes.

    It ain't gonna happen. People have built up the "assault weapon" fear, but in the end, no amount of jumped up dear guns are going to matter.

  21. This is surprising to anyone? This is what happens when you have generations of folks victimized by a failed educational system. The high tech dark age is here.

  22. Hartmann doesn't quite get the big picture here even though he does all these shows on climate change. Shtf is real and much sooner than expected. America is going to be the most volitle place imaginable as the grid falls and then comes back 2 or 3 times but sans Democracy. These trump supporters are armed and essentially Brown Shirts and will welcome the chaos. Food riots come 1st due to sky high prices then empty shelves. Look I am not a prepper; quite the opposite. I am a progressive secular humanist but Guy McPherson has it right. I expect catastrophic agricultural collapse globally but it might be a trickle that turnes into a flood. The hockey stick is real and coming soon. Lots of people can talk about the loss of Arctic multi-year ice and permafrost and albedo and methane and the co2 lag time and the phytoplankton biomass loss and bleached coral and 460 nuclear power plants worldwide needing regular maintenance in order to not go Fukashima BUT not many are willing to connect the dots because it's just too frightening.

  23. We think this is a debate, but Trump supporters are not debating, they dictating the terms of our surrender. It is not a debate to them but a lecture at gun point! We need to realize this before we can win against this.

  24. I'm not familiar with Mark Levin so I wouldn't know where to look. Does anyone have a link to the Mark Levin show/episode the caller is talking about?

  25. I have been around for a very long time an I have never seen people using Physical violence, over a politician. None of them are worth it. This is ludicrous! I lost faith in politicians years ago. Please don't blindly believe anything you see or read! Don't be a good robot. Question everything. When people start physical violence over a world leader or go around spreading hatred, the society is going backwards.. A divided country will self destruct! Wake up humanity! I remember the madness of 68 an I really would hate to see a repeat. Look we are all in this together!!! ✌

  26. Every time I engage these types of people they jump to whining about socialism, Hillary, calling Obama a muslim socialist who was born in Kenya and, for some reason I need to really find god or some fundamentalist crap. I mean hell you bring up Trumps bankruptcies and businesses that went under they scream and call you an establishment shill. You're essentially gonna get fake news or denial and whataboutism.

  27. In my experience its hard to get Trump supporters to admit reality. If you Can't get them to agree with basic facts, you've got no chance.

  28. I've been threatened almost daily by combover caligula cultists. They say the most vile misogynistic things to me. Some have threatened to rape me before shooting me in the face.(this is pretty common for them to say) It's just disgusting.

  29. As long as trump continues to get away with his insane rhetoric, a SMALL group of psychopaths get the message that whatever they do, it’s OK with him. Look the other way. The GOP has done a great job of division. There’s the small far right, the small far left. Then there’s the majority in the middle who are being ripped apart from multiple directions. When the majority really want the same thing.

  30. Trump won't say anything against white supremacists and fascists because he thinks they are on his side. At this point he'd rather see the country dissolve into civil war (not that that will happen) than to lose and be indicted, as he will be once he leaves office.

  31. I live in Northern Idaho, a very conservative area, and most people just want to go about their day and provide for their families. With that being said there is still a not so small contigent of the rabid right that is looking forward to violence and yes Civil War. If you consider yourself on the left I would not encourage hysteria, but please don't take these threats lightly. Arms yourselves, train with fellow leftists, prepare, and hope cooler heads will prevail in upcoming years.

  32. Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization buliding men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

  33. As many more men are unable to find love, they will certainly find hate. Then they become suicidal, homicidal, and eventually macro political genocidal.

  34. Women don't give a sh*t about consent. They vote to put on a ski mask, drag me into the bushes, and buttrape my paycheck every election!

  35. Maybe another civil war isn;t a bad idea, As the military would undoubtedly obey President Sanders and defend the
    Constitution, the facist scum would be exposed and either killed or imprisoned.

  36. The Republican party has become fundamentally antidemocratic; when they realize they are losing, they seem always to eventually appeal to superior firepower.

  37. From personal experience with my own family I too feel we may be past the point of no return with the conservative right. #Bernie2020 #FeeltheBern he is my last hope for everyone's future

  38. The Republican party cares only about maintaining their power at any and all costs, to hell with morals and ethics. I think Democrats should run on a platform that says Republicans have tossed morals and ethics out the window in the name of money and power at any and all costs! I don't think that expanding the rights of gays is where they should focus their campaigns. We need to make basic morals and ethics the centerpiece. We should tell people that Republican-leaning pastors have hijacked the Christian religion and made it a complete fraud because they have completely lost sight of basic right and wrong!!

  39. Forget it. It’s all over. Trump and America wins, you lose. We do criticize Trump when he is wrong. This contrasts well with the leftist need to venerate and worship their political leaders as secular replacements of God.

  40. Conservatives dominate talk radio because most average listeners, including liberal listeners, don’t want to hear about raising taxes, infanticide, gutting the constitution by doing an end run around the Electoral College, foreign appeasement to terror and rule by unaccountable appointed judges and bureaucracies. Most listeners would rather be uplifted with a more positive vision.

  41. Actually Trump has reduced terrorism by defeating ISIS. That is why he is so admired in the Middle East.

  42. Our Government was created with the intent to give the population in every state a voice. They would elect a representative to support there views. This system is a very good idea. However with the wealth created by fossil fuels and inventions to reduce the work of life. Wealth has been placed in fewer and fewer hands. Our system has changed to give money the politicians to do something that does NOT benefit the majority but makes the rich richer. There MUST be at least a blend of Capitalism and Socialism.

  43. All the blue states need to do is stop paying the federal taxes that support the poor red states and let them collapse.

  44. I just saw something deeply shocking. It was Steve Bannon, and he was telling the crowd about
    something that the Republicans were not supporting Trump ( likely the wall, but I am not certain. )
    A woman stood up and said something nasty about them, then she said, “ I never thought that I would one day want
    a Dictator, but if we’re going to have one, let it be #Trump! “
    Everyone, the entirety of the room stood up and clapped.

  45. Anyone who wants to thin the herd is free to take themselves out. And that's it. And have fewer kids. But I realize these haters are actually wanting civil war, and that's terrifying, especially when Trump subtly condones and approves it.

  46. Thomm: I have enjoyed your show for a very long time. Today I made a decision: I will let others enjoy you, but I am done. You continue to throw out god, christianity, devil, etc. quips which feel like a slap across my face each time you indulge your need to use your show to validate your religious views. Today you had a particularly offensive caller (Frank) and instead of your calm usual self, you blistered him with christianity as if no one can be any good unless they are christian. I have not heard any media show use aetheism in the same way. I recently removed the Morning Joe news show (for the same reason) from my daily shot and now have added yours. Good luck to you.

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