Cadence of Hyrule review highlighting the most important aspects of gameplay. Should you buy it?

so make sure and basically sweeping surveillance and prevention goes over space because those these two bounds yeah and we said if you talk to all of them I just I don't know like what what fergus's well somehow they explode and then up and then they transform into it greet tiny we not yes a name at time we went there for some reason we always at first we came it's like we were confused because the little fish guys looked like they're playing a trick to us because they were like invisible you know and I think and then eventually we can't find and we kept dying every time because the kept getting killed by the problems right yeah I think I think we're we're just kept I think red lenses keep pace hey and like when you press a godless own in front of all of them right because it was and also the I think if we keep playing everything eventually discoveries story huh well real quick let me look up see what so anything else so we not only talked about fish goes the next topic that we're going to discuss about caves of fire game is the guitar I don't think isn't the guitar at all and I are their sort of instrument that we don't know so let me look it up and it might say something so basically you think I'll pick a table but it's actually the evil instrument of the whole game so basically this is the story is the story that you can that you can ask to get this is a must story and I can tell you okay guys so please much as I could tell you this is like this powerful so much of the King and he basically plays that kind same kind it's the same instruments and then he like paralyzed the king I guess so not he poisoned the king I guess but yeah basically it's the same instrument and also if you play it you can set it to only Y X and B you can end the toy which we're gonna talk about later UK you can actually play it and then if you could transport the any chica song it's can we talk about so you could so later okay so yeah it's a very cool instrument just pause there for a second my sister's gonna look up look it up it's some sort of a play banjo look you think but I don't think it's a bit of hey let's look at so so my sister's looking this thing is guitar or banjo as he thinks I'm we're gonna talk about the dungeon these dungeons are very very cool I mean sorry you have to cut down on it the story of a man and you happen you go to the door and enjoy you know it's just so with that and yeah so that's very cool it's very cool that you can actually um that's right but it's also very cool that you well just items in the dungeon Oh thankfully not and look what it looks like so this is a bandeau see right here there's a bill in the background see that banjo banjo banjo so we see the top top the guitar basically is basically books like this I don't know what that guy's yeah yeah yeah so computing right now it's called done dungeon so let's get back to that anyway so the dungeons I think the Dodgers are first I personally think the non-jews are really creative I love the way so far beyond assault one yet and and I liked but mostly the dungeons have they sell puzzles they have bosses they're uh you know so so the next topic after we just discovered that I don't think that's a banjo yes well maybe clip yeah wait this week it told me fifty minutes okay next stop we're going to discuss this dungeons I think the dungeons are really going to game right now I can't exactly remember what they're like but you know there are traditional Zelda game gulten not like that for a while all the crazy strides I also really enjoy so done this hipsters wonder that we have dungeons also I have to phosphite we have so they're sometimes your speaking music a big rock thing and we have the feet of them up and and also I think that reason we kept dying is that how these targets in it whatever we stand on these targets we just explode what we don't split we got this game piece of high rolls very hard but it's also very fun so the next thing we're gonna talk about is game overs yes basically so maybe one person dies I wasn't done you just basically have some sticks down and you know because who's that's pretty it's pretty just true and you guys look like yeah and if you can get other people got go just really majestic place for them it's like to try things on them she is no chance of bad news but I'm in her in your single necessary Vikings in when you're dead and she says that we to ever has club as an investor with Arthur's business ends up here yeah basically you back up with not money not anything money you know myself and stand by the bytes in much later it's hard to define movies movies all over very very much an epochal they bought us just always begin with these like I can only get right five movies okay so yeah and also get a porno visit this like black on acquittal if you go in you can whip anyway I have night but 86 don't make me okay so the next thing we're gonna talk about this awesome job so we're good prints I take turns you know some trousers measure I'm gonna talk about chops so so little shops out you discover or impeach right now if you go down to the shoreline you can find what's up and he saw sorry per se there's about thirty groupies and you have six we have a bucket 80 rupees and in this game is not fun but it is fun but it says Cardoso and maybe they put the snorkel puzzles if we get the slippers I think we can go faster if I don't have you the snorkel and flippers so just see like we got it and you're going to pop some water week or week and I can until decide if they don't and CEO spec before it everything before the next part I got some foam this surprises the surprises is that I file it I fully plan Zelda but no really I have somebody names it's not still it and so you can find plays link or hits in this game – no the next thing we're gonna talk about its offices so we're gonna kick turn she also transcends matter I'm gonna talk about chops so so loosen stop Scott you discover are impeach right now if you go down to the shoreline you can find one shop and he saw fire I see like thirty rupees and you have six we haven't like an eighty rupees and in this game is not fun but it is fun but it would be the coolest Merkel puzzle if we get the slugars I think we can go faster but I don't have to be the circle and slice we gotta get everyone across the water week or week and I can't until this guy if they don't and just like before it before the next part I got some phone this surprises no surprises is that I thought I've enjoyed plans on but no we play I somebody named it's not still it and so you get my place link or hits in this game I play this game and so far it's my brother obviously yeah you also have two lights in a bikini and let you choose who you would go for to I'm gonna go stand under compact so and shops so I won't feel hardest on saying that shops are really expensive and nothing is that girl so cool and every time you got like musky and it's not looking about the festival aspects well you know I read a while how it takes so long to get to another kind of desert or something but in this game you just throw a couple squares and now your reports on are your December and it's an indie game so it's not ad Vegas right well but in that start you just shoving match so you filled math and I am sighs you get art are totally yes yes yes now okay so the recipe so you wanna be you ready versus rather than say oh no no no it's just I don't know it's you know some buy something that's not in the middle and I just collect something so you drop you know supports to take this better towards so you can't have two thoughts that time it can't have to supplement I'm ready to take on or rather I make your time you can you may be new to the streets only special area so if you go to rest is your back you can see why that man's you're safe quick and all those are tasty stuff in authentic so we don't take all the beach you see Easter the buttons on the toy can trust me creating this better are you guys insane using they're easy buttons that's great I don't know yes we got some really Peter says we had over timers alright so next we're going to do chess okay so chess so I'm anything and especially stressing this this step this it's know everybody test so let's hope you could kinda any dozens so torches our weapons shields authentic mikanos studied by stores and don't forget ourselves on access anything in a diamond but this patella to have it and also not from time another so education can very importat come with me right away

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