CAA Protests – Sadhguru on Citizenship Amendment Act & NRC

The vehemence with which people are fighting,
I was wondering, did I miss something. I think in a very calibrated way somebody sent the message to the minorities,
that your citizenship is under threat, This lie did fly for the last one week. Now, it’s landed. Superscript: Sadhguru On
Citizenship Amendment Act & NRC Q: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Sadhguru, there is a lot of turmoil in the nation,
regarding CAA and NRC. I am confused and many of us do not even know
what to make out of it. Sadhguru: Where did you come from? Q: I am from Lucknow. Sadhguru: Oh! (Laughs) Q: And there’s so much going on. Sadhguru: Yeah I know Lucknow people are confused. (Laughter) Q: Sadhguru, I wanted to know your thoughts on this. Sadhguru: My thoughts? CAB became CAA, a bill became an act. Well, looking at last one week’s reactions on the street,
I even wondered, have I missed something really? Have I will missed some aspect of it? Because I have not read the act fully, I only know it from the newspapers and
whatever else is there in the… generally out there. Considering that many
explanations that are being put out… See, this was one land. Got divided about 72 years ago. Terrible things happened. Nearly 600 – 700,000 people got killed,
3 to 4 million people migrated from both sides, going through enormous suffering. And the country, at least one part, not India, the other two parts that happened, happened on religious basis. People divided the land on religious basis. Fortunately we chose to be a secular nation. But others chose to be, you know, religious Republics. But not everybody changed sides, because
people have been living there for millennia. Not everybody will leave their property,
their life, their everything and travel just because the nation, somebody drew a line. 72 years ago a whole lot of people did not
understand what this line meant, really. So quite substantial number of them stayed back,
there’s a lot of debate about percentages. I’m not an expert on this either. They said 23% stayed back in West Pakistan,
and nearly 30% stayed back in East Pakistan. That’s what people say. Because nobody has perfect numbers I believe but
it’s somewhere around that, it can’t be totally wrong. But then, 1971 war happened, and
East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Then widespread persecution
of the minorities happened. At that time nearly 18 to 19% of the people
left and came back to the Indian side. They got mixed up. There was no proper arrangement, they just
got mixed up with the local population. Some of them are still in refugee camps, unfortunately. That’s the situation in India. The situation on the other side is different, because
by law there is discrimination against the minorities. Here also people will claim there is discrimination,
but not by law. Individual people may always
discriminate against each other, which is there in every nation on some basis for race, religion, caste, creed, gender, all kinds of discriminations exist
unfortunately in most societies on the planet. We are not completely antiseptic to that,
we also have our share of discriminatory practices, but not by law. In the eyes of the law, all citizens of India
are just same. There is no two ways about it, social practices, not everything catches up with the Constitution. Everybody plays their own little game here and there,
for different reasons – political reasons, social reasons economic reasons,
you know, variety of things. But on the other side,
by law, there are discriminations, which… By law, women are seriously discriminated
on various levels. By law, almost all the minorities are discriminated. Just day before yesterday, a professor has
been given a death sentence for blasphemy, because he wrote something online,
which the religion does not like. Such things are not possible in this country. Okay? Socially there may be repercussions. That is there everywhere in the world, but not by law. I was in Baku in Azerbaijan. 164 Pakistani Hindus, were visiting Baku. Because Baku has a Fire Temple which is over
five to 6000 years old, with all Sanskrit inscriptions. Indian people have been travelling to this Fire Temple. It is… It is called the Agni Kashi. So those who want to do sadhana on fire
because of natural gas, naturally, on the land. There are points where fire is burning
or has been burning forever. So they built a nice temple around that and
this is a place where people go to do sadhana, largely to die, the last part of their life, they want to go there and spend for
thousands of years, they’ve been going there. So now, in India we’ve completely forgotten
about the Baku temple. The Fire Temple. But the Pakistani Hindus are still going there. So 164 of them came. Well, on that day I had to take 164 photographs
with each one of them. And then families, and then friends and groups
and totally 200 pictures in one evening. Then one of them, a young man maybe around 30,
maybe 32-33 years of age came to me crying bitterly. And he said he was married for two and a half years. One day, 10-12 people came, thrashed him,
picked up his wife, and went away. And that evening, they got her married to
another man of another religion. And that evening she’s with him. Two and a half years, he was married to her. They’re close together. Now, forcefully they take her. And he cannot… police won’t take complaint,
he cannot go to court, because Hindu marriage is not legal in Pakistan. Can you beat it? I was just surprised that there is such a law. I have not made a study of it, I must check this out,
somebody must check this out properly. But I inquired, and a few other people confirmed it is so. I’m not hundred percent on this but this man’s plight
is real, that they pick up his wife. Take her away. That evening, they get her married to somebody else,
and she’s supposed to live with him that evening. Because his marriage is not valid because
he’s gone through a Hindu ritual. He has not gone through the rituals that the
other religions are propagating. So his marriage is not valid. So people have been going through
these kind of things so a trickle of people, slowly when they get overly frustrated they can’t live there. They’ve been coming for last few decades. In my opinion, CAA is too little compassion
coming too late. (Applause) Because the atrocities that they’ve gone through… There are statistics saying that this many
hundred temples now there are only this many because systematically, it has all been demolished
so that there is no place places or prayer or worship for other religions, this is happening
for all religions, not for any one specific religion, because the fundamental belief is
that the nation belongs to one religion. That is not the case with India fortunately. Here, everybody can practice whatever,
propagate whatever. Everything is there. So, CAA is not bringing any new people. See, we are populated all right, even here. We are well populated. So we don’t need millions of people coming from
another country, no matter what is the situation there, we can’t go on taking people. So some cutoff date was fixed. As per some accord, 1972 or 71 something was fixed,
because that is the time when huge influx happened. A genocide which killed 3 million people. 3 million Hindus were killed,
just before Bangladesh got liberated. So at that time a massive influx of people happened. So local people started protesting because
their culture is being overrun by refugees, the refugee population is bigger than the local population in Assam so
they have always been protesting. You know the whole Assam movement in 70s. So there they made a accord that we will identify all the foreigners and send them back
or do something, redistribute them, whatever. That never happened. Because people who made that accord.
They only signed the paper. They did not act. So now the cutoff date is 2014. Those who have come before that, that means
they’ve been living in this country for 10-20 years without a driving licence, without a passport, without a ration card, without another card,
without any kind of identity, like animals. There’s no human identity in this country. Because of this controversy –
should we accept them or not accept them?. Now you make up your mind and say,
till 2014 whoever has come. We will accept them. But looking at the reaction in the country, it amazes me. Are we… Are we this hard hearted that somehow for whatever reasons, but this bill
is only focused on religious persecution. You may have some other trouble, and
you want to come here, that’s not allowed. You’re looking for economic opportunities,
you cannot come. If you want to come, there is a separate channel
for that, anybody can apply for Indian citizenship and go through the normal process of law. Like in any other nation, even in India,
you can apply for Indian citizenship, go through the normal process
irrespective of your religion. You can come into India. This is a block acceptance of citizenship. This is for those people who have been living here, 19, I mean 2014 means they’ve been here
for at least over seven years. Most of them over 15-20 years. Well, looking at the reaction on the street,
the vehemence with which people are fighting, I was wondering, did I miss something. Am I not getting something here? But since. In the last 24 hours I looked up a few things.
This is all it is. And everybody knows that’s all it is. Now slowly everybody is
changing their stance and saying “no no we are reacting because of police atrocity.” Nobody… See one thing is it looks like the government
was caught napping because they didn’t expect such a
big reaction for such a simple issue. So they didn’t put up enough police on the streets. So police got really thrashed
badly in most places, brutally. So, when a few thousand people
corner 25 policemen and thrash them, naturally when the bigger force comes,
they are going to do some things. I’m not trying to justify anything. This is the reality that we have seen
in the last eight days. And now everybody’s changing their stance and saying “no no it’s not that we never said
it’s religious discrimination. It is just police should not enter the university.” But university students can behave like what..
quarry workers, and from inside the university they’re throwing stones at everybody and police
should not go and stop them. When they go, well if she’s throwing stones
and she is not both will get beaten unfortunately because she was standing, sitting next to
her. This is the way it works in the crowd. Will they go out and point out “only she
was throwing others were not throwing” it doesn’t work like that. All of them were sitting together everybody
gets beaten. But I think they didn’t use their firepower. That is a lot of restraint, otherwise people
would have died in big numbers. Lucknow where you come from. There are 56 policemen who have bullet injuries. Where did the bullets come from? Lucknowi people. What are you up to.? Police have bullet injuries. what does it say unfortunately? So this is a dangerous game, people are playing
I think there is a certain desperation among certain people who misinformed illiterate
masses of religious groups who went while thinking that the local Indian Muslims will
lose their citizenship. That’s what they conveyed. They sent out a message saying they are discriminating
and all of you will lose your citizenship and they will throw you out. Well such a mischief should not have worked
on the scale that it worked. It should not have. It’s unfortunate. Still, in today’s day and age where you can
just open up your phone and read the act. What does it say, what does the CAA say, any
student can read it, but all of them are coming and behaving me.. like illiterate people they’re
studying in premier universities and how come they can’t read the damn act? It’s really sad that such a thing can happen
that nobody reads that everybody goes where the rumours that are going on. WhatsApp is their source of knowledge. Okay. I hope they’re not doing any PhD on WhatsApp. That’s really terrible that public property
is burned and destroyed, ordinary people’s scooters and cars and shops, being absolutely
vandalized like this, for what? Because once the crowds go into a frenzy state. Nobody knows why they’re doing what they’re
doing, everybody’s doing something. I think in a very calibrated way somebody
sent the message to the minorities, that your citizenship is under threat, which is an absolute
lie. Unfortunately, it did fly. This lie did fly for the last one week. Now, it’s landed. Now people know it’s not so. They’re trying to find different reasons why
we did what we did. It’s very unfortunate. You also want the NRC? You’re determined to get me into trouble. See there is an NRC in every nation. It may not be done in this format. What NRC means is every citizen must be registered. All those who are living in this country must
be registered. When we are trying to in coimbatore city,
there was an attempt to register all the dogs which have some ownership. I’m saying, the idea is we must know how many
dogs. Otherwise we don’t know what will happen,
because some children were killed by packs of dogs, you know, lose dogs, stray dogs out
there attacking schoolchildren and eating them up, killed. So then somebody suggested, all those who
have some ownership they must have a tag, and they must be registered – their birth
and death must be registered. When we are thinking on these lines we want
even dogs to be registered, is it not important how many human beings are there in this country? Where did they come from, were they born here,
did they come from outside what is their antecedents. Is it not important for a nation to know this
if you want to conduct this nation properly? But some people think that is also discriminatory. This is for everybody, all of us, you and
me will have to register. Now they are giving you various options you
produce your birth certificate. People say we don’t have. You show the school for footprint, no I never
went to school, you show the ration card. No, I don’t have it. So the aadhar card, I don’t have it. Show the election registration card. I don’t have it, then Who the hell are you. And if you don’t have any of these things. They’re saying produce three witnesses who
know you for a period of time. No, I don’t have witnesses. Who are you? It is just probably, I think, in some way,
for whatever reasons, I think the government has failed to communicate this properly. Otherwise, personally I don’t see one issue
on these things. But I think communication wise, the way it
is communicated. Unfortunately, certain number of people are
perceiving it as a threat to them. That must definitely change. If anybody is issuing a threat. Through these two most essential… One is, have some compassion coming very late
in my opinion, it should have happened much before. Another is an absolute necessity for a nation
to register every citizen who lives in this country. See, there are so many foreigners here we
don’t know who they are. Yes, we should know where they come from and
why they have come. Isn’t it in any nation. That’s a fact. So such a simple thing, I think, was lack
of proper communication, and people took advantage of it and made sure it was miscommunicated
and illiterate youth in the universities went wild.

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