Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Meet New People

There’s always still gonna be
those groups of people that have their best friends
and they’re in those groups but it’s amazing
the friends that you meet when you kind of expand
outside your group as well. And it’s completely okay
to have those best friends that you go to for everything
but you can also have friends that you talk to about
different things, or friends that you want
to go shopping with, or friends that you swim with. Like it’s so fun
having friends of – that come from different places
that enjoy different things that you can do
different things with. So the best thing
I can recommend is just being okay to get
outside of your comfort zone and going and meeting new
people and talking to new people and it’s just amazing the
things you learn from them. And I think that’s really
how you start to break down those social groups
and those structures is just like going out
and meeting a new friend.

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