Buying 100 Snow Cones For Homeless Dogs

– Today we’re giving 100
snow cones to homeless dogs. It’s the hottest day
so I think it’s perfect to give these dogs a
refreshing, cool treat. (upbeat music) – [Rebecca] Yeah, a snow
cone, yes please Sophie! – Mm! – I mean how can you
deny Millie a snow cone? (upbeat music) – Cheryl right here is
making the shave ice. Now in Hawaii we call it shave ice. I know I’m saying snow
cone because some people may not know what shave ice is. Tell me exactly, what is the difference between shave ice and snow cones? – So snow cones, the ice is
crunched up, it’s all crunchy. When you shave the ice it
comes out of this big block and it’s shaved real fine on a blade. – If you’ve ever been to
Hawaii and you had shaved ice you know the difference. It tastes so delicious, and
especially on a hot day. Now it’s raining today but
it’s actually really hot, like it’s a humid day, it’s
hot, you’re on an island in Maui in the summertime
so it makes it hot. Now for the ingredients,
you don’t want to give dogs snow cones because it’s got a lot of sugar and a lot of syrup in there. The good news is, I’m a pet chef and so I made up a special concoction. So this one right here, I
juiced up some blueberries, watermelon, beets and
pears and dogs love it. So that’s our red and
this orange one right here has carrots and sweet potatoes and I even put a little cinnamon in there just to really bring out that smell. So now all we have to do is
find out if the dogs love it. Okay, Millie would like
to put in her order. Millie, what would you like? Just tell me and I’ll pass the order on. Anything Millie touches,
we’ll buy for her. Oh, you want the whole shaved ice truck? All right. Millie would like 100 snow cones please. (people cheering and laughing) (cheerful music) Good girl, good girl. Okay, today I have two very
special friends joining me because they love helping rescue dogs. My friend Rebecca Zamolo,
(Rebecca cheers) And Matt Slays
(Matt cheers) Are here helping out. So now you know what we’re
doing, you know who’s doing it, but why are we doing this? Well, two reasons. First, I’ve been traveling to
shelters giving homeless dogs some fun foods to bring joy to the shelter and everybody who works there. And hopefully get people to start thinking about adopting first. And let me tell you, we’ve been having fun and these videos have been going viral. I mean, millions of you have
joined me on this journey. We went out and gave 100
Puppuccinos to homeless dogs, 100 ice cream cones,
100 dog birthday cakes, and now today we’re at
the Maui Humane Society for a very specific reason. You see, they’ve recently been
through really hard times. A massive wildfire ripped
through Maui, it tore down everything in it’s path,
giving people and animals little time to react, but
you know what, the team at the Maui Humane Society
jumped in to action to do whatever it takes
to help these animals. The fire wasn’t going to spare them and they were running out of time. But then, the brave men and women of the Maui Fire Department stepped in. They stood their ground at
all costs to save the animals and the people of the Maui Humane Society. You know, I’m from Hawaii so
they fact that this humane society was saved from the
fires means the world to me. So I’ve got to point something
out, you see this right here? All of that is burned. That’s all ash right there. The fires came right up to this line and that’s the humane society right there. The firefighters stood right
here and did whatever it took to save the humane society. Even Oprah came out,
she opened up her place so they could evacuate. They good news is all the
animals were evacuated and they were safe. Okay so, I’m going to
try this, I’m no expert. We’re going to give it a whirl here. – Take this one. – Oh I see, you’re putting the holes in it so the juice goes down. Okay, any secret to this? – Hold the cup. – All right. – And you’re going to want to tip it so it doesn’t spill down the cup. – Like that? Wow, what do you think, would you hire me? – Uh, maybe not quite yet.
(laughter) – All right, I need a
little more work, right? It’s a lot harder than it looks, guys. I mean there’s an art to this for sure. I think we do a red
side and an orange side. I mean that looks pretty good. That looks pretty good. (calm music) Mm! That tastes really, really good. Oh, that’s so much better, look at that! (Cheryl chuckles) Obviously I’ve got some more practice. (laughs) Yeah, look mom there’s my disaster! They’re making me return my shave ice because it’s not good enough. That’s fair, okay. Comment down below, which
one do you think is better? (laughs) I think I know the answer. – This one! – Okay, I think it’s best if I step away and let the experts make the snow cones and I want to tell you
about a very special dog that I met that just really
touched my heart, named Sophie. – Sophie was brought in
to us as an emergency, she was hit by a car. She had a real severe femoral fracture and she was also very
depressed, very lethargic for about five days, she
wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t move, so we kept her on continuous
IVs with what we call continuous radon fusion, painkillers, and she finally turned
around, started to eat for us. Then we did blood work
on her and it showed that she had almost no platelets– – [Rocky] Okay.
– Which is important for the blood clotting
mechanism, commonly caused by an infection called
ehrlichiosis, common in Hawaii, caused by ticks, or transmitted by ticks. So we had to treat her
for that before we could even consider surgery
because we didn’t want to do an amputation when she
didn’t have the ability to clot her blood. She got better, her blood work looked good and so we proceeded with her
amputation just the other day. – [Rocky] Is it doctors orders that she gets some shaved ice? – Absolutely. (laughter) – [Rocky] Snow cone
for Sophie, here we go. Okay, here in a minute we’re going to get a special snow cone for Sophie
and see if it encourages her to walk, but first I want to kick this off by rounding up the team,
getting as many dogs as we can in the play yard, and start
serving some snow cones. – [All] Three, two, one,
we love saving lives! – All right, let’s go do it. (cheering) Shave ice time. (upbeat music) – They look so good! (upbeat music) – Go! (upbeat music) – [Rocky] What is that? (upbeat music) (cooing) (upbeat music) – Good girl, you love it! (upbeat music) – So here’s what we’re
trying to do with Sophie. The vet cleared her so that she can walk, she can start getting around and healing. I thought if we could get a snow cone and encourage Sophie to
check out that snow cone it’ll lift her spirits
and it’ll get her walking and healing faster. So here’s what I want everyone to do. I’m going to go grab that
snow cone, oh thank you, aw she’s so sweet. And I want everyone to
leave a comment down below of words of encouragement for Sophie so that she can get better. Okay, let’s get a snow cone Sophie. One of the ways I’m able to go
help all these homeless dogs is because of awesome
sponsors like HelloFresh. One of my favorite things
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vegetarian Mediterranean meal is I get all the nutrients that I need. Get started with eight
free meals, that’s $80 off your first month with HelloFresh. Go to and
enter promo code ROCKY80. HelloFresh is now from $6.99 per serving. Oh, it smells good doesn’t it? Oh, that is so good and I made it! All right, now the best part of all, I get to go share this with my wife. Dinner’s ready! All right, so here’s how
we’re going to do it. I’m right here with
Sophie, Matt and Rebecca are right over there with the shave ice. (whooping) And we’re going to try and get Sophie to go to the shave ice. Let’s let her smell it first. Okay, what’s that? – Sophie. – Oh, okay. I think it’s going to be
good, let’s give it a try. We just want a few small steps, you ready? (calm music) Okay, go get it Sophie, go get it! Look at her go! – [Rebecca] Look, what’s that? Yep, a snow cone just for you Sophie! (inspirational music) – [Rocky] For me, this
moment is inspirational because Sophie is a perfect example of what we have to learn from dogs. They live in the moment,
they live in the now. She’s not worried about
what happened to her or what people will think of her. She’s just enjoying the
love that we’re showing her by bringing her a snow cone. She’s getting around so
good, I got to say, the vet and the staff and all the volunteers at the Maui Humane Society,
they deserve so much respect and so much credit for helping this girl. (inspirational music) Just so you know, this
is Sophie’s first time out of her cone, right?
– Yes. – She got a little time out of her cone, so the cone’s going back on
right now while she heals but I think she’s,
hopefully today brought her a little extra happiness. Oh man, today’s the
perfect day for snow cones. It’s raining, it’s hot,
I can’t tell if I’m wet or I’m sweating, I mean, right? – I don’t know. – No, it’s just hot! It’s just hot, you guys.
– [Rocky] Why are you perfectly dry, cool, calm and collected? – I’m not, I’m sweaty. – The way God made me. (laughter) – If you had to order one thing
off here, what would it be? Okay, she said a cheeseburger. (laughter) All right, so there are a few pups inside that we didn’t get to give snow cones to so we’re going to go
run those in right now. Awesome, all right, let’s do it, come on! – Just in case they’re
nervous for shaved ice just because it’s kind
of new, we’re throwing in a few little dog treats, you know. – It’s a good idea, it’s like
shaved ice to the next level. – It’s like sprinkles on
your sundae, you know. (Rocky laughs) – Just meaty treats. – They just smell a little
different, it’s fine. (Rocky laughs) (upbeat music) This one is for Frankie. Hi, do you want a snow cone? You’re so good! – Alice is such an awesome volunteer, everyone give a thumbs up for Alice. – Yeah. – How many thumbs up do we need? – 50,000. – 50,000 thumbs up for Alice, all right. Okay, we’re going to go
in and give Duke the puppy his very own snow cone. Like little earrings ears! (upbeat music) Good boy! (upbeat music) So you might have noticed
that my friend Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays are here helping out. We saw Millie and how excited
she was about these snow cones and yeah, she’s a bigger girl, she can handle another
snow cone and it’s healthy, it’s got carrots and beet. We’re making another one
for her, very special one. We even set up a pool for her because we hear she loves water. So today is all about cooling
her down, keeping her cool, that body temperature, and
really highlighting her– – Oh, there she goes! (laughter) – [Woman] Just a drive through. – [Rocky] Like running
through the sprinkler when you’re a kid. – Devours it, okay. – [All] Millie! – Oh Millie! Wow!
– [Matt] She’s not shy at all! – That ASMR though. (eating noises) What? You’re so cute. I mean how can you deny
Millie a snow cone? (water splashing) – On her, oh no!
(laughter) – Now you’re really good at dog baths. All right, I mean you
see how sweet Millie is and the thing is, Millie’s
actually the longest resident here at Maui Humane, so if you
live in Maui please stop by and consider having her
be a part of your family. All of the volunteers and
the workers and the staff that are here, they are just
as important as all the dogs, the lives that are saved
and they’re the reason that all of these dogs are getting to go into loving, forever families. So can we go ahead and give shave ice to all of the staff members here and volunteers?
– Yeah. – Awesome, all right,
let’s do it, come on! Okay, we’re going to do shave
ice, you guys want some? Humans, come on, come out and get some. Get out there, they’re right
in the employee staff area. – [Woman] To put the dogs in it. – Okay, who’s on that walkie-talkie? – The girl, um… – All staff, this is Rocky Kanaka and I can’t thank you
enough for all the work you do day in and day
out so staff, volunteers, everyone head out to
the employee parking lot and we have shaved ice
for you, human shaved ice, we already gave the dogs
shaved ice so human shaved ice, meet me out there now! What I should have said there
is hey staff, Rebecca Zamolo wants to take all of the dogs home so load them up in her car. – Yes! This is all for me! My two bedroom in Los Angeles. (laughter) – How is it, is it good? – So good. – Thank you for all the work you do. – New favorite. – You are heroes, you are my favorite. So, what flavor did you get? – I got coffee. – Oh that’s good, that’ll
keep you awake that way. – Yeah. – Which one did you get? – I got the strawberry and coconut. – Right, I think that
sounds like a good one. – It tastes like strawberry ice cream. – Oh good, thanks so much! – Thank you so much! Bye!
– Bye! Yes, what can we get for you? – I would like the, oh geez. How about the strawberry
and coconut cream, please? – Yeah, one strawberry
and coconut cream, please. Now, would you like me to make
it or the expert to make it? – Oh… – They were bad, no. (laughter) – You can’t tell them! – I would like you to make it! – Yeah, you don’t want me to make it. – We’re not hiring him today. (laughter) – Yeah, where do you fill out the applications for employment? – They are here, fresh out. (machine noises) – [Rocky] Is this your first time feeding snow cones to doggos? – Yeah, I think it’s the first time for anybody to do that. – Yeah, definitely the first
time but they loved it! – [Rocky] What do you think? Is this something you’ll
do on a regular basis? – I think Blackjack, our
dog will probably come out and crush it with Millie, he would eat about probably four
snow cones if he could. – Just so y’all know, Blackjack’s about the size of that snowcone. – Yeah, he is. – Yeah, he is but he loves
food but this was honestly so cool, it was so cool to see the dogs and get them cooled off. It doesn’t look hot but it’s so muggy here and this is actually not even
as bad, it can get even hotter so it’s just cool they got
a day to cool off here. – [Rocky] Well I thank
you guys for coming out. – Yeah, thanks for having us! We loved it!
– Absolutely! – It’s really great that
my friends came out to help and that they love dogs just as much so I’m going to put all
their info down below, go follow Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays and check out their
awesome YouTube channels. – Yeah! – Are we getting snow cones right now? – Oh, sorry, for the
dogs and the volunteers. – Oh, so the 100 didn’t include us. – Sorry, that would be 102 and
that’s just not how it works, we have to keep to the rules, sorry. – Okay, uh… – [Rocky] But you know what, safe travels back to the mainland.
– We came here with you Rocky. – [Rocky] So I just, I got to go, bye! (laughter) Oh wait, that’s the dog one! (laughter) – [Woman] Still a success. – It’s so good! (clapping) (woman grunts) I love it. – This is Nancy and
Nancy’s been so fantastic in helping set all of this up. Nancy, what do you do here? – I am the director of
development and communications. – Well you and the team
do such awesome work. – Thank you. – Can I get you a human shave ice? – I would love a shave ice. – Okay, for humans? – Yes, for humans please. – Okay, right this way. – That is incredible. – [Rocky] So good! – That’s so amazing. – [Rocky] Well deserved. – That’s so good. – [Rocky] This is so much
fun for the staff and, wait a minute, for the
staff and volunteers. (record scratching)
And the dogs. What are you guys?
– What? – [Rocky] It’s for the
staff and the volunteers and the dogs!
– I mean, what? I, uh, someone gave this to us. – [Rocky] All right, you know
what, you guys are worth it, you can have one too, you
worked really hard today filming those dogs. – Okay fine. (laughter) – Man, it is raining but we are having fun and if you remember in the
last video, 100 Puppuccinos for homeless dogs, I asked
you to help me name Mama, and overwhelmingly everybody was like: “We like the name Mama!” I got a lot of good name
suggestions so thank you, but a couple of people right now that I am including on the screen, thank you for your
suggestions, you said her name should stay Mama, and it
kind of grew on me too, I mean Mama is a good name for a mama with a bunch of puppies, so thank you for your recommendations
everyone that I put right here. Make sure you leave comments down below, I read and respond to as
many of those as I can. And if you’re new make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications
to follow us on this journey as we go surprise more shelters. If you haven’t joined the
channel, consider doing that. I do special fun lives,
you’re the first to know sometimes when dogs get
adopted and it really helps support me to continue
to do what I’m doing. Sophie is going to be
available for adoption. I want everyone to follow her progress and I think it would be a lot of fun to just blow up Maui Humane
Society’s Instagram page so I want everyone to go follow them, I’ll put the link down below, I’m going to put the Instagram
right here on the screen. Go follow them for Millie’s progress and that way you’ll be the first to know when she’s available for adoption. Big thanks to Gus the
Bus, they came out here and it’s not the first
time they’ve come out here. When the fires hit in Maui they came out to give free snow cones to all
of the staff and volunteers here, so I’ll put their Instagram below so you can come check them out. And if you like this video,
click this playlist right here for more videos where I go round giving fun foods to homeless dogs!

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