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– [Reporter] This week,
Tesco is shutting down meat counters due to lack of demand. Vegans are standing up
against recent abortion bans. Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons trials Beyond Meat breakfast options. And this late American icon may have left all of her money to animals. All that and more on
LiveKindly’s Weekly Vegan News. Tesco is shutting down meat, fish, and deli counters across the UK. Several locations have already shut down, and it appears to be
due to lack of demand. Tesco CEO Jason Tarry told Cornwall Live “We’re making changes to our
UK stores and head office “to simplify what we do
and how we do it so we’re “better able to meet the
needs of our customers.” Tesco has become a leader in vegan product launches over the past year, appealing to the rise in consumer demand for healthier, more
sustainable, meat free food. Tesco’s own brand vegan ready meal range Wicked Kitchen launched last year and more than doubled sales projections. By August 2018, Tesco
shoppers had purchased four million vegan Wicked Kitchen meals. Product developer for Tesco Kate Ewart said in a press release
“We know from our data “that flexitarianism is on the rise, “and many more customers are dabbling “in cutting out meat for a day or so “during their weekly diet.” Coming up, Edinburgh is getting
a 100% vegan supermarket. New anti-abortion legislation
has divided the nation. The most restrictive
bill was signed into law by Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey. It prohibits abortion in almost every circumstance, the
Washington Post reports. Pregnancy from both
rape and incest are not considered exceptions to Alabama’s ban. Millions have taken to social media to voice their concerns,
including a number of vegans and animal rights activists. – I just never want anybody
to be quiet, to shut up. We have our voices for a reason. – [Reporter] Vegan
journalist Elizabeth Enochs wrote for the The
Establishment last November, “Of all the feminist
(censor beep) I’ve done “in the past three years, going vegan “takes the cruelty free cake. “Nothing else has empowered me to set “healthy boundaries and call out “sexist (censor beep) like extending “my circle of compassion
to farmed animals.” Natalie Portman recently spoke up for farm animal rights and linked it to feminism in a speech
to 16,000 students. 99% of America’s animal products come from factory farm settings where animals are not afforded
natural behaviors, including nurturing their offspring. Dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated in order to force lactation, going from one pregnancy to the next. Antibiotics and growth hormones lace their feed in order to spur growth and production, but most calves never see their mother’s copious amount of milk that’s collected for sale to humans. The egg industry is similarly unnatural. Battery hens are forced
to lay nearly 1500% more eggs than they would
in a natural setting. A number of vegan men
are speaking out too. Musician, author, and restaurateur Moby, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, and five time Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton, shared the men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies wallpaper post to social media. Edinburgh is getting a vegan
supermarket this summer. The new destination for plant based groceries will stock specialty foods like vegan meat, dairy
free milk and cheese, snacks, and fresh produce. Shop owner Alastair Corbett confirmed the new supermarket on Facebook, asking others to help decide on a name. Easter Greens, named
after the road in Leith it’s due to open on, is taking the lead. Edinburgh has steadily grown into a travel destination for plant
based food in recent years. The city’s evolution may have to do with the public’s growing awareness of animal agriculture’s negative impact. One study found that 50% of residents in the Scottish Highlands are reducing meat consumption to combat climate change. Edinburgh was named one of the top three cities for vegan
eats earlier this year. The Scottish capital
had 160 vegan friendly restaurants at the time of ranking, more than any other city in the nation. Tim Hortons is testing vegan
breakfast sandwiches in Canada. The iconic Canadian fast food joint is testing Beyond Meat sausage patties at a select 60 restaurants across Toronto. The test includes two options: the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich and Beyond Meat farmer’s wrap. COO Mike Hancock told the Financial Post “I think we’re going to be one of “the most affordable
products on the market. “The chain worked with Beyond Meat “for a year to develop
its meat free menu items. “We’ve got 4,000 restaurants. “We’ve got restaurants in some of the most “rural parts of the country. “There’s folks who want these kinds “of alternative protein, but don’t “currently necessarily have access to it.” Coming up, this late American icon may have left all of her
money to the animals. This Amazonian tribe just won a case to save Ecuador’s rain forest. The Ecuadorian government intended to auction off the Waorani land to major oil companies, but a legal challenge stopped it in its tracks. The Waorani people claimed the government to not consult them about the use of their land for oil auction. (speaking foreign language) The Ministry of Energy
and Non-Renewable Sources maintain they did visit the tribe to seek consent, but Mitch
Anderson, the founder of NGO Amazon Frontlines
explained that visits were not taken seriously
by government officials. He told the New Yorker that no effort was made to learn or
speak the local language and the visits were short. “The consultations were treated as a box “that needed to be checked off.” In April, the court agreed
that informed consent had not been given by the Waorani people. Half a million acres
of Amazon rain forest, home to unparalleled biodiversity, are now protected from oil drilling. (speaking foreign language) Animal rights activist Doris Day passed away on May 13th and she might have left all her
money to the animals. ♪ The future’s not ours to see ♪ ♪ Que sera sera ♪ – [Reporter] Doris Day was a vegetarian and lived to be 97 years old. Given her long life of rescuing and caring for animals, some have speculated that she might have left her fortune to the cause that she kept
close to her heart. The star’s love for animals was
evident throughout her life. While filming Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much in 1956, Day was concerned about the starving animals on and nearby the set. She refused to continue working
until they were assisted. By the 1970s, Day retired from the entertainment industry to
focus on animal activism. – Our shelters are
unbelievably overcrowded, and we can and must do something about it. – [Reporter] In 1978 she founded the Doris Day Pet Foundation, now called the Doris
Day Animal Foundation, that focuses on humane education and offering grants for
spaying and neutering pets. In 1987, she founded the
Doris Day Animal League, a non-profit that works to minimize animal suffering through
legislative changes, tackling issues such as animal testing. In 1995 she founded Spay
Day USA which is now run by the Humane Society
of the United States. In 2011, the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center was opened in her name, and the
star donated $250,000. Vegan rock icon Paul
McCartney remembered Day with a heartfelt message on Instagram. “She was a true star in more
ways than one,” he wrote. “Visiting her in her Californian home “was like going to an
animal sanctuary where her “many dogs were taken
care of in splendid style. “She had a heart of gold.” That’s it for today. Let us know which story excites you most this week in the comments section below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for LiveKindly’s Weekly Vegan News.

100 thoughts on “Butcher Counters SHUT DOWN (Meat Sales On The Decline) | Vegan News

  1. This is funny… vegans don’t want any type of animal death what so ever, but are pro abortion?? Just saying seems kinda weird lol.

  2. :,) thank you so much for sharing this news..I love this channel♥️💕✌🏾
    Go vegan world💪🏿♥️

  3. not to 'find a worm in the apple', but Day was an 'animal welfarist', not animal rights, sort of like Bob Barker ( another pet spaying advocate) ….also, she supported, her whole life, the very party enacting the current anti-abortion laws in Alabama…..how is that for irony

  4. Vegans against abortion bans? But thats being pro-killing of innocent humans, oftentimes with cruelty… I can't wrap my head around it.

    Maybe I should start calling myself an ethical-ultra-pro-life vegan so I don't get confused with the pro-humane-human-slaughter vegans?

  5. Why would people want to abort when they are Vegan?
    Being vegan is to stand up for all of life.
    I would say in cases with rape etc., then it should be allowed but not as birth control as many women use it for.
    Candace Owens explains the importance of black Americans keeping together as families will end most crime and issues on so many levels such as education and the like.

  6. To be fair Tesco shutting down stores is not only related to changing customer demands because of the growth of health Plant based eating alone but it is good to see.

  7. I think we'll start seeing more vegan grocery stores popping up soon. It's a great idea for a growing demand!

  8. Please stop linking feminism with veganism. Veganism isn't about women's rights and I pray it never will be. Veganism is about animal rights. I usually like your video but I put a thumbs down because it seems like this channel is slowly linking a bias agenda towards feminists. It should not be about human woman's rights. It should be about animal rights. You can be a non feminist vegan so please stop linking the two. I'll continue to watch and like your videos but if you make one more video linking feminist and vegans, I wont watch again. Animal Rights > Women rights

  9. Let’s also show some concern for the treatment, conditions, and wages paid to farm/migrant workers who help harvest all our vegan foods. 👍😃

  10. It’s a shame that meat is so delicious. Even now I’m enjoying chicken balls, chicken chow mein and special fried rice. I’m going to live for a long time due to genetics. It’s just a thing.

  11. If you hate animal slaughter but are ok with human slaughter in the form of abortion, you are sorely mistaken. Human life is greater than animal life. We are the pinnacle of God's Creation and life begins at conception. You're better off eating animals and aborting children or supporting that than the reverse.

  12. Really sad to hear some meat sellers struggling or closing down. That’s fine I will buy some more lamb meat to help keep them in business. Mmmm… lamb chops.

  13. Found a restaurant that was advertising vegan ice cream… in the middle of no where. It's happening 😄❤🌱

  14. Yet more proof that the vast majority of humans are trash. Even ethical vegans. This isn't about women's bodies or reproductive rights. It's about the 'life' inside the female of the human shit species.

  15. Arnt vegans suppose to like want to not needlessly kill innocent people, seems they would agree with me that people shouldnt abort unless needed for the mothers health.
    Fetuses r their own body or at least seem to be.
    People should get fixed and adopt if they want kids. Not reproduce cuz theres 100,000+us kids up for adoption and millions of starving orphans reportedly. Humans r like cats and dogs in this regard.
    Ive also seen video of a fetus cut out of cows womb and they r alive and r a premature baby. It just doesnt seem right to kill a fetus when u dont need to for your health, late term abortions especially.
    People should educate themself more on abortions and fetal development. Such as the fetus's blood type isnt always the same as the mothers, it has its own heartbeat that u can hear on an ultra sound at about 8weeks reportedly, has its own dna, can feel pain after 20 weeks reportedly, 21 weeks and 6days was the youngest baby to surivive reportedly last time i checked, could give the baby up for adoption, reportedly many women regret getting an abortion, and reportedly women who aborted r 6times more likely to commit suicide. Reportedly in certian areas at least mothers can get paid if they keep the baby and helped find a job, and also get paid certian costs before giving the child up for adoption such as pregnancy costs living costs and birth costs.
    People should be bettter educated about adoption and birth control as well.
    Preventative Birth control should be encouraged more and more available to people.

    Its sexist to say men shouldnt be making laws about womens bodies.
    A fetus isnt its mothers body, its its own body, or at least thats what seems to b the case.

  16. We strive to have a consistent life ethic which means being vegan, as well as no war, no death penalty, no abortion UNLESS the woman's life is on the line/rape/incest. Met Doris Day when we were over in Carmel 20 years ago. She was a huge supporter of our effort to have a no kill animal shelter in our area of California.

  17. I don't think abortion is a feminist issue, I think it's a human rights issue. Totally insane that America is experimenting with reducing people's human rights. Of all the places in the world America is the last place you would have thought that would happen. I don't like this MRA and feminist divide and the same divides between races, it seems the wrong way to deal with things

    It was odd to me that the woman talking about having her voice heard was saying that when the voice of the fetus is the voice that cannot be heard. Both voices should be heard but it seemed strange to cut it that way

    End of mansplain

  18. Of course we should have exceptions for rape and incest, but abortion is not vegan. Choose partner, choose to have sex or not. Choose protection. But It's not your choice when there's a victim. Flippin duh!!

  19. Why would vegans be pro abortion other than rape or involuntary incest? That's a complete contradiction, and looks like a pick and choose situation. Pro animal life also means humans.

  20. Thank God. I often struggle to walk past the meat section in super markets and very often retch at the smell of dead flesh.

  21. Vegans are antihuman. They promote a diet that would basically harm children. And they are in favor of killing babies.

  22. So can you clarify the view on abortion… Isn't all life valuable.. even an unborn child. I am Vegan. And in this day & age. If you don't or are not ready to be a parent you have resources to be responsible to prevent pregnancy. No excuses. Your intelligent human beings. Right. All killing should be banned.

  23. Holy irony. Extend your circle of compassion to farm animals, completely shut it off to babies in the womb. The hypocrisy of vegans is disgusting and astounding.

  24. Wow! Doris Day lived to 97 and was a vegetarian. So much for vegetarians and vegans being unhealthy and lacking nutrients.

  25. Keep protecting the rain forests. RIP Doris Day. A few more for the good guys. Into the Star Trek future.

  26. What does veganism have to do with abortion? :/ If anything it's hypocritical for us vegans to stand up FOR abortion as we would stand up for the lives of animals but stand against the lives of future humans!

  27. Unfortunately I am one that can not just eat raw Vegan food. Teeth started going south and hair is almost gone after 3 years on the diet. My weight was gone down to skin and bones. Changed my diet and my hair is starting to come back and I gained 20 lbs. I am glad I turned back before it was too late. May not recover fully.. I pray it works out for the rest of you!

  28. I'm a vegan and I also am for women's empowerment but I am not sure it is a good idea to link the two. Women's rights are one thing and animals torture are another. Doesn't this dilute the message? Or does it get another group on our side? I'm not sure.🤔

  29. Vegans are against abortion ban? Vegans who care about even insects' lives accept killing human embryos? Hmm…

  30. Vegan LIES debunked:
    ZERO MEAT would ONLY reduce GHG by 2.6%

  31. i love all your stories- they inspire me to be a better vegan and give me the courage to remind others to align their choices and decisions with their loving caring compassionate values.

  32. Why would anyone buy meat from a supermarket – the stuff is substandard . People should buy meat from proper butchers shops , from butchers who can say where an how their meat was produced . And people should never buy processed meat products that contain chemicals , excess water or MRM .

  33. Vegans are pro abortion ? What the fuck ? Seriously ? Don't harm any animal including collecting their milk and eggs but sucking the brains out of an unborn child is A OK ? Jesus .We talk about the tradition of eating animal products , surely you can see abortion is also a tradition that just keeps giving. How about abstaining or at least providing birth control so the little dumb asses don't get pregnant by accident ? Much less complicated and you don't have to murder something.

  34. Where is the compassion for the unborn child that is being murdered? How can we care more for other animals than our own child?

  35. Vegans want abortion? Little bit confusing. Not really sure what this has to do with Animal Rights?

    I'm against killing sentient beings, after 8 weeks when there is no doubt a fetus has become sentient, and I don't support abortion after 8 weeks. I think it's wrong.

    I think after 8 weeks the fetus has become a baby when it has a separate heart beat, separate cognitive function, and all it did wrong is be a baby dependent on the mother to live. I don't think it's right to kill a sentient being after this point. So as a VEGAN I don't support abortion after the 8 week point.

  36. Never will get the logic of sexists, that think males can't grasp how women feel.

    I think no woman that hasn't had a child should be able to say anything about abortion, why ? Because they don't know what it's like to have a child, so they should shut up. Ha. What?

    No male doctors should do abortions, because males can't understand women's bodies and so only women surgeons should do abortion. Ha. What?

    No male should say what is ethical when it comes to a women having an abortion? Ha. What? Like men are so detached they can't work out what is right?

    This logic really annoys me. All that matters is people are empathetic and consider what is right, gender isn't that relevant when it comes to making an ethical choice, it's not like men don't talk to women or consult with women and get their opinions and views on a daily basis. It's really strange. Yes there should be more women in government making decisions, but in the end as long as the decisions are based on doing what is right, then it doesn't matter what gender the person is. Like if an evil women decide that should would put women in to prostitution… does it suddenly make it okay because a women does it… can only a woman stop that women…. or is that sexists. This logic annoys me.

    The majority of misogynistic men want women to have abortions. So they will say things like it's a woman's choice to have an abortion, INSTEAD THEY SHOULD SAY: it's a women's choice to have a baby. Like they wouldn't then be like I don't think it's right that a women has a child without considering the father. Would they then be like "oh yea they can totally raise that baby, and don't have to consider the father at all". It's bull shit. They just want women to have abortions so they can have care free sex.


  38. Wow! I cannot believe this is for real. Amazing. 😊. Happy about the vegan changes but seriously concerned about the whole abortion issue. 😣 R.I.P. Doris Day

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