Business Value of Diversity and Inclusion Showcased at NBAA-BACE

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I’m Andrew McIntosh. NBAA-BACE 2019 is
addressing the importance of diversity and inclusivity
in business aviation’s workforce. According to a
PricewaterhouseCoopers survey eighty-seven percent of
global businesses say diversity and inclusion
are organizational priorities. Yet almost half of survey
participants acknowledge diversity is still a barrier to employee
progression within companies. Ramos: Diversity and inclusion
is important because to my knowledge it
hasn’t even been discussed. We live in a culturally
diverse world and we need to make sure
that our industry represents that. I’m passionate about
inclusivity and diversity. I’m a female captain, there’s not a
whole bunch of us in the industry. McIntosh: Captain Kimberly Perkins, a
panelist at this D&I education session says research shows diversity
and inclusivity are good for business. Not only do we have
a moralistic reason to be advocates for
diversity and inclusivity as in, it’s just
the right thing to do but we also have
a business case with potentially higher
earning potential and an increase in safety
through better decision-making. McIntosh: She believes
it’s key for this industry to adopt initiatives that
attract more women and minorities or its workforce will
continue to shrink. Perkins says some
family-friendly changes are happening
right now. Perkins: There are are
changes being made and it’s important to
highlight those changes and talk
about them and hopefully more and
more flight departments will be able to make
subtle and large adjustments. McIntosh: One pilot who is inspiring
young people to pursue careers in aviation is NBAA’s 2019 American Spirit
Award recipient Barrington Irving. When I look at
business aviation a lot of our airports are
located in very diverse backyards. I grew up less than
two miles from an airport but never thought,
‘Oh, I’ll become a pilot or do anything as it
relates to business aviation.’ So you see
see the growth but there definitely needs
to be a lot more done for more diversity and
more inclusion. This is a hole because society should be
involved in the world of what we do. McIntosh: To learn more
about how diversity can strengthen the industry
and its future go to For NBAA TV,
I’m Andrew McIntosh.

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