Business Empowerment Academy 2018

[Applause] so the business empowerment Academy came about because we were looking back at the summer business experience program we thought about there's a lot of students out there that are academically bright good solid students but who may be faced additional challenges and that may be you know financial hardship it may be that they're first-generation student and they maybe don't have the resources or someone to kind of help them bridge that gap from high school through the application in financial aid process which is difficult into that first year of college and thinking about what they want to major in and what they want to do that post graduation just so much information it's so useful I think they've had so many people come and talk to us about just financing and things that you know a teenager or someone a young adult should really know and so I'm so happy that I was able to participate in this camp and they can teach me that I love it like out of all conferences I've went to I love this this one because it's like so diverse and then like it's just you get to learn so much more you know and I didn't really have a dream of pursuing business but I'm kind of starting to change my mind I want to go to college and like here just being here awhile that's a really shiny night okay like you can these for years you can major and minor and something else and then you didn't go into law my family actually the background in business and so I've always considered pursuing maybe a minor in business or something but after this camp I could really consider to maybe being my major it was very motivating actually coming into it I wanted to take another like career route I was thinking about maybe going like physical therapy but this panel and kind of like the camp in itself it's kind of making me very much towards entrepreneurship and like business it was all kind of motivated so far as yesterday I've had a blast I've really learned a lot so far and even though I may not necessarily go into business but I've it really gotten the experience so far I've learned so much with business loans all sorts of things that I can use with whatever I end up doing in college so yeah I'm definitely living it up we are very grateful to the first tennessee foundation because they through grant they funded the experience for the business empowerment academy and so the students were able to attend that program at no charge their families and we wouldn't have been able to do that without the help from the first NSC funders [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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