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sway in the morning shave for five I just want to set the tone right for with you about the experience we do this a lot Heather B we know we didn't grow up in the box and we know this culture isn't limited just to the boundaries in the in the coast here of the United States have the be you are have to be there for you have traveled the world and learned how music has impacted culture on a global basis a lot of times we do a lot of outreach to places that we travel to whether it's Germany whether it's France whether it's Australia whether it's the Netherlands we've been in all these places sway in the morning this show here some all have to be that's not even a stop right there ladies and gentlemen that's just a fact down doesn't matter where we are we looking for the best of the best those who are making strides that others haven't done yet we've been curious a lot about what's taking place across the water of the continent of Africa and don't get it confused because it happened in one country doesn't mean it's happening in the next country Rhymefest came up here and said man swear y'all think like colonists he somebody was told that told him that because we think Africa is one place and everybody is of the same mind how many countries are in Africa on the continent of Africa who could guess ok how many countries are on the continent of Africa 34 Matt we done 54:24 thank you Matt I appreciate you man I have a stepfather who was from Ghana therefore I had to learn and read in research about Ghana also had a person in our family who was directly from Nigeria that had married into the family and so I was eating her when I was in Ghana with the stepfather from Ghana was he I was eating a lot of peanut soup and fish stew you know when a Nigerian man married into the family we were eating a lot of Nigerian food but we were learning about a lot of Nigerian culture all the different dialects really different if you will villages if you will religion and so on and so forth music that's indigenous to that place we've been following this young man burner boy for quite some time since he released that debut album of life and some family members were sending me his music saying you got to know about him begging me to get him on the show and I was like what damn it I gotta fly them to the states too you know and I kept following him when he did on the spaceship album my mother was like son you need to know who burner boy is I was like really mom and then he put out the song-yi and that one started to circulate even here in the States and brought a lot of attention to him and he's here today man they call him an afro fusion singer and songwriter but I know he's more than just what they call him please welcome him to the show for the first time the one and only learner boy what's awful like we related now yes definitely related that's my job as the African Chinese to bring you all home you know we did have Rhymefest who was here and when he was talking to a friend of his about slavery you know I'm from the Jewish you know what I kind of don't really know why Fest is more breakfast is a part of good music family over started he was really instrumental in writing some of the early Kanye West songs oh wow okay he's a Grammy Award winner winning artists a songwriter he wrote got an Oscar he wrote on glory for with John Legend and we were talking about Africa and how we in a state especially our people color view Africa it's just one big chunk of land and there's nothing like that I mean I don't I personally I don't I don't blame him or anybody that thinks like that okay breakdown I as I said see busto cameras on us before we came in yeah it's all about the conditioning of the mind of the people of Colorado here you got me you you've been through so much oppression that like and and and in the process of the oppression a lot of information has been stripped away a lot of a lot of your your truth has been stripped away so I don't blame and and has been replaced with with with with how do I put this in English misinformation yes misinformation to favor the oppressors exact gender Stan and so I don't blame you that's why I said that's me as the African giant my job is to bring your home in this in in the sense that is to remove that misinformation okay what kind of work were you noticed like some of those specific misinformation hmm does it also exist in on the continent of Africa so do people probably function mentally different in Nigeria than they do in sound most definitely I'm Stephanie also as I said it's like it's all about you see life is about experience understand and like in Africa different different places have different experiences in different roads to independence and different because Africa was colonized as well it was loose almost like they just found out like yeah let's divide it between each other and just me so that's what they did so now we're all so different but we're all the same yeah how do you do you see folks over here we say African American when I go to Africa people spoke what is an African amended of Africa who lives in America okay that's that's how I've always told you if your blood you trace back your bloodline so they're you know but do you know that like before you you decide before you wear African Americans you were Africans in America yes no history book but I want to get your take on it because I've literally different places I've been king Djibouti hmm different places we had these conversations and I'm gonna create this kinship you know and I've literally been told you're no way former fashion related to us at all you know and it was you know you know I you know we it was I'm it made for great conversation you know and it made it interesting to see how people's mentality over there was towards us over here how do you see it me personally man I see it as like and I and I person as I said I I'm gonna be saying this a lot I don't blame ya like you or me personally I feel like whatever whatever we went through is because we we um man English doing a great job I mean I mean like I I don't know how to explain it in a way but like I know exactly what I'm trying to say you know like if if you all if we all found our way back home right and like we're all doing all this with that weird in here back at home like who who would be who would be the the number one country in the leader of the world back home exactly yeah so you cannot you cannot be strong anywhere if your roots are not strong you understand so it's like the day when when when when people of color as you call yourselves yeah like realize yep so the proper terminology when Africans is Kings Kings okay yes Giants okay yeah its originators creators you understand so um what I'm trying to say is we we need to make sure our roots are strong enough before we can try to demand any kind of weather all this marching shit it's not just as it's like if your if your roots it's like if Africa was looked at the way should be looked at uh-huh then you would have no problems over here yeah you have no problems in the UK or wherever there's this this this this Africans uh-huh because like we we are as stronger we're only as strong as our roots understand so for me I feel like this is the time this is the time to come home time to come home when I do come home and I'm staying at your apartment I know that's entire generation of Me's okay but is there like a program because like you said speaking of the word program over here we've been programs you know what I mean all this misinformation that's polluting our minds if there's people who know better and can form a bridge to transition their so-called african-americans people of color here back home when and where and how is that being positioned there's something my granddad always said because he knew where I was gonna end up being right and he's like while you're while you're trying to while you're fighting for Africans I'm trying to you know do that do all this use one hand because you're going to need the other hand to fight off the Africans that are going to be fighting do you understand yeah so it's like we also have our own problems of course you understand mentally as well because like at the end of the day it's like when with all that's happened the game is just twisted and become backwards to the point where it's like look right now look at what I'm wearing yes is not Nigerian this is not African this is we got this from you not from me from the Western world and stuff that shouldn't be I mean I'm cold right now that's not my point my point is like instead we should be we should be doing stuff for you to see and for you to kind of like emulate in a way you understand like we shouldn't be the ones bringing in Balenciaga that stuff to Africa we should be bringing Africa to you the understand what I'm saying but now the game is so twisted there like it's just backwards you know so I don't know it's all in the program yeah so you see that so will we will we deal with that in the states too you know and we're trying to figure it out but I just find it fascinating that you know everybody even if it's the programming on the continent as well South Africa if you go to the West's different from the East if you in the central parts different from the north the same thing do you frightened eyes with artists from other parts of the continent yeah like : like who and where there's I have for me I have tea I've like a scored in every part of Africa so in in West Africa is like this Ghana and Ghana you see you see me with shatta wale or you see me move r2bees or manifest me that's my peoples okay south south south africa you probably see me nasty nasty see me help here spread it to my guitar legend that's my favorite rapper whole time so et if not like back in the days you'd see me with a KA and the less and stuff forgive me because you know yeah that's the South Island dinner for the East you definitely see me with harmonized uh-huh you know or with salty so you know and then nobody's gone to the north nobody's one of the Norfolk I don't think I won't say they're not ready because I haven't been there to say then already I'd say I'm not ready okay you get me to see what's going on in the North because you need a loan etwork this to be able to you know handle was a political up there or yeah yeah nice like because they're so different they're so a rabbit and you know they're very different okay it knows like where's what's North Africa is like to Morocco Algeria uh-huh no Ethiopia's East okay um you know stuff like that we haven't really gone there because we haven't um how do I say I mean there's places like Morocco that are like the main North that that's like the real solid no who are some of the artists though that you think have impacted from here in a positive way have impacted the scene over there in Africa like the jay-z's or the Kanye know okay you know because like as I said the situation is a bit crazy to where it's like we're looking here it's like huh this is cool like you guys are kind of the determining factor of what's cool okay meaning here in America in a state like Austin America that's something the black folk in America something like that you kind of like dictate what's cool and like by you doing that we kind of in a way like yeah okay that's why I like back in the day when when when my parents would be wanting me to listen to nursery rhymes I'll be wanting to listen to Naughty by Nature and stuff oh yeah I my granddad will be managing for a lot could see the greatest you mama artist musician that ever walked the face of this planet right I said I want to listen to DMX understanding what was going on yeah I slap myself like oh you did I was wondering because I'm like is it because of our superficial appeal because I don't know like we kinda sound like losers you know I feel like it's almost it's almost and I don't I'm trying to find a political way to say this but don't seek political insight what you feel it's almost like yeah when like a white kid yeah sees like someone from the ghetto out here and then he's so intriguing stuff like he's trying to be that uh-huh but he doesn't understand that that's it's not cool uh-huh like you get me but it looks so fine so he wants to be that so he's now dressing like that and now he's talking like that and now he's and you saying you guys are doing that when you look at us in a way yeah over here appropriating the culture from there and see what I thought that was to be honest with you is you see black people or Africans all over the world integrated and not celebrated rather you and the UK and they just now start putting black people on the on tv' or everywhere I've traveled I've seen that kind of struggle but in America you see us you know flooding our riches and looking empowered and unapologetic and we are energy coming from these marginalized communities what I thought was there are other people who are coming from marginalized communities around the world that see that as power and shit look at that man look at this do jay-z you know gotta be like exactly yeah that's all so that's another way to look yeah that's what I'm yeah now it is that's that's that's true okay that's also you have to understand there's also different parts of Africa there's the Africa of the rich kids where it's like didn't they just go everything uh-huh and then there's the Africa they don't even know where to sleep type shit they've sleep on the mud uh-huh and then the rain will fall and wash them and then their kids will die this is you feel me and it's all in the same Africa they could even be next-door neighbors uh-huh he owns in so if two of them are gonna have different views how did you grow up personally because your father was a manager my father I'm your grandfather a Fela Kuti but you went and studied and you know you went to universities right did you study no no okay so the paper yeah no not in real life shit is on the paper so that's a lot that was that was my reason for going okay yeah but like it just didn't happen it didn't happen okay so we will show up like I was registered to the school okay make it to the campus okay so how did you grow up like what was your upbringing like man it's the best of both worlds okay you know because I wasn't rich and I wasn't poor okay you know so I thought say it's the best of both world I had friends who had everything and I had friends who had nothing Berner boy is here this is so interesting when you put out the life project is that the one that catapulted to your visibility was that the one that's that's what you started start seeing your ascent right most definitely and and then what was it that just kind of like your name ring bells out here now what was it what was the song was the moment you think personally you see for me I don't think it was a moment okay I think it was like a buildup okay good long build-up because like you see in life if something just goes like this is only gonna come like this yummy but if it goes like this and like this and like this and like this and like this then if we it's his choice if he wants to come one step down and one step down don't go back on you can now make that choice saying but when you just did this and this and I know you have a bunch of examples of that yeah absolutely but like him and for me I feel like that's what that's what it's been and like there's so much more stairs to climb so I can't really say I'm at the top of the fucking going back to the to the influence of like the Western hip-hop world is there a drug thing going on as well because here it was like now it spills in all kinds of shit so in Africa in Africa is it some similar did it escalate into something more potent or has it always been like one type of thing let's just say to be honest whatever you have here whatever you guys do here we do over there are we bringing it there not necessarily no it's like we have everything we have access to everything you know so as I said when sign becomes cool to do over here somehow understand so it's like it's crazy and then it's like for us we've got we've got stuff that I think drugs have been in Africa longer than diamonds you know like what are you well you buy your diamonds from oh do you do a track you know to see where they came from you know there was a whole movie made about blood yeah you know what I do is I know okay how do you know you don't get them like you loves because I know okay like we're like how if I look at blood damn and I know it's a blood that okay you can see yeah because I'm from the most more the west-african diamonds come from so we know you know that's why I haven't bought one single jewelry piece from Africa it's nice just because it's not even a conscious is just because I watch the movie yeah like we watch that you find when it comes to the way women carry themselves like in America a lot of people look at us as women and feel like you know we're way too loose and laxed when it comes to our boom in that way I'm just saying it always appears like the African Queen you know what I mean yes that she's just way more regal man I feel like to be honest it's all of the African woman is basically good African woman is God because like you can't there's no other way to explain this like you can create anything uh-huh you know so for me there's and for me I feel like your question just is basically asking me if there's hypocrisy in the world and there is unfortunately so me some people are gonna hide what they do to give some people are gonna do some stuff behind closed doors and Pope you lookin it some people are gonna do it yeah it is groupies are famous it doesn't mean they're both not doing the same shit yes means burner boy is here man we're gonna take your calls eight eight eight seven four two three three four plus five let's play ye like expression it's like some yeah like it's like if you get pushed it's like if some hits you like goose am under the bus right here whatever so all right yeah this is yay and that's an expression that means so it's like our way of complaining it's like yeah like yes like if you just like if you get hit oh so it's like it's like the African are we gonna play this to come back sway the morning shave for five me as a beach on the remiss might be a different appeal man might be a different burn a boy is he a round of apply he got the new EP stealing copper what is was the significance is still in copper we made you name it that is other explaining it's the most solid type of elements as far as we're concerned those that's what the weapons are made from another stuff you get me so this is stealing stealing copper in the back so that's so I had they're saying that's like real and proper tougher than steel and copper that's kind of working what's your native tongue well it's cold it's like a eat your language and stuff but like I don't I don't really speak I speak you about just like my mom's okay yeah sure alright the difference between each on in Yoruba is he just from like where my dad's in so basically in Nigeria you're from where your dad is from okay uh-huh so my dad is from porticoed my dad is from River State that's the south side of my G that's like the creeks that's a you got me Creek boy I grew boil where the oil is and well all the oil companies come and pollute all the waters with their but there with their stuff pollution pollution you get me and then the the locals have to rise up and become militants I start you know doing crazy stuff to get their attention and blowing up pipelines and all types of stuff and you know and then you know that's what basically that's where I'm from that's what you from when we were reporting when you know years ago in in as Nigeria surrounding areas about the girls being kidnapped out of schools and that you laugh at that but that's those were the headlines that were coming back what's the truth behind that I can't talk about that I can't speak on that yeah okay yeah cuz I'm not gonna sit here and tell you a lie cuz you don't know what do you mean no I'll tell you off air but not not here okay interesting all right what happened if you did speak on it like man I'm not gonna ask you to speak on it so like it's already like I'm already speaking on a lot of things and like that you never get over Nigeria nice to sit down and speak on okay because like me personally I'm come from that background you get me though Fela Kuti back rebel background so I am kind of ready for certain things that might happen okay you know and have happen is the oh I'm saying so me I'm just trying not to push it too much I'll cut the point where but my family becomes a target you know stuff like that totally get it alright that's fair enough we got tone D on the line from ATL good morning say hello to burner boy what up domine bulu a burner boy oh sweet Calloway love you see respect keep a keep Achtung going to appreciate all the love and I appreciate the support the sing when I boy start off DBT oh wow let them know what's up okay love you guys representing the music appreciation webson representing Africa but this Nigeria okay let me hustle wet compete snips he made an impact over too much yeah so much to me he made the most impact as a rapper as a human being like for me nobody in this world was more of a man than Nipsey Hussle why is that speak on it because like I feel like everything he was doing is what I I feel like he's everything I want it to be like I want to be uh-huh I understand because like anyone it's like I can't I don't even know man this is good this is gonna make me break down man cuz it's deep yeah I'm saying like he's just doing so much he's doing more than anyone I feel like Malcolm X and Tupac and all of them came back into him you know and then took him away to be reborn off you know his roots Kelly were reaching rules right so eight eight eight seven four two three three four five everybody's filming the loss of nipsey all around the world man Theo is in Phoenix what up man good morning oh good morning how's it going guys boy I know that I appreciate you energy my strongest belief is that the black woman has got yes earth in the universe or apart all anymore this support is music – alright man thank you – family of citizens Tyree is in Philly go ahead Tyree please you see Bernie so are you getting calls from all over the continental US you won't sway in the morning a new just New York City okay go ahead and Tyree you know I got a I got a question for you so from your perspective how would you integrate the youth in that you know a lot of the youth now they kind of son traditional stuff on the continent as being like you know uncool you know and on the flip side a lot of them are hungry for tradition but you know Africa so vast they don't even know what to look for over there you know I mean at the end of the day I feel like personally you should you should make it a personal decision like what do you want you understand like II like the same way like you're looking for what you want over here you can do the same thing over there you understand it's like it's this and fro and I feel like it'll be a lot it'll make a lot more of an impact and it would be a lot more easier to do over there because you are you're with your your people you get me unlike you you actually have a knowledge that's needed over there the same way the understand so it's like it's for me it's like I don't know man and another thing is it starts with starts with the music yeah you get music's good yeah brain dots with the music as well for the especially for the youth uh-huh and Stan shows like from the music is it's like a gateway uh-huh you know like maybe come the first maybe the first time you come back to Africa it could be for like for a festival or a sign yeah you know just come and see yeah just come catch the energy let's start from there uh-huh and then it'll build up into your reality you know I'm actually going out there 15th 16th where you going exactly yeah well you're gonna be June 15 15 ever been to Joburg in like four years it's time to go back man what a perfect way to come back with your home your new brother right here you know I'm I have quest to come out my suit out message the Questor and all that's DC all those tools man you know they all been by the show one thing they did clusters amazing it's incredible for uh you know he's he's so incredible we stay in touch all the time man by the way you perform it tonight at the Apollo correct yeah that's gonna be at the parlo that's right down the street from the house so I guess I know what I'm doing tonight yeah and he's on this African giant tour we all Giants so you should definitely come check that out as well and he's performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Coachella that's huge right oh yeah yeah yeah yes yeah

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