Burger-making skills put to test at Rube Goldberg contest

>>Seven regional
champions will converge on Purdue University April 5th for the 21st annual Rube
Goldberg Machine Contest. Those teams of university
engineering students from around the nation
are feverishly tinkering with machines designed
to perform a common task, assemble a hamburger in as
many nonsensical, whimsical, entertaining, counterintuitive
steps as possible. The Purdue Society of
Professional Engineers will vie for its third national
championship in four years. Captain Drew Wisher says
the team invested more than 4,000 man-hours to prepare for the regional
competition alone.>>We start in early September, and we just work nonstop
all the way until the end. Last night, we didn’t
have any sleep. We were working all the
way up until we got here, which was two hours
before competition. We love it. It’s — for me, at least, it’s
a wonderful way to just get out of schoolwork
and just tinker. I love working with my
hands, and, you know, I’m a pilot in my career,
but I also, you know, love to just build things, you
know, to take different things, put them together,
make them work.>>The national field will
be rounded out by Penn State, the University of
Arizona, Texas A&M, the Michigan Technological
Institute, Ferris State, and the University of Texas. Tinadu Indum [assumed spelling], a member of Purdue’s
National Society of Black Engineers Team
says even though he won’t be competing for the national
championship, the exerted effort for the regional was worthwhile.>>It’s a fun event. You get to work with people,
lots of engineering experience, using creativity, putting ideas,
taking them from just a thought, really nothing tangible,
and making it into something tangible. And it’s also, you know,
kind of a sense of ownership, almost like a baby, as
you refer to it as — you know, you start working on
it, give it ideas, develop time. It’s like, you know,
I want to see it, you know, grow up, basically.>>Purdue’s Society of Professional Engineers
will face a stiff challenge from several teams, including
the returning 2007 national champs, Ferris State, a team
that upset Purdue last year with a toy factory-themed
machine that proved impeccable at pouring orange juice. The machines are
graded, in large part, on how many steps they include
and how reliable the machine is. Purdue’s team is still
working on both components.>>We had two too
many interventions, one on the first run and
one on the third run. We’ve got to, you know, get that completely taken
care of, just wipe it out. And I’m srue we’ll be adding
a few steps here and there, just to, you know, integrate
some things we wanted to do but we couldn’t do
for this competition.>>Judge Matt Kosis, an engineer with event
sponsor Rockwell Collins, says this year’s assigned tax
is harder than past years. He said the victorious Purdue
machine is well conceived and constructed,
but he also looks for the creative thinking
cartoonist Rube Goldberg was known for.>>It gives you teamwork
experience. That’s gonna be important
immediately. You’re going to have to work
on a team anywhere you go. But I liked it because it
gives you a creative way to explore something, add something new,
and troubleshooting. I mean, you’re’ gonna
do this in real life. You’re gonna build something
that’s not gonna work. You know, how can
you improve it?>>Kosis says his
company’s investment in the event is an investment
in the future of engineering. He says some of the best
engineering recruits in the nation come from
universities, such as Purdue, that encourage their students to
put their education to tangible, if not always efficient use. At Purdue University, I’m
Jim Shank.

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  19. i have just made a new video 😀 its called "{J.M.} the quiz" try it 😀 {if you watch please read the rules at the first 21 seconds and read describtion) your welcome to watch my other videos 😀

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