Bunmi Day in the Life | Columbia Admissions

Good morning everyone my name is Bunmi Fariyike and I’m currently a junior in Columbia engineering studying biomedical
engineering and minoring in Hispanic studies on the pre-med track and originally from Powder
Springs Georgia. Today I’m taking over the Columbia Instagram story to show you
what the day is like for a typical Columbia engineering student so stay tuned.
So before I head out today I kind of want to show off my dorm living
situation a little bit. I live in Woodbridge which is one of the
more coveted upperclassman dorms because it’s apartment style so I’ll show you
around a little bit. So as you can see we have my room over here, kind of the
common room area over here, and then moving over here we have the kitchen,
my roommates room, the bathroom so everything we need within walking
distance which is pretty great. So I’m on my way to class now, half-eaten bagel in hand and
I’m a little bit ahead of schedule so I need to stop and show you guys some
of the more iconic spots on campus hey you guys, so I’ve been back in my room for a while
now, had some dinner and got some homework and studying done and I want to
share a little about what I do here on campus. All right guys my roommate and I are signing
off for the night if you have any more questions please hit up [email protected] Have a good night guys

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