Building the Relational Bridge off Leash towards Socialization – Day 11 Update Mason

i well I ain't feelin lucky and I'm not video why yes he is I mean looking the cream the relational bridge to socialization off leash with mason bacon been here for a week and a half on board train hibbett has been finding fulfillment seeking fulfillment to other dogs and that's been his kind of pathway okay whatever is ended the owner fading out and so what we focus here is it for beings become the pivot point so that i can create the bridge for him to a mean dog to the fall so it's all bringing into right relationship through me but here hoppity is to be working alicia which is more you know really defining the script you know really working on a script and here we on the office part of it there's more that finishing work okay it's more of just um you know making sure those expressed dates or we can pop drop of parameters ok icon issue cannot be allowed to meet other dogs it's making sure that the owners need faded up measures to me okay either fall or so if you are looking for you know the process to get your dog along with other people very important that it's all the right relationship with leadership and in specific of that how that bridge is built to the actual method itself so those both using the militias are are a means to an end or pathway and so here what is what I in this is a bath about the poly is kind of my dog that I used because it in joins two dogs in our roll cameras video fights here though I do love focusing on trading through the febrile exercise since he calling for a year but always here in my little balance off and again using her as kind of a way to to create this script right list so that able to get Mason to meet other dogs again within the proper relationship so here ever why are you here you here you can you still are still know what happens in this exercise don't you lick my arm comes the leash my fingers will be talking i connect up the way nation this aware are still at time I'm using pushing poll pushing all technique ok on the moment that nation is you know at the on the parameters or Babylon to the follower strip and just matter of nudging them back in yeah that's what we're best off the focus is on that so Oh Nathan a day photo coach they take that back so here I am doing is even makin what Ethan has a tendency to do is you want to come in on a process okay I like a toi 'please buttoning you know try to kind of put a little bit of you know appeal to the person kind of emotional type thing and then they just will elevate off okay so very for that person you know create that boundary line and for the dog as well so there is all of these these parameters being the person in the dog it's always although you know really defining a lot clearer a I'm really clear value on to the NS a result of monocyte face pic OH take m equal to come over looga hey hey hey hey okay now hey t hey stop listen stop late stop hey hey ok there is nothing a little bit I want to come on a little bit of influence here I'm going to bring them over a little bit now what you notice what the arse is when you're doing this is at first they'll come in and watching on their arms right but you start bringing them in a different script they don't like that ok because they know you don't you know that you're bringing changing your the strip on that it will start full of a little bit but hey you know what I want to come in there cuz he taken control ok imagine how that will let go on to a little bit of bit of the full bath is all you do with this the counter dad is bringing them in any way and you do a little bit of pushing them home with that ok see you do a push poll technique so I'm going up for all nudging ok bring his mind into the strip a little bit of info on tier day just start be on circus of calm while you're a little bit and I'll just breaking right let's go running into the right strips in new leadership ok that's the bag that's an egg don't back in again I'm ever gonna go back into the corner i'm going to come bring him back here again again not a lot of cop follows up to put a full technique against ed doing it with full little bit pull no I mess it to a much very high level of authority you're okay it more like nothing to work in the survey the whole havin having on a this kind of push value is going to go over those on the spot again but I don't let them camp out all over there okay but again this is about the script okay I work in the strips oldest pitching me the chemical and i'm building the bridge now if you can kind of wrong in but bring them here in to my charms okay why you can't let all kind of by a few on their arms because you're baiting of expressing how to bring them in okay we'll get to this point and then nobody mutters and influence my dad's everyone's was all over script but it's kind of nudging them there and then start to really work define that the band of mine hey hey i'm going over here the third come over a little bit again suck it will office to info huh bring them over is nothing over here in going to welcome right here hit then you push poll here a little bit hey I a little bit of these blocks in here a hit hey Doc hey mm / but yeah I used to be in the stripper that always that's why the stairs take a little kick back and back and forth here but the bracket for was reconciling ok the script he wants to go on his tongue and use going on his terms now I'll bring them into my strip and then you'll want to camp a little bit right it'll be a head I don't want hold it over a while and that ok but you know we're ready to anything that you they're ready to be able to bring them under that if you carefully we do it if you're not doing it you know you know according to the right kind of path you know doing it with the right timing as you create a lovable change they be problematic these don't grab dogs yet they're really camping out and you'll see how morning for your aggression and hit the tipping point you see that you said I have to deal with Lucy ok and i'm using a model mac that situation and you know just by doing my script but it's how I'm goal of doing it ok knowing God that oh so you are here at getting base and comfortable ok we get my script you're adding my Mohammed empty bounded on here leaving your seat and all this is this is really good you know we hit this bubble where this sausage is just me focused okay just me focus with defining the Prophet so not mommy come on in me it goes an appeal by please just loosen up you know you're the level implement me so I can bypass you ok team I'll see how does it go on you'll see you know just getting so as you know ever started everything starts to release that to your mind that role to see he's like Pershing if I take the stress off of me he stresses I put known I was technique with dog standing the push-pull and onion I thought I forgot to sleep on her feet with that if you put your the Nathan Fielder okay it's not done not bad and so on not over thought its nature to rational so here the picture right and then you know just comment and i'm eating just like is there buddy just transitions together so this is lee saw the back and forth here so this isn't script up is become sort of info commercial this is real life here so I'm doing this is kind of working a script working for walking the strip it's also setting up going how to define and get getting this picture like this okay stay calm about it to both understand how to cut a bill the right foundation a cannula foundation-stone you throw this this was happening right now never happen two weeks ago okay not even close okay but this is all coming together because all the right relationships so cos com totally connaught so they can watch it was just free the feedback I how strictly biz no way is it kind of went down here it kind of really how it works okay knowing how to just nudge it into writing with my broccoli the right script because thought to be attached to the person were coming in wrong reasons the empowering for smoke then you're going to do is our team or fulfillment power we'll see how does emotion because he was who makes say I own need so I have a life and push that on me okay I got just about to have a baby myself in getting any no sir at the campus want to go over there and be kind of a okay well that they work anyways they think that they work it out from okay my script was in the past I could buy house the owner and get to why I want to perform I wasn't like that happen yeah I'm certain measurements of the script he saw it happens their capital Israeli it'll be like an artist just that once doesn't want to do their false narrative account ready handle biz want any power on it but I was bringing it and just come who know they don't come in but thought Terry's not a force in a force away course kind of drop it on with mine for him it because i know it is ready ok so to release this and then she started to buy it here and there just distressed on coming off and then you know say thing just working to go there anyway of every day just might work in a strip off leash she goes bail out on the focus by with all the line and bought it's like the whole person so when you're doing a technique you know your understanding just how this kind of flows back and forth so anyway thanks for watching I'll be worth it yeah keep your dog my name you

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