Building Families

how about this one no you go son which one do you think what's wrong okay Darien watch cartoon yeah what do you need me to do jars right and the handle is yeah we watch now yeah why don't you go ahead I gotta do something for Mom for the fundraiser so you do without me sorry so the lids jars dan is there a separate we're hungry once you throw some burritos in the microwave for us and we can have the first AUSA to go with him can you do that we got the lids hey this smells really good is there gonna be any extra where did you make just met I was just doing that hey boys I'm still working on a salsa so could you go have a bath and get your pajamas on and start the time start the second tan or the first second cannon now wait for the fainting steam yeah we're ready it's time for prayers yeah I'm still working on the salsa for the fundraiser do you think you could maybe you go say prayers by yourself a successful parent should never be too busy to capture a moment in a child's life when an important lesson can be taught you you

24 thoughts on “Building Families

  1. I always tell my HUSBAN to go get snacks for kids and he's watching a movie he doesn't let them eat I I'm the only one that does all the work😥😥

  2. I can't believe I had the chance to be in this! I was sooo young back then.
    I was the older brother.

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