BTS – Spring Day- “Omelas’tan Dışarıya Çıkanlarız Bizler…”

On 16th April 2014 a ferryboat disaster occurred at South Korea. 304 people lost their lives and most of them were high school students. After the incident the camera recordings and the statements of witnesses revealed the reason why there were this many casualties. That is understood that the captain and the crew who told the passengers to keep calm and stay the where they are, abandoned the ferryboat instead of helping the passengers. After the trials the captain was sentenced to 36 years and the crew members were sentenced to 5 to 20 years of time for causing death. Spring Day is one of my favorite clips among BTS clips. On the one hand the clip shows how sensitive BTS to social issues on the other hand it narrates that the people died by the ship accident won’t be forgotten. Yet another way the clip mentions to all who watches, what is supposed to be done in the name of social sensitivity. Now let’s follow all I said from the clip. In the clip BTS members at times represent the survivors of the accident, while sometimes the ones who do not let the people died at the accident to be forgotten and sometimes the people lost their lives at the accident. As opposed to the “spring’’ word in the name of the song the clip starts on a cold winter day. If you be careful you can see V is looking to his right at here that is to say a train already moved away. He probably represents a survivor. That is the reason why he is looking behind a train back already moved away. That train took his best friends and moved away and they won’t come back again. Accordingly, he looks behind his friends he will never see again. There is no one at the station but him and it is winter season. All this represents his psychological condition. The loneliness he felt after his friends, his relatives… No doubt he wants to come together with his friends; that is the reason why he rests his head on the rails like he wants to suicide. Like he is saying if you are gone, what is the meaning of me staying here. Now with lonely and thoughtful eyes thinking about his friends the accident set apart from him. Jimin is in the same situation. He is also one of the survivors of the ferry accident or at least someone who lost a close friend at that tragedy… In desperation and sadness, he looks trough the sea; because the thing who took his friends is nothing but the endless blueness. If you look carefully both band members look directly at the camera. That is the reason why they have stuff to say to us. We are going to see what they have to say during the clip anyway. There is no one but the band leader RM at the wagon he is in. But there are used objects and abandoned suitcases around. Those objects are belonged to the people who lost their lives at the accident… Even if their bodies are not here anymore the life experience and memories are everywhere. The band leader gets off from the wagon that has the objects in it and passes to another wagon. The wagon he passed to is much more luxurious compared to the other one. That is obvious that there are class differences between to wagons. We understand that these to wagons refer to social or economic differentness at this scene. While RM is getting out of the first wagon he enters to a place where is OMELAS written on. The place he enters is the luxurious wagon. When we have a quick research on what OMELAS is. We learn that: Omelas is a city name. It does not really exist. This city name is passing at a short tale from the fiction book of an American writer THE ONES WHO WALK AWAY FROM OMELAS. Let’s get to this City’s relation to the clip. Omelas actually represents the utopia of the writer. People living in the city is extremely happy; just like the social class that wagon represents. But all the happiness and welfare of the city-dwellers rising above a tragedy. There is a boy locked in the basement floor of a public building in the city. That kid who is at the age of ten is miserably living on cold and moldy stones without clothing. Fort his kid to not to die they feed him half a bowl of food every day. Everyone living at the city knows about the kid who also has wounds at his body, but no one wants to save him. All city-dwellers have the deviant belief that their welfare is depended on this kid suffering, if the kid gets saved, they would be uncomfortable. As how OMELAS citizens shut their eyes to this terrible injustice, to BTS the government officers who don’t want this tragic incident to be investigated and who shut their eyes are making the same injustice. For some reason South Korea Government did not want this incident to be deeply investigated and wanted to cover it. For some reason authorities did not press the issue and try to cover it despite knowing some sad facts just like the city citizens who are aware of the existence of the locked child at OMELAS. Who knows maybe they would be uncomfortable if the truths were uncovered? Let’s keep following the clip. Band leader sees someone sad about casualties at the wagon representing the higher class. His presence in the wagon shows the basic mistake of blaming the root and branch. That is to say any person cannot be declared unjust for belonging to higher income class. Look says BTS, even at this wagon there are people sad for the dead. While RM is advancing at the wagon, he looks at the camera and wants to make sure we are following him. Because he wants a social sensitivity taking shape on significant issues. RM passes to another wagon. This is probably the upper stage… We understand this from the Crown he wears. People seen at the wagon don’t want him to tell his thoughts. The problems of the low class are none of their concern. Even the kid at the basement’s problems being spoken annoy this bourgeois people. RM clearly express the disturbance he feels to the event he witnessed by scowling. In this scene them climbing upstairs represents the people carry on with their lives. Climbing upstairs represents them aging and the years passed by. The handsome guy of the group, Jin stays where he is watching them while they are climbing. But if you look carefully at that Jin does not stay motionless from the very beginning. It is seen that he steps while getting there. Because till the moment of accident the people died in that tragedy’s lives were continuing. The moment he stopped and looked above represents the moment the tragedy occurred. From that moment people who lost their lives at the accident do not age and their life do not continue and stay constant. Jin videotapes them; this shows that he wants to join them, he wants to live and age like them but he cannot do any of it. This is one of the most sentimental moments of the clip… The toys seen at the background should have been perfect and there should have been kids playing with them with joy. This scene narrates the lost childhood of the high school students died at the accident. If they were alive, they would be livened up here. On the other hand, the ‘’Never walk alone’’ writing seen above imply that mourning people should unite and if they can do that, they will be truly powerful. Besides right after this writing we see three band members in front of OMELAS together. They are now out of OMELAS and decided not to remain insensitive to the kid locked in the basement. In this scene you can see all the band members looking at the burning candle. Those are the persons who threw cake to RM and did not want him to speak. But thanks to the constant stance of the band leader they are now starting to think different, commemorate the people died at the accident and respect their memories. Maybe all of them are out of OMELAS now. At the laundry scene the ‘’don’t forget’’ writing on all of the machines is taking instant attention. BTS is calling not just only their fans but everyone to not forget this tragedy. On the other hand, they are saying they are trying to ensure that incident not to be forgotten by means of this clip. In the washing machine there is probably clothes belonged to the people we saw at the wagon and died at the accident. At the following scenes we see clothes crowd together. This scene immortalizes the artistic work done at 2010 for the people who lost their lives at that disaster. Meantime there is two group members laughing between each other outside. Them laughing is narrating the life is continuing no matter. This laughter of course does not mean the people who died in the accident be forgotten. Because after a while we are going to see the two members thoughtful. While the life is continuing at its own flow on the one hand, the people who lost their lives at this accident are not forgotten at the other hand. By the way it is not the only scene showing life is continuing. Train moving on fast, that move made on the train and the toy coming life is giving the same message. Even tough staying motionless in front of the toy for a while and not caring his environment he looks to them afterwards. Then he mingles in so the life continues on no matter what. But there is again a fantastic detail put in the clip. BTS members start to look at the camera and tell something. Camera slowly goes down… Shoes are at his hands and looking to us. We see the same look right at here moreover with closeup filming… So, him looking to us is shown directly and lights start to flash behind. If we consider the rest of the clip the message given to us is commemorating them, embalming them are important but never enough. The essential thing we should be searching and going after should be justice… If you pay attention Jungkook starts to follow the same route RM passed a little while ago. But he looks concerned because he thinks he is alone. He is not so comfortable. But soon he will start to smile. He is not the only one looking for justice. In this scene I want to ask you ARMY’s where all the band members are running to and what the train passing fast represents. After realizing what I told you, you can reach to the answer to this question At here when the match blows out no one is around it; but when the match representing hope lights again that is to say when there is still hope it is seen that there is no lonesome anymore. The black objects outside the train are not obviously identified. But when there is a warm environment inside the train there is snow and blizzard outside. So, when the train represents life and aliveness outside represents right opposite death. The scene we see is showing how accurate the BTS members justice journey they started together and their decision to not to let people forget the people that died at the accident. The calling after getting out of the train is actually made for us. They want us to join to the trip through the memories of the people lost at this disaster. You can see how worshipful he stands in front of the ferries wheel that represents people died young age. While they are walking at an environment covered by these memories snow start to melt and sun rises. So, the winter we saw at the beginning of the clip ends; loneliness is over and the spring day passing at the name of the song shows itself. We can say that this tree represents the hopes turning green again with the spring. The shoo hanged on the tree representing people lost their life and also their contribution on springs coming and the BTS members hugging each other shows the unity they show during their search of justice.

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    Btsi de tebrim ediyorum ve hala ağlıyorum çok düşüncelilermiş doğru grubu sevdiğimin binlerce kez daha farkındayım
    İyiki varsınız bts
    İyiki varsınız army 😘😘🇹🇷🇰🇷

  42. Spring olmamami sağlayan hepimiz biricik kraliçesi spring day.. ve ancak bu kdar güzel anlatılabilirdi çok teşekkürler 💜

  43. Bence birbirlerini bulup ilerlemeye ve hatta koşmaya başladıklarında karşılarına engel çıkıyor, bu engel yalnızca seyreden kişiler. Ama kişi topluluğu ve kendisininde içerisinde bulunabileceğini görüyor, birnevi uyaniyor. Bu klip beni en etkileyen kliplerden diyebilim🧡

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