BTS Member V Birthday Amazing gifts from fans(ARMY) all over the world

Hello YouTube friends it’s your YouTube HaRu December 30th is the birthday of the bts member v V fans all over the world celebrated their birthday
with happy birthday events and good deeds It’s becoming an issue all over the world Let’s find out what it is Let’s Go~ British fans of V saved more than $1,666 for British
children fighting cancer to celebrate his birthday donated it to the British Foundation for Pediatric Cancer
(Children with Cancer) They also donated to Smile Train, a charity that found children’s smiles through cleft palate surgery last October Other British fan sites are collecting donations to send to Battersea Dogs Home for V’s birthday Fans advertised a huge outdoor advertisement in the heart of Chelsea and Fulham for two weeks from December 16th to 30th Piccadilly Circus subway station regional billboards were also advertised French fans are working on a project to collect unused toys and donate them to the La Grande Recre Donation Association Celebrating v’s birthday with a pure soul like a child German fans are helping endangered animals under the real name of v’s real name, Kim Tae-hyung with a fundraising project in Berlin’s Tear Parks,”Conservation of Species: PolarBears.” The fan club ran birthday ads in Berlin, Cologne, Munich,and Frankfurt from December 27 to January 20 of next year The Philippines’ V fan site ‘V Philippines’ celebrated its birthday When V was young, he thought that dream is farmer and loves countryside and nature (Dear Farmers: Love, V) project to support Filipino farmers and earthquake victims Fans donated money to buy rice from farmers in Mindoro It has led to a virtuous circle that is transmitted to the residents of Mandanao, who were affected by the earthquake Another Philippine fan site, “Taegers Ph,” delivered relief supplies to people affected by the earthquake in Mindanao, the Philippines, and took the lead in recovering the damage Filipino fans will be advertising V’s birthday video on the billboard of the Mall of Asia Miranda Plaza Gaisano Mall Vietnamese fan site “ Lion v ” completed a new school on May 5th through the project “Make Your Dreams with Tae Hyung” It is aimed to be completed on December 30, v’s birthday A bridge is being built in Dong Thap, Vietnam,for safe passage for residents and children On V’s birthday, Indian fans will support animal shelters and animal hospitals to help treat injured birds and fly safely again The Chinese fan club Baidu Tae-hyung Bar is said to have raised $430,848 for its birthday fund To celebrate V’s birthday, 200 drones and 100 wind lanterns were flown into the night sky of the Great Wall Celebrity appeared on the Great Wall Light Show, v is the world’s first The drone show will be shown on YouTube on V’s birthday with aerial shots The Christmas festival being held at Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul is also the first Korean celebrity to become an official sponsor Along the stream of Cheonggyecheon Stream, we performed a purple lighting show with various sculptures and Illumination symbolizing V The happy birthday ad was divided into three parts Part 1 is a full-page advertisement of
25 Korean newspapers to prepare for the birthday of v Part 2 celebrated the birthday with a v advertisement on all 1899 LED signboards on all Seoul subway lines part 3 The Laraland Project consists of two celebrations in LA In line with the Jingle Ball performance in LA’s biggest year-end show in the United States, a 24 hour video of the v’s was released on a large truck outside the stadium Five large LED screens were installed at two Hollywood landmarks,Chinese Theatre and VOGUE Marquee Fans of the Korean BTS member V made a big donation to the abandoned dog shelter and the briquettes bank on V’s birthday 1230 kg of feed to the abandoned dog shelter in Daegu donated 123 canned and chicken breast feeds in the name of V briquet Seoul 1995ea Daegu 1230ea Geochang 1230ea Donated idea from the name briquettes of v’s pet dog and gave it food and briquettes So V’s fans express their affection for v as a continuing donation BTS member V showed positive life through music, behavior and charity Fans followed these great characteristics of v V’s good personality and fans are making the world a better place Today’s video is up to here Thank you for watching It’s been your YouTube HaRu Happy Birthday V~

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