BTOB members, singing “Like it” in Sokcho [Hyena On the Keyboard/ 2018.04.18]

What? Eunkwang is driving? Here we go! All the members are there. How nice! Make sure to drive safe. Is this the gas or the brake? (Can we trust this guy?) It’s been a long time since we all went somewhere. It was for teamwork. I wanted to be inspired. You could come up with new ideas by traveling together with us. We’re going so you can be inspired, Hyunsik. Yeah, I should be inspired. That’s why traveling is important. Not just for the arts. It’s good to relax and take a trip. Wow, impressive! A born, born-sician. A born-sician. A musician to the core. A born-sician. Like a born comedian. It’s been a while since we all traveled together. You never come. (A phony laugh for TV) When? Being on this trip is nice and therapeutic, isn’t it? What? All you’ve done is drive. (Hahaha) Look how close they are. YDG, you’ve never been in a team. I’ve always been a soloist. I do want to travel often with my family. But with three kids… It’s a war. So I’m not that jealous. – It’s like boot camp. / – Boot camp… It feels a bit empty without Peniel. I just thought of Peniel too… After seeing that mountain. (He’ll have more hair in the spring!) It’s been a while since I made a cheerful song. A cheerful and sweet song. Can we do something cute? Something that sounds smooth. I want to do something cute before I age more. I haven’t made anything cute since “I Miss You.” (“I Miss You” by BTOB) (Written and composed by Hyunsik) (With cute lyrics about missing your girl all the time) “Roses Like You?” A song like that would be nice too. ♪ Rose ♪ Did Don Spike rearrange that one? (“Roses Like You” by Kim Bumsoo) (Written and composed by Kang Inwon) Everybody, put your hands up! – Clap! / – Okay! Clap, clap, clap! (Air drumming) (Sing along with BTOB) ♪ One rose ♪ ♪ If I pin it on your clothes ♪ ♪ It would look so nice ♪ Very nice! So many good singers in that group. (7 vocalists and 7 rappers) (Here comes Eunkwang) It’s like a musical. They put a lot of power in the high notes. They’re all great vocalists. ♪ Looks sweet from afar ♪ (Adding freestyle rapping) ♪ You look like a rose ♪ (They ride while singing) (Sokcho) We’re here now. – Why is it so nice out? / – It’s beautiful outside. (Where do they arrive after their long drive?) Did you have a nice trip? My feet are cold. What’s that? Oh, a spa. My feet are cold. This looks funny. Shouldn’t we change there? – Some people do this though. / – Yeah. (Walking along) Are you going boarding? They’re like athletes out for training. (Pre-summer vacation.avi) (A way to beat the cold in March) Let’s go in. It’s been so long. I haven’t been to a swimming pool in forever. That looks like fun. (They don’t care if others look!) Nice! Let’s go! (Sliding) (Aaaah!) (Eldest is the most excited) He’ll lose his voice. (The vocalists are all screaming…) We’re here. (Hurry) (They get into the outdoor tub) (Tired) Do you know this? (Water slap) (See if I close my eyes) I have the smallest eyes. Watch. Are they open? They look closed. I can see right now. – What’s this? / – 2. 3. (Flinches) I want to try. He blinks his eyes like a fish. (2nd water slap) (Why me?) (Stares) Changsub, it looks like you gained weight. You said you’d be the best looking one this year. Yeah, starting tomorrow. How will this place inspire you? I had a lot of fun. Did coming here inspire you at all? – Sure. / – A little bit? What have you come up with so far? So far? I thought of the slide. Oh, the slide. “I slipped and fell into you.” I’ll let you hear what I worked on most recently. (The echo song that Peniel liked) It sounds sweet. Cookie sticks come to mind. Candy. This reminds me of a hotel. Candy. (Minhyuk comes up with a melody) ♪ With BTOB ♪ Go with “happy.” ♪ I’m here to make happy memories ♪ I think you should make it cute. I like it. ♪ Like it, like it, like it a lot ♪ ♪ Like it, like it, like it so much ♪ ♪ Really like it, like it a lot ♪ It got so soulful. ♪ Really like it, like it a lot ♪ (They keep singing “like it”) How cute! ♪ Like it, like it, like it, like it ♪ (A new idea is born from the outdoor tub) ♪ Like it so much ♪ ♪ I like my white and shiny skin ♪ (Turned it off from shock) (Let’s calm down and hear it again) It sounds sweet. I feel like BOL4 should sing this. Should I call them? – Are you close? / – I don’t know them at all. ♪ How warm ♪ (They really like BOL4) BOL4. It would be a good song for female idols. Like who for example? TWICE or BLACKPINK… Then I’m in. (They suddenly get louder) – Wendy is good at singing. / – It would suit Wendy. – Wendy’s a great singer. / – Rose would be good. Let’s contact TWICE, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet. (We like all of them) I might not use this track, so I should make more. Let’s go on the slide again. We came up with some great ideas there. Are you doing a collaboration with a girl group? I can’t wait to see. I’m hungry. I think we should get groceries. (The hyenas go downtown) (Goodness!) (Hungry Guardians) Who’s the grim reaper? This is delicious. This is so good. (He eats while making old man sounds) (The market is the best place to fill your belly!) That looks delicious. – Markets always have so much to eat. / – Right. Pork skin? Chicken feet? Everything looks good. (Heaven for the hungry hyenas) Hello. Boneless fried chicken. One regular and one spicy. Squid sausages. (Looks so tasty) I’ll have two. How much for two? $14. Why’d you buy so much food? They have a lot of members. Thank you. – Thank you so much. / – Bye. – I think we’re good. / – Yeah. A duet? A duet… I have to think about it. Now they get to the important stuff. Should I pick from the members? I think pairing you and Eunkwang would be fun. A trot song. Yeah. That would be a lot of fun. This team too? The title is “Congrats on Becoming a Fan.” “Congrats on Becoming a Fan.” I like that. ♪ Congrats on becoming a fan ♪ ♪ Congrats on becoming a fan ♪ (Chuckle) Did you write “Swimming” at the beach? The keyboard I bought for myself… As soon as I bought that… I just came up with it. He’s a genius producer. Do you get someone’s help to determine whether or not the song you made is any good? No. I’m my own judge. So you thought “Missing You” was good enough and it won 1st. We became more widely known. (Hyunsik made their title track “Missing You”) (Swept the song charts and music shows) Gosh… I should’ve practiced instruments more as a kid. Sungjae is proud of you and a bit envious too, at the same time. Sungjae started getting into producing recently. I know that Ilhoon makes songs too. Do you ever compete over the title track? Of course they do. Because you get royalties for your songs. It’s great that we have two members that can make songs. Because it’s a lot of pressure. What if it’s a flop? I worry about that. Your song might bring the group down. So I tell Ilhoon to make songs too. Because you know your song will beat his anyway. (It’s a friendly competition)

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  1. Man Im Hyunsik's voice is soooooooooooooooooooo deep!! I fell in love with his voice!!😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Looking at them laughing together makes me feel so good, and scared . I don't want them to end up like big bang they were bright and happy together but because of their fans they aren't anymore 😭😭😭😭

  3. Hyunsik is of those people with a smile that is just radiant and sexy and flirty and cute all in one. GD and Ji Chang wook also has one those smiles I’m in love with.

  4. I miss btob already 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭EUNKWANG!!!!, MINHYUK!!!, AND CHANGSUB!!!! -AH!!!!!

  5. The best part is, Btob always have a good looking even though they're off from make up and got drenched in water 😂

  6. Im here because I miss them ❣️ The noisiest yet talented boy group I stan Im waiting for your comeback Oppa even if it takes too long. 💋

  7. Why does it sound like reggae when Changsub started singing? I wish they will comeback with a reggae song HAHAHHAHA

  8. is the panel aware that btob has 7 members and not 6 😭😭😭 the lady in the beginning said all of them were there

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  14. a new hardcore fan here. i mean im a fan of them longgg timee ago but not as a hardcore. but now i did. i found them unique, cute funny, and talented afs. and i shouldn't sleep on them. i will trying to be up-to-date about them!! Melodies, right? fighting!

  15. I love how Hyunsik is so polite and showed his sweet smile here and there, but when he watched his members, he laughed out loud without any care. You can see that his members always make him happy. BTOB surely is a family ❤️

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