Bruce Wayne & Diana Prince | Justice League

don’t do that We just got our asses handed to us and Steppenwolf has got the third box, so we find them If the boxes are even close to each other their is gonna be some kind of energy surge Steppenwolf is gonna be keeping them somewhere were they don’t read , no internet , no satellite coverage well that narrows it down not enough, so you can’t find them or maybe you don’t want to Arthur yeah that was a great way to get rid of superman Man I’m not doing this on purpose , right cause you can’t control the machine aww so is this is a bad time to bring up my blood sugar very hungry victor you can find the boxes, you share their energy I know its frightening , but if you go under, I promise we’ll pull you back out just keep the little merman away from me while t I work Barry , go find Alfred in the pantry and when you come back get online , everybody checks everybody else’s work listen , I was wondering if you could put out a… you know like an aquatic… you know ehhh do you talk to fish? the water does the talking of course if the current comes in strange it may point the way, okay wait let me its just a little out of place so Clark seemed to share your view on being woken up he could have killed you I was willing to make the trade … and bringing in Lois lane well what you told me about clark in the hanger I bet you (crack) thought I wasn’t listening thank you you know you can’t do this forever I can barely do it now steppenwolf this is the job, its my job and I haven’t been doing it, I’ve been reacting not leading you know what you said about Steve Trevor, that wasn’t my business I’m sorry you were pushing me to lead the team but leaders get people killed I fought always when I was needed but to lead, just to step into the light and to say to people ‘this is worth your life’ when its your fault they’re all Steve Trevor we make it through tonight , you can stay in the shadows forever dress up like a bat I won’t even sue if we get through the night

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  1. I just think of him as some other guy instead of thinking of him as Batman. It makes it more enjoyable

  2. In the animated series Batman was the leader of the Justice League, because Batman was the strategist and calculator, he was the one who directed them all, he did not hesitate, he did not stutter, he was very sure of himself and his personality was always the strongest, when Batman spoke everyone listened to him. It's good that Batman paired with the Wonder Woman, that part I did like that they feel attraction for each other, but in this movie Batman had to have more prominence, be a more imposing guy, with a cold, calculating personality and strategist, more martial arts, the Batman I know instilled terror in his enemies, and respect from his fellow League.

  3. They could've made it way cooler so easly. For example: imagine that when Wonder Woman puts his shoulder back in place he doesn't even flink. Now that already is way more badass

  4. Lol this was and hopefully will rrmain the worst Batman ever. He was like Phil Coulson, just the errand boy who bought the team together only ths one was rich.

  5. There are reasons the comics and most of the animations are better than the movies. They keep trying to make people overly serious. Even in marvel. Hawkeye and falcon, especially Hawkeye, are not that uptight. Bruce has some humor, but in this it's literally almost no existent. And last time I checked, cyborg wasn't going through emotional puberty

  6. My mom: Aqua man is hot!

    Everyone is the movie theater: ShHHhhhHhhhH

  7. Leave Batman alone! He shouldn't be mingled with other superheroes he has his own storyline.. ugh I miss the Dark Knight!

  8. I hate the fact that the DCEU made Batman "a poor clumsy old man who just can't keep up" and he's only there to fund the other heroes and make them look even stronger with his clumsyness.

  9. One thing JL did wrong was neglect Batman's broody & militaristic-type character; all i'm saying is, this not the Batman I know. In fact, allowing Joss Whedon to make a JL was the biggest mistake as DC is all about dark realism whereaa Marvel is more light

  10. I feel like Batman really did not work in this movie. Batman is supposed to be in charge. He tells folk what to do tf is asking Aquaman for? It's supposed to be "Bitch talk to the fish" not "Can you uh put out a feeler? DO you talk to fish?"
    no just no
    the only time he works are his scenes with Diana

  11. can someone explain to me why the fuck they made her wear that red curtain? because i can't think of any reason at all

  12. The color correction to this film screams Avengers and it’s just not fitting the DC tone whatsoever.

  13. I don’t like Batman in the justice league, they always fighting aliens that are op, Batman should stay in Gotham or Arkham city where his abilities come in best

  14. I hate this movie they ruined the whole dc universe, flash seemed so weak in justice league, Ben affleck is a cool actor but as Batman he sucked at it in justice league, and they could’ve made a justice league like in 2010 or like a little bit more later, but now they chose to make it

  15. They should do something with the Lazarus pit and make him young again so we can get a Batman and some continuity

  16. The only decent characters here are aquaman & Wonder woman

    The rest of the movie is cringy af

  17. Battfleck has to be my favourite casting so far for any DC movies, its just a shame that the movies weren't that well written. They turn the Batman character into a joking clueless rich man instead of the serious and amazing detective he's supposed to be.

  18. Well, DC should stop trying to do what Marvel does. They are Marvel and this is DC. There's nothing wrong with being dark and being original. They should just stop.

  19. i watched batman in the DC animated series, and he always talk in a serious and intimate way but that scene 1:23 he looks like his about to piss himself

  20. This scene gets so much bad rap, but it actually acts as a slap in the face to everyone; from Aquaman, to Wonder woman, and even the Flash:

    Why I love this scene; why is it that Bruce Wayne is the only one–a human… in a world full of colossal giants and superhumans–who's getting his shit together? It reminds me of a little older version of Bruce from the animated series… always got the whole 'oh, he's a pretty boy' routine from everyone in the public, but he was actually being the one putting his ass on the line.

    His shoulder for instance; he would've been crushed like nothing by Superman, but Batman instead took the hit, and Diane was slapped in the face egotistically because she was right; it should have been her doing her job, and not some human with physical limitations, and everyone kinda saw a glimpse of Wayne's physical limitations while still eager to DO the job.

    In essence; Batman is always my favorite DC hero; he does the job everyone hates to do, and he does it because it's the right thing.

  21. I think it'd be more appropriate for Batman to just stick to his regular adventures and let the Justice League superheroes with actual powers and superhuman abilities take care of the real major Intergalactic threats. Batman is my favorite but I've always wondered why the Justice League even needed Batman. I'm not bashing on any of them. I think they still make a good team.

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