Bringing Human-Centered Design to Palestine

We use human-centred design as our core
creative approach to problem-solving and innovation. In places like Palestine, it can offer a radical,
new way for organisations and businesses to engage more meaningfully with their audiences
and to explore local opportunities. In Ramallah, we worked together with a local
NGO called Partners for Sustainable Development. Our goal was to help eager young professionals
apply human-centred design to their work. So for three jam-packed and lively days, we
immersed ourselves in the mindsets and methods at the very core of this approach. For our participants this was a first encounter with human-centred
design. So to help them experience the process first-hand, we designed a few small challenges
for them to tackle in teams. They looked at things like, the freedom to choose what to
wear, at boosting the adoption of reusable shopping bags, and at increasing membership
at a local co-working space called the ‘Work Factory’. And they did all of this while
walking through each phase of the design process. They were absolutely incredible. They embraced
each challenge, roaming the streets of Ramallah researching, ideating deep into the evening.
We can’t wait to be back in Ramallah again and to continue working with these inspiring

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