Bridging: Towards A Society Built on Belonging

Of all the forces shaping politics and power around the world Perhaps none are more important than our sense of who we are and who we are becoming We are in a period of accelerated change in at least four areas Globalization technology, the environment, and demographic change We could only process so much change in a short period of time without experiencing anxiety Which is a normal, biological reaction. But how we respond to this anxiety is social Our response is greatly shaped by the stories presented by leadership and through culture. These stories speak to our deepest values and our core beliefs about who we are, many of which operate at the subconscious level We can respond to these changes either as a threat or as an opportunity The first response is breaking. The second is bridging Breaking can create a deep fear of other groups making it easier to accept false stories of us versus them Breaking perpetuates isolation, hardens racism and builds oppressive systems while driving our politics and institutions toward anti-democratic and inhumane practices The other response is bridging which calls on us to imagine a larger more inclusive “we” When we bridge we see demographic change and our diverse identities as positive and enhancing who we are Bridging calls on us to engage in healthy dialogue requires us to listen deeply Bridging does not mean abandoning your identity bridging means acknowledging our shared humanity Rejecting that there is a “them” and moving toward a future where there is instead a new “us” For when we bridge will not only open up to others, we also open up to changes within ourselves Or we can participate in creating a society built on belonging

3 thoughts on “Bridging: Towards A Society Built on Belonging

  1. Bridging to create new "us" starts by listening and seeking to understand those who appear different from us, as well as self-reflection and changes within our own selves. Its about embracing growth even during times of anxiety and discontent. Thank you for helping us to imagine a new way of being in this ever-changing society. This journey towards bridging is so important, despite all the challenges that the work of growing and changing requires. Exciting to aspire to the new ways of discovering connections.

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