Brian Banks; Football Star Who Was Wrongfully Accused Shares His Story With The Morning Culture!

I saw the trailer for this movie and I was like wow like I really got to see that movie it's like I really got it and you know what and especially being here in Atlanta where this is like the youth football capital states there's so many young students that find themselves in advertently getting caught up in things all the time and this is a story where if you've got a son especially a daughter even who is into sports this is something you want to see Brian banks is here with us right now thank you for coming on the show brother you know I'm seeing your story and having heard about your story and now it's being turned into words now a movie yeah is incredible yeah you know so in case people don't know so you're this star linebacker right you're playing with like guys on your team DeSean Jackson and others you're like you're like libels is saying you are the dopest linebacker to come out of California you're gonna take over college football going to the pro league they already seen your future Wow and then right before it happens tell everybody what happened yeah so I at that time I was eleventh in the nation as a linebacker on my way to USC on a full scholarship and this was my senior year to summer going into my senior and I chose to go to a known makeout spot on my campus with a girl that I've known since middle school and we kiss we touch we made out but we didn't have sex and by the end of that day I was being arrested and accused of kidnapping and sexual song I was arrested that same day and by the time they figured out it didn't happen ten years of my life had passed on Wow believable you know I'm almost scared as you tell me that story because we've heard that story play out Genaro Wilson here in Atlanta yeah same thing happened to him we've heard it so many times why was it ten years like what happened to make it ten years yeah so the first thing was at the age of 16 I was tried as an adult they felt that the case was so serious that I had to go to a doe court so I went from facing normal camp time to 41 years to life in prison once that took place then it was this whole back-and-forth of fighting a case and my lawyer trying to get me to plea out to some form of a deal to eventually get into a point to where we were gonna select a jury I was forced and pretty much feared into taking a deal which was supposed to be probation after 90 days once I agreed to the deal and ended up being six year sentence in prison followed by five years of strict custody parole and and by the time I got through prison made my way out of the whole parole situation and got back into court for the appeal it had been 10 years this is unbelievable unbelievable so I'm sure people are people who don't know the story are probably thinking to themselves what was the race of the woman that accused you she's black she was black shit I grew up in the city of Long Beach you know it was neighborhood you know our people so yes she was young black girl and you said you knew her yeah since high school so what happened what was her situation why why you know that's a good question and it's something that I don't know if I would ever get the answer to but if it was my guess it would be that she didn't want certain people to know that she was doing certain things on campus and so instead of you know you know living the life that she was I guess she decided to go and say that you know I forced her into doing it Wow all right we're joined by another very very very special guest who just walked in our studio the one and only Sherri Shepherd is here with us welcome to the morning culture Thank You Frankie Jade Nova JR good to see you again the sunshine is I'm sorry I'm late I had put on hair oh yeah Brian awesome mornin good mornin know he was telling us the background of hours of his story how did you get involved I read the script and I saw Leo me his mother and I it just spoke to me because I have a son and I said this could be Brian my son and her faith spoke to me her resilience how much he loved his mother like she just was his rock in the script and I told my agent I said oh my gosh I got it please give me the audition and it was very hard because people when they see you as a funny sassy comedic girl to get an audition for a drama it's really really hard and I had and they didn't want to see me and I had to fight there was a lot of Prayer and I was like gosh can I get in touch with the Brian banks anybody and the literally they called me into to audition and then I had to do a bunch more but I just was really hoping I just I never asked God to give me a specific thing but I said I really want this like this is the desire of my heart I have to play this woman and then when I went to met Leo me oh my god she just she's this quiet kind of woman she I call her like she's a quiet hero hmm and she will say I didn't really do that much you know but what you did spoke volumes and just to sit with her and listen to her speak she's about to get her master's degree Wow this leo mate she's she's a very smart woman and to hear her story of how she tried so hard to keep her kids out of trouble and she put them into everything and even still this happened Brian what was your mother's initial reaction to this news I think like any you know mom the first thing when I finally got an opportunity to get on the phone and talk to her the first question was did you do it right I said of course I didn't do it no she's okay I had to ask you know now let's let's go to work and trying to fix this and I think we were just all new to the system you know we had never done with the court deal with the court system before never dealt with an arrest never dealt with you know plea bargains and lawyers and none of it so it was all new to us and I think if we kind of were rushed along in the sense of you know just take the take the advice of our counsel and hope for the best let's take a second real quick and listen to the trailer from the movie by the time I was 16 I had the attention of the NFL but I wasn't cute or something I do the system doesn't care about me but you didn't deserve what happened to you right quick if you do not overturn your conviction you'll be a prisoner again we need something extraordinary it's extraordinary now I'm still standing the truth Madison I'll tell you what's extraordinary I am it's amazing that this still happens and I I'd like to jump on another question but first I know you've been waiting Junior yeah I mean that the Falcons gave you your shot nobody had to give you a shot nfo the Falcons gave you an opportunity played in up in the preseason and now you're working for the league right in that capacity yeah so you know being Atlanta's is like being my second home you know I mean Atlanta has always shown me love from the day that I began pursuing the NFL post it's on my exoneration so it's always good to be here and and I'm always thankful for the opportunity that they gave me to try out and play for the Falcons and yeah I'm still directly involved with the NFL after the Falcons I had an opportunity to work two years in the front office in New York for the NFL under the Commissioner Roger Goodell and now that I'm focusing on this film my book just came on July 2nd called what set me free the NFL has joined us and pushing this film out getting his film recognized with you know with promotions and marketing Roger Goodell our Commissioner has definitely stepped up a big time to make sure that people are aware of the movie Brian bang so I can be thankful enough for all that they're doing cool that's awesome yeah so the question I wanted to ask you you know in the midst of what's been going on and the culture sherry and our country with the with the me to movement right right how do you balance this with the me to movement because you've been outspoken on that mm-hmm I think it's it's really difficult I think that you know it's a slippery slope I know everybody says believe all the victims but we still have to there's some process we have to go through because people lose their livelihoods they lose their careers and in Brian Banks's case because there was no due diligence done nobody investigated nobody no they didn't do anything they just dragged him at 16 years away from his mother she couldn't find him for two weeks they wouldn't tell his mother where he was for two weeks she didn't know the charges nobody helped her this was a woman who was either she was a schoolteacher at the time who just she's looking for our son and so I think that it's you can't put a sweep everybody with this wide paintbrush with me too so we have to be very very careful because this is a person's life as we saw with Brian banks he lost a lot of his life being in prison as a boy child he's a child they forced him to make decisions on his behalf he couldn't speak to his mother he didn't make a decision about whether to take a it was a plea deal you know what was it no contest plea no contact no contest which you know they get a lot of men on that because it was sure they don't want to go through the system and I want to pay for the lawyers and and in his case they told him he would be free and he'd go to be back in school and he got sentenced to six years so we have to be very very careful with that hmm Jade I just want to know how you feel brother like now like how are you on the inside I'm good on the inside and the outside you know I I what got me through prison was you know realizing that I was not in control over things that I was fighting for control of and I had to find out what I could control in an uncontrolled situation and that was my emotions that I had to realize and come to terms that I had control over my emotions versus my emotions having control over me and so I think that is what began my process of dealing with such a traumatic experience was controlling the things that I could control and knowing that no one will work harder for me than me for the things that I wanted in life so I had to continuously can like push for the things that I wanted and I couldn't allow this one moment in time to dictate the duration of my life so I wanted more for me I did not fall victim to the labels and accusations made against me and I self educated myself I didn't waste time when I was in there so today I'm a happy man I'm home my mom is smiling on it everyday basis this this film is gonna help so many people that are currently voiceless as we all sit in this room there are men and women that are behind bars for crimes that they did not come in so I feel like it was it was important for me to not walk away from this situation but to turn around reach back into that dark hole and start pulling other people out so if it takes me reliving some experiences over again via a movie in order to help others to know I'll do that but I'm definitely in a good space I'm sitting next to Sherri Shepherd still because I would be on the set and see this man who was smiling all the time how do you forgive how do you I can't imagine you know when you talk about your purpose and walking in your purpose if I if it was taken away from me where I couldn't make people laugh or it couldn't act when all I know how to do is tight that's an extension of waitress I don't have a memory my feet of bad I don't understand what you do and the fact that what we thought Brian was supposed to do he would he you know he was with USC or your full scholarship what do you do when your life when your purpose is taken away from you how do you trust God cuz I mean even talking to his mother Leo me she said for it was her faith was tested she didn't even know she just stopped going to church for a minute because you go you went that Lord I've done all of the things that I'm supposed to do as a mother and this is still happening what it what is going on so when I when I hear Brian I go Jesus all right so Brian I got I got one more question in 30 seconds how do you feel that all this hard to played you you know what that man deserves an award I he didn't play me he didn't act me he became me and I can't thank him enough for for lending his skilled over to this project he deserves an award for sure Brian banks movie it is out coming out next Friday August 9th Sherri Shepherd thank you Brian banks thank you so much thank you thank you

11 thoughts on “Brian Banks; Football Star Who Was Wrongfully Accused Shares His Story With The Morning Culture!

  1. This is a perfect example of not to believe women at their face value.
    Find out who the accuser is and if the accuser is a liar, don't believe nothing that comes out of their mouth.

    All who were involved in railroading this young mans life need to go to Prison just like the victims they put in Prison.
    The Judge, the Prosecutor, the defense Attorney anyone who helped incarcerate this man should go to Prison.
    That way they can see how it is.

    We don't know what this man went through, we're speculating on what he went through.
    I know the movie trying to put in perspective of what he went through, but unless you've been through it, you don't really know.
    That's why they should lockup all who helped put him there, let them see how it feels.

    Real Talk.

  2. how does anyone know that hes the one telling the true an she the one lying huh ???? what do yall think makes her a lair huh because he said so ?????

  3. Brian Banks is an example on not only why it’s dangerous to “believe all women” but despite all the terrible things that anyone can go through in life, it’s still not too late to try to chase your dreams.

  4. Wow, for him to be so, so removed of self about his situation and learn such a lesson, a lessons, that, speaking for self i have yet still to learn.
    Let go and let God, human's have no control So let spiritual be the guide. Such beauty in his smile and life right now.

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