Brekete Family Programme 29th July, 2019

family program I'll be from this hour all the way till 10:00 a.m. the keeper dialog to human rights radio 101.1 of them my name is Madea Umar good morning ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce to you a large junior and leaving my always busy brother will come this is hysterical bigger eyes do not fall of this which one my love to fall from heaven Sigma check not saying I met when they run on D cool ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you for osya a module Bello my name animal be yoga pata pata for leg I conclude I want to see this opportunity to thank you for all that you have been doing a lot of prayers have been a set people have be praying for you and it is certain that difficulty family program had the highest listenership in the whole of Abuja Human Rights Radio 101.1 when I wash for this way you know submissive this one electric wire but waiting in unison a danger they take the place in case you know sabe – they spread wet clothes on top electric wire physical face you know yourself put your television antenna near electric wire and if you see an electric wire we'll install for foie gras I beg you Nonya rambo to be do by unset or to the perform any kind even activity on the power line 9b to show to danger when you build a house you must remove space between the house and the electricity installation just a smoker look we already follow these simple one is so that Windows Phone danger from Abuja electricity distribution company the opening weekend company want me to stay alive to enjoy them some company I want to receive about missing me to give me so have a mystery like a tick because this was beaten with you idiot we proceed I'm not going to do to miss machinery I wasn't with you patients Bill of Rights patients have the right with the competition and consumer protection Commission FCC PC because was right to lay your complete please contact any of the federal competition and consumer protection Commission FCC PCs office ellipsis to do with your complaints you can also call our health lines at zero zero five six zero zero two zero two zero zero five six zero zero three zero three zero please let us go to the hospital I like to experience these four sons at FCC PC you can rely on us to resolve your complaint effectively and efficiently – yeah yeah yeah [Applause] [Applause] Belem lazy man wake up lazy woman wake up lazy brother wake up lazy sister wake up lazy until leave that better ideas shift to namitha Lizzy and could leave that bed Lewton honest attempt on the give a signal signal to do this economic we continue to definitely go today now a key lazy man they fear make a concept i'll say it fear walk but we we tangoed same only calm and we will notify our monday we we glorify God Almighty for being amongst the living despite the challenges despite everything we are amongst the living we are still breathing even people with the hospital where they listen to this program now and the ones we know they listen they have every reason to glorify God the only people will not get any reason to glorify God not the ones we don't die together yes for as long as you Stevie breathe for as long as God never take your life out there is hope at the end of the day who can happen when I don't see many people where they don't conclude city I own don't finish human being can talk say your own don't finish but when God talks see your own never finish there's nothing any human being can do and even those ones we don't die where we they talk the ones we get luck get good people behind them good wife good children good neighbors good cousins goodness they to have every reason to glorify God in their graves because these good people go they pray for them continuously against some people they are dying they look at anybody will go remember them to pray for them are we together may we always be remembered when they will leave behind good legacies will leave behind good people continually continually and continuously pray for us because each time will you pray for the dead he gets some kind salvation some can relieve some kind some kind Oh each time you pray for somebody we don't die e they are conditioned they improve yes because the prayer is going to them in many forms yes so that is the reason why when person died you know get peak in the greasy hey but if the person can't get relations if not passive well don't live good life you don't touch many people them lives people and we said if some widows just remember you die sir God may you forgive so surpassing the often remember yourself God if not for God may you forgive so so passive may you bless now so did the blessing this not the only thing will you need after you don't die apart from your own way you do when you dare life after you die and I make people add if you get money go to some areas where then they suffer for water sink borehole we give out to them free of charge for every single drop of water with them fetch their the blessing they follow you entire grave you see we are people they suffer about some kind things maybe in a small bridge they need to the cross from point A to point B that community if they organize themselves the heavy-duty bridge but because they are not United they are not United everybody in division division ISM now you come you organize them if you can't if you cannot raise the Romani alone you organize them you see you if you bring 1000 this woman bring 200 nana is you know say this bridge will be there talk see the amount winning of course we will go to the level then we will call this profession I will go help us set the beam so that it did not go that's all and if you die for as long as that bridge exists not so blessing with the follow you make we didn't do try to do things we go out leave us this one be say the blessing 90 decode a tunnel investment when you borrow god god no good burrow you equally – ooh because of better will you brew god anything what you do for god nabooru at the brew god than him who are you to burrow god i'm who are you for God to burrow you you understand God will decide I'm not going to borrow you as my servant you have borrowed me but me I won't bother you I dashed you life I dashed you this I – you this I got you I'm going to – you some more blessings am i talking to somebody yes we communicate [Applause] [Applause] this man on Sunday this madness therefore the drum every day now now I make I'd I see somebody now in the mood in the mood not the two presidential lasers all of them I in the mood you know God can compensate you and give you not zone [Applause] it was cool so I can Alcala you know no zoo no wonder over there we can I see certain of the products of the nausea city was my since the finality oh no necessity I'm done to give a signal signal to do taste economic we continue to Devon ago I received a message from somebody we said the DG abuja chambers of commerce as a good money ordinary president I am directed to inform you that the DG of Abuja Chambers of Commerce and Industry would be appearing on your ear on your radio today thank you Lubin gana you don't come welcome we goes to the other day we wait for him today we go wait for am again okay sir wait wait I wait for an hour on busy milk we conclude the matter anybody with the at-fault Miki Korean fault anybody ready right Miki curry right you understand we got one chief we come from being wasted rich studio but okay you got one chief will come from being wasted yesterday I I did with them you come on behalf of a whole community say the name of the community Naraku community damn no Liam if you know welcome no be by force I just remember say now the kids were supposed Rufus case better because this has most most most more communal clashes if you feel I attend to ram I be at this early stage you know whoever degenerated something wrong basil you go he has a TV and you could they kill each other Fellini on the TV dig this one they cannot know what I don't understand government supposed aid very sensitive in fact government suppose get one particular ministry or department or agency of government where good day they are all not to judge the gada intelligence as you just hear like this you go immediately and said to the matter territorial issues now something I'm busy if not Christian you'd be check the Holy Bible he did if now muslim ub check the glorious quran idiot territorial dispute nice aunty we go happen till the end of this world but now he said in 1838 not them we be the first people with build primary school for that their community but the community was on that developed nicer than they managed in a tip that is something that I ate and then then they do they do they do I say beside the neighboring communities dear they know all of them surround them say he got one man we can be chief one time and achieve for my civil servant and no one told their story because now their lawyer is senior advocate of Nigeria name compare the distance sent to me on behalf of these people now they say the other community will get issue one time lie say as we do here now games village get according to their moon another idea games village get issue we for human rights community safe can stay with us pending now one year two years ten years twenty years ninety people come from games relays context claimed ownership of this place problem constant they said they regularly land and they attack them before now in the evening in the night night but now the tender enter broad daylight then go attack who wanted what they go with the wound till the wedding okay born houses in fact our primary school of 1838 they don't demolition according to the chief I don't know why the chief no come but if he come maybe maybe something happened make we give them benefit of the doubt if he still come a karmic Allah if they inform you forget see the chief from Edo Milan don't come meet him bring come in many people here why because I want make the my two people from the you know from the presidential presidency Maidan carried this matter now this come matter like play like play like play lively named a degenerate to some tea when we say these people now treat one day when the press rich press I don't ever see we are passing Patchouli's apostle is a lizard reach for our computer building at least I've at a point the lizard no Quran again begin to do in addition the person doula dismissal on ladies if you like this blazer do like this and now with a poodle is a data now I just heard a guy say disabilities are no Grier on that we give an chance and we draw the commercial is at expiry so it means it to say we did here before still come we're not know what a lizard the bite you know the sellers are not a bite you but if you bite you now down big wave not a see we will grow forward in the rear pig or nah nah if we are in the area if I go with it if now abroad I see pig for the first time give me five minutes ago connect with the pig because me on my childhood friends they are mama gab Roku to joint then they reappear if you look for me for house I know they and I know today we are they say market if you go to any of the broker to join if I know did you we did we are with the real pick for our friend mama if a friend's mom Adam then they prefer make I take care of their pigs than their own children because I did take care of them well where area big well Nadia see if you push your pig ego-t wrong whatever but anti enclosure you go hit a big oh goodness and you go here what big villas a NAPA copy in jammu if not a jumping the head if you commit the motor you go to a switch mode which are the motor German not big big no – yes small-time one blood just come off or not small you go lie down when he stand out take it together you don't go big not a few a snake oh yeah but not before we bill distance where they tell you my name before some people go just conquered I forget see my Pig help me take your family dominoes a big day for bidding in Islam so may God forgive me for all the ones I don't you anyway the bottom line is why they bring these examples now make people know you get where you go press and in my reach anime go react sometimes we snake when I go here say snake bite passing ask you they were cocoon this neck don't see you but you know see em as you they carry like in good takes an attack you are to come now self-defense sometimes they middle it if not be so if you walk I like this snake the ladies you go go away you were going way but did not know what you carry for my you see or like they Wang much a people go strike not self-defense let me every snake wicked some snake self not pastor some night Imams the prisoner he definitely we got create were in a good way in we need a prefer are you getting anything we got create will no get the ones way we don't turn back for we have got day as we get bad people now so we get good people as you got good snake now say with the bassinet some snakes that can swallow now bank as swallow money [Applause] when I hear the Wow Huna no do not hear the wrong way with the same pansy do coño chimpanzee got good Jojo say yes because the noisy animal no defeat talk person good TIF money finish which market chimpanzee Google spending money understand okay snake swallow money we which market is Google stand up some people say life initiative the non-normative to lie again the Allah was not became way discount children when they do longer throat you know he get the wait longer today and that's on children food where you don't chop wood for mouth they goes teabag you he could bring them out conquered smoke put down for their hand they know know what I do they go do like this look for us at least they collect my my don't do do do this boy know they're here and she won't travel she won't spend three days nine she by put food put everything for her say seafood make you notice aina lack of this thing everybody be our witness say throughout this travel I won't travel if I hear say you do longer truth Nikhil I go kill you day one you know do longer troll body cheney hungria if you see other people HIV but they do math like this day to day three you know if you hold himself because it believes eddie mama go come back in the night around four o'clock in the in the evening one boy did chop something i say give me i beg knife please give me because cuts more from the Obama team mascot put up for hand he just won't put for mouth ninety mama see my don't come back the boy see you t do don't come out young lady so the only cover Nigel can will be distributed from my hand like you know know who put that tea for your hand now I'm notnot saying my mama like make you do longer throat okay let's get serious now at least we don't doubt the tension my brother's my sisters of an alert an honest attempt on the give a signal signal to beauty's economic we continue to divan odigo we fabricate a family with a encourage may people read their brothers keepers and their sisters keepers people to say oh no they read messages on people when we say when we say if they're called like this an idea on court with another person diversity man no they pick called the man or the answer now the I have 12,000 782 chats this is your small now one side B dish so but I still read at a communicate are they even reply to do voice message type and the rest you get one man we after he presents himself una go understand Z Nigeria still get hoop people like this yes hope for this country there is hope for Humanity freaka will grow nigeria particularly nigeria in particular Nangal lead the revolution for Africa I mean we go grow so the other African country you want to grow the food with a hungry dam the guqin ask us which formula we apply by the grace of God the man will talk to me on behalf of one we do where somebody help her by TV if he defers to do please come forward please let's appreciate this man good morning sir how you DISA answer you there comfortable to mention your name yes sir with envy your name sir I don't know good you Emmanuel make this a good Eagle squee manual or make it oh main key yes thank you sir you do me voice message better you remember around which time I read your message from where I listen to your message read your message called do voice message call even type message center if you remember around which time the Randolph gain of 11 check it where were this in the night what I didn't check the time is around 12 okay I've been teasing you don't sleep self so I surprised it as ICCE you this 3d online as you do online I say Mukesh and I you reply me back repeat what you said to me sir which I sent to you say I be my shop I won with the widest silicon the by provision near my place where the circuit she come condi explained to me and my brother we D for short see one of him brother come cause he say don't be women children they watch television of a house he don't kill with the children watch television for hours and we got the Nokia TV for a very long time very long time so nicely Mickey HEPA by television for the children but a condom I show up come by the television so according to her she says she does the television inside they don't self in your eyes it give up she signed it is something thousand outside not a package the television inside could fix the television for our because he helps no far from we had and electronic so after everything that concrete submit a guru fixer as they reach out according to the woman I know today that then I'll bring the television out with a visa for what she say the scream dumb prick at the scream break Musashi no Coco later say this devotee she buy and she no even touch the television she look Korea in him gennadiy boys carry a common attendee bring a manifestation aku carry out after everything she what I'm say that can come back the man became aa man come begin the shot for her but that very day demand no talk anything positive the following the again I like when I never Tico happen la / for TV wait and buy for this video it is something thousand naira the man the owner of the shop webOS and I am boys carry the TV when we say in the course of the journey behind I break the TV contrast the hood the only February do for human are to give a 30,000 human even tell me say the man the wife can tell I still carry the much of a police station a good police station and again in return if dr. Dorsey for me to see the solution to break phone shop mother come forward made a good native doctor please metallus HP Kristin says she leave everything for God she cried they should not get anybody to further Colette microphone good morning sir good morning madam take microphone close to a madman I hear what happened it's my brother it had been long my children what my 50,000 I completed that before after a bad television before bad blemish on the man said before buys that you start the mountain is not a problem that is that is Bald Mountain so that is our agreement after I buy the television there are instantly in the television I went outside and petit is poor thousand there are packaging I thought if a case Italy which only bring a thousand the man say that yellow flew me unmounted pass you by that comment is for making a noun let us send one of import no go and drop it from my house position or mountains – you cannot oppose to Mounties laughter Depot trophies I was less last day my brother but I dismounted the man says ok Vizsla give my money past demands payment is done only for the money after payment so there I don't know the boys the man police come on boy – gun feces for us not from the shop after the boy half assists notice that the screaming is broken a curry who carry the pollution about the man the man refused so he stays no his job after all is the boy I broke it this and that I begged this man back this man the following the game at the levy shot his his shop I begged this man three times I bet this man this man said the only alternative do a listening can help me as he had that I'm a widow at you give me thirty thousand either to me to use an know how I should refuse his dong cetera ah mm I bet the last one I bet you master and the wife that time the money was not around that the man go to the native daughter and chief what happened to the television that is not in his shop that is Davi is boy don't know I don't know I don't know where to where to go is this man he chose to me where I was walking around he's not my brother what he was asking me as I don't know what with your kid I don't have anybody madam madam see hey my dad you see here will you come doc answer me madam my damn people will forgive us to do Pasi will not get anybody I'm Percy we'll get to God 90 the meaning of hemp LMB and all Oh Lulu were you here I don't know cry no cry I remember one man way I may come back out of Abuja but when I remember well I don't tell you not history I just pray say the same thing no go hopper what I did shop with a madam talk to us talk microphone yes which area for pooh-bah before then after they need back before second gate second gate artists on it man we received a phone number we do on top of the receipt first of all we can be the name of the shop nobody make electronics on each oh very good very good for number idea Oh nobody one boya no phone number supposed a on top of receipt maybe silver bronze to tear on can't you see young way when them condom condom condom plus these condoms like this Brendan's Grandin's the number not ego you when you ring you've been bringing milk we do other things my dad my sister's if an illusion honest attempt on the giver Cigna now opportunity I won't give this man now make a set to this matter before I invoke FC CPC if I involve FC CPC apart from say ago change this TV for this woman the man don't enter trouble C CPC conceal of the shop can evacuate the shop can move the tins to their office until auntie this teen now what you see this CPC an FCC PC now one of the good things with Nigerian government don't do for the ordinary Nigeria's let's appreciate the federal government [Applause] for the first time in the history of Nigeria you buy something he knows of you when you have a place to go to they will not charge you money government will stand for you and get you justice let's appreciate federal government [Applause] madam talk to the microphone no you say you know get anybody yes sir you get to God thank you sir I'm from today you are a member of bracket a funding [Applause] got good blood for us you don't the ring Hey on the Canary Anita you you okay and I know I involve police yet I just want milk we settle this matter amicably the god wait a car husband still exists he's the sort of day to day tomorrow and forever and anybody what you say and or just won't talk too much that if they reject my call I shall say news Gordo hmm news word origin certain native doctor the entire electronics business see for Mira now forefront of Sharon then do the transaction I even achieve dr. Dorian madam what did I tell you say native doctor do it's not this doctor you know to see who break up ourselves who bring all of us to come as you are know who could break television natural doctor yes hi well in the next 50 years civilization could reach the people D'Amato KKK even some of us we dish out here some often add a good native doctor some of these nice little good native doctor please my brother's my sisters of ana-lucia and under give a signal signature beauties economic we continue to Devon Daegu occur Wakulla if this man know peak in call if this man new pekin call column for date or time they would do here you know begin call we go involve the Nigerian police and Phaedra competition and consumer protection Commission and then we too will come visit the shop okay what I have anybody will do anyhow no good mom my name is ordinary Ahmed Issa Thank You chief I am the president and founder of bracket a family bracket and family is a reality radio and television talk magazine program when they happen for human rights radio sir with a treat one matter we consign your shop I don't know whether or not the owner of the shop I did talk to have been on Wabo yeah follow the talk Porcha naked that is very correct we got one we do with somebody Lodge complain on her behalf because the woman no even get access to us the person according to the complaint 1 we do ABC she and her children he don't take with him watch television for their house no TV and the children the good neighbor's house to go watch and they did brother can come is it DC no good ladies the brother Kong give her 50,000 IRA she can contribute 34,000 era we didn't come your shopkin by television and according to the complaint when they won by the television you talk see in your boys go go fix the television for her after them by the television you can talk see your boys no go go fix the television measure cost somebody she come to say not be the agreement will be between you and am again now drag drag drag drag drag eventually one of your boys wrong cause somebody to go mount the television for her meanwhile wanna be packaged the television they put four in socket on CD outside now when the don't go she don't reach house do am on television the Casa de television don't cry television come back to your shop and according to the complaint with a foreground you can't talk see mm-hmm see the television no crack for your shop and not be any of your boys se nada order boy wait and call calm will go Monty television maybe now in crack the television did begin coin I began begging begging day one begging begging begging day – beggin beggin beggin day three eventually according to the complaint you can't talk see your wife Toxie say you don't report the matter to police already and you don't go native doctor a native doctor took Toxie make you bring the shinobi for your shop now endure CMC know Bo for your shop the television brick make you bring all the parties involved making do spiritual consultation make you discover the person we break the television and you Montes a Sheena savant of God she been a Christian she know the combined small g-god ambi letter G God eventually we call hearsay you contacted out of pity and sympathy the only tea will go feed you for human not to give house earner of the 84,000 air so this concerned citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria the Canton's who would encourage for this country make will be our brother's keeper you know sure observe no far from your shop 9 ha curry complaint bomb and human don't talk and I make ICR in the interest of balance in the talk look we hear from you and I make with the Collier since with him be our own side of the story some girl dies I'm immortal children she and one other man TV 1,000 when she will let him back guarantee he visually in my shop I showed my point to bring it down to produce it it on one that one but I wanted to I wasn't hittin the winter okay I got it do it to your boy tell you so they went to the shop in the appraisers – along the line came aside from shop a serious that I appoint you shorten my policy an awful utam am i interfering the man I saw know what I say you got swing come to my shop and buy tea that I'm going to give you one of my point to come one free of charge for you see starting for Ellen that they are going to family I see okay cause do you expect somebody to put your how someone for this television of the mountain you will not see thing you know even box it come on Z it I see no problem that the house is no fun I see no problem but that one I'm going to do that one proof that my charity to the house so in according to that my boy say he kept it even so I was in my show sir okay I wasn't a I was in my shop then watch when they came back and said that is tradition give them somebody didn't tell me anything I wasn't aware of that one so it was a coincidence one of my nipple I was you see this one boy acid on me I don't know D boy so now smoke anything human McCarthy Tyrion came that is devious has fought as TV the testator's now exactly pleased that they wish you all the TV put on the wall that is relatively good crack my brother it is difficult to screen has no replacement in fact either give the visa please screen because the totals in the office D that a screen and television is equivalent price to the television as a report what I will do we imprison sleepy enough for the white man from the company you see you give me that they are true sports and commercial cultural yeah we are going to 1080 pies on screen soon okay yeah what you see as a way to to clear you sound and clear that this TV is broken from what of the area of intuitive doctor okay we are according to the woman Sarah now your wife talk so say you don't even carry the matter go police anyway chief didn't be saying even this LG dealership when we say 'no lebanese come nigeria context / leader a dealership of LG inside Nigeria I think something is wrong somewhere but I am NOT going to attend to that matter today in the whole of go to other African countries and other countries around the world if foreigner can not have this soul how dealership of a particular product in that country it it is only imagined that that kind of rubbish can happen but that is by the way Odessa LG door return don't change TV because of screen way crack with me let me do the matter this LG waiting near bannocks which are going now sir I beg I take baby China this video is coming back give her another TV make this matter finish you i father you are a husband now we do children are orphans you can be her husband you can be their father the ordinary president is now pleading with you the quarter abbulu not be problem I beg give her another TV in the first place nyah oh boy introduce her to the Past we'll go mount the TV even you you talk sit you not promise them you what'll you tell them beside you get people will go mount TV for them you understand now if I tell you say I get passive we'll go help you drive motor to a junction naga begin they asked me what is my relationship with the passive we go help me drive the moto but that or that one pass you God already bless you reach certain level give this woman and not that TV and in order for us to get it understanding get somebody else a be mounted TV make you follow them go mount the TV for them you do video they are on the TV mother you see I'm it only work you know crack their career and come back to you you stick this as sacrifice make because smarting like this 90 spoil person name and 90 bring big problem now waiting I get to tell you as the ordinary president of the extra ordinary citizens of the global village bata thank you that's okay no problem no problem no problem let's go give her the TV again no problem madam now go back to the shop again thank you very much for your time thank you you bought you we are from me you here from [Applause] when I see this TV this 84,000 IRA you go bring problem of close to 1 million naira my brothers my sisters are built on a necessity I'm done they give a signal make we appreciate this man for thank you your family no go suffer now so you could you progress the anybody we try rubbish near you just let me know anybody will try anything near you'd let me know to Pargo village Oh to stay for Kuja present on the hungry person the duck will sit on let's appreciate that my dad rested on a croc Allah is she do go carry one bag of rice giver more money to feed the children is all right madam madam I don't deserve it only God deserves that please turn up ma please please Lysanne please lift her up for me as a lady like that please as with the commode call Phaedra competition and consumer protection Commission then call CPF City yes sir then I will give you four other agencies where you go call yes standard organization of Nigeria and other agencies yes my brother's my sisters of non-newtonian Aziza turned on they give a signal signal to his economic we continue to Devon not they go any update here's my ordinary president if you remember he don't is more we one young man Erica I calm accordi we talk see is still in mucho – yes now police gamma gamma Beaufort River State yes sir well we send the young man to go collect remote oh yes sir the IPO and one inspector conducted Monday do yes sir tell now one good policeman even put a fire house they feed them yes yes the good policeman may God bless him police god hand em over we're even as CP habbo sunny putting money called them give Amana make it go made a given motto party people the engine on about chin Dina way to G boy milk we hear from you please don't prostrate for me please only God deserves that I am not in any way better than you I'm only privileged to be doing what I am doing please please now when I don't succeed in loss don't issue when winter will be very alert and I replace them good morning sir for the benefit of people with George they hear your story for the first time use three minutes make you recap how the intact if you are more – now you take you discover I recover your motto happily forever state take you do you reach this time do you strip okay four minutes over to you good morning my father my mother's my name is Gigi from a misdeeds very markedly I took this car I purchase 25 I didn't know 1.2 million I I just don't drop the one faithful money my public of my family gave me a tattoo bath a colleague of mine give me dr. Besser Richard Besser I said even around seven would be the same man away from building last night to the next money I will cover for myself and history and as No well one and asked Bob I'll take what I better if you lose any me arrived police station making curry Miku a comma so drop me for this – Evan Thomas come on man defense the guys say before the conduct move withdrawn police lady I'm you god bless the lady because a lady accommodated but oka no time you can sometime if you say si si si and I drop the entropies not took me with that deep you took my statements and then I asked me over the last number who then of course signal for Antigua arrest the garage they're really Tata but along the line they said the guys so after every every an album when back to Mukherjee and now when I make complete entry ID else but Khadijah we hood I was surprised pom for me to leave the help but I don't call me by that it's delayed I gave me the path if there's trash on too and to throw me on say I spent one night then they say for no reason Mira Mira carry myself go give statement they carry me along then the next money them damn baby art sees me for Ferrari after a one-week now a cohesive one of my friend said of course I'm askin collide you fool after one go Valley do forgive me I own do for us are you on the phone I have call from bad side of they say which output to my food I decide they're gonna try to reach me I said to explain everything but ninety month one laughs Oh see T it must be powerfully or this way I said I was going to marry if Eva my dad no fluff no fateful week with Gia's not offer each time in history remember depends on this resume a Hindu go through sanika before well women are Congress receive concede please they arrest asana amethyst arizuka but I've got bass this as the kid's gonna go the Contra fighting his two sons to the microphone clearly straight now you did you UI a man talk like a man please the Contra fighting is to size now he hits the go for SACEM better realistic cut to those two young young people with in touch with the mood to play joke on you come on top of sass so missus realistic up for them look the matter concern you says since the Keystone Belarus paragraph on to society hey so as electrify the kids to stay CID now one of one oh one of those guys constantly coma so do thou comest Roku vida con man I love along the line I bigger comfy as the gap confit stood I very well if you want carry the motor business from SAS office no I think but the John Deere as you boat okay okay okay so that's one constant from another Punk of Marez one of the dramatic is to Stacey I did before the you found information guru shows open me this early I don't come paid the gap we say making gogo produce the mail when I we said you know the no-show now will be the passive web belong release must produced a personal embarrassed a sense that first policewoman lawyer before this energy give the bill she must produce the best product because I said we do videos gather from community the shell community when Wendy information courage me do a human number when I do my save me under the Fiat to Co her line simsimi can you be so many Nepali she lives through yes yes sir barista st. marys the same Santo which molestation for motor court yes but it's got centrist not foolish not lawyer yes sir I should go tell you know the fear to call her to call her what can be a rank hell was inspector bad a policing I round dong don't come OSA oh god don't do more time self yes luckily for me when I confirm I will go but how could he is better way Hindi that I was for you so when a good amount Kong are a good team for house thermosiphon a semi carry away Thomas's recipients not even for police the good police that not a bad ones amongst them I'll tell you once I tell you sir saucer person B will be my Agha but I don't like the way they do this walk see what he never happened to any of Anna may God bless good police the bad police we hand them over to God for money as a man who finally pass forward he finally they don't give you a motor yes the Living God please please please pace pace pace [Laughter] who Akbar [Laughter] [Applause] some people wonder highly take day to have an illusion a necessity and then they give a signal signal to do a signal make we continue to divert they go you feel remember when you bring you your case come talk to the microphone someone for not just carry when our kids come last year I know color money for your hand if you feel I am too slow about it go to other agencies of government and see how long it will take you for you to get resolved munna astaghfirullah God forgive me some often herself will come let me go give on a transport Nami go go to the one where government they give fund and give money they send them to on training on courses use our taxpayers money you go go you know if it passed gate here you go come some people go and I hear the frown face from today anybody will you see em from fish and I'm out a minim tandem out this is a privilege not a right you should be able to distinguish between privilege are rights how come I come I come from every day we will do this production the equipment tree will they use suppose cost 220,000 naira every single day this camera if they won't give you Guddu production is 58,000 naira that is if you get passed away cooperate down for you because the camera is that is 4.6 million if you know get past will go up return for you you pay extra 20,000 naira for somebody will go help you undo the camera the machine where we take the mixed distance is called TriCaster TriCaster is 45 million naira we know about this most more cameras would be like one point something have them now these things I carry the sacrifice with some of Anna know they appreciate when I hear this same mediation why they do free of charge 9 some people come here to listen to you alone you pay 20,000 naira it was said the charge on our twenty twenty thousand IRA no be this bamboo makeshift studio googled estate who for don't build up stair the original design for this to do here not six story building with swimming pool on top rooftop garden and a helipad now because I'm not good money and I know wait till I get money and I make we start like this sometimes ruin goodie for now bucket will they take the collect water that is to tell you that I am committed to doing something positive all the challenges mostly pull me back amen I need you then the best the least you can do is to appreciate the little effort some people good day they are waiting for waiting for this kind idea go die I'm tired you toss ad plays no fun it doesn't really matter it is not how far it is how well this matter you know the anti toilet me the kind followership who I get two dopes tomorrow I wake up say make people contribute money make we build permanent structure here they come on you a good if you not know they come on you about the foreground but I know I make anybody contribute Cabo so the another person ago decide which direction the whole thing googoo please we should learn to be happy no matter how bad the situation is your situation is not the worst situation in the world are they tell you not when you eat this when you do a spirit day you like this you look laughs you look right I belong take a walk into any any General Hospital begin to move from what toward if you walk around come back and you not thank God and we say you and devil gonna get relationship because you go see passing will find pass you see em maybe not life support you can see passing you did OCR and not get height who I got you can see Percy well tall like you see him you just remember basketball but neuropathy to take true and time ballet if he drinks more tea is no formateur he relations with a thank God is chopped today soup some people day they are situation now this was where the hospital a tangled there in condition which made somebody even carry dango Hospital some people did seek for their rooms now they don't have anybody to take them to the hospital they are just waiting on the Lord for the time to come what would they say to God we should have every reason to glorify God for everything he has done for us the other day would you calculate how much we do Oh God if you say God good each other's per hour for oxygen with the brick the number of years where you don't spend on it that is we are not talking about other things please nyuk didn't they paid me if I see people they we are gloomy countenance around him when you you are moody around me I will try no what exactly is the problem some people bisher concern at that time the one evil was in the situation to people like that around me because you as a person – is negative a negative energy the effect are not that passivity around you you learn to be positive your situation is not the worst situation on earth waka go you go see somebody did just teach the warrior they just go removed it take enter one side of him you face like times three of this microphone here if they open now you will see how old just did I've got to allow these countries to they happen around us for us to see so we can appreciate God the moon yeah which person from the ring when I know the law now yeah yeah now which we do do away with not there for the attempted murder of the phone they know what makes you get the rise under 13 everybody quick you understand they're not say the ordinary president not principal person as our phone ringing now [Applause] you cannot do anything she finally what have you got to say sir I'm here to see that's nothing please don't prostrate for me only God deserves that awkward standoff through my daddy barrier through our me first I just your dad eventually died Sunday sir your dad died yes yeah you know Simeon I'm talk that time yes wait oh say make I take your hero and for now let me put my Peggy is today this annuity and it's more in this more academic Allah oh you don't come on chabi they don't bring back your motor and we'll go link Europe you go feso4 you I will I was sustaining you for two weeks every day are going to give you daily allowance you go carry people ways a bit tongue for inside motto every day I go do you full tank when I go go around me then they show you area when you do finish you go go register with oppa you don't do your freedom you are on your own you can take care of yourself because if I talk see a graffiti take care of you responsibilities within my head you beaucoup so but for two weeks I per daily allowance on your foil steady and you go start today I don't know where that I don't service de cárdenas nervous obviously car go by engine oil by filter media novice dica totally okay so if person wasabi abuja well well wasabi all the nooks I had or the color them when I go they go around you gotta tell you say this area now this this area noddy's then you go put google map for your phone you could take the idea as Nadia go if if you need to take note you take note if not be you they drive you understand if you know you did drive may somebody like this your own cannot make you help you they take note but you go the talent they can language you wait you go you go use we go make you remember like me if then the teach for class lecture I did a lecture for class do not be everything with a lecture at the talk now may arrive he get the way idea write my own go make me during exam or test a book just connect back I know know what I understand and I one of the formula so I take the they get F 9f9 be done you understand so it would you go tell on the language like my phone now in fact if you see heartache saves or people names numbers some people if they see what a attentively our number there's no go ever forgive me telly but now a type of it remember even if I they're more than fifty Abdul's for instance within your name she born if I get 50 G boys I'd like you now if I wanna save your number goes your Chi Boyle woman voice so if I just crazy G boy a woman voice I go connect now you gee boy the victim of police motor Tiffin remember not in school I know girl maybe my problem it was a good school the day where they won't put me for school now that they had must have father died I'm telling you before now I had in the do barrier so the Hong Kong round ago I joined line I put hand like this they say my hand pass here over age 9 make pass sooner they see me here I don't know unknown here but if you speak English I don't know we had the response they come from from my kidney hmmm thank you everybody in this studio please I just want us to appreciate this thank you thank you very much ordinary president given me this privilege I'm here to fulfill the wish of my father-in-law when he called me and said I should please come and take him who I never knew he has seen that is he was Green when I got the eyee under Dhruva everything that I need to undo back to me and when we caught room he said as you please take your van cheap boy and I should make sure that I come to you and thank you and we got home on Tuesday and when I they asked me to go back to Abuja to my family and on Thursday I receive a call that my partner is gone and we had a meeting with the family members I call them chi boy and I explained everything to him and I asked him what is T keeping him in pottekkatt the first time you treated the Matassa that the been policed Peru g m'm oh shoot axis to go to porta potti I went to get out with him and when we saw the way I saw the wait three abracadabra really a most especially be baristas st. she's in the legal department of the Nigerian police when she saw she didn't know where we come from she said I hope you people are concrete because we now announce my VIP you now to oedema don't good you this man from record a family a human right and he said they can't be stayin in the office there and they expect us to be doing em my service free of charge but the chief and his people let them go and come back tomorrow they should learn to respect the office you're on come back thank you very MUC when a claw for the chief wait family Thank You chief you have to go I respect your position but this is part of the discipline McCune appreciate a long story short at the end of the day woman now when she had that we are from human right Reagan read you she now said because he's out of hand that because it's already in in court we asked what we do we went to the court have to go to the court and make sure that we clear what we need to clear in the court that it can realistic so that he can be the judge you catch your motto for chief hand to get you all moto again become problem because of police pallava high well we got well we go to the courts be we met the the clerk Dakota in fact this this a sense of make a follow make make I start kiss on her head Shino isn't nobody after the programmer I would take I will make one call it's anyway we did where they pushed on go before Friday should go report for her quarters and then una go come as me because I'm going to establish a case against her and I'm going to send this matter to the Nigerian by association of people like that should not represent that noble profession thank you continue so well when we wait I just turned out for the DC the Deputy Commissioner nobody's in the earth in CID that much less appreciated mega commodity I leave the CPS ma'am kids in a civil manner Annie if Artie called him and make them realize that this boy this does a big car was his source of him like the years and it has nothing to keep it but it was the one that gave you twenty thousand I remember this DC elie-san assault available it is rain Abuja you remember confession do good thing like this try remember in name at least he wife our relations and people with shabby I'm good no say this about different number oh I send you out now no foreign name no find them not on the phone here do you good now so you did forget or do you people do make we know in name milk we appreciate them Nestle we do appreciate sepia Busan a sepia Busan Pasi where do good we talk am evil federal government when they do good with a Tucker yes sir when they fumble with a tell them the truth there's nothing like in between you not do well you know do what you do when you do well so sorry amazing Cynthia was at Heathrow them and said hey I'm a because parked right in front of his office honey didn't know anything about the kiss police car rubbish Cheney officer I didn't know anything about the case that's bitch whatever those and police officers need to do about the matter Michigan said who would be caught and that was when I saw the way things was moving I knew he's not going to be something that will come easy so I left him cheap idea I came back to abuddin to piss column ever appreciate them see pavelic's DCP Felix getting complete name now I would like make all of our widows and orphans medium Putin for prayer you know go talk too much nah Jose will go Jose find out with him be named Miguel no but my bad man let people know told us a according to rules of engagement rules of engagement when I remember the general general rules of engagement this knob as well don't do many cases when we say I did happy with time I get confidence we are the generality that they will I say he wake up from the wrong side of him bed repeatedly you know there are three times in the corpus in here in that way we add this your cup nomads they do MooMoo you want talk but you know Sanjana fortunati amongst people will like you if they give you microphone with the column about the good offices may God bless all the good officers and the magu magu ones where the Tong case against innocent person God may you make it easy for them to leave the job pressure gratuity police what they do room agamotto God may you cut may you give them shortcut to live the walk no pension no I let them not look at this place if your attacker cannot have you go carry their entire Ummah if they come back they accountable if you any disappear Felix we know Z if we know know who you'll be but God in heaven sabe who you'll be oh you may God look at you your children shall make you cry man not cry of sorrow but cry of joy man may God Almighty continue to bless promote and protect you our widows and orphans are beg make when I pray for this DCP and all the good police officers where they do good work the world will go see truth drug because the sponsor am who you collect more money or because of one influence somewhere o sentiment or because you know like your face because we know them get one police officer where I encounter two weeks ago they weighed a police officer they talk he's a young police officer but I I feel sorry for his career hmm you know from the way they talk you know say this one he don't a bang Yas to be that water is Vanya's Banyas he was so by yes in his presentation today look I just DeLuca and this campus sing believes when they write fi our report carry on Bukit that is final he said lie well we reach court unless Endicott no a la peasant Oh not dare to go come on this if you hear me to say thank you to people I don't witness it within kill but I will just mention two so that person will argue there are at least two again when we reach caught then I will release the remaining two again when they appear then I release remaining two plus my witnesses another release all my facts at the same time pian pian Emmure can imagine some police officers go see truth naked like this they go on cover em off the emergency their sisters did some where they are mama did some where they are and today you are alive what if you die tomorrow what if in the course of the okay not be one officer now he therefore said are crest recently this demonstration we have of the officer is badly injured now it is we are then the treetops this the in condition bad but Nigeria police is taking care of him let's appreciate energy employees the dhankasur to the outstanding bill waiting for who say Goerke before they move on to say doc rest now today you do all this Gregor one thing will just happen no accident no naughty you just wake up struck you know if you raise this hand again that is the end mat band one side there's trouble to talk people people notice it understand why do you talk an AB acting where you do it to somebody when somebody know just really handle opposite this police officer this thing we need only God doing something you know that high BP all of a sudden BP will rise your sugar level go rise everything go right you want you wake up let no green thumb no agree don't let the go carry you go Bob the grab a few if the note on univer feet on bats agua anta is there anything that is above God that we they remember sir God will put off so for put us for different positions where we do that same God is watching all of us and decide to remove that thing we they make you D they feel I say you who are we and who are you Who am I Who am I some people would hear when I was when I was well we lose it when I ease yes true man DCP Felix may God removed ad make UCP out us more time reason go calm weather go remove the sea MP make you AI small-time D go enter replace a ego become kanuto the other one before before they go back and say this young officer watch him hmm very much finally so finally we be I left him in Patna coat the IPU that was under in the keys he was the one the housing he was trained on with him but he never the IPO not a missionary Morgana cos a cos is vertically Coletti remember DISA ASP calaboose do Rupa Raveena do para sa other than divine yes be a collabo you know oh god cos you know as you chopping pepper and salt you know don't forget it me okay thank you very much thank you thank you let's appreciate them so Allah I don't promise wanting yes what I still alive I don't die you carry on I hear under you and discovered make all the promises where they make no no no see death can't come at any time yes before I die make sure excuse me God God God God console tuna before you give me the life you know tokens or tuna before and if if I die now no die premature are not be smoking don't be small picking I do rock life's more not be how far is how well not be some of old men and old women with a for leadership position for this country wait BC you know point one particular positively whether don't you with Allah and the IAT something ninety something I pray I'd be safe from the deal if tomorrow I suppose derail of the good things why they do may God take my life I mean Bobby we to live long know be some people don't live long useless long as my solution a necessity and under give a signal signal today's economic we continue to divan not they go any update quickly then we do this now a broader we carry crack on the airline do i'm anyhow yes we dammit I'm sorry Mac I take this call from France you actually see a distinguished ambassador pata pata good morning sir no no the width of his heart no no this type of gift man God give also will be you you see as you talk the only God God did not consult anybody before creative and socially be in control but nerdy why not a GU every one of us behind you and God is smoke on you I love you so much if this money is a Maltese if this much is in here this is that woman that called me that is the wisdom Adam with West people when you see somebody here but dr. Russo does it ever gets now people they buy medicine flowing honey I cannot allow you remember demand what you give we call call a medicine for post rate enlargement a user wait a wooden baby Update button are present within 24 hours you combine three when he one sangoma do good talk he um we come by to thank you so much my panic lover he is excellency back at a family ambassador in the whole of France and we have breakage a family ambassador in London barista our de Beauvoir lady Nobu the international lawyer aka the master planner aka the Madeira connect children where their Papa give their mama Bella : go abroad aka teach and Nigeria political magu magu in Akita state let's appreciate them we have our ambassadors in other countries around the world we tangoed this is the largest family in the whole world here we know the difference whether you be Muslim with IRA Christian whether you be you at IUP you better you be I don't tell you I say make somebody helping me connect with mr. Richard closer the German man we carry complaint con say Jean ferré still governor Abdul Aziz GRE I am revisiting this matter even though the German man don't go back to in country me the ordinary person and a goofy face Abdul Aziz er II until this German man getting morning yes your character I come it's all you say one airline company do anyhow you so wait they talk see or luggage loss yes sir and I say your luggage no loss anything my dad they produce the luggage oh they go see luggage of problem for this country let's tell us the object good morning girls naughty president good morning I'm here to thank the ordinary president it was my second god now stuck I realize what I am which country you from well Dubai yes which airline you enter Rwanda Cetus in nigeria organizing self nigeria airways e for anta over Nigeria air Rwanda we be like you we are Nigeria D Rwanda Rwanda you Rwanda her continued imaginary president's last onions were not the monument energy for this country in no reach to do many things for this country what passing with a tip bilious billion in fact we should blow us there now we don't blow we soon against one big money wait until for this country some people cannot the money they wish to blow us we suppose benefit from the percentage of blowing the whistle good morning sir my name is ordinary dr. ahmed issa i i am calling you because somebody mentioned your name but positively and your name is DCP felix but i don't know your second name sir [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what did you believe Shawn no this is man deserves more than this by the grace of God any money from now hey I decide to remove please just give us your full name that is the pronunciation qua over okay the CP Felix suave one one new year are you from Medusa I appreciate this man now sir not good to where you do long time ago 999 dodgem in ETSU it was an hour button you do not so if all germinate we foresee the fruit of your labor may God Almighty continue to bless you may God embarrass you with blessings your children shall make you cry but not cry of sorrow but cry of joy sir this is all we have to tell you now and I have commissioned our widows and orphans we have 8,000 widows we have over 20,000 orphans they are going to pray for you sir may God answer our prayers thank you very much I appreciate mr. Wanda my last Tuesday that's Madam's our victim him here I went to have his do man is a model appreciate she just took me like her own son then she now give it directly they've caught fun immediately when they found that day who they asked me to wait on the follow yes they asked me to go I should come back the next day so the next day I went to federal sector when I when I got it and none told me that one day a line for them who didn't go to airport when I went there I hope tamper with your luggage if any team lost they must pay break the padlock yes but maybe did not take anything out of the lobby but the canal did perform the Box the to book vessel for Less appreciate him for being honest if not another person get this kind support before I toss a distant lost the still lost let's appreciate him now you know very honest people I'm telling you he bows are honest amongst all the tribes ready for Nigeria now only you boost dimension for Bible School they say when Jesus Christ was born three wise men went to see him [Applause] you just wash on so when I check finish I told him that nothing lost what these bogs are they look maybe I'll tell you they must pay me for the box in hand so this it as you write the amount of effort yes I wrote it to medial how much – 500 becomes like 50000 Angela more now but now by one nice – which is 1000 they have they give you a benevolent or gift no they're not give me tell me on the human fan went to see Wanda Elena manager – other official cos the man which it when I landed at the fana they did not bring my luggage and then the man said that they only give it to foreign passengers they don't give it to Nigel a passenger you see what are they talking here sometimes ego bill is a person not a patriotic you can imagine the kinds of finish and I have with the American diplomat good bit one girl we need to get money only not only Nigeria citizen you go take and do the a year and you get away with it the same thing will happen to one one big man and at that time you go see a national assembly go go do now as we talk now Nigeria is on hold no ministers national assembly day walk two months Nigella is on hold and you expect us to make progress how every time recession recession I'm a researcher what did they record active should be our session the city would be searched on the new column their recess where you carry Sasha and join research now it is that I'm now working with the experience for this country people are suffering for UK 1 Prime Minister go another one come they know do holiday for one hour everything everybody they moved a dreamwalk tell me one Minister whether ever resign on you own for this country in the history of Nigeria we just say our fellow Nigerians I feel it is part of my responsibility as as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria based on the appointment I was given I have come to realize the fact that I may not be able to discharge my duties effectively so today I regret to announce to you that please forgive me I am tendering my not gonna do they're not gonna do now here we do ice with a token ah in Nigerian permanent secretary you know gay NYC discharge certificate you know south and is a permanent secretary this is not passing will be said when I returned as a difference don't did no day between a PC and PDP now does the individuals now about the same package sumen on the PDP de for some he resigned because the fact they very glaring he resigned this government come the agape come from nowhere making permanent circuitry homina circuitry power we be flimsy with the fight corruption how selected fight against corruption selected if no be ill-advised to government here and all support with which I'll do as governor of emo state but how can the government go take over a school which you blend aigoo close down this school what kind of irrational thinking is that will be the passivity otherwise this government will not get sense way we did talk about how we engage children Megan go school the ones with medical school you take over the school allowed them to continue while you are doing your investigation must you send them home somebody is not doing his or her work right and we will not keep quiet who tell the government the truth because we don't have another country Nigeria is our country we are proud to be Nigerians body how come so common sense up even told whoever is going to they understood to say this children continue teachers continue while the investigation is going on they say I'm contain covetous and the company's non-moving boy at least tangled I'm gonna take over this airline company we have been they disappoint before but now they don't wake up now there they are they are they are one of the best neurotic at least now within government suppose do be de government took over re and re is still moving that is how it should be and the same recuerda disappoint people before now Auriga wake up another disappoint again now for a poor people they tell me say Eric don't wake up now they are doing very very well let's appreciate the federal government for the intubation [Applause] Jesus CDs Chelsea Hotel for years under locks on key siddhappa hotel see other companies they then take over reasonable countries where they take over lodges library you and nobody talks in Wonderland over to you thank you oh they didn't wanna manager say that they didn't give 8 to 9 July passengers only for him personally give it in one of them one of this stuff non-place pavia order in the airport if all he said what is does a lion if to the eight was the ln-laws misplaced any passenger luggage the man said the airline was provide it to any passenger at an Angela or foreigners who and now actually to follow them to their office when I go there they say that as you as you state they gave me this form to fill all the expenses that I have gone through put the hotel and the other expenses because of this luggage nada you you don't go see your family since way you come user okay how long each you you plan to stay for Nigeria before you go back to Dubai I want they're going back to going to talk it was I have a try there but due to this delay and they canceled my prior because I'm a footballer okay no you fall you fall leave us maybe we can do this run for you make you go do your track Oh everything days at the bad news everything the inside the bag – I know snuff we shoot them – cut no no the money we're supposed to pay you for that country maybe I'm pay you like a collar no no no no no we are going to cut we're going to cut under the goat tell us why the discrimination so Nigel a citizen to be human being well country people yes he tango CR no faloona daddy if or no repeat that in for amount now police for separatists in therefore to correct our not correct the Walker return we are not correct Nevada now a father is from of his make we make with clarifying efficient ok plot for fan officials uh-uh an imagined okay maybe be caught my dear we are going to cut and you claim damages not in thousands in hundreds of thousands of dollars JB they are polisena for foreigners when we want claim damages will go claim in foreign currency barista legal aid counsel but no president I think where this officials will talk to see which addressed tried primacy as if your package if you misplace your pocket or your package dated it like dancing if you had like say you become your home country now you've been enjoying the compact house because it'll come out or not if not for it not I suppose give you I'll give you a commendation they will give you this team and teas like their combat cars this mine is going to make me I just Lance I gonna start I won't talk but enough for another suppose given toothpaste all those essential daily necessities do you need do not read not you know that's a person large you that suppose do all that think that job for suppose feed you yes so others basic necessities if you come your home states he knew the applicability but let me see you oh this would be the drunk I do a setup that law it's wrong now get it a white he'll be a country no big our old country big messy when they brought my mom you keep Abuja here public on that note Abuja here but more of public house will if you are on transit you go stop by I love the morning they'll die if you remember what they told you last week I said you are like a Kong before you go sir please if you have access to the president and commander-in-chief I get this advise you I won't make you give up make you tell them say make a call the people where they advise um four areas of taking over suspected stolen parties and investments the government has the right to take over such properties temporarily pending when a court of competent jurisdiction will finally say whether this person is guilty or not guilty but in the interim let them not just say everybody move make will lock this place it doesn't tell good on our country and this Minister so they come here just like the same yes my brother's my sisters of an electron honest is attempting to give a signal signal signal make we continue to the presidency presidential lies on give me microphone give her microphone introduce yourself your excellency president good morning Nigerians my name is agile Essen principal information of office of device took soon Dixon takes a hank introduce yourself good morning my name you the Federal Republic of Nigeria we want mucuna carry this message of this rotten law about you coming back to your country some airline company mess you up rubbish do that in they know give you accommodation the nog feed you they're not even tell you good tea we go sweet you for Bella they say because you did for your own country in case they know no our Nigeria not be like some of the European countries will be like local government Nigeria is Lodge point A to point B is a distance will not get good rude not be everywhere it will play in the end time how many people fit to pay money for aeroplanes let them adjust that they are low to me that law is rotten but it's the Harper's Mikado's week I explain this thing where you know say if only for another talk say this thing they applicable to even if falling down now go on home country but you know go up but make a toast or something or not like that your panties now now we for you know our rights even discuss airline descend you and I suppose send your party did I forget about it you suppose Center to you wherever your pre friends when here they go cohesively calm Airport little treat transfer money me wife you go ahead for transfer barista all these things thank you but wait immediate talk is a America man they go back to America the misplace in luggage today for America waiting at a bargain for Nigeria citizen for Nigeria not a bargain for American citizen what is good for my life is good for Boulos ohhohh loss wait and do the world is evolving now maybe they get amendments at the moment that law is obsolete Arno rotten and now passenger you've been a passenger you be there do you bother and do you bad when they know say they goof it cough out bottom on me they go they're very careful good idea asked they just support me they are Georgia law Sydney Denise Harvey thank you very much go see Danza barista which had been they call me back but after the program we will go caught they go with this case now we go changed our law which and our law we will change them by the grace of God Luciana sittin down they give us Sigma Sigma 2 2 Sigma click continue today were not Diego he wanna remember the case we would they do we consign Abijah chambers of commerce and industry where the driver one driver was on work for 17 years either for studio he be outside why in the outside they're gonna column in is one of the complainants and then one ball only we don't work with them by extension night I involve voluntas Valhalla no carry her complain come Nadi driver carry complain come I mean I know no say they don't suck violently with confidence now COBOL and they make I find out only for me to discover say she to get her own pallava with warrior will be say she today soccer and according to her no cogent reason as at that time say she just come or from hospital named a soccer the DG hue being come dear that they will no get chance she be forced to do I go like make Balan Lee summer rise has Tori I shall say the BG go down here but you know some of my people toss a idea fear i he got some teas we should talk with the DG no they wish you know if it repeats now because i they fear I miss you can talk on the driver to go talking on Madame Bali over to you quickly you have five minutes to summarize because we get we won give the DG enough time to explain the big my name is the head of this which is truly what between natira our wonder yesterday yeah yeah nobody hear me school in an emu no be say them cool tile to school choose ours to the value as you speak the school is still existing and these peoples are there nobody was sent away so anybody from Iman stood here moku now cause somebody from EMU milk when I asked about the prison of the school no school because when you you turn because watashi hotel with a lock for years thank you when I call somebody for more thank you very much oh okay woman there for studio here she said her son tell her say this school is closed down one madam we don't you chew that's one of the one of the things I mentioned the last night mm-hmm this is the mod demand it the man my mother won't tell me to set this piece of Daruma this is the more a chimeric I'm sure she won she didn't shift an seat actually notice the treatment was in September and as the consisting that demanded demand she wanted me to send this picture then the second thing I also mentioned hours shackleton also mentioned is that during the treatment members were giving 10% discount is a part of the incentives we give to members of the chamber that if you come to the tree don't forget that I don't necessarily need to be a member of the chamber for you to participate at the treatment so we want a difference between the members and the non-members if a member of the chamber you enjoy a 10% discount that is the route that is what is part of the entitlement not members on this particular occasion my mother commands and no no more 10% discount but Mr Peabody enjoyed it well we all does not enjoyed it I couldn't say so when people come and ask me for discounts and I read them to meet the DG publishing able to explain my reasons I one of the person I also mentioned good enough the ladies yet my name is the peridot she's in this okay to publish our own story the topping I also mentioned I said I was working in Li goes before the den then I got by Indian GABA he was his name they called me that they used to do trade fair in your paragon not even used to at that time I walk by a consultant on medallion markets in limited and I was the children managed a day where we do the Twitter I was at your paragon this particular ayah does like him 2010 3 they also moved the Chitra for more power ground to the permanence complex of the chamber and the man called me and said that people that they've met said that this cannot walk because he's on the airport's world it is knowing it's now is not going to work is isolated atom are called me I went about cold if I take came to borrow an axe me to form a minute but his phone number is also there on that list I will man spoke to me for me if the challenge I like to be challenged I said well there's not a dice no impossible at all savants right there is not possible that is not possible let us even try and see and it is not possible we know where the mistakes out then we can correct and stuff and that's why they flew me two times an average that they flew me to times from Lagos Abuja to talk with the den director general of the chamber his name is mister I do when I get me he's also they how was the digits at the time I came that's my point I went default points are also ways is that doing the treat for the Convention Center like I told you was not in good shape to give to people the end of the day we had issues and people requested for a phone because everything I'm saying now what I had with Mahad it's that I can eat a room oh ok that's I've like that's why I came with all this things I've mentioned at my last minute with the phone numbers of these people so that we found katsu for them to at least five but I would have said on the studio the last time I came they are true or life today six months down the line because my tough design Gedmintas II never said anything why I was sad and that's why I'm so happy that my madam is they show me the letter so we can show the camera acha acha ly show the camera and people should be around on Friday I've been talkin see them bend or write abuja chambers of commerce and industry building down right to sit I've been one present within the right today but a CBC DG done day for studio no need of wasting time to read within the right because she she will be saved not compressed and compress ducting into later now she day here she go explain in details now show me the comedy distally querida quickly give me give me give me thank you sir chambers of commerce on industry RC two three eight seven three six February 20 19 which is edition of all and a penthouse estate by L solemn STD Akasa Abuja diabolo Elie Saab is no longer if I hadn't you are hereby informed by your services are no longer required with effect from 6 Feb 6th February 2019 this hand over the he hand over to the hitch our unit all properties of the chamber in your possession and collect a discharge also put up any claims in your favor for processing bearing in mind any depth owed the chamber wishing you well in your future endeavors prints a date to combo coyote sign president of the chamber thank you ok just finish your own finish your talk with my madam is dead there puppy will have a better opening for them to tell me to visit Wow no it's alright it's ok we drive up quickly quickly you have two minutes you good morning summer ordinary procedure yes your name is Jamaica all ooh how many years you don't work with them no one to yourself so waiting happen waiting psyche I've come too and I'm stopped our paper rustles join Samba of commands or to introduce Empire to company as you don't walk with that one to you is very good and the last time I asked you whether you don't ever get query before no so you say no yes but the latter avoid has sent to me they say you don't ever receive query before thank you so much during the December 2017 office by the hamper all the embassies and our past president and the DG authorized me that is me not going to despite the hamper this your DG here no okay format this joking it was the director by name who okay this degenerate or she be yessuh so when I go to the to dispatch he's 26 that very day I delivered 24 a remaining two before okay 26 II did what 22 sorry okay we may fall so they fall very early in the morning before the digit come because it was annoyed the data we should dispatch everything because we are crew who are closing on the fifteenth of that disembarking home so I went very early in the morning item I cleared a hamper a four-digit pin I want to rush to go and deliver the letter my director now told me that I should come as you hand over the the hamper to my my second I say madam those people they don't know the places that is why did you say as you go and deliver it and tell mr. Wally bass no manager now but you should tell me to deliver this thing so when I very early in the morning I came he not called one drive I wouldn't call a Leo so if I can happen because time don't they work hard so that very day I went to go and deliver the the hamper very a Linda Molly because it can deliver arm I know when he called me back the retina called me back data to come back so one is called Madonna called EDG that leader at OCS you come back as you know delivered is the new winner cornea got Natasha come back so immediately I can reach in the office as I go to collect the chick to go and pick the car from a list in the app not even do-deca so when I went there the HR landed me later say a back assign I said I would later be DS we say side now I so give me to me let me read it before side I can sign it wait in a nursing home before I sign he sent the other driver Ali back you got my call me and say ok take it let me go and see Madonna Medina is calling me when I went to my dad before I came he said night the HR knock on to the of his daughter madam Adachi no one sign I said possibly in this office who sign the letter where can be the content of the letter he said I was given a parrot but I refused to to open social when the DJ don't give the instruction that time machine a director – okay thank you so finally we can happen because she needs to say they give you two queries very that very day so when the digital is treated a DG say look at the mistake that you said to me look at what food and he said I should you treat that not a curry I don't know why put it inside the file at all oh you know she did you give instruction mirror and made a withdrawal did you see happen now thank you so I brought even the police there those are to me I write that two times then no reason to you okay thank you madam over to you thank you very much my name is Tanya Shirley I woke up with the Chamber of Commerce director general and a Honorable Ahmed I must appreciate you cuz it's always good to hear from the other side and thank you for this opportunity one I will start with him Adachi he actually brought the complaint who say that he was sacked and his entitlement hadn't been paid and that he'd walked for 17 years I'm going to take the suspense of this issue which is very very important and candidly he was sacked which is very obvious not such a relieved of his post was we had at the beginning of the year when he was at believe we had more drivers than people and that on one hand and on the other hand his what he was entitled who was paid him according to the staff handbook which I met there they have no gone contrary of how the what is in the handbook and then because he spent 17 years yes it made sense but because in their handbook there is no bother compensation for his pension is up to date so that's how far I can speak on him being asked to leave I would speak on Balinese to one two three four ages she raised operational issues but I'll also want to ask her is it that she wants to know why she was sad yes Oh hardly microphone thank you very much I had that Loudon yeah um 2018 a new president took over in person of Prince a little humble piety and before now the chamber had been running on a particular in a particular weebo he came set up for scientists the policy advocacy center Abuja trade and Convention Center M business entrepreneurial skills and Technology Center and the dispute resolution Center when I got to the chamber miss Bolan Lee was handling the dual with personal training as well as the trade fair and by the division or the mentor of the four chambers his training went to the best and best center which is the business entrepreneurial skills and Technology Center so that's abduct rule out of ha and now at the moment at the point when she was asked to leave and will use had been signed agreement had been gone into with two event companies what it means that we no longer handle the prepared directly hence the rule is on available from that moment every other issue candidly honorable I made a ordinary ordinary is all these operational issues if I also open my mouth to say things I have seen then there won't be jobs for everybody these are everyday issues and decision take the same on behalf of the chamber I may also want to add that same chamber have been magnanimous roofilin Lee is the only stuff that end a housing allowance was still living in the premises of a chamber so it is not any level of awareness she's a very dynamic person and I know she would make it well but on this case I'd like to okay thank you let's appreciate the digit now the witness are you come forward give her microphone Paula Li you get anything where my damn truck way way you get anything to to counter he mentioned I'll see ya yes I want to retweet that the time I came here I mention why accommodation was given to me on that business if you remember that I came in from Lagos and the NDG and the President's Day I agreed to give me an accommodation because they cannot afford to pay me the amount I was any before her equation him it's that just wanted to meet or not to give me then I chose and asked me to leave the place okay okay oh yeah over to you madam introduce yourself good morning ordinary president good morning I am a lawyer by profession mmm and then entrepreneur by passion I'm also a member of chambers an English hmm I've been a member for the past six seven years so even a lady said she made mention of my name yes I was just um at home when my husband told me to listen abullah story I don't choose for me I don't know what was happening I dragged her here okay so I listened to what she was saying shut the after I tuned in I had my name she made mention of my name my face because my face there was a very peculiar wound I was supposed to get a 10% discount as a member of Pumas body trade fair I paid for 80 square meters two hundred and seventeen thousand three feet I was meant to get a discount and I was bid to volunteer as in she was the best to give me received she said she wouldn't give me ten percent but there is no longer ten percent I was like why is that I should go and meet her then it was a director business development this present did you know I went to meet I went into an office explained why I shouldn't get 10% why shouldn't get the tempest and she said a lot of things and along among the things she kept see mmm she's lying Yoruba that's your bizarre no straightforward but they would say this and do I know that people and I don't understand the reason why she was saying that why she kept telling me she's not Yoruba and I want to believe that at that point she doesn't even know my tribe if I'm your bow not unfortunately married to yoga so I am evil evil by marriage to Europa one Nigeria let's appreciate let appreciate how to chop a pair now so she they tell you say she what is it about your knees I have no come true talk about tribal you're right just remember she said we have been upgrade and this and that I should there's nobody that giving and president I left it up her office unsatisfied hmm I just still went I had to pain baby for money only for me to call my friend she's my remember so whenever guys an opening like that I used to tell her grumpy mood up start that pain but they usually send awesome EMU for her to come to the chambers and they give her ten percent what tribe is she mmm-hmm is also evil oh she came up to tell me that she a speedo and they give up him I was like what they give you what you know I remember I mean I say man but how come I didn't get a tempest so I took the matter of I said no and not happen I then called the then president it's the age in Konya hmm gingka was the president then I put a collar across to him to explain my dissatisfaction of what happened but if you want to sit down please sit down okay oh I put it across my staging pony hmm I poured to serve Riley he did not pick my oh he just sends me a text who is mr. chicoy mr. chicoy was president yes okay he said I should send him a check which I'm glad today it was true text because had it been we wouldn't have been any I sent him a long text message explaining what happened because in that office the wealthy woman talk to me mrs. Tuohy I was wondering that was my first time of meeting hmm but my encounter with her wasn't funny what she was telling me I'm a lawyer that was a lot of things from what she was telling me especially hinting that she's not in love you're abandoning what she was telling me honest so I do hoping that happen I sent it to mr. hedging pony or lambda or lambda we are we stopped here now when she sent the hood into mr. Igoe we'll go continue tomorrow from where we stopped but first of all make we appreciate the DG for comments make we appreciate violently for speaking out milk we appreciate the driver for bringing his complaint look we appreciate the barista for coming to say her own side of the story Madame Dejima please tomorrow make you know come late so that we will just start this program 5-10 minutes we are done with this matter you just go and face or that means because I understand how very busy you are and these are the people – they are very busy makuu just do will not be big people we will be small small people nukui yes we are starting the program with them as soon as we are done all of them can go out anybody once they make e here woody where they do or watch whatever they do can stay let it I suppose any on behalf of everybody and writes radio 101.1 is a family situation with broadcast programs that are suitable

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