Brekete Family Programme 26th July, 2019

and the LMB Oh leave him I always come easy brother hey guys I don't feel of this which one my last one from heaven Cigna checking up saying I met when they run on Daegu great night job people my name like Francis do I make a no forget to they listen to human rights radio 101.1 predefined improv ultimately natural smooth it call me faz phase and you know Sabina MLM Oh Lulu we do here on 101.1 FM human and gentlemen I introduce to you for osya a module below my name anomie to be yoga pata pata for leg I can soon I want to see this opportunity to thank you for all that you have been doing a lot of prayers have been said people have been praying for you and it is such in that difficut a family program has the highest listenership in the whole of Abuja human rights radio 101.1 their own of breakages family babe let's go go we'll to the marketplace get a fresh taste of the latest fashion food drinks gadgets and a whole lot more can you handle that enjoy the best deals and look at bond doesn't stop there where TV will be having a plenary session in music movies and fashion and performances from some of the biggest stars in Africa take delight when 7:10 a.m. venue of Transco Doulton Abuja Nigeria information you be a Africa's global bank you beat a presents you don't you remove no cell sigue one by one not sir to anybody on the 18 years no smoke for public places one year for prison no be better to know in excess to be in ninety time at any move Alina our sound everywhere we resonates and we redefine progress human rights video redefining broadcasting dice it makes it flip it fry it enjoy it join chef Padma as she cooks your favorite nation kitchen Republic every Sunday by 5:30 in the evening everybody in the studio – yes lazy man wake up lazy woman wake up wake up lazy sister wake up lazy auntie leave that bed lazy uncle you still lie down young intelligent futuristic leaders will be our children now allow anybody corner leaders of tomorrow you are a leader in your own little present capacity No you go begin to develop your leadership qualities now make Munna will get children mokona they give their responsibilities small small responsibilities will pass their capacity you get three children you can put somebody in charge of you see any time where they open that window they must lock responsibilities nine they make better responsible without responsibilities you can never be responsible yes naturally with human nature so you put this one in charge of if motiroti even if he's not being go wash up you go just inspect say what you are in charge of this car you should have told me that the car is dirty responsibility the one we'd only group in charge of kitchen you come you see whatever then take was a vegetable they're not true well they're not dispense some of you just come you said what you're in charge of the kitchen are you saying you can't just this simple responsibility do you know that you're a great person you can do better than this I know you were cargo you don't challenger tomorrow even the what I will you disappears keep making ferment something you go continue say this water is about to be they said no no this one is for fermentation are we together so now what you will go to do our children be done now with him big men they do their children when I see a given I example children will grow for our homes sloppy Qingwei will not reach anywhere you go Shion because if as he grew as hidden Bonham he do understand something he deceive reality and respect he deserved a say yes in this patient not to move you go see I give an example how they carry themselves how they feel about themselves and that thing will you they see it they build self-confidence self-confidence they give you good self-esteem but when a child is demoralized when a child's self-confidence is move you have low self-esteem and passive a get low self-esteem no they always aspire to be great in the always they contemplate wishing to be great because of low self-esteem as other people the other children around and they wish to become this wish to become this ego starter well you know completa you don't defeat himself self-defeat is the worst form of feet in life people can gather to defeat you if you have the confidence to tell yourself no I'm not yet defeated in fact I won't be defeated so be – so be it because your birthday for Grandma means it if I don't finish me adorable fight passing one leg bud if you hear me now you laugh with the color my guru I've fallen for an immediate beg minister pretos for le a primary school Nasser Allah yes I should be in 1972 Namie they beg me to separate us honey you knowbut me that in one leg we know good night a cruel my own one leg I'd be on topic go draw the leg go bill I said they'd take something to pull my leg he dead body get confidence you know certified never finished before they were separate was finished I don't a crime where they live was this leg no they useful for some time before blood come come back to the leg why am I telling you this never you ever defeat yourself never you ever believe that you have been defeated unless you are not doing the right thing in fact if you are not doing the right thing legally spiritually and more rally even need someone to defeat you before you stay away from me in the first place you know legally you are not doing the right thing spiritually which is religiously you are not doing the right thing which means God is not happy with you and they're morally the community is not happy with what you are doing the society is not happy then why should you even continue I don't know if you understand what I'm saying for anything you know you are doing oh you are about to do you know but I don't want to know which religion you belong to but you know your scripture your your what you believe in says this is the right thing and you know what you are doing is the right thing constitutionally it is not infringe on a hand on understand and they're morally because if yet if you'd be saying a religion where you the practice will be no be Islam you know be Christianity you know video otherwise we we know you are at liberty to choose which but to walk on the head – holy shonali is it no is it lega morally in the general society webbie's not be ordered your members therefore that society is it morally okay now you go just pinch as I say even if you were kind naked get blessed with a full one but I will wait when I passed this area when I reach the area where all of us all our forms as I do my blessing they go your blessing their car that is applying common sense common sense is not common I make madmen will be the commonest managua common sense there are things you need to apply legal approach some you apply moral approach some you apply what we call commonsensical approach and another time you apply what we call jurisprudential approach depending on the situation your ability to read between wrong and right your ability to strike a balance in between the lines is what makes you a complete human being your ability to decide when how and where oh is a great gift so people have been doing the right thing for a very long time we have been getting wrong result they are hardworking they are intelligent they are DS but progessive they are not making any impact if you be one of those people that is it is time for you now to sit back instead of worrying you'll not take your time open your heart and begin to retrace your steps some people will all rather wish that thinking away no sit down retrace your steps to any level you can retrace your steps to yes when I started I did this as I did this yes I did this I did in the course of retracing your steps you will now discover where you got it wrong you've been doing the right thing all this while but you are getting wrong results it means you are doing the right thing at the wrong time timing is of essence doing the right thing at the right time gives you super positive resort you should know when how and where even if you know how you don't know when hmm here's a problem if you know when and you don't know where there will be problem but if you know how where plan the Chi risotto a Gaussian but leg was treating mooing man if my god I hear him your equal to M LM not the end of the day some Amiga was my sister's of Raluca no necessity under under give a signal signature duties economic we continue to Devon o Daegu today with a continue from where we stopped and by the grace of God we they among the people with a glorify God for keeping us alive Makwana have metered a media on that 200 kV a generator way Meccano generators give us with the zoo inside mokona platform in asana generator on a medium honor and I why I like the generator BC in order consume this room and you know they make noise you can sit on top of this Meccano generator and be answering calls and nobody go ask you where you did woman way complained in me say her husband when they walk they retire discarded I meant where you go retire for Nigerian civil service you go take long before they pay you some people will retire before they go pay them they don't die Nadia children walk on enjoy with Indian sweat phone according to the complaint the woman we say because of say then they suffer after retirement they are roof they leak 90 husband standoff in opium money to cause somebody would run say Miki help arrange the team now from dear before human day for studio please come forward now aware they do Cockrum hakuna often I beg on the microphone for you never delight never do okay okay hold on if you know sir usability PR microphone make you come we'll get to work to give you for Human Rights radio if you know say you say Beauty PR microphone if you hey it gets somebody will do repair electronics under this thing we want John Academy where we give them out of our TVs will bond we give them 14 TVs within three days he bring back 9e don't fix up this night Eve is ready untoasted anova cuvee repair it if the Amanda here Mia Bama Q come you go help us repair our microphone we're our own person of European open a clever engine approaching cottage and walk for that aspect and in a fortune even a transmitter equalizer mixer that one be aware when in fact the whole of Abuja I doubted much if there's anybody that can tweak transmitter tweak equalizer trick or these other transmission transmission equipment like engineer fortune because in the very sound and you can be say is a be everything I want usability you go get problem somewhere you understand so they admit at least admit say this one this is my area of strength my area of specialty my area then the one we you know strappy maybe this passive will go come now only done microphone is happy so if they share your intelligence by 100 persuade you did drag with now only ten percent of your intelligence is happy you are reducing yourself by competing with someone that is below far below your standard we should all identify our areas of please don't try to be everywhere now when you make I like doctor resume dr. Rose who no claims inside be afflicted he got some kind sickness we go till I say I never had this sickness before I know no dimension you mentioned this I said I know this 100 day Hyrum but I never do research near that please practice not be do I tell you say it because HIV make your age American soap showed me you were able for husband if you blow up somebody grow trust you you were they look for you all right exam you are waiting they worry what do you want not the same our in-house engineer we won't bring right back forever you understand America so if you want go right to example interview for a job if you tell me Rocco soup bar now you go why which they believe discounting in this 21st century una no when they deceive us with those things in the 70s and 80s talisman motivated from India now make a join guru maharaja bharata maharaja the site enough an agreed plaintiff my believe is anything we're human beings we do i can do it i would just challenge myself now i learn how to smoke in their home that time this was with the smoke India Hamdi de Vaca then the respected Sigma Chi smoke make everybody respect me the first they were smoking their hair just love without control in a decorative ad still no fit me you out a very serious matter something that requires sympathy and empathy madam good morning talk to the microphone good morning ordinary president yes good morning MA are you comfortable standing or you want to sit MA which one do you prefer but you prefer standing or sitting I prefer you prefer I am delighted to be in this presence in your presence because the Lord has used you to touch the life of many people and today is like my life has been touched even by calling me to be here now my husband mr. John Choji was a worker with Commerce and Industry Minister of Commerce and Industry he worked from youth to even the age of retirement and he worked very very hard and he was always giving additional responsibilities because of his hard work and the place we are living is a government residential area but that place has been given out for owner occupier but it's been long nothing has been done about owner of papaya I don't even know whether it is going to be given to us or not and the homes are not repaired they are very very very dilapidated so at the cost of time when he became retired he now we were discussing that we are going to look at where is leaking then we in fact the roof is leaking to the extent that if you don't have 15 buckets to put in there in all looking for locations you cannot even your bed you will have to sit on one corner or more lettuce on the bed so that you can sleep this is this was a man that served this country if you if you go there now you will see that all these things have witnessed blown them off and beside we're near the stream the the bomb blast sometimes how we had an it broke D the side of the beauty the crack of the world yes and you can even see outside so when these things happen and my husband went up to a dead tree he didn't climb the ladder he went there through the tree because the tree is overlapping on D the roof and does the cost of a spoilage of the roof so he climbed through that to see how he can look at it lo and behold he caught a small branch and he came all the way from the tree and fell down and he only spent two days in the hospital and he died so we now we with we thank God for the government at that time they sympathize with us the him who was the governor then that was about Governor John he was about leaving that time so you're not junk yes so I they helped us and he was buried and then the incoming government before please so for interrupting yes first of all let's appreciate the former governor of Plata stage in Aegina today he is not the governor of the state but good thing when he do still be following please do you think he deserves some applause please less difficult when they hear me now waiting for position of leadership Makwana remembers it the way they remember this good when he do now so then go remember your own good one day if not body do not so then would he remember the bad way you do may God give us the ability to age with grace so continuum yeah so I decided that after one year we were battling with a lot of issues because I myself am a retired missionary so no pension no gratuity for whatever reason so I was just like that I only do ministry walk which has to do with the less privileged just encouraging them cuz I don't have money to give them so while I was doing that a lot of accumulated problems came in and I could not pay school fees for the children those that I in the university they could not finish the university particularly the one that died that my husband away he he got university we could not even do anything about his schooling and he is the only boy in the family and he has three children and there is he doesn't have a future right now except for what God will do an interval for him so I've been going to the government I process all the papers of since ninety 2015 I processed all the papers and finish I kept it and continually I always visit the the pension board to see what they will do they keep telling me that they have process of processing and the whole tenor of the the governorship period of lalong him and pass and we I appreciate la langue himself why because maybe is not his fault I don't know where the fault is where I is from the offices oh the federal government didn't give him funds to pay the people I wouldn't know where the problem is but actually my plate here is that if only he will hear my voice from this area that he can hear may God using the jaws help me bring out their husbands entitled me the name of the president governor now go Bono Simon la long name be OK for that your patient office you get anybody phone number yes I wouldn't be the person name with him be in position for the pension office directors number now od'd o'clock if director suppose in number quit my brother's my sisters if an undertone honest attempt under give a signal signal to duties economic we continue to Devon they go we still be awake for puja chambers of commerce median calm now I make I never started this matter I don't know what eyeballin lead on therefore Studio G therefore studio what of the driver drive rabid only for studio what about the witness is adding the studio okay good so we see they wait for Abuja chambers of commerce median calm I know once on the way we go do merkandi repeat ourselves again make we do face to face mmm I remember the other day we would do the program the DG beans semi text message column back the entire premises here she say she died outside I said I her good luck we go inside she said no same if we stay outside milk we discuss fest I say with you one discussed she said in her own side of the story and the chamber search side of the story about within big to complain and stock on earth I said all this Madonna on Eden program now opportunity for you to talk your own side of the story on unfortunately that they wish you come when I see how these two do be daddy and I can't give an appointment come boy yesterday I announced say Mitsuko I even tell consultant Ike to reach out to her and one other pass away being send me text message to inform me say the Chamber's the representative then they forget the one intermediate kondu but up till now I never see anybody from Abuja chambers of commerce here ok nobody yet security at the gate even if it is five minutes to the end of the program please if they come and identify themselves as people from Abuja chamber Abuja chambers of commerce just make sure you check and be sure they are truly from the Chamber's bring them in we want to end this matter today by the grace of God man ma you know what should be you get your number never know be name go commode now you go see you you we hear say some whistleblowers day here but we're not gonna show their face that word if is a dark room their toxin are then blue with you of some note on camera idea I see you don't need to on camera be entirely semuc you put them for inside darkroom you but at least they make you they know aunt asked to do put there for darkroom the second town where the comedies hello good morning sir yes my name is dr. muhammad Issa I'm calling you from Abuja Nigeria Hamid ISA ahm ad is aah dr. ahmed isa from human rights radio sir yes sir you and I are live on radio the name of the program is bracket of family bracket a family is a reality radio and television talk magazine program it is done to give a voice to do that cannot fight for themselves today the case is not against you directly the woman a widow brought a complaint the harlot husband worked for the Ministry of Commerce a plot to state undyed in the year 2014 till date they have not been given anything her name is mrs. Ruth Patrick John George mrs. rifki to John George II her late husband was John George hello so she said I pleaded with how to give me some numbers and she says she has the Director of Finance of the ministry that is the reason why I'm calling you now sir for to hear what exactly is the reason behind the delay that they are processing the issue now is the combination since 2014 they are still processing this is 2019 that is the reason why I called you because in some instances government will release morning people like directors or finance we eat the money that is the reason why I'm asking you now so we are trying to implicate you thank you very much appreciate voice to retire and II know you are not sure he's not sure go to the court and change you declare your age reduce it by 10 years some of that would they have programmed themselves that they would die on duty some of them don't do that no be hemolytic of some civil servants don't do H declaration more than five times a five CD and I know one woman she's senior my mother but she never retired he never reached the age of retirement I'm a mother I Cervantes aunty you sheriff city here madam-ji monography would astray bodytalk I go I see the woman they wish they walk added a sec I make I dig out now for lo hago ha village you a genius sister with the follower three times the third person to her not sixty-five years up till now she is less than 60 years old does the ok madam I'll go look for the governor's number you go come on Monday ok I go call the governor live on earth all right Mickey tell us why they never pay but now I'm watching I don't pay for that or not occupy so far before your husband died actually they have not even released the document that has to give us Jonah never be anything politics needn't pay this money because of this exposure where you do for somewhere we were good for your life wait they secured for you and your children move this good idea yes thank you looking I appreciate I guess somebody wave because somebody waiter say that miss miss I'm unlawfully from Nigerian prison service here for studio where I come forward whatever your name sir Nerissa you come from where from boo-ki in Kosovo Sensa bogeying Cross River State for how long you don't they around the human rights radio wait right to gain access to the ordinary procedure I came in since Mesa since me is now you see say your patients don't pee yes now tell us the story a great single novel precedences ha I was recruited into the Nigerian prisons on the 17th day of December 1990 and by June 1996 I was matched to sign a document stating that I had been retired from the Prison Service one offense an alleged offense of ourselves from duty for six weeks an offense I never committed neither was I tried for anything so since then I kept on come to puja 1998 trying to see what actually happen and how God will help me sort out the issue but what he did nada have I been given any response reply of any kind have they ever given you are an opportunity to be heard no sir not at all Oh God respect yourselves when you are in the darkroom you don't talk on you are asked to talk show your people please it'll make film again you send all of them out underneath when I want talk oona noble mention our names una Yami if Anna won't talk look through the glass of the darkroom I cannot see where to now go do you not see me I saw me now – I do see me when we reached to talk you go put her like this for your mark these surfaces only well now when I hear me now thank you very much so so they never even say dormady and give you opportunity to make you talk how he waiting even happened since there are time not at Rosa in 1997 mhm I wrote an appeal to the apartment I was not giving any response in the year 2000 I wrote an appeal same to the same of his there was no reply of any kind not si si no question in 2002 I wrote through the Minister of Internal Affairs in ministry there was no reply in 2005 I wrote again there was no reply of any kind hmm 2009 I reminded them I had no t 2010 I did the last write up which I never did again not on T when I had this program yes good morning sir yes how was your journey morning Seibel I said when I stood there for Johnny bar I wish you a safe journey okay artists and I would even racial travel at the same time he got one case what would they do this morning he got one prison officer away proxied and dismissal unlawfully since 1996 onion joined his service in the year 1996 years down the line he say they duty nine-day Machamp to go sign one document with or say they do retire and from prison say for absent absenteeism for the period of six weeks and in taxi you know absent for six weeks but unity to express himself neither was he tried no trial no nothing verbal dismissals plus paperweight and give him to sign that was on indoor appeal to several places nobody listened to them it or write to many places and get the correspondences yet I'd say make a quickly call you live you will not look into the matter if you not know if you do am then I got your public Complaints Commission should officer come now become color transport they go frizzy headquarters now okay thank you Coletti give up people are on number so that when you reach Katie go tell her see in body they shake ignatius I bet so given the number to give us the number in Kate there no alarm basket you know some people forget that you see themselves like angels of God will go barricade you from seeing God thank you very much no panic love prevails may God Almighty continue to bless you as you dig into this matter and give it it this it required marriage if this man is found guilty punish him but if this man is innocent please ensure that you give him justice the way you are praying to God that God should always protect you uninsured yet that you get justice anywhere mmm thank you very much thank you ma'am and thank you mention thank you mention thank you thank you how about as my sisters have an undetermined assets a time then they give a signal I get one student way please study mass communication she come all the way she just see he don't t we should imagine this program you don't eat sushi the one that because I come my dear come introduce yourself then you can't go back go sit down she say just request be seen maybe give her opportunity mushy witness Graham life just be careful daddy leg Danny are you waiting beyond them take you off microphone close to your mouth my name is Robbie Robbie at Sally food which school NASA Iowa State University Kathy would study much communication for their level I do listen to your program but when I can't stop you have to receive my sister so my sister here said y'all do have a case here so I said let me follow her here so that if you have to have younger microfiche you don't go – you don't go follow her for me would offer me before the end of the program sugar go urinate at least minimum or four times Rondo younger levels when i dilute me yeah you can do like this Abby she was that Nadia observe everybody here sister bacony come now come thank you I want to thank you for giving me the privilege to witness the program to be and I feel that we God bless the complete package and because say you don't get this opportunity you get any of your Kozma to go just one salute them with their nickname made a noise you know be honored up top so now you V DS and then one or two or three of your lecturers to also show D and also my greeting is to dr. Tony Vidya my for Mahesh Odie and also to me start or Gandhi thank you so Mike post me wouldja Lowell and also to Jeremy lyakhov oh okay thank you thank you pellet microphone collect I prefer thank you very much thank you thank you God bless you you know that some of them that is an orangy this program now arrangement I buy here are many times the no no tsunami hidden within the plant the counter so this within the duty a you know say you know possible yeah I could just look them laugh I would just look them laugh Papa we he never cannot go another person Papa farm you go to do say in Papa for name be the biggest farm not by mistake they go carry on another person per person when they waka waka waka I go cuz he seemed Papa Paden hmm Lambert as my sister's an electron on acetate I'm gonna give a signal blessing the senior blessing bless in Algebra I or Delhi sorry blessing idly yes and he give me your kiss that woman the one way the husband okay thank you less appreciate blessing okay okay some cases please this case is from the complainants is in Monroe his house was possibly collected by the owner of the land the one we according to them if I learned from one month after I build the house finish the wife of the man and the children of demand collect the house for hand on the land who demanded for studio he come forward Wanda shall never end similar case day be careful though with this man leg I cook a lot now you give I'm appointment any update they discover Najib appointment ah conference Mohit is led why I talk to me quickly let's save time what is your name sir my name my name is Emmanuel de jambe okay you come from where I come from a poor Duty behind the doctor's hospital okay what will happen on the photo on the 30th of November to remember say you don't swear odd yes for high court yes you do the implication of to swear false Oh Tootie essa not breathing you do go yes sir so help us God why I'm continued on the 30th of November 2008 I agreed to buy a small piece of land from mr. Shirakawa it's an inhabitant buggy bad shape mm-hmm so tell me say the placement one cell foam in a place we movement don't give them wouldn't tell me gonna give them food me habit and no they were good men land rich so we come agree so in contrast am I give a man twelve thousand a week on toys here 2008 on the target November 12 2009 yes sir that is 11 years ago because many of my friends will bet that land that type of land at times F nice now 5,000 6,000 repeat that time so but the one way in consume me you contain near route and me are they like well at least if I do so we country so on the 1st of December 2008 when I go call one of my friend John we go so he called one of him brother mr. Moussa so we considered a carry the money Deepu suppose account the money give up so ok may I go ahead Mac would build my house on the 4th of January 2009 Nicole started to build the house I do two rooms with the kitchen I come build a bathroom outside so I want to buy the house May 28 2009 I appreciate employer in there so that way Manu consequence 2011 Sampson and the mother call my house around 5:00 5:30 in the morning who is Samson the son of mr. Shiva and his mother this alimony I hope we are safe just no problem are they the voice so I know she did not be bad people Masato see you okay all family Lonnie give me why them they no no okay go as your ogre or something so that money around at 7 o clock now go meet a hockey me a la Hache a Cunha hollow seguida hockey me see what in SVG semesters are in mine you are being here with you don't stay for this blue cross for almost seventy to eighty years so we know no problem so as I just called Abu sign M Masson fukusa so I was a meeting of a bar tuna so boudewijn it back to me don't do an investigation so we will come come I go ask me a coronary mastery fieldwork on finish Madame Curie entire body language when the conspicuous in the night John George called as you know I see my McCoy explain why allows you to speak house are we over here indigenous original inhabitants will exhaust say he got some car agreement where original inhabitants they do with people won't be seen not be original inhabitants they would enter into leasing agreement with you you build you live on the land for a social number of years and then you hand over not be the agreement that was not lunch just nothing like that okay okay talking for Mackey mill palace okay so the family the Samson and his mama and the family Medina greasy within the husband and a Papa do then the no grief so we share the property idea for the land soon averting the eldest the consider is or P Dada cinema Mona you sue and I see in my last DVD my company Jimmy's Arctic I'm do this more investment or they say it will be like that the new green ideology with them there that then decide with that so the economy be you are for agree to and now I would win at the talk like this now consumer groupies call my wife okay so I can't come back say yes I agree so D'Amato's okay so now Mac nobody call ask me now attack me talk with nobody ever come to my place a now there that's why the talk this is because the term is you today transact business but Nicola let's appreciate how can me me tell you the truth so only so the embassy we are good about my family because if we go find our way out so just treat me like this so on the on the 14th of August this is going to go for which here 17 for the 10th of August so a populist issue on good report somewhere that was missing my guru for police because they were treated my life so I put nine specter of chairman with my kids that this is a mega open pitches five go there and say he asked me what I did don't call my house I said in welcomed by see what in did they talk and watching I hear often teachers buy one for SIA for shitty for community to conspire with in working just growing height same a duty to make a case for conspiracy and force and Mama in the file again so interested in this method not passing power so it get a decade she would be now so in graffiti just resume the police carried in the ketchup please a second got the ketchup please we call explain ability finish because that deca Chi Chi Fisher Babu an era today Olson office administration so cotton say leave my to safe content for these people made in the colony I don't be as they can enter language be language finishing and the methoxy nobody near that house let's appreciate the catchy 9th st my house again so economy Victoria police station again we're not Congo in Israel see what you would do be safe because the first day will come this don't go organize bad boys not just a place we escaped so today until you carry a surveillance come you know come alone Nikon called my wife require is more transport fufufu he lost we carry like sis police well armed so welcome nineties before Sam sandy mama they are on the house for the house nice I'm completely beat me on my myself in a good mama and my other children they listened I see Mattoon middle school my my mama I gotta say what torture left you did because yesterday my mama was about to collapse because of this problem she seemed to because I also deceived my best friend a cockroach and the scorpions and the mosquitoes so as with the age and this type of language they live in fact ok as a division or feet hand Allah make we refer this matter to command because you see this country 90 day they degenerate to clash so which language you be happy to be but right now no forget see indigence someday for Benway someday for Legos so I'm therefore pottekkatt someday everywhere I don't know what I would understand yes I know waiting government they do abuja original inhabitant is not good as we talk now President Muhammadu Buhari ecomod a ministerial nominees the list nobody from FCT the see finish don't eat too much and it is because the FCT original inhabitants are peaceful people no no set of human beings where you go goodie tricks them the way government they treat us will be original inhabitants it is not acceptable anywhere we have the abrasions in in England we have the cockneys in other places we have in America we have the Red Indians in fact the name Kannada the original name is cannot before the modern modernize and to Canada but with you we did talk here BC in as much as we know like within government they do them make them nope take things say two wrongs go feet make a right people like this suppose sympathize with the original inhabitants and if such a person hockey me no antimatter ducati de antimatter you say you know they do and not be said the father don't die whether Goethe said if I die don't die unless if not yesterday diode today they say according to the complainant according to you another yes sir yes sir they say the father admit on two occasions say yes transaction final now the father might be mother and the son according yes sir but we go like milk we hear from the mother give us a phone number or distance I don't have the deferred and multimodal the knowledge we are getting phone number she was the man's number madam we do your case immediately after you come back now you they do ministerial list nobody from F City your children go then they do registration sa state of origin you say a city they go look you begin there laughs ly say you don't know what TV they do where nada here no dear Danya healing Colette microphone quickly if not in concern you yes hold on with the Accord Amman where you are numb to transaction that is the husband of the woman and the father of that melody Samson you with a column now call with your course ooh now ii called badies when I know how many times we did one here how many times we do I hear American I know forgets a Nigerian Union of Journalists our City Council then refers to do make we appreciate the unusual chairman and his council members the naughty talk time we work also why I will make we resolve this matter before we get to that a command level now because if we feel resolving why not you understand something way I keep me under Cochino fuel reserve ordinary president car resolve it by the grace of God so not just collective effort I will I will continue from we are hacking me and Ducati stop make will conclude the matter after a row not in day for this life no matter how much wealth you a mask to yourself you know will die carry anything go with you apart from your actions ok demand no peak no need of calling her Kimmy we go well II rich dear police go confirm from hockey me and the rest Daniel Hiller the model president well done you finish your training yesterday yes mother how was the training very good sir many people call they say you know fulfill the promise where you promise them in fact somebody sent me a text message the his son went for the ICT training let me read it greetings my son came back after three days three days computer training a rather disappointed that he was not given the promised flash drive why the promise that is fraud what euro bus called why you mother president we promise the first 20 students to register flash drives and the way woody should flash are not displayed fast paid to the account but as I won you call who's entity immediately people turn the attendee we can train him don't be be between the attendees with their training some of then don't be not only 20 flash drive we get this week the training you mentioned I want you they are not enough imagine mr. obernolte if you do hear me you see are no treaty or matter for backyard I treat them on earth Daniel are being hinted about this matter before ruins me this is the wit and my other person let me just add this a my team members tell me see Mick we even expand them so we don't order for 20 more flash drives the adipic firmly goes this morning to call more people even give this one a new one tell them to more people go get'em the previous training and this one team just concluded thank you that's what my won't be saying whether you expand you know expand as people don't testify say you don't be established and say now first 20 and according to you the song first twentieth no no no we don't you know to give that for the class you don't give this to me no never give the first minute for this one so until after we can y-you know announced with them for class say the flash drive web promise una I announce to the excuse student excuse me please Daniel what a president please if you want to survive around me you have to be very very careful yes madam president hmm just matter person you promised them our then the commodity a flash drive no be hammer you check the list first 20 number 1 number 2 number 3 20 this naughty 20 people I promise everybody I go Claire yes the first 20 don't collect in our presence now after everybody don't work ago who are you to decide for them please I don't want this to repeat itself again yes mother president that is being clever by half want to see the list and I want to see the 20 people that I entitled to eat I want to give them the flash my smoker I can't give you to deserve you don't have any option you must thank you God boy I'll let microphone on up in the next time anything close to this would happen start with you all right so thank you I have given you the responsibility of being in charge of the academic is anything that goes wrong you have to take absolute responsibility Thank You les appreciate the Hadouken so for those of Anna waited for the Academy if had boy they asked enough questions they asked wanna bring this bring that we're gonna notice a Edie win tuna not the way I did put fire for anybody anybody we know they comfortable with head boy asking for this or that or asking her for this or that you can simply put up your resignation somebody wasabi walk past you go call and replace you good idea yes yes sir my brother's my sister's even a nutria no necessity under under give a signal signature duties economic will continue to Devon or Daegu bill I say this Abuja Chambers of Commerce up till now they never come below we go do this woman K so that she go carry this my baby girl we are your husband Emma okay I'm sorry please come who can separate husband and wife yesterday I got together silhouette and they do I'm telling if the pitch in cough the husband will look divided aware of Gulu condense ago roulette microphone where is the compliment okay when I shift small okay okay wait wait wait make I do this money by microphone Makana comedy I make camera capture you can sit to talk if you want to sit down well what can be your name can you to put the microphone close to your mouth and talk to you such an moment bye-bye Oh sergeant what muhammad baba yo now you be the police officer way they attach to efcc it's a one time like that yes sir we go house my accident happen like this three number to die three in number to die yes sir you sustain this injury we do since how many months now what you don't carry this iron for your leg now it's getting 10 month now 10 months loss since which he sustained is a injury since 2011 2011 same but when – I remember during the days of I GP so Luminara say yes I be refer you to ram and not disabled we affirm – it is about it is it is – bottom and I remember again one time with me on you personally I carry you go meet magma visa for efcc under I remember one man way with him boo boo boo with Amir ranked noisy and you talk to the microphone waste our to stand now let the pain you know be might be paying you one star to star now Kokomo Fallujah is true is one star and what I don't promote a me again sir this man carried is injury with a climb up to go see Magoo this Abu cm you can't provoke the elements of this manner given compliment people chordoma compliment till they reach the aggrieved you see this month as a doctor this leg down the road team smell everywhere am i lying sir your analyzer nobody take you out this month please abandon Amir's to see a band owner office all day long is American police getting sky injury they would take your firm Chinese police get to the stand you take your we just let this man do Kabu Kabu that time to another put food for table for you for your family yes sir so why do man look when pass is due from face I can tell look you know me I can observe people's body language I say what in the what it is man they say the effects a this might not even complement with this led as we passed everybody to block nose don't go now so we managed climb up step for efcc Nabu no Grigios da da ba degrees monomials iam yes sir he says he constructs a make I leave you behind say he did you go attend to you yes sir let her in okar tend to you I refer you to somebody yes sir a B no B so yes sir now mucuna talk say this campus in now in colleagues we see say they doing work diligently see the way they abandon tell me why this would tell me because that is my good money the further Kuriyama brought will carry away better hours will to where they were treated leg say they abandon impatient papa sun above all a Nigerian police serve in this country who Nevada abuse police up and down lacunae remember say what if you continue to the abuse police the way God go punish una one by one una no will know it in the Haruna who is the server for this country no beyond leader I can find some silly if some office not the sofa if you not get God for that now so you go so far because from a Assistant Commissioner of Police and deputy commissioners or police way inspector get influenced past them he got money past them even in the army I know an Army sergeant well mrs. na Marty Melania and I know major wave is an appointment they don't politicize almost everything for this country including our mosque and churches we should tell ourselves the truth certainly any of him colleagues will see this thing we happen to have they were the abandoner if it's the opportunity to give money innovative I'm not encouraging corruption but maybe we'll see police on daily basis Natalie you know they appear for news there is no get private life let's do well nobody out go appreciate them police do bad from sky not read not not read bond police not being one of us any behavior agency of police not a reflection of the general society what is not human being that were exchanged via the Gallipoli status or sometimes even the benefit to a family they know go see befitted barrier de novo see he gets from police officers a thank you not even a single police officer was was there during the barrier now lead arrived the children and the relations the lot of extreme colleagues and his mana exchange of fire I'm no Bastilla at least the presence of police is a is consoling the family would know that oh yes he died a hero he was appreciated I know also two ago provoked me anyhow am I even you know every policeman added a careful they attach another big man would behave misbehave misbehave now in a shabby frog now and as I before you answer let there be somebody una go there with the gun now NASA declare would press one person at the flock they beat people that person where you like that woman will you be to not passing wife that woman where you bit not passing mama that man where you flow not passing stone not passing husband a person be careful what goes around comes around uniweb be police raided whether mucuna careful but above all we all should show love to police suffering how many bosses do not see with Harry police from point A to point B sometimes you go see police for kickin apep sometimes equals if police on top of Okada is there supposed to be so with gone how many police barracks we get what is the percentage of police living in the barracks a bag now if you know the Nigerian police and the lowest person to the highest person in Nigerian police deserves some appreciation let's appreciate their divisions over here we got the police station light no did where they see money to put light what a no-go put solar panels for them Duke where police station ami under the PWA partners West Africa now we go put solar panel for them for for Duke a police station what will it cost the Nigerian police to put solar panels and they put small inverter where the walkie-talkie got a charge they will get light within the counter and then surrounding the police station in case of necessary attack what how much will it cost even if police do not get money if the police you just said today we want individuals and corporate organizations to support us in this project universal solar panel and the inverters were full everywhere it is part of our city our responsibilities as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria one man you can see one big man he got five police 8 police only him you go go on police station to police day four on duty and those two for two weeks that never go house not only two of them do know now we should wish you'd reason with these people they are human beings like us how much is their salary some of the police will do election work they never paid them the allowance it's up to you now so police there by uniform by themself by boot by themselves because they want to look good so there are people who not laugh at them please let's show our Nigerian police some love another bad was they amongst them yes bad ones did but was day make will condemn the bad ones but the good ones will be majority let's show them love less encourage them sometimes I go see other I have a record we are police they push their motive push under they get terrible maintenance culture when I remember one Muthu one better but ammo to wither she give police no one remain alive begin ambolyn back to you talked over it with me and says it can't continue again the police didn't pay so that is from here sir Oh when police refer you to the hospital is a given man they treat you yes it's only the microphone now demand citizen you know it's no good reject me again you want a police I said you have to go but the mark go amid the police they say the police didn't say anything to him to dinner Friday make a call for open bar for who combined so he say no but retail again okay diamond a good man no the Alliance was be to Massa very good man attaboy very very good man dr. attaboy very less appreciated for dr. at about you say oh no Kofi continue immiscible twin dahulu for neck dr. Tabar they use him money to treat patients sometimes less appreciated double of Alliance allows hospital we are calling for you combi the post Pierrot baru khumba on Sunday Frankenberg no remaining this Frank umber from every Friday from morning til prayer time Peru khumba immediately after Jamaat prayer for Frank umber let me talk on 9th or combine insanity una notte here okay thank you oh yeah over to you we do be Abuja chambers of commerce case now any moment from now yes Colette microphone make you repeat with you talk okay you can't go go on wait outside because I don't like the way then they hit your leg so good morning good morning good morning bracket uh forgive me your name Rishi zoom look to your right to your right you recognize the person who should be the wife of mr. victim a bottom look to your left yes'm you know I'm yes tell us the story you have three minutes to summarize the story now quickly okay sir lassie lassie mr. Vicky talk him to me I was a marvelous job Vaska because his shop was very close to dots the party meet you go straight to the point okay sir he met me and told me about a business a cooperative that is what is the assistant manager there but if I have money I should come and invest I told him I've had some experience about Fonzie business I know does he says that no this one is that I know the person I'm giving money and he also we son does it for me if anything happen one day he's going to pay me my money back I said okay he called the wife immediately onto the web to send something hahaha number this one send the account number and then he gave me the wife's number I called the wife after the man I shot me I should carry on that she's in charge day I made a transfer 60,000 there $50,000 to her then after seven finally how much we invest one point six how much they don't give you the American sir thank you okay I'll let microphone good morning sir your name victor is a deaconess about an Indian village okay very good you here with the elh now yes which in your own side of the story okay sir this is my wife when I married her she was working with LifeCam so I had to stop because of the time anomaly come back classic Ithaca we look for other government work only for another walk she that we give out that to take care of family so one day she caught me that there's a place they are renovating and I'm sorry Donna allow this your destruction was please calm down you now you are the talk so thank you they are displaced they're renovating they put ployment sign as I which cut off work he says office work that the Asda to some agencies would it be the name of the place best what's asset pros imitate so they can carry her for work for the US war as a Makita okay very good so so let us see tell me the into cryptocurrency Bitcoin that if you put in a much you put on $10,000 for me Daniel nearly dragged me into this Bitcoin tea at Alan CR no like easy money much he put from 10,000 air upwards the seven days they will give you 25% of the money okay I as she tell you yes I put my money I put hundred thousand okay I first I first of all drag that I don't like that kind of the one day I went to the office as if it could tripping in a poor collecting the money payment so I decided to put on the attachment that it's 125 thousand then they give you then give me I put again hundred thousand so when I go to market when a member was doing something was he may refuse to do so as team president of people telling people they kind of this one probably say what the man did to them I said this one this is why I doing this one I know the people and seen the people not the people have gone permanent not seen at least your wife fishing for and my wife is the makita do this let me cut to my place say you ever hear me say something that is interested that it was even a victim affirmed mmm I said interested I direct heart I return to the office he won't be a make inquiry to the cornet coordinator and orders and and meet my wife also so welcome back he let her come he told me that he come on of a friend as I country that's it the presentation that this is real business that's this is the first a business is interested they tell you like that yes that's my wife that's you don't have time now to good yeah that's got my wife happened to do I don't have anything I'm went I don't have cream nothing me my so I said no problem he said that I should send a car no sir my wife will help you not be you even talks they make your wife now him by don't come from you imprint with the abroad yes sir do you know fastest business yes sir so you can't even tell you say make your wife happy um do yes oh not you not happy will happen I hope by allowing a wife to help him yes let's appreciate the cheerful my wife I would also ask you what is your connection with my wife in the first place I'm a jealous man I'm a jealous man my wife did send receipt to him because in that place they have manager socotra daughter seem so what I said the money too much you said the name of the company now very good ID card is here mmm-hmm seven days he went to college you Colette yes he collect his money they give him the 25% results they give up yes I you give a microphone why you know admit say they don't give you before so let me tell you the truth he did not give me look at what's happened when I get to the office the human the wife has our own desk but that was a Miss a she also my friend she showed me she put them on a tsunami and then encourage me to do more before to reinvest the money talk to me please if I should tell you to reinvest yes sir why you not decide on your own whether to continue or not to continue I everything she specials and she okay good chief business I've been going on we are the first people I started dissing he has been putting us on Isis hundred thousand even or and I will put like on Tuesday on Friday pussy's hundred thousand puts upon return and I did not then you eat me also a meeting decide again you put if you don't want to put you and my wife is not in charge of money mafia Makita accept you as her back a trip you map you have time to come after she is convinced to be put here we bring our seat and sent to you understand so he has been going even when my wife is not day has been going on between I eat her country this thing which everybody we have victus including my wife was putting our money secretly because secretly we decided to want this people run away with the money liberated and office they run with morning we are hundred borders in numbers so are people working for them they said a police catch the song we're not asking them to pay five hundred time they see huge of money so then refused to pay so who asked much on that day he was there waiting to college the talk is mature in now please look for this let's go already now but I figure out that you're not there my elasticity we grow more tracking so does the other person account do the tracking do the tracking they arrest them people that tell us we couldn't deserve within that alone does the one man emitting STLCC they say back you bring money that we give them money for tracking lamb and ice truckey farmer 20,000 so damn brenda analysis and a soft package they taught them to apply balm numbers we attract him is not the amendment Bassam so we couldn't remember all of my sister village human and TV I told you that this remark I post repetition TIG so Duma lamaa Duma first abysmal fishes you come will not a petition me him to a G the notified monitors ERT about 12 the manatee FINA asked me to go we'll go the two I see now call mr. Feeny that is wanted to flick our case we should follow him we got to go like this your head most hard most especially doing with your while secretly from a faucet quotas for tracking they say that we tracks he's not at the memoir these people they have been growing this buoys at the bottom so that we decided to watch together those people that's right so you decided too much about you contributing money woodenness to make sure that we pay what I ultimately tracking money and they put the colors the firming that they arrested part of the people the people even included the man who is printing receipts this visit they are given to us and the other man that they arrested that diamond is the person who took the man man that have docked this company and two of them was in the hotel everybody with that record this petition because some people live forget about the money will not see decided to kiss all of us we print bring our photocopies of licit we bring it the calculated it is a between thirty million our own so there's a by grace of God he will recover money top if I know family released the man on bail which reasonable surety Alya Bush your teeth I mean a police officer yes please the man that shot before no he knows in this boot disc is a 15 or his money semaphore present Emilio her so we saw the man sir the one according to the demand admits that they are all different for a start but his company is different but the truth is that we all know this particular companies do one who took him to wait the print receipt that means the half so since then we have been calling for me going there spending money no since then I have every time in a week I don't normally even what is even pending me Mosley's his money and that's wrong man again to make sure we'll recover money I don't use to beat the market every time police every time I have the only place I have local my happy when to come easy because 2008 was our plan ok you and I'm plannin yes to see happen he said he's coming here I taught me to come he said he said the same we swerved evident this as a bit is good okay thank you thank you Mike we hear from your wife waited put money secretly my damn good morning yes man I when I was looking for work October last know last year August so along the line I saw in Nazi so your husband token eventually they can carry you I might be your salary 30,000 yes and then these people if you remember your goddamn names before mister somebody new 9vd MD branch coordinator okay under I just say hmm they they said am he's dandy he's going around the cost and so the rest of us they are people that they employed from your body man agenda like a tree dad and when I can't go to convince people according to what I say because then when we try investigating more they showed us how to open the Bitcoin untrue and a computer and I said their branch is that Legos sorry Farooq amber is online hello good morning with the Honda in or start on the administration on that is a AG's administration but now something wait don't live there for some time and the man in question is a police officer the Nigerian police send them to efcc he didn't work with efcc one day includes the GU house night accident involved to order two other people died inside the accident him sustained serious injury for leg I on cooling leg on everywhere and then as at that time said the ion No Deal they like the Rotunda smell if we enter here two hours after you commode you need air freshener to put now one one of these days I carry on go meet Magoo after I call Megumi we go I see Megumi and Magoo discuss my goose a mecha goofus or that in say in would take care of the matter after I go would be my own oil special for busy as with a clamp appeasement like we forgot the commode smell the commode one of our officers we carry it rest like this no band band lead away the career group across their body like this I don't know if like such a measure for the mark on defects this man we elect the rotini ago see in the effects a demand no given complement now after we go magoo talks in Goa touch angle a tantrum eventually Magua send them to somebody but they'll not do anything now when when former IG Idris bottom they knock REM go now III sporty own attend to the matter quick quick they send them to Elias hospital they begin treatment compute ion did donggu demand on they look well but as it is now the man doctor the doctor attaboy of an alliance hospital to see the money we accumulate on too much in nog Rafi continue to the tricks demand again say make the mango police because in dango police police no respond to Rama well now make the man come back here a CBC deimata originated from here as we refer md9 mechanically sir okay please have some some openings some windows maybe say this kind supposed to be taken care of I know no whether in to explore those opportunities but I will personally call two people the first person I recall is the AIG in charge of medical because the police have a functional medical department then you police also have as we'll call the HMO which is like a reassurance the datascape of situations like this and so I will police officers also subscribers to the National Health Insurance Scheme like this expected to explore not even the away of these opportunities that they have so what I will do is as I drop this phone to me a favor text me his name is is the one that should activate this explode this look at one status qualified and only 500 of these 10 escalator to the edges of it might interest you to know that we have gone through all these processes that is the reason why the former IG through the bead and I in charge of medicals now discovered that your hospital does not have the capacity to handle this magnitude of injury that is the reason why the Nigerian police decided to send the man to one of the best hospitals which is alliance we have two major hospitals in Abuja the three major hospitals that alliance we have and we have the yes I knew to some thank yous AmeriGas to the IG for now – that's the man name and phone number – Faruk oomba given this one making Tamil Telugu thank you as my sister's of an undue tenacity time then they give a signal signal to duties economic we continue to Devin odigo madam you've been the talk before that call enter so finally how much we or money will you put secretly make your husband knock on here because the team opener oh but your money plenty small oh no no since we didn't happen you don't tell her how much beer money for auditing okay how much we owe money my money days in 380 Oh son oh boy yeah okay um I guess our complainant pilot microphone from the look of things all open on our victims good idea yes even though not them dragged you into this thing we don't learn lesson from this thing others where they listen with the words from all over the world I don't learn lesson even I know how many people don't come to do advert here cryptocurrency Bitcoin how do you get one the video Nobita Nobi Nobi that one he go oh no you know is part of no-bid wait no Kuna no confuse me he get one team waiting they do What did he say you go buy now online indeed one it was like Bittaker Axl Forex that you will be like forest that they come with better money they were advertised my people know with you last week thank you very much yes quickly sir please I have a little proposition here because I know these dots I Anna I believe that is not a ottoman I gave her she did not invest it in our company okay I will just click none we're realizing everything look at the receipt new sent from your once I run tango that hot one half I agree that you as beginning yes because area come on much come on I've done every mission on the hub they have this case file the decision how much you don't give her I give her 1.6 million i'm i'm mocchi don't invest she did not invest by the morning let me show how much did she invest she invested about one point one point three billion so you sent to me look this one cup be this one half the amount she invited I have not taken my money again is when I come you show me the one and an encouragement to add more she NASA recently different receipts she sent you this defer received you let you raise alarm that what she she sent me this which is that there was no madman either on your face the camera money I give her do not appear here – did you – nobody particular money where you give a window show four hundred thousand chief collect micro for the particular window shoe for received that particular one window show for received if your wife no feet defend herself you on your wife when I will look for in three hundred thousand era given to him he said on the morning did not show in the receipt these the fronts yes yes to show you that is the back office so dia is no way that she received the morning see where the monitor fit on this particular one Moni did not wear flats can someone please look at this receipt properly from the look of things here you see that they wrote best what a certain trust ministerial and from the look of the inside you see that this is the back and excuse me yes this is the one on it wait wait madam madam no no come hold my baby well hmm well you're the company received as from tambour yes sir it has front and back and from the look of things you can sit please can you go come on hold your wife she's shaking excuse me look at its front and back needs hundred thousand error and same thing here four hundred thousand error please all right damn Arabic Allah Colet microphone quickly median go finish this matter for police year so called the CPF city median you give the anti-fraud unit yes sir then graffiti uncover different mystery we did behind the front and back yes good idea yes yes thank you make we appreciate them for coming thank you una like the way Han deulim if anybody not comfortable with the way I handle this matter please let me know is it okay please okay please go and sit down next time before you go convince somebody make you put your money make you – oh maybe because I talked say all over not be victims it will say you know carry the news go meet and demand for no go putting money in 4 1 9 language we have catcher we have mu we have Sita we have JJ t we have Sophie any pleasure for one am people day see toddy oh now of spot day gotcha day jjt day sofa Monday boudin a different part so phenom will be one will be see he did in charge of anything will be happen around nine be surveillance ninety Sophie gotcha nine be the passive way to carry the news come meet you unite demoon9 be marketer gotcha yuh NASA sittin I'm be depressed will go prosecute the matter has secured the matter to tell you say this thing where these people tell you not true friend abroad abroad as my sister's even a Luciano necessity I'm done they give a signal Sigma 2 2 Sigma click on tuna to Devin article madam Bolin Lee over to you we go come back I am chef Fatima others Michael and and one other person who do announcement at the end of the program yes madam Boland Lee good morning family my name is Boland Lee I walk then I walk for Abbott item of Commerce as the marketing manager and I was exactly a week today exactly with today I spoke about what happened to me in the chamber where I was I was a lot of allegations and I was too diced like so I came I want to equip you and don't yourself at came with one of the witness and have the phone numbers of everybody I've mentioned ok story first witnesses can't talk ok ok where I stop with the Convention Center the use of the Convention Center I told you that we just have a new Convention Center we are building and it was part of the butcher this is the butcher of the treaty that's my madam Tanya asked me to serve the confessions and that be the woman will come here yes Daddy yes DG DG gotten an apple from the president but as the day goes by we found out that the Convention Center for what we are saying we found out that the Convention Center we might not be able to use it for the event so I was so scared being the marketing manager because I'm the interface that's up to people to pay money just like this kind of case we also had know sometimes it might be in the same so when I when the day goes enough God mr. Wiley does where my story stop mr. Walia posed to be a senior manager me manager so obviously is ahead of me directly ahead of me before the digit and I called mr. Walid that why don't you talk to Madame that this pin might not work because I was looking at that do we is not even in the refunding of monies mr. while I'm still working with them yes or Kelly's day is the senior manager guys on a case of we funding money well that he collects people's money are not even giving the satisfaction that comes with that it doesn't I was one in four is the image of the chamber of course we can't be for money but what about the things people will have passed before we found the money and what they are going to say about you about the organization that mr. Wiley mr. Wiley said B'Elanna devasted to stealth just continue to say uh not so deep now what can't you talk to Madam yeah I can to talk to my now you know a lot about buted because if somebody is doing bad thing and you don't see something he said that you want the person to feel or you want the person's would learn from the mistake so I left I was angry that's particular D you told mr. Wallace mr. white in fact we didn't talk to me for like two days because of that for telling him that what tell him that's why what can't you tell demanded to see that you want not to feel or you don't want the events to work all you want actually that's the only two things when people do mistakes and you do when the about to commit mistakes and you don't tell them which so afterwards like me they sell furniture for People's Army knife meats so that means not called me and said politely I want six hundred square meters formulas the markets a pest when I a sunless committee begins to do the calculation was the value of it for me to tell this is every square meter is which ought to go that's Gustave I'll forgive me new to go in my when I was thinking what can I tell the man I just had this Chinese man to come to the TWiT faith when he came I took him to the convention center and I showed him the Convention Center I showed him the open space which one will it be fair to use in a said you will not take the open space because in the open space or the president you'd build with plywood on planks – and that's the last time they came to the events the wolf we moved under water wind fell and disturbed part of their furnitures that will add a stain the Convention Center so I took him to the convention center getting there he looked at it and he told me silently this convention center cannot even be ready in six months this was about like three days to the event and I was shot because I don't know much about Britain I work with assurances my boss has given to me that this thing can work for the event 20 month old me and I looked at it I said what will I do I tried to convince myself bodily accompany for this open space I'm not going there and that's why the man left of course when the event did the treat where there were lots of issues there in their heart and about the example of such issues example such issues is of course is that you have somebody paid like company speed the place was not ready just it was invaded yesterday now you have collected their money collected their money so if I there was a particular they want person in the convention since I was in video coverage of the please so one of the cleanest data cleans the place knows me i one of stairs to meet me why we usually have this bisciotti Allen of Cincinnati but I saw bodies dance the same coverage and I know the implication of that money because you know the place does not represent of course and I want my madam madam junior did and I'm told that doing the specialty I said somebody is doing a video coverage what do we do myself on a little Eva leave the person not picking up and I'm shaky and in my mind I was like is the image of the chamber because his goes beyond the money because when they leave it's not belong of course I mentioned my name but the gym as they began him that I do so I left with my mother I should leave it that's whatever we are pushing upward of course I learned it with my image that we have one in a worker and that this is like the dead life made scheme but I said I took life me to the Convention Center don't forget our widgets oh dude thats when i did this butcher this is the butcher of the event name when I did this butcher I gave it to my dad to get an approval from the president immediately I got an apple bottom is whatever is on meet the person selling and the person giving me money so that then I went to the convention center when I got the president was there with someone with resident who but the president of Abuja Chamber of Commerce by name who please come back I OD mmm-hmm he was dead that day when I took the life meat man to the police he was actually talking to one Amy there is the architect that is walking on that side so when I left lucky turn a corner and said Berlin Lee that's adult the president asked him that were measuring an exhibit of the Convention Center I was shocked I said anyway doesn't me that the President does not know that we salary we was sort of the space not say well he doesn't know for president accident now white people which means the president wasn't in the node you have started selling the place and at that time you have collect for money from like it's in is like how much approximately approximately boots days one fifty nine thousand mmm so I possibly it's close to for me a boy who you don't collect well don't collect for the Convention Center oh hey the Beatles so when I had that for Mary before that life mates came and told me that I need this thing cannot be ready in six months I knew there was a problem already so in my brain I was trying to think how do we resolve the problem because that's the way you collect money from people like this case there's a way you talk to the man it might we stood behind we probably paid only so we said I think in a worker will go on discounts for people that participated that took the space in convention since I wear now and said okay when you come to a subsequent treatment we want discount for you you have opportunity to pick crimes business whether everybody down from your Mugu who is this is Lila so some people got angry and requested for reformed goods to the office for me from yes sure those pictures if I saw one did a video put in last video you were trying to prevent that time yes okay they wanted that we found that case no decades that's out the Convention says that we were able to resolve the issue of doing events itself read events itself says drop at a particular time I went sir job would like when well what do I mean when says job when this job is like when people doing so of course when people don't say they don't care they want to set aside add the treat for you so they now call me believe nobody's answering the Twitter what can we do of course I know that we were spending money for publicity had to look for one as Victor or guys you probably be my witness on this I look for one days before his name is Mustafa phasma Farouk okay what's the me a because I know I couldn't get money from the chamber I'm just trying to tell you all outputs in so that you understand the end of my school and I'll do for demand awoke a night so I'm on days before the last morning and that's my marketing think I work with the person so I look how the money has a big span one of the biggest salad events and I told whether to do an advance in vachetta is the biggest pasta manga I said in his column you are not picking I said Arvest nobody you know dominate rated me true my-my-my imam imam Fuad of al-habib iya yes so when imam Fuad called me and say somebody is coming Who am I I said let him come and then of you I think that was my first time so she followed him and Heidi Montag finishing she colored microphone begin the advertiser Buju chambers of commerce not damask furniture again my business not market no she goes up to the money way she take even at the door posh you have for work you must pay me let me cook a nice married couple d'accord d'accord in fact if you can leave your line open let people begin to call you deserves improve before I left these to do card was already added to it with my phone went damn I bet she went down even from this to do before I go to the church so after the sweet face the president called us to a meeting of course a lot of issues during the treatment hmm I could about the makeshift stand when people take an open space and the good with plywood and planks of course when we were running the floor plan my mother came and said does a design is all in Washington that's them that we can do a floor plan unbox the Oh people where we creates as this one points as this one points and trust I will make the primary as those people influence prime of course I have not been to Washington and what I know is this that even if you have an idea for Washington you must garnish it with Nigeria to domestic kitchen so I washing to or Clinton like everything she says I'm I need to probably like puts in my inputs what I've been way of saying my distinct our core this thing can work it was gets us to that point between me Anna so I kept quite that okay let me also Lane Washington but I've been to some mission countries that did one is mission let me also Lenin see our display we were so did they treat for a lot of issues with this boxing given the president of the chamber was really mad to a floor plan like this expected my boss then to measure that this design this boxing of the vase was from Washington and I'd windows as if it was came and they almost fought in the office I stood and I said yes I saw that's because one thing about thank you told me something outside that was it here on edit in the presence of the exhibitors the president asks you and you because you do we're trying not to implicate your madam you decided to keep quiet yes but the president assumed that everything I mean was you yes sir I said so so you took the bullet for your mother right so the bullet I was outside with the president Santos's bestows making noise are you kept quiet inside of you to tell them about the Washington ting I kept quiet even when it was it was really angry now what kind of a floor plan is this now we box people together what if you didn't imagine slow fire or something but I kept the president's back he came and resolved the issue and McCabe Lee well that ends the issue of twit face so after the trip where one day the president called or sometime in October the president called myself that was the first time the president we call me for any first time you call me so he called me the senior manager mr. Walia I spoke to you about a my madami my dance office and it gave us an assignment apparently does I made a gift to us I've done it for the former president you know detain us to get to get yes I've done something similar to the former president which you used to warn the treaty chamber through which there is a template on of course for me have it simply turned on I press it there when somebody gives you a job and put the timeline to it you need to be careful so when the man gave us the assignments he put its timeline so and I know the markets a person that when this timeline dam is he said I want to oppress you or somebody said we go for it so instantly I went to work and I went back to my Thunder this job that the president have given to us this is the my own inputs nothing Holly just wants the president's coming to him it's a me I'm shaky I need to see the bullet she has been collected so in my mind stay for my boss would tell me that be nicer like she does know how respect for the president so I now went back on a cabeza I not told mr. Riley that's okay this is my home you I'm in charge of Twitter look at retrace that mr. Wiley is in charge of trade missions abroad puts your own on my own let us join it together and when we had when we're done for me I was done in two days after mr. Wiley finished his own we combine it together see I do we not send it to president mr. Medina told me that is afraid that we cannot because there's the portico did he direct Raj and I supposed to be the boss of Mustafa did direct boss of this valley is your direct boss missile is my target was the ad do we jam a down I'm gonna give it a try mr. Walia was scared of course it's mine but senior boss is scared well am I not so also not to be scared at Maidan is to do a wallet to use your uber right yes okay so mr. I said okay let us go and give it to Madam for my dog to go to it and give an approval send it to the president that was it well mr. Wiley give it to the man tamanna expensively do that Simon's have you submitted it I said madam has given it to the president that was before the deadline of November and I was it on generally when I came to the office and I asked me for the symptom and not so mr. Wiley this job you have given it to president what happened they said they can't find it you can find well the one I did I say I have it on my system let me what you did for the former president let me quickly print it for you and for the one who did magic together but this time I don't send it like him are copies send it to him in soft copy we send it to him soft copy there so even if we can easily tree now which they did know imbued of course I first seek in general I know president distress of the last search which way in January and this is my card or specialist of hospital when I was taking two fellows if I the first time I was one D office mr. Bonney was even the person that I wash me to the hospital but therefore the office to know that I was actually sick they watch before that to the hospital afterwards as kept on having these issues I don't the chamber has let's poor God but if I can take if I have what from what age of what sin I should be able to take off myself properly so I went to a private house which are going to fellas hospital I went to a private hospital as a specialist hospital so when I got their hand up doing a surgery but in this doing that process of running in surgery the HR person knows because I give out the cut everybody knows damn sick that general it was so terrible so one of those we figured our sick I came to the office when I came to the office my madam madam tuna not called me to her office and said that okay I should take this cut that president said I should go I said why go with that I should go that is I'm cutting Navas ballina that is the door shock you they don't suck me ah well she said so should not give me dude ever come back from hospital yes they suck you colostomy bag would not president I can show you my picture here why did issuers colostomy bag make my lemon I'm German LDL city called dr. Joe my wonderful elegant lovely beautiful Appalachia C galoshes or my ashes dr. Yoshi assist away they work with the city minister will deliver my hang-up good morning yes you do you do Bitcoin infauna this is mrs. Cobb ooh my children well done and my elder brother Abigail and UJ the plan nuj in collaboration with human rights radio they plan star whole meeting on security yes security town-hall meeting and mister the Chairman FCT comes you please stand up sir Colet microphone so she can hear you may damage a seed on board this karpicke old man like this okay so I won't let you help us secure an appointment with the permanent secretary because ninety minutes are now we want we wish to see a between today and tomorrow because it is very very urgent and very very important for us to have this with him and then for us to know what onward we are going to put in place because security is a security is everybody's business thank you thank you you go call back close to the end of the program now we did discuss a colostomy thank you thank you yes vocalist okay please agri-cover here made a CD side this wound with this wound just make people understand die she is lucky to be alive I'm telling you when I was young by ourselves two naked like that no weird hair cd1 it was discretion Odyssey una cita wound novella Buddhism who knows yeah nice yeah when I say you can freeze it quickly with this I Steve went to the president oh I did because Wendy madam and over did let's answer me I said is it because I'm sick she said no okay what have I done to him he said she has even begged all the people closer to the President on my behave and the president said no NASA don't keep the president's is like a father as children I can't go on meeting and I went to his office I didn't seem day if with the madam said I should not talk to anybody of that president gave me Latasha talk to anybody this your digits decided I shouldn't tell anybody aah vomits found me Jehan I don't know I didn't even the best friend of President that I know is close to me oh so I could talk to and I went straight to the president's office yeah i president's office I did get to same then I went to his and his house in front of his outside when he wasn't there i net down with this coolers coming back with this picture this picture is uglier than this if we see it right you know the body colectomy bug is that is above once after doughnuts lunch picture yes so now went down on next in front of his gates when he was coming I saw his car for my phone I let it down with my hands which of the president please Kyodai son son so I know when states is the next down day and I was crying I when I when it drove to the gates and I said sir I have a friend I said it's in you by language I have offended you sir please forgive me he's not because we die even knowing what you did don't know what I've done everything outside still don't know what I'm okay I have done okay so when I got there net die not drove in and next down still are that gates what's in that part we got concert is that and just come to the security gate I probably tell me some for how long did 9:15 I was outside on to one man I don't want to mention the man came out I said well anyone USDA crying this is not the end of life just pickets and zoom that God we do the best for you and that was I lived and I left everything in the hands of God here witnesses do for studio yes okay witness we're not gonna take your take you today because don't – you're her picture don't show her picture we're not going to take your witness today we go take your witness on Monday by the grace of God hmm hi tomorrow is that whatever come to more or less take your witness we are still expecting the DG Abuja chambers of commerce miss you can't talk because she tell me say she get the Chamba side of the story with let us hear them she Bernardo here ballin Lyon when I hear they drive our own after 17 years look we hear the Chamber's own maybe they get their reasons for doing what they do in fact not maybe they they must have a reason for doing that my brother's my sisters of an illusion a necessity and then they give a signal signal to do economically continuity they were not ago my quickly quickly quickly quickly you have 30 seconds my name na adores my car and I meet the train people on how to design website how to develop mobile app how to use cyber security to prevent yourself online take advantage of this holiday when I children upgrade themselves for all these other trainings we go happen during the holiday and we develop the Vanunu ornatrix garden with a force on 5 mm-hmm number 4 number zero nine zero five zero Nationals are for numbers you have connectivity from what is the linkages stories she has good institutional memory before you go we should not be quick to conclude this is how side of the story let us hear from the DG thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you how about as my sister give a signal signal to do it we get only one minutes now to park I come over to do so now you could take 30 seconds out of the one minute good morning now we train people on foot processing on B&M la faccia Fatima okay Anna tomorrow be our batch be arrested tomorrow for people who never take advantage mucuna take advantage register una children for no phone number to call nos 0 we uncle agent yes my name not caliche un coche ha ha deform everybody listen see our online business and skills training the coop tomorrow will be Saturday Paterna from 9:00 a.m. courage 6 p.m. in the evening with mini importation yes petition how to import all kind of tissue also teaching how to sell who suit each non like graphic design for number two corner zero seven zero eight five one six zero six nine four zero seven zero eight five one six zero six nine four everybody ready

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