Brekete Family Programme 25th July, 2019 (continued)

please I'm sorry thank you son thank you sir you go come back tomorrow again with it will be anti-corruption / whistleblowing day thank you sir we go for mata until you get justice by the grace of God Almighty you may sit down sir thank you sir thank you where does my sister have another journalist is a time when they give a signal signal to do the signal it will continue to Devin or they go our brothers and sisters in the a sporadic all they are them to the core will go continue but before then I would like me to hear from this barista welcome – okay they say the man will he reaches some complaint against that they force to do two o'clock their own side of the story without any comment Anna Garuda mental person come to respond give opportunity to respond I don't tell you sometimes some of these our complaints will wound Adhikari come here it belies smoke will somebody see through window these are the thickness of the smoke you don't go break window enter you just see somebody just come when you can t Raja will be asked with India what is happening now inside weather go sit on the corner of the AC because of my D baby okay Tom okay I got I got bodies [Applause] ego forgive me if I know pronounce the name where where bodies are food babe Simon no porn I give up on him to the studio [Applause] – time oboro-sama make you introduce yourself good good morning respectability Maga promote you Vicky become executive president [Laughter] my name is Simon upin yes sir I'm a lawyer practicing here in Abuja okay sir sorry one minute this month on the court we don't know never with an emergency hello good morning yes no way I'd ever know from okay Victor from Italy how Italy today okay we can be contributed a bit naughty where they took you for a liver we do for bamboo studio somebody life on your head police come arrest you when the praetor interpret [Laughter] sadly because they are most of uniform so our job [Laughter] you go you boom man now I know of one-way carry complaint from that time they collect to her children and night Richard humor on man fight Ali oh just remember remember jiggle Jews begin their craft before you never kinder Appleby chakra too much they carry on go mental hospital say she got mental problems begin the problem because of the my brother thank you now please now whisper it is not allowed here can you riot I'll give to her please sir thank you now they were way even tired me again not this way way you send us speak into school they were they asking whether you prefer DBT oh mama now waiting yes awaiting the know understand BC our culture the different culture if this patina in Papa meymaneh Yoruba you know your below [Applause] he asked my daddy beat my mummy last night Monday to produce thank you very much jankura thank you you know mice is different from how a woman's house our romance is different from Ibero months ago tell another three months now my wonderful elegant lovely beautiful palette palacios galoshes or my Asia's dr. Yoshi assist away to work with assistant minister Candela for murabba in yeah good morning so you can talk to me clearly you are still sounding far away from the microphone position it properly madam Jin Mei of the FCC so then they start with you we would really [Laughter] come back to let's go back to you yes madam chairman of the FCC call center yesterday I've been there as some people say media and call you say I hear somebody call me say it girls in foreground say one American diplomat beat one girl sotae today nearly on but Nicole too much okay say she'll be nearly unconscious so as I he has an American diplomat I quickly Clarence a medium called the Kohl Center number I know from which all to do with 9 bc d dt serious come to the contrast from who rather than we get punished enough this is not it from a stick not it too much the diplomat we know the diplomatic the novel carried the opposite of diplomacy Fibonacci Roman now make a column now then before the end of this program make you call ba because somebody tell me say your your fish farming training not any moment from now organize tomorrow so you go call barber make a call see people at 0 mana thank you thank you TP Bala aroma Karuma oh we get luck for the kind CP we got give us her not be only disappears if you steal Oh congrat PPR open be that way I see one more to park for a loop a crossroad I quickly called Monza before I cook until you become back the don't go to contour de teba because serious have you go slow for inside that lie say the girl the Redeemers private secondary school they're rude you actually go down after a dark church the Tippa I don't know it just crossroad you know some of our security people suppose the suspects on cam movement house in broad daylight not be tires boy you cross route open bonnet of 80 per se you did repair when another that they used a pas de deux robbery now if you did go for night you cite the path they put our route license and they repair no gonna just reverse quickly because inside the body kappa people they inside with guns as soon as you near the place say you want maneuver their go jaws they go collect estimate to collect everything the drug for by next Junction did it work for other places they do offer will not know where they study stream from Shailaja what is the power another ever see any tea politics packs and Wigan on public show me any deeper wait wait take the box and a stone apart from this construction company who are these individuals own will you see Malala do transport company cubicle stone contractors are Diwali kocchi move and gravels god bless you they don't do this business before so NASA they go pack for rude you couldn't make the remain in place Naru now the tata wada Cody see people is Naru so you now with confidence look I just maneuver us you slow down oh this the CP don't pick mucuna Club forum for picking now some sleepy sleep by now this one don't wake up since early morning milk will appreciate [Applause] publish on to the laksa I see me witnesses we will be junior officers why would the toaster CBI officers we must give compliment and see people aromas are we get one situation way I never confirm him but I confirm him half half yesterday somebody called me the predicate a family emergency pure water common number will be 0 is 0 3 3 2 2 1 1 4 9 he said he got one American diplomat we beat one girl to unconsciousness the matter the russia i'm going to make a police station and then carried the girl go may come up hospital this month the yesterday will call me because i hear adam an American diplomat account Hong Kong madam Juma of the off city call center I come forward the number to them now this morning we will come Adam German beer city call center she said yes true true it happened say the Miami police station attendant on duty matter what the corrida kagu mate AMA General Hospital but the no feed one see they rush the good National Hospital she day for trauma center now ask me and you did talk we don't know whether to get on that whether she still be alive so where were they call madam Jami to give me the four one one she said the only sea trip which he got we said the matter day for National Hospital not even soldiers a mecha call you DCP whether you they aware of the matter they get case with the report imagine a hospital okay I don't think you're full of it get my office on okay we'll go copy like that okay we go copy we go call you tomorrow baby anti-corruption / whistleblowing day on Friday made by then they got off on issue with enough information to because Nigerians they interested for this matter even America be interested thank you thank you let's appreciate him now may he never suffer with pain barista sorry for interacted with a calm down we will go left to go right and this can work hard like this like this some people they like am sometimes be my liking Carrie meek on the ABC hmm some people call me a snitch on here did you will not be to thank you today light now when they go come come contacts you delight another delight and here they can talk with you know so the team don't worry me I lose if our law any good we know suppose talk between anywhere but this one a night matter we can report the matter so what a day for court man we can report the matter the proceedings and everything we can report but we cannot question the authority the process of the court thank you ours is to report because we owed in public that by informing them about the process the procedure and how did I mention all the direction the matter is going thank you very much so the people can talk see then walk for night hmm they talk see them is seventeen thousand and one hundred he since 2006 they never did to the hidden cone maker put mark for the issue and they don't care well that was a lot there is the position is hmm me Marvin whooping I tell you yes so when recon Leo's off in 2006 the Imperials pension for five years with all of us wait but we know Chrissy when we enter overnighter they said when you retire them who pay you well shorty you die so the computation for only five years we pocket Archer use money if you refuse money you go die of hunger what are you doing there's no money maybe to do where do i poke at no but you do okay no panic la for this map we begin good pressure of government see this when you return now what do do you die but them to admit I'm here say they don't pay them they pocket the money to do so well we can't talk to government doctor government government can't transfer us to attack okay so Peter can see talk make everybody come ooh come to verification mmm this one our February last year so all of us can do verification so in October the GPS or attention everybody you will don't wear if you don't call a it is no finish after I will sharpie marker here okay but damn Casa de no paid them and which now I become so where we will be very fast were about twelve thousand ooh you are that mm they see the newest thing yes the person will walk when you lose 10 yes do they get pension then wanna give you gratuity not 2006 the appeals five-year special are gradually everybody okay but he was very status man asked you a question the Essex you you past ten years 24 yes overnighter yes yeah I sure yes which if I know look you're faced with we are good look maybe defeat to you okay for sausage maker no consider the youngness on your face because as you toasted Meccano look your face now I don't imagine with a good look but anyway what you see you know they anti to to pension or gratuity if you know reach 10 yes no you do entitle to gratuity okay but you know they entitled to a pension yes that is when I you know say you won't leave whoa okay wait now lawyers be yes mean immediate I be certified a fellow sir you do your work diligently you do as they ask you to do all of a sudden government Tasi make you go not be you tosser you won't leave this work prematurely yes now the government wait Roxie make you goo suppose make proper provision for you because I make a London file and you pick me up from the hell because not be these people on their own wake up say I know do work again with that law go apply for the ahead then they plan their lives in the beauty area they go with the hope set and go reached 30-something years where they were served his country then all of a sudden you got shot their dreams you got shot their aspirations you got shot they are hope and that of their children they know the work for blocking distillery work for then they work for government and then all of his study you just government just wake up but other countries around the world with a responsible government if they one lay off workers like this suddenly if you know the provision within they make it a nearly reach the country's budget of that year I can give you example of some countries but here in Nigeria like say these people not animals you just wake up we get companies when we say during the days of his Excellency Jonathan and if I can't go just take over company see Seawolf workers I'm going to cover their company they did not pay them are there not Nigeria's I did not anti to to everything everybody's entitled to my damn out-and-out mechanical afore you understand they are entitled to everything anybody's entitled to we do here some people said nap some people mine didn't take big sand at us some now another person Monday the turkey baby bee member House of Reps after many years Joe caught judgment will come from court the guitar say okay no being supposed idea they go come on since we ID here Dottie I never hear when they talk see they tell Sousou senator we don't do three years or two years to return the money we don't call her for sittin allowance traveling allowance Bretton allowance coffin allowance and even sleeping allowance I never hear any senator Widow Ratana or member House of Reps I did better than these Nigerians now the government should be responsible enough to say look we know it is not your fault but because of this disease this is these are the provisions we have made to cushion the effect and it is assumed because sustaining the kadhi the company that is not profitable to government is the loss to government continuous loss but if you talk to okay we go assumes without undue finish we will be given a pension according to Unilever according to the salary with you they collect you know there will be nothing like all these allowances there will be nothing like I don't know the only money wake government would spend a dissipation pension pension and these people would forever be grateful to their country they over to you sir haha so that I went is similar within the appeal of that the pious pension patootie they don't dance they don't dance you compute the money when you carry your loot aigoo your village none of what is wind appears with at that time so and do you think it is justifiable I'm coming Donna you know before you reach there this birthday within I just borrow questions give you now government you'll just wake up you will you do walk talk see C Mon you wait go carry you go village who you keep for village some people they stop this country some people stop this country finish the no get house for village they no get for Township the all of your study is just got shot passing dream passing hope you say go back to village to go do what which house barista some of us blue coats we carry the matter cocoa with Kara before everybody's got a good defender if judgments when I would defend their my view you've earned yourself a mochi people see sometimes you accepting so that life can move on which obviously being there when didn't I tell because we know say you get that time then T for money marketing okay okay so continue continue coming thank you so we carry good defend our colleagues when they say they know do damn well who they say make them pay them some money that once every tick we file I say we carry gone for the money come on hmm so this one now we don't fight at least that I would get she she what seven years nothing we can't fight now the Comicon Sookie issues happiness monthly pension then that are yes but we give them time they will also be the area's when the wars for the patient and the time when with the struggle of g2d but that Elizabeth would repeat you won't be one for pocket orga okay yes you see the size of boy 90 determine the quantity of water we go commode give them basta as you by the grace of God you'd be lying you get Lambie not just anyhow plan B is solid plan B another understand city will be man look young and fresh now if you see your colleagues will you and them work well life tie them like chocolate you know Odin this chocolate be good tie here tie here you did for me do you you go nearly 80 some of them seven ago recognized another go recognizable because you carry your young face up to now some of them if you know look where were you go Tuesday night your Papa aged mate or your grandfather age make because of how life don't some assault for them sir I know say lawyers know they like to hear this thing but please forgive me if I talk him Sir if we remember say God in heaven they see us yes the same God will make impossible for us to they do what he would they do alive today the same God they watch us they watch everybody if we did do make with the consider and not that person if somebody talks about it is scratch up you don't know how buddy they take scratches you go look for something with a scratch body yours put make you see how uncomfortable that indeed shows now you could imagine are not talking within then talk done met with set the record straight nine be the main reason why this man come here say this matter day for thought and then the processor when I don't hear and I never questioned the authority of the court but I can't questioned your the process of the government anybody will tell you say any time anytime could be next year would be in ten years time to be in 400 now out of this 17,100 more than 2000 people don't die according to the last until we're here okay even less Azam's and only 200 people die not be here we do with children of for manager Airways staff where their parents die Harry crackin Sadie the Apapa colleagues they wasted their life they talks about the new captured them understand the evil to say one will ago the bitumen Gundam held immaculate this now Terence when we see this children Odyssey who not supposed to the I of Pune own children they look them because the God we take their Papa can take you at any given time anything will you do another person peeking when you know I forget the words go happen to you but we do here the children even the wives of the disease them there come the next of kin orphans their come widows come here orphans come here these people who not remember when accorded chairman of the movement yes sir now here is sound on earth nature of the mass care to come now because they are threatening the magnet president if anybody I know they walk with coward anybody will still come I will attend to Ram I will follow up until they get justice but if person agree come again or be by force after the beating they get that money in Legos many of them are scared those wonderful coming on unfamiliar faces they are just come on their own Maidan come if they come I was to follow up until they get justice by the grace of God and dancing where they treat another person in case anyhow make you remember C 1 D 1 D hey make I take this call I will come back to you hello good morning the idea that matter now who me anaconda vanos oh I do good the market demand okay man I'm with thank you so much for tender for us not doing the table not send you to do for us it gets wants what it took me forever this morning in the spider we're sort of several you the various on somehow when you know sir what you did are you on do you listen to me [Applause] if you know the internet you you could ask what kind is it you have written that because we control better school you can even say to my top three into the corresponding luck because give me this program opens up to home and you see our leaders this our leaders how long should we cover this with my my brothers my brother you see our God is a wonderful god you see make you go check these children wait and send out broad check their life in the next two or three years after they come back I said me IUD here Minister of Finance they come at her because controversy commode see she know get NY SC exemption certificate not be because anybody that contest as you know go school and she know do well she would she used to be she was one of the best students of her time because of NY SC discharge certificate the Kamata as me IUD talk now I know a permanent secretary sarvam permanent secretary we'll know salve and they know given discharge certificate no BR not a place now permanent secretary Ministry of power go on check if I give medicine to duty waiters don't develop a insomnia a B no B insomnia I'm sorry Burroughs microphone sir wait the chalk say yes what is the government going to do to support this program today the rich the first place in the history of broadcasting in Nigeria Meccano cross over to say Africa or the whole world tell me one program where the government decide to send presidential life zone will be permanently positioned on a program Monday to Saturday in fact Nigeria does set record for other countries around the world to emulate we are not asking the government to give me money because if government they give me money Anagha feed do this to what they do they gotta decide with you are you talk and waiting I know go talk yesterday because I mentioned the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] everybody for Dubai we will love our country and we will do everything to support our government where the government is going around we tell the government where the government is doing we tell the government are we together we should all have this positive energy around us in order to move Nigeria forward Thank You less-efficient ourselves butter star you video talker so the problem when we get now when we knew the Colet – I thought that impede all of us so we can't talk talk talk to him they can dpo SMO SMO mm-hmm based on group of people say they know grief make the new pay their monthly pension what they want is this you've got Lydia money for 20 years I paid them at once what was your wrong is it runs right but what we are saying is we are not challenging this but why the tipping of you see they say if you just wanna be peers they stop no policy no policy documents with their bodies to furnish me with [Applause] if my lord ghost castle you can't you can proceed I bet you present this after two weeks [Applause] then what with also loop ECW our people our colleagues you know people this one one month week 11 with your body maybe wait until you pay us 20 20 years should I go coming boy who say we like her but at least with the college is one the Cova body the Congo côte they said that whatever they belong on it they take drugs away because it we address immediately 20 years at once but but we didn't call a ds-11 Monday cover body especially with the alive 90 talks with 2000 I choose 2000 will come fight the compy they are nestled in what do I do I imagine if you died and will calculate your pension for five years I'm Pierre your person who we don't fight that one they don't begin tedium at least 1500 don't collect who were fighting for the other 500 so what is the August issue stop but in the interior with your college this one but this man if you talk mr. smolla good morning oh never peek sorry one minute hello good morning sir here's my name now ordinary dr. Ahmed incident the committee ordinary president that not because I did fight on behalf of people will know fit fight for themselves now will be the papa of that Jam bite way because of over reading he conned the get insomnia in order fiercely for nightly not if he sleep in the afternoon and I'm admission obtained now 275 as at last year the system the system the computer 250 to see materia we would discourage for this country now you know say dr. Rouge will give me one tea like that curry this man we get a nap dark sir Tiffa Kate get international standard organisation certificate on FDA I concur DDT give you same EQ they do forum no sugar no or anything making they sleep I don't know whether any improvement my sleep [Applause] but the I discrete discussion for that I own Korean Gucci ophthalmologist you can those harbor people will come daddy you get one way a Clemson black medicine for I get medicine for this one only for me to go outside go see I'm say yonder you don't own this place to supermarket including HIV [Laughter] thank you thank you bring your damn microphone obviously thank you okay thank you very much thank you thank you very much hello thank you hello hello my brothers my sisters have an illusion on asset give a signal signal signal container to Devon odigo federal competition and consumer protection Commission they get plenty things to tell us we will listen to them both make barista finishing him so well our de Cali come here booting you not BC they knew see this matter did court to see this matter decode before no come wait and and talk they say they say the one way decode you know consign them I don't know what I understand are you don't confirm him say will not be two groups Nationals una wait the last most month and then we they like me then give their embarkment they can do the cutting yes you know una una de comfortable to some extent so I need as much more wonders to buy soap and CD this was Perceval ground node if you had to fall again the doc calculate how many years remember them some of them also don't enter them some debit is going on today so I'm not they see well some naughty here well again you can take give them crawfish money with him they want they can do after how many years since well then then then Sakana since when there's hakuna which he 2000s but Aria start from 2011 to now mm insists to dinner 2019 that is all Motegi ESMA Hatun yes make we appreciate barista Harley's who don't set the record straight part of this muttered a fur coat and barista don't talk them they are comfortable with witching government they give them fun now not because they don't like the areas we do coke on our inbox but they are only see this much more make it become steady pending when government goes ready to blame and fight that one and then damn toxin there no like because they are not begging government Makino belies the government they do their favor this is their right government should give them what is due to them a big una door here D positions thank you very much [Applause] that's the way you give that person yes I give you by the grace of your request as you you request your own you want elite no no beer Italian as you request your own I talk no no now I won't ask or request okay hmm I beg I never beg any lawyer boy thank you yes thank you preyas we're way here hassle-free front of you yeah we will give you the phone thank you our DHS thank you I say we go photocopy or your culture by certificate and order it's just to confirm and we go promise or say any case we will carry give you you know go judge Cabo if you require milk you use money process you ask the ordinary thank you thank you madam Jami thank you sorry doctor you may see my brother's my sister's on the signal we don't get additional lawyer now we appreciate them [Applause] you know when you see an intelligent lawyer you can tell I don't know don't understand so this kind people now material then we make withdraw therefore body at least every day we carry like 15 cases given we know they make sound [Laughter] at least we can give society's yes remember that our daughter that my daughter that our daughter that our system way BC she gets more fever she go chemist the Koch Harry's right give her for almost six months G they take steroid will breath begin the commode here the commode other external groups everywhere we're dead now holding the whole event us to do not remember Ibaka the bottom people to become sugar the crime record curry hagu one mental hospital for Kaduna nob'dy waiting for banana this one a private hospital now waiting I noticed be safe if the curry person go the government on we defer burn our ego state many years no improvement but this private one two three months you go see result passing good they make sense now I carry her go make depositor of that time aware are 800,000 have been how much the monocle finished I come go one time I work I do not give them weather 350 finally the last time why I go Nadia has caught me rich kid she was talking but because you don't take way that wish no Walker she come it toxic it gets more pain when she they feel around her hips now doctor shake one professor will get the hospital name be the president of psychiatric doctors Association of Africa doctor shake now the person will help take care of the hospital now one doctor how do you know what you are notice but we know quote me anyway once you wearing notice children doctors now attended occur no no you got well with the decoder podiatrist if pediatricians if when I see any pediatrician no matter how old he could be behavior as much more children and I make if you are a wife car you're picking to go visit pediatrician if you know get anything to do go with her the weight and they play which would ready they make women they fall in love with them you can go do you goes out husband and now so he be with mental doctors say any psychiatric doctor what you see if you sit down near around 15-20 minutes ago dissing our patient follow you for baby kissy Kissy now they say they won't discharge her on the touch yet by God if this guevara entire here will none over recognizer in fact the last time she'd undetermined but how she will start business and start life afresh she was so full of life so full of life general MIDI they call me back because of rules of engagement our Nagar P King Kong rules of engagement even sent me text message make I send the soldier vomit inferring office but because of rules of engagement I still the wait for that number of that passing will get authority to speak with me for radio Lucifer okay Mac I pick hello general I stood there for you because of the roots of our engagement okay I'll go check on I'll go check on but this is so so unfriendly but now such a voice good sir this is to notify you that we are going to discharge Juliet in about two weeks time scandalous have built before the time thanks the Wednesday good day sir when is day again we want to remind you that we plan to discharge Juliet on the 31st of July to 2027 in 2019 the additional two weeks and the discharge drug cost two hundred and five thousand totaling eight hundred and ten thousand Iran ability balance we are go balance make a show you you yes you but today you send out which time you send up when is the yesterday Carmen your o'clock 12:49 thank you so we have 810,000 era now to balance up for us to get Julia discharged my daughter blessing come forward he got some donations were some people do make we hear which one on which one D one for her we know then we go know how much we need to balance up now mokona knows Juliet unknown not curry the curry Hakan dumped here forget I don't know the only tea were no discernible she be and a Christian should be from the eastern part of Nigeria the one we establish again we tried to reach out to her family members all of the reject her her senior sister will carry her come this town her uncle how all of our relation and according to her well life was good for her when she was doing business in Aisha the all the family members were dependent on her but now life door somersault everybody don't discharge her if we do finish I go challenge Orhan agenda book after i balance this 810,000 era making book people show me say they love each other my dear talk to me my name is blessed mookie chiku from which school i miss event of covina we technique of your state's covenant polytechnic i be a state reaching you they study mass communication mass communication with you they do here my i.t i.t nope we appreciate them now similar among the IT students where they catch up on time let's appreciate how some of them will come here you go to struggle with them license I don't know maybe appreciate her [Applause] the donations were for ground okay we have donation from mrs. who may Adobe $50,000 to support bracket a family to support bracket a family so now for bracket the family yes now that 50,000 our work we put on inside this 810,000 error – mm-hmm we have donation for Deborah Johnson you complain at the half five days old son died how much these from a living faith member let you go called you man she bit you husband uncle Muthu now Collette microphone Collette microphone you don't start walk I need the Duncan house they don't get house now may equip in hurry man okay we'll go join money on top of this monument – them yes sir quickly quickly Deborah Johnson body person does no one sees name to be mentioned okay okay 20,000 now you see say the house right down the reducer hand 70,000 are for medically challenged challenge thank you these 15,000 air from Joseph brown for Maria I leave the complainant that worked for 33 years I as a chief nursing officer Norma the money you get rich or not somebody look at you you go pray for the fashion 1515 lucky he's donating two pairs of son material for Lonnie no silly the complainants that works for Ministry of Defense for 33 years and is from accurate the Baba he gave to Insadong so do we have one clue yes daddy day here no Mickey bring so easy not to go back to our prayer and I ain't good day easy for her to remind me I will give you 20,000 that I'll make you Santora okay sneaky taken Kushan effect of a hard life okay sir mr. Shah is donating a little pony for the ordinary president [Applause] thank you mrs. mommy baka way is donating 10 packs of bookkeeper or you for the widows five cartons of one liter bookkeeper or you for the theme bracket a family team then one cut on of three litre booking for my place if you chop oil finish you know see we are to clean your Yasha then mrs. I'm Archie de berry donated two bags of rice for the widows yeah may God make or replenish our post many times people will contribute orphanage for my daughter now if I touch them you cannot club like this you know no club where she could be in crime you cannot climb down the Juba signa signature do make we come back to SC CPC make we hear from their bird man look we call dr. Otto I'm sorry for distress oh sorry hmm hello Doctor good morning you sir yes you did lie for it do as mayor you did talk not for human rights radio for the program bracket a family sir hello doctor doctor doctor do okay we'll go color back now Network if you mix a tank I do not mind make you pronounce Network for you where do you go here now network network we could still talk about Ebola months and how's our romance job you don't talk your about romance an eagle aroma Milazzo hey a yeah that's every month number you are calling is trying to call me okay FCC PC over to you like we hear good no ordinary president good morning is like the family a key about you I will for SEC PC which Department account okay good morning in my ordinary price then good morning break it's a family my name not be jets good morning appreciate are now and how much be the balance of the money way remain now will plus the final discharge money how much EBD tota because you send me one text message my credit goes to finish how much okay send me your account number will be the name of the hospital sir damn is a specialist hospital which sickness at which sickness Tsunade 3 4 thank you here give us Sigma n we finished now you go go if Nalu tendonosis attempting to give a signal signal beauty second a big impact a comma for studio until we hear from this FCC PC tomorrow this husband and wife will come to talk their own side of the story as regards waiting schism Harry Chisolm complaint against them they go come back and tomorrow the DG abuja chambers become the balan they come that drive-by they come and order people then they come not tomorrow with a finish matter yes over to you DT we carry convey say induce a bank a consumer the to the fight and what stability caused the fight loon the time will not be enough but well what to tell people that are taking loan from bank you see any time when you go to bank to take clue and they give you paper with a call of an attack if you noticed a funny time carry on good pace we all know we shall be with India do not contact because lo you wouldn't he talk I cannot are very toxic ou are too close to now for vet in law – Plus you know we say an interest what is interest rate not happy st. if you know not 10% I better go tell you this interest loan interest rate – is fees if you say of attached to not change well for de la pelota de passe now floating rate you know not between the floating and the fees you take loan today tap is that mother say did you don't go to top you said it would be quarry another thing we say in the letter they don't put default say if you not pay for one month now so so much you go pay but naughty no no don't go Putin do you no did you no pity not only quantity will artist and I say you should be able to order some other what God wise man say oh those do off a letter will be two three four pages with tiny with tiny font be glad to a customer you to sell go data to help it because an associates in bill then what else by say the bass you should be a thicker bank follow rule mmm what a customer shoe should be a thicker customer salary you know say Ferragamo deep a salary on the 38 on the touchy hmm you don't take low no he supposed to pay on this second order followed not a salary taco but no from zero day this is our charge maybe small come back on Saturday here may mmm Bridget a team supposedly will give them one hour to educators there's a person that please come on Saturday sir Bridget ma no go come on Saturday please sir a Content I let microphone so 4 plus 4 in in accounting 2 plus 2 people – for what two plus two plus two is absorbed indeed second – it will be somebody promised the China Korea sent $5,000 to bracket a family account Dada Daniel sent 1000 era and as yoku one talent neither a Sunday a dodgy 1092 in Chile Miriam 1009 2000 era cuckoo Harry cuckoo 1000 era is my elder would appear me is my ear 2000 naira Mohammad Booker from Ambu Mohammad Booker Ambu now other people they request we announce account number account number na 0 0 that is anything know for yourself contribute and into way too much public at a family do not even encourage person to contribute plenty money puts more here look around if you see we do or offer the remaining one we suppose Kerry put fabricate a family tick touch more lives you understand we we get the crowd we get it if every bracket a family member country boot even 100 hundred Nara is enough for us to do a lot of things so don't force yourself to do too many donations I beg the account number now 0 0 5 1 three five seven one again the account number now zero zero five one five four three five seven one the name of the Econo bracket family the name of the bank now GT Bank once again the account number zero zero five five seven one I'm sorry for starting the program late on behalf of everybody waiting for studio until Munna and rights radiant 101.1 is a family situation with broadcast programs that are suitable for

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