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yeah Hetty’s fickle presume or a listicle Impreza or more to the world civilian just north of Ria’s famous medic honest Stadium criminals launched an attack Wednesday morning on a local police base authorities responded by launching a large-scale operation targeting organized crime in the area following the attack on the base one of Rio’s principal highways was closed due to ongoing firefights taking place between police and traffickers armored vehicles ferried soldiers between different hot spots in the community drug traffickers shot on the base from down this alley I basically said at the end of the alley there and shot on the base which is behind me during the morning when the base was attacked by the drug traffickers the cars as several residents ended up getting hit by automatic fire they didn’t want their faces shown on camera but it will end up being them that pays for the costs of the damage to the vehicles another resident down the street has a grenade and unexploded grenade in their house it’s it was thrown into the the washing machine and didn’t explode and in these types of situations is a little bit difficult to deal with because normally the procedure is for them to blow up with the explosive if they find a grenade in the street though the blow of the unexploded ordnance but obviously as it’s in someone’s house to makes weather more difficult several different teams of police combed Mangueira looking for weapons and drugs and often coming into conflict with armed traffickers a group of criminals tried to slip past the cordon surrounding the community [Music]

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