Brandon Judd: Mexico is becoming true border patrol partners

100 thoughts on “Brandon Judd: Mexico is becoming true border patrol partners

  1. Mexico hasn't stepped up! mexicans knows it's to hot to cross the border . Their just waiting for the wall to be done. Once the coast is clear they will cross ! You stupid president your getting at this immigration problem from the wrong angle!! People will cross once it cools down ! And cartels will just dig holes !!

  2. My heart goes out to the people trying to really come to save their children, but we can not take care of everyone wanting come here.. it's strange they only want to come here for freebies.
    RBG looks like the crypt keeper.

  3. It amazed me that Washington is so committed to their agendas of selling this country to the cartels that Trump actually managed to have Mexico help with the Wall.

  4. Who is the Howdy Doody looking, moron? His statement was so well articulated but not very well thought out. All of these morons who conveniently leave out the fact that border security is in place to stop ILLEGAL "immigration" should immediately be taken off of the panel and never invited to comment on the subject again.

  5. Wow Fox is really going left with that peanut head Jonathan Hoeney or whatever his name is. The leftist must be dancing circles that Fox is joining the mainstreamers.

  6. What the hell was Howdy Doody squawking about? Michael J. Fox? Madeline Albright? Yeah, those two snuck in from Mexico. Congrats Mr. President. (And RGB? Die or retire.)

  7. What about the bloke asking the last question at 5:33 😂😂😂
    He’s not human surely?
    A terrible excuse for one if he is as his questions and reactions are never backed by this reality.
    Fly fly back home ET.
    My golly gosh.
    They’re heeeerrrre

  8. Americans are the biggest buyer of drugs such as Heroin ,cocaine and And various other illegal Narcotics cartels exist because of Americans illegal Immigrants are used by the cartels just for diversion Cartels control Mexico there is no Mexican government this isn’t going to stop nothing not one thing drug dealers here in the United States will help cartels bring in various narcotics like they always have been doing NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!!!!

  9. Thank you supreme justice! Thank you president Trump for working hard. For Mexico, they are only doing it because they worry about tariff that Trump might impose on them.

  10. Gosh, I hate that girl. The host, she is totally a democrat. I have watched her a few times, and she always sounds wacko. The host, the guy, is also wacko. What kind of question is that? We talk about illegal crossing border here. It has nothing to do with legal immigrants.

  11. Why is the U.S. funding a wall when Trump said Mexico would pay for it!? The U.S. ranks as a developing country compared to other first world countries. The U.S. citizens need healthcare, repaired infrastructure, and properly funded teachers. Not a wall!!!!

  12. Conflating the term immigrants and refugees is a distraction. Immigrants follow the immigration process and arrive in a predictable manner. Refugees storm the border seeking asylum with no papers or documents and as a result within the group, there will be violent criminals, human trafficking, & drug smugglers.

  13. Trump needs to initiate a meeting with his immigration top dogs then send out the rumor that door-to-door searches will be launched to root out illegals. In no time at all, the illegals will self-deport, saving us a lot of time and money to do it. Personally, I'd like to see a few hundred thousand of these invaders dropped into San Francisco to expose the liberal hypocrisy: "not in MY backyard you won't!"

  14. Mexico had to help the USA from stopping South America people to get to the border, but they blame Mexico for the Drugs if the whites didn’t love the drugs no one would send them but USA has the most dumb people that use them that’s why big Pharma got in with OxyContin and all the opioid pain killers because it’s a big business. Don’t blame but your self and doctors who started with fake health care more medicine with higher cost more money for doctors and the Big Pharma it’s all about the money 💰and No Real Health care.

  15. Who is that complete idiot who looks like the guy from mad magazine isnt there a cost to stopping illegal imagration after all there might be a great illegal amongst all the murderers rapists gang members and terrorists . What a true democrat complete idiot

  16. So is every American who is not employed currently going to start working in the fields, start doing landscaping or construction. What about the illegal people doing the jobs that us Americans don’t want to do?

  17. Remember Trump said :
    Mexico 🇲🇽 will build a wall and pay for it. Trump is Correct again.
    Mexico is building a wall on Mexico's Southern border. And Mexico Army is, controlling & stopping illegal aliens.
    So, Trump is Correct again, & again, & again, & again, again….

  18. I understand why we want the wall but it doesn’t make any sense because we’ve already found hundreds of miles of tunnels. Mexicans are too crafty to be held back by a fence.

  19. who is that nit wit at the end who doesn't know the difference between legal and illegal immigration? He's supposed to be an economic expert. Can he explain the economic wisdom behind allowing uneducated people from all over the world cross into the country when we're more than $21 trillion in debt and we're not providing well enough for our own veterans and homeless?

  20. I need more information on where these immigrants are actually coming from. And why? I want to know how we can collaboratively work with their surrounding territories to make their lives better. Their communities stronger. If these people are not being supported by their communities, why? Shine a light on it and get the community involved in fixing it. Embarrass the leadership not stepping up. Don’t hide it from our sight or under a bed somewhere. In the states or not I still care about their lives.

  21. Does anyone know what trade deal was made with Mexico. Nope! Because their was no deal Mexico said take said take it or leave it and trump had to take it . I mean hello we are paying a fortune for avocados and limes dang can’t get my ceviche with tequila on.

  22. Jonathan Hoenig – you're sounding like a moronic leftist Democrat suggesting we may deprive the country of some brilliance by not allowing illegals and so-called asylum seekers into the country. You know full well that most of these people can barely read and write.

  23. Mexican border guards watch in amazement as trump steals $3,600,000,000,000 from the military to build a wall.
    that's $9,600 from every american.

  24. Do delusional Dumbocrats ever think about the health risks of their loophole filled laws, to the law abiding healthy people who are legal citizens of the USA?

  25. the border Mexico patrol they work for the cartel , if they was any good they would of stopped the three hundred thousand on Mexico south border pouring in . your all fools

  26. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you guys are really something. If you think mexico is doing something, check your IQ because it must be very low🤣🤣🤣

  27. This reporter @ 4:30 is worried we may be missing out on a couple good Illegals that will be turned away / sent back…How about the thousands of babies aborted…Does he ever wonder if anyone or thousands of those babies killed may have cured cancer and or solved all our problems one day, if they had a chance ? We will never know will we.. .. Send the illegals back and stop killing American babies .

  28. Even Fox Business is now 70% far left milk toasted soy boys and Manginas with big heads,Fox is now 1 step below CNN,which leftist maniac will you hire next Fox,Cenk Ungyr from Young Turks ? Fox sucks now .

  29. 😂funny how most of yall mofos actually think something is changing here that wont get ignored or looked past of. Those immigrants arent the problem. The government isnt selling your country to the cartels like one of yall said. Yall are giving it away pretty much. This is a bussines! A multi BILLION dollar business! Demand and supply. "Public" and private transactions! Both allowed by the precious dollar bill! Money talks and right now seems yall have a president who likes money. Just opening doors for bigger profits.
    Gun violence, war on drugs, both money makers!! Keep hating and killing each other! Theres money to make on there too. Dumb Americans, yall disappoint!

  30. Mexican people are getting fed up with the ILLEGALS traipsing through Mexico, expecting handouts, causing property damage, robberies, & more. They are speaking out now against Mexico being INVADED. (Many "normal" people have said that in interviews. They said that the VIOLENCE is getting WORSE) Look at the protests in Tijuana!

  31. There will be so many tunnels under the wall it will be a waste of time. Drug dealers already have used this method. Or maybe people will just use a ladder.

  32. The whole thing is dog and pony. A show. For everyone they caught three more slid past, besides all the ones they are flying in from Cuba and Africa they are NOT telling you about.

  33. The only reason that illegals dare to come into this nation is because they know that once they get here all that they have to do to stay in the United States is have a child. After they have child in the US they can claim that family separations are hurtful to the child. There is a very simple solution for all of this, TAKE AWAY THEIR BIRTHRIGHTS. Birthrights should be reserved for citizens and US legal residents.

  34. You just have to SEND THEM ALL BACK…
    I thought this too: The over caffeinated little Alfred E. Newman character is obnoxious.

  35. Derp… FOX news is a propaganda machine. Mexico is not interested in securing our border. Neither is Trump, his fans just hate brown people so he claims to care about a wall.


  37. None of those great immigrant "Americans" came to the States illegally. So stop that crap that the USA will lose great talents to come if it stops immigrants to come illegally.

  38. Build the wall….We do not want Mexico to threaten or hold America HOSTAGE. The way Turkey holds Europe, threatening to flood them with illegal immigrants

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