hi guys today I'm going to be opening Finnish Buffalo family I'm very excited to open and I just want to get I know opening this I've never seen this before so guys these have not yet hit the shops and inside we have a scruff love and some babies so today yeah Akemi you can get a cat or a dog and if you see their hearts if it's purple then it might be a girl with its blue doing it will be a boy so on the back it says you will get a cat or a dog and is it a baby girl or a baby boy you can also find twins or rare triplets inside so if there are ten surprises inside and you will get a mummy and her babies are you excited to opening look I want to get clues but I really want to get rare triplets because it's just another back you can get rare trick Plus that would be awesome anything fast I love the colors of these the throat you think about the colors I like the colors you look get open you girl but I know how pointless sagai your scruffa lip starts off as a sad ball of matted fur and we need to give her a wash and clean how up but before we do that first we've got these two openly fools so guys inside the box it says a number one you need to wash your scruff laughs reveal who your scruff love is dry your scruff alas and is it a boy or girl you can groom and dress and feed your baby scruff a lot so as you can see inside the box the scruff love is number one and then we've got two three four five six seven dollar flavors right let's get opening number two this is your brush and then you just comb it and then you put your hand in it and then pull it to number two you've got a brush you scruff it up three color must be for the mummy guy so kids have anything sighs no but I think I'm supposed to put your pictures in here fans among people are number four it's a little photos of the mummy so does that go in the color on the color I think so you've got lots of pictures to choose which ones we want to play another way to feed your babies and there's a hole at the bottom but I thought you could put water in it but your car posters the whole part is local to them next on my mistake oh that blanket yeah I think we've got punished too close isn't it I'm gonna get my baby yes then you've got twins thanks you got two outfits that must mean you put a boy and a girl yeah any photos win so cute said you girls got hearts on and the boys got stars I don't keep my fingers away don't go out fit simple more beautiful maybe that's your babysitter for 30 days yes wait where is my birth mother that's the tip that mighty bike you see that first Pacifica it says appeal to reveal at the bottom I think it gives you an airborne we were born on the 4th of May 20 and 19 for Eva you ready yeah so we've got a towel ready and we've got our bar to freshen up half scrapple up are you ready to find out what's Alliance pop it is I love that there's literally scuff it up get it nice and wet all over I think it's maybe a jockey look it's got longer I can see mummy eyes it's boy and a boy must be a girl and a boy no look boy and a boy oh you got to boy oh that's so good look how dirty they are so you've got two twin boys Oh mummy she's looking a bit sorry for ourselves lots of wet fur there I think isn't there we give them a quick champion now it's time to drive it with a towel guys just make sort of extra dry I'm just gonna get my hair dryer I'll be back when they're dry guys here's my twin babies as they're nice and dry now and guys here's the mummy isn't she cute with her sparkly far right guys now I'm gonna put the mummy's clothing on their sticker so we need to put the stickers inside – mommy's corner she's the stick like used here's my first thicker guys I'm going to choose this one even though I don't have free triplets but I really want to think of the babies look like oh so here's my two stick there's the mommy in the color boy hmm this home is very good boys because it doesn't get stuck in Papa now the babies are quick brush with a safe what has too right guys now I'm gonna put the baby's outfits on but guys do that I'll get mrs. Li come to you mrs. guys to keep little twinsies now I need to free them that bottle first in the second baby baby guys now I need to think of some names uncle cool this one Tommy Tommy and Timmy ah Tommy Tommy Timmy Timmy Timmy Tommy guys I hope you liked my video thanks so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe don't forget to hit that red subscribe button guys and click on the bell to be notified of our new videos


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