Boys to Men: Male Empowerment

we were serious sexual assault problem in the United States one of the reasons why toxic masculinity now let's be clear masculinity is not inherently a bad thing what's bad is when society tells us that being a man means things like strength and power at the expense of being allowed to really feel things imagine your favorite male protagonist is he cold and aloof hardened brooding does he scowl make dark jokes in the face of danger well this is our cultural ideal of manhood it gets worse when anything that society deems feminine like having feelings gets pegged as a threat to manhood the worst thing a manly man can do is act like a woman side note this is also why toxic masculinity is super homophobic see Andre levy of the Detroit Lions wrote recently quote it's truly astounding how many awful things that occur in this world because men are afraid of appearing weak leaving notes that in locker rooms power is measured in sexual conquests dehumanizing women in the process we're so caught up in these toxic ideas that a woman granting her affirmative consent to sex well that too often become secondary to our needs let's put them in the context of American colleges and universities where sexual assault has become an epidemic reported sex crimes increased 126 percent from 2001 to 2013 College is a petri dish for bad ideas about sexual behavior of place that often magnifies toxic conceptions of masculinity too many men learn in college to view women as things to be aggressively obtained to be conquered to be used for our enjoyment and pleasure that's just part of what we know is rape culture all the ideas and beliefs that make people think sexual violence is acceptable rape culture includes the misogynist images were fed in popular culture where male violence that's depicted as sexually alluring and something that enhances the protagonists manhood toxic masculinity when you think about it is very selfish a lot of that is about entitlement we're entitled to a voice entitled to a job entitled to sex all these things we're told we deserve because we're guys you really think that manhoods being torn down though I think yeah I think masculinity is like attacked more than anything is probable I think it's attacked but I don't think it's effective I think I don't think it's having an effect on whether or not things are still masks on it's real problematic for two reasons one because it's okay to be really feminine so it's okay to be really feminine why is it not okay to be masculine like there's a bit of Jim being masculine and being rude being mean being homophobic if they are together but they're they shouldn't be they should know they shouldn't but I'm saying that they are in that regard so that's what I'm saying though it's like being pretty and feminine doesn't mean you're a cunt who's stuck-up sure right those get lumped together too sometimes too but that's just dummies and it's the same dummies that are attacking masculinity for just being masculine like here's one of those crazy fucking phrase that these dummies like to throw around lately the regressive left people like to throw around this phrase toxic masculinity and they're blaming toxic masculinity on this guy shooting up that gay crowd in Orlando this was this article and they were using the term toxic masculine that spell that's not real there's no time there's no amount of being masculine makes you toxic okay and there's that if you're a shitty nasty person that's nothing to do with masculinity if you're an evil person obviously it happens that mass shooters are almost exclusively men yeah but that's not toxic masculinity that's a fucking psychopath that's what that is there's nothing to do with masculine or feminine it's not gender determined that guy was already chemically off and then he was like you know a repressed homosexual by all accounts yeah so it's like you can't yeah that's nothing to add masculinity so was the guy they caught in LA apparently the guy they caught in LA who had on his way to the explosives yeah an Arsenal in his car they caught him on his way the gay pride parade apparently he is allegedly bisexual as well I think there's a pride parade crazy crazy fucks out there in this world and to start breaking it down by gender or masculinity and femininity it's max to me of like some sort of ulterior motive and I always feel like the ulterior motive when you see these guys were writing these articles they're weak people they're not they're not like powerful forces of genetics they're weak people and I thought a lot of times weak people they want in some way or another to even the playing field and one way do that as to by pulling down examples of masculinity that they can't possibly approach well yeah there's a type of guy exactly who like stands behind feminist issues like really like vehemently like bitching at some guy exactly it's called virtue signaling if I mean someone gets that man if you like right you know a joke or something even that you say were you included we're like are these dingy broads over here and they go broads really brilliant dude like yeah come on fuck off yeah just get out of here I know what you're doing they did the the virtue signaling phrase that Michael Shermer uses is a great one he's got this interesting point of view on it it's like what they're doing is they're just trying to let everybody know that they're more ethical than you they're more moral than you know they're a better person than you look at me look at me yeah exactly it turns it on like they're they're just looking for even if they don't even they probably don't even know whether or not it makes sense they just know that it's an effective stance to take to look like a super progressive person so you just go after it you go after the the hardest levels of it yeah there's a lot of people like that these days that are doing that it's because of social media it's given morons an opportunity to blurt out and to get reactions from their blurt outs even if they haven't really thought them through and they're almost always exclusively insulting and mean and nasty so these people that are trying to like proclaim their virtue they can't even like argue a point while being just a decent human being you can't even like say what you feel about something without being some sort of an insulting like nasty condescending defining they like define you like big J you're a sexist piece of shit like J no it's the same thing where it's like you know clap for like what handicapped people walk well you know I mean like it's the same like you're supposed to feel a certain way about something and it's always attacked like whatever it's what you're saying right is like am I getting that wrong no I mean I think we're both too high for this conversation but no I'm saying just that it's there's there's some sort of like dishonest communication that's happening with some of us I think a lot of the outrage is not real I think what a lot of it is they're acting outraged because they know they can of course it's not balanced and it's all so what I'm saying is it's really shitty and insulting like when you could have a point of view on something and they'll be really shitty and insulting about you and your point of view like an intelligent rational person that's examining the the thoughts and words of someone that they're not involved in a conversation when they come here and say like only a racist would say something's actually they define you and some sort of a weird way if you have a point of view that they feel like they can attack I used to wear that one I'd say if you say a bad neighborhood like even black people no you're talking about a black neighborhood yeah that's a racist in the say it's like ass black people if that's racist it's like it's just kind of a thing but said it's never I've never been called racist or or misogynist ever by I'm massaging I've been called by a woman before I've never been called racist by anyone of color of any sort well congratulations on that as well so you got for fuck's use yeah you're not a racist that's beautiful no but I'm saying I've been caught I've had people get really upset with like racist jokes or anything they've deemed racist right oh it's always like a white part it's like the same way dude yeah yeah and it's at war or a woman with like a guy behind them gonna yeah Kermit forget some of those things all the time quarters which I behind most things backing up some stupid point now more than ever before we have an all-out assault on men our society has turned its back on the entire gender' preaching that it is evil and oppressive celebrities and public figures are teaching boys to hate themselves and girls to hate the beauty and essence of what it is to be male here we have a program in San Diego California called boys to men where they match lost male youth with upstanding men in our community this program has been highlighted as a turning point for many wayward boys giving them a realistic role model and standard to aspire to men deserve to be loved and cherished just as much as women do and for some reason the far-left they want to try to erase the differences between the genders and while our society focuses on making life better for women it makes being justices that only men have to face even more obvious from divorce courts to child custody men are not treated equal and at the very very least we should support them if not fight for their equality and especially to have equal treatment under the law you

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