Boris Johnson tells Tory members NHS ‘needs reform’

We’ve got to do more
for our NHS. It’s one of the crowning
glories of this country, it’s admired around the
world and believe me, it’s loved in the UK. We’re all users of it,
it does a fantastic job. But it is still not getting
the kind of support, and indeed, the kind of
changes and management that it needs. The £20 billion pounds
that has been allocated is fantastic but how many
of you have actually talked to doctors and
nurses that feel that it’s yet got through to
the frontline? It needs to get there. People need to feel
the benefits of that spending in their
wards and in GP surgeries and I will make sure
that that happens. It’s a curious thing that,
the first elective office I ever had was at
university, where the guy who helped me get elected
is now running the NHS, guy called Simon Stevens
and he’s a very, very bright guy. So I’m going to work with
him to see what we can do to sort things out. It needs more money,
but where you’re absolutely right is it
needs reform. We can’t just put more
money in without also asking for productivity
improvements as well.

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  2. Reform after reform is killing NHS. By the time, NHS staff beginning to understand and implement one reform, another one comes in. So patients don't get benefitted and system goes under huge strain.

  3. NHS sell-out: Tories sign largest privatisation deal
    in history with £780 Million.
    Headline from Mirror
    2015 so they are already
    privatising the NHS.
    That's where the money
    is going, to share holders
    of these private companies.
    That was supposed to
    bring waiting lists down.
    Same as our psychiatric
    Hospitals closed down,
    the grounds and buildings
    sold off for a much better,
    care system!! Care in the community. !!! There is not enough, care in the community for anyone.
    Only for the ones who can afford private care.!!!
    When is any Goverment
    going to get this system
    right for the Dr’, Nurses
    the Carers and the ordinary
    people of our Country.!!!

  4. The NHS is pathetic, these so called "Hero's" who work for the NHS have to be the laziest workers I've ever witnessed. The reason for this is because there is no pressure of being fired if they're not efficient, they just do the minimum work required and collect their government pay cheque (still they complain that they're underpaid -JOKE).

    We throw so much of taxpayers money at the NHS for half of it to be pissed up the wall.

    The Government has never and will never be able to run an efficient, cost effective programme. Period.

  5. The guy running nhs
    The guy that want to run the country
    The guy that run the country and called for referendum
    All went to The same school
    The country Is run by the same group.
    If it is in The street They will be refer to as gang

  6. The capitalists are ready. Finally get this EU out of the way and dinner is served. Such a win against the elites!

  7. Buying the NHS is the best business opportunity out there; I mean, how much would you be willing to pay for your life? I sense massive margins here..

  8. privatisation of critical systems is not the way to go, It's pure greed and we will suffer for it with our health, just like the USA has.
    The amount of suffering those poor people have with health care is criminal, we must not ever allow that to happen here.
    If the NHS was sold off, our tax's would not go down, and we would also have to pay out on insurance, not to mention all the dirty tactics that companies would start to pull to avoid payouts.
    We have a system now where you can walk into any A&E and get stitched up, or have a needed operations ect, THAT is worth your taxes.
    All we need to do is look at our train services here in the UK to see what a mess the NHS would become.

  9. whats this earth coming to, This person to be prime minister i feel like this is a dream i cant believe it…

  10. How about reforming the Tory Party / MP's expenses / the House of Lords / MP's pensions / defence procurement FIRST ? and only then start picking on the NHS.

  11. Of course after Brexit the NHS will be getting the £350 million a week that Boris told us we give to the EU ….. or was that just a little lie ?

  12. privatise the NHS or make it co-pay. Countries like Australia and Canada have far better system. Or make it like USA where top notch research happens due to more money

  13. Boris Johnson means "Everyone should have private healthcare like we (public school chaps) have". Free healthcare is for poor people.

  14. The man claims to be a conservative whilst referring to the NHS as "Our NHS"; he claims the NHS is the country's crowning glory. It's not. The NHS delivers rubbish healthcare outcomes. Our crowning glories are the rule of law and liberty under the law; and he describes himself as a "progressive". What kind of a conservative refers to himself as a "progressive"?

  15. This man is vile. Hunt is also vile. The choice – as it is out of the public’s hands – is like deciding on what shade of dog poo you’d prefer to eat.

  16. NHS will go fully private and it will be the end of the healthcare system. Buckle up people if you’re taking meds, get your insurance ready and be ready to pay a lot to keep you going

  17. I can't wait till he privatises the NHS ! Then all the conceded old baby boomers who voted for Brexit won't be able to afford treatment for their many ailments.

  18. NHS: is run like a wealthy company with deep pockets making rich lots of thieves people exploiting it: suppliers, overplayed managers, super expensive agency staff, paying settlements for doctors blunders, paying for hotels& expensive crazy treatments, etc.
    Selling it will make richer private companies offering horrible service to British people.
    Should be keep national but run realistically according with the budget, like easyet for example.

  19. The Tories have already spent £3B reforming the NHS, what the NHS needs is more money and less interference from useless politicians.

  20. Atleast hes not privatising it. I mean out of jeremy hunt and johnson i would pick johnson. At least he is confident and will deliver the brexit that the people voted for even if it was a small majority.

  21. It needs less managers And more doctors and nursing staff on the shop floor ….and it needs to have everything under the one umbrella. NO outside contractors charging the earth just because its the NHS and giving shoddy service . Matrons in charge of wards just as it was …..if it aint broke ….and all that …..

  22. These bastdards believe health should be run for profit,and shareholders, he will sell it off to the yanks

  23. All the world needs in another Trump and . . . . . Johnson is he! Let us see if the British conservatives are as stupid and desperate as the Republicans.

  24. Productivity improvements, the NHS has one of the lowest cost spends per percentage of gdp in the western world. Mind you, if they'd abolish the internal market then there could be a few billion freed up there, and end the nonsense of NHS trusts charging each other for services.

  25. Hah! Can't believe he wants the job of PM so bad that it seems first time he's gone and done a makeover by cutting off his mop. He even looks like his lost weight as well.

  26. How about we stop spending millions per individual migrant who comes to the UK and needs anti-retroviral medication in order to treat their aids, despite never paying a penny in tax. That is the reform that is needed.

  27. It's not just The Tories, Labour is filled with privileged WHITE toffs. How are we supposed to create a TRULY inclusive and diverse society, when whiteness and privilege still prevail. SHAME.

  28. Everyone who voted Tory will be responsible for the privatisation of the NHS that they are pushing for, you guys deserve it, i will be just fine with my private health insurance with BUPA 😂

  29. Johnson is going to do to Public Services what his best friend Darius Guppy wanted to do to that journalist.

  30. Stop wasting £150 per hour plus on agency staff, employ nurses, Drs and ancillary staff on contracts so they know that they have an investment in the organisation.

  31. Anything go's with these Tory's ,they privatised everything else ,so their rich mate's can make a killing in share purchases .

  32. He wontr be there long if Labour uses the summer to get a more centrist leader. Corbyn is never going to be PM, he had a decent try and hes not all bad but Labour needs someone more from the centre to sweep up floating voters, and those who often dont vote.

  33. NHS employs people who earn well but do NOTHING!
    just needs minimal funding in key areas but what it needs most is clearing of deadwood
    and common sense administration. [ and abolishment of postcode lottery treatment ].

  34. It does need reform. Health tourism needs to be stopped, vanity ops needs to end, NHS meals need to end as they are terrible, people are better off buying in their own food.


  36. The regulation, the insurance elements and the supply need to be separated.
    Otherwise as you can see there is just collusion between 2 or more elements and the patients lose.

  37. the 1 & only thing we brits agree on is preserving our NHS, Boris is 100% right, not claiming back from all over the world what is owed to the NHS when foreigne visitors use it.

  38. Basic human rights should either be free or cost-priced with no strings attached. Healthy food, shelter, healthcare and education. Tory crooks are greedy leeches that just privatise everything for their own interests.

  39. His line on getting it to the frontline is nonsense, their plenty of processes behind the scenes that patient may never see but is every bit as vital in delivering their care. Many trusts will look to use this money to decrease their debt burdens as well, something the government has never looked at.

  40. Boris needs reforming. If anyone accepts him as a viable candidate as PM, they are fooling themselves. He doesn't have what it takes,and when he is asked to defend an action, he dodges answering the question as a regular response.And when he does "attempt" to answer, its sounds scripted, and rushed. Thats not how a leader speaks. Thats how a coward speaks.
    Do you want a coward as your next PM England?.., Do you?

    My opinions expressed are only text on a screen, and can easily be altered by me or Youtube or better yet, easily avoided by your own actions.(read something else, its not hard)
     Any impact this comment may have on you in any way shape or form, including unknown ways, shapes or forms is beyond my control, or anyone elses for that matter. Don't blame Trump for this. Its possibly all on you.

  41. People forget Jeremy Hunt kicked the NHS when it was down. Family members of mine sadly didn’t get the health care they needed in time due to his lack of management. They are no longer with us and I hate that guy so much for being a cause of it. I will vote Tory again if it’s Boris but not if it’s Hunt the man will crush the country sell us down stream like he did with the NHS.

  42. The Remainer Parliament needs reform far more urgently. Either Boris does it, or the electorate will to if for him.

  43. Boris Johnson filmed telling Tory members NHS 'needs reform' ►

  44. This is the same NHS which doesn't charge health tourists using the services that you and I pay our taxes. We can't sustain open borders and a free health service. The international health service costs the British taxpayer between £10 – 20 bn annually while the service provided to the British taxpayer is diluted to the point they now recruiting nurses to Doctor functions.

  45. Our country is a laughing stock and it's gonna get even funnier for the rest of the world when this complete gobshite is PM

  46. I think a general election would be better than having yet another unelected conservative party primeminister asset stripper wrecking the nation's infrastructure.

  47. Social services are struggling.Nurses underpaid and they are not on 70 grand a year Boris which you think they are.Boris talks the talk with his empty promises.

  48. I believe there are 168 NHS hospitals in the uk. The NHS is hugely underfunded and understaffed although they do a fantastic job. 168 hospitals in a country is not allot. Why doesn't the Government set up an NHS booster fund via an NHS tax ,take even as little or more as 1 pound from every persons incoming each month which would be 66 million in population ×12 which is 792 million per year just off 1 pound per person roughly which would work out an extra 4 plus million per year for each hospital. Thats over 300,000 extra a month per hospital just from off £1 for per person. Can even be deducted off benefit aswell so. Nobody would have an issue with that and I'm sure it would help ease something and can be consistently paid without fail. If it needed to go up slightly then so be it as long as it's not extortionate. Anybody feel free to correct me if my thoughts or math is incorrect but I worked that this out in 5 minutes.

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