Border Patrol Arrest 19 Illegal Immigrants, Anti-Immigrant Letters & Border Technology

the u.s. Border Patrol says it arrested
19 Mexican citizens in northern Montana the 19 undocumented aliens were
traveling in two SUVs when they were arrested on Sunday the hammer sector
Border Patrol worked with the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office and the cutbank
police on the operation officials say the arrests stemmed from a
tip by the public to have her sector of the Border Patrol covers more than 450
miles of u.s. Canadian border from the North Dakota State Line to the
Continental divine something like that really should never make the desk of a
lot of us in the first place an anonymous rider sent a note to Waukesha
alderman Aaron Perry questioning tax dollar spending on undocumented people
living in Wisconsin that note read in part charity begins at home and sanity
comes from Mexico the person identifies as I’m an American I’m a vet I speak
English ask any Democrat what’s your reaction to
this note when you received it it’s unnecessary
I think it’s hateful so he shared the note on Facebook and Twitter why share
it on social media well I truly believe you know I’ve I’ve
earned a platform and I want to use it for positive things and sometimes that
means pointing out the negative and to give the positive a larger voice we’ve
people on the streets of Milwaukee you know having acid throwing up on
themselves because of the color of their skin and then something like this we
can’t just let the next day go by without addressing it
alderman Perry says all 15 aldermen on the Waukesha City Council got that same
message some of those arrived at their homes others arrived here at City Hall
Perry a former Republican made headlines over the summer for switching to the
Democratic Party I don’t know if that had anything to do with it because again
everybody on the council got it regardless of their political
affiliation in Waukesha Sheldon du times WISN 12 News a
Milwaukee County Supervisor commented on alderman Perry’s post that she has also
received notes from that anonymous writer over
Arizona geography teacher Scott Warren is now on trial after being accused of
giving to migrants temporary shelter but Warren’s arrest hasn’t stopped
organizations from continuing their aid the desert is an extremely harsh
environment you’re just surrounded by absolute desolate nothing there’s no
water out here there’s minimal cell phone reception the whole idea of humane
Borders is to save lives we left South Tucson at 6:00 a.m. and will probably be
done by about 2:00 p.m. my name is Steve Saltonstall Steve is one of many
volunteers who drive in to the Sonoran Desert several times a month to fill
these water tanks go to each water station and fill it if need be if the
station is vandalized we’ll replace the barrel he does this mainly for people
traveling north from the us-mexico border over the years humane borders in
the local medical examiner’s office have put together a death map which shows
where more than 3,000 people crossing the border have died since 2000 we
consult those maps and try to put water stations where people have been found
dead it’s not easy walking especially at
night when people walk a lot to try and avoid the Border Patrol that is gonna alert Border Patrol that
somebody is here it could just be an average citizen in distress but the
majority of what we see are illegal immigrants Border Patrol agent Joe
Curran is referring to these solar-powered safety beacons we have 34
of them across Tucson sector the sector spans over 250 miles we’re gonna make
sure everybody has water food everybody’s medically evaluated last
year the agency rescued more than 140 people at peak and locations Joe says if
you come across someone in the desert the best thing to do is offer them water
if they need it and contact the proper authorities but what happens next for
those who are found in the desert depends on their citizenship status
these are acts of desperation and as for those who help those migrants like Steve
most these individuals who are out there doing you know this good work are aware
that there is that risk maurice goldman is an immigration attorney in tucson the
government could bring charges against an individual for assisting or harboring
an immigrant or migrant and the number of people the government is actually
prosecuting for that is on the rise so far in 2019 there have been more than
5500 prosecuted cases a 27 percent increase over 2018 and those who are
found guilty of harboring people crossing the border illegally can face
up to 10 years in prison and fines I’m trying to save people’s lives is an
important endeavor it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for somebody to be walking
through the desert in this area and never come across anybody the idea is to
stop that to stop the deaths I’m Chloe Nordquist reporting
we are following some breaking news in the case of a border activist accused of
harboring migrants a jury has found dr. Scott Warren not guilty that Warren is a
volunteer with the group no more deaths he was facing two felony counts of
harboring migrants we’re gonna toss it over to News 4 two sons to known con
pair who joins us live right outside the courthouse to now
Priscilla that’s right he was acquitted on all charges which includes those two
felony counts of harboring a migrant now you can see he’s behind me he said he
declined to make a statement because he was too tired but we were able to talk
to his attorney who is very happy with today’s outcome now as you can see a lot
of his supporters have gathered outside of the federal courthouse a lot of them
have been inside and outside the courtroom for the last two weeks you
know this is the retrial they were true he was tried back in last summer in June
which went to a mistrial so today is a very exciting day for him and his
supporters also just minutes ago broke out in song to celebrate today and what
it means for their humanitarian work I’ll send it back to you Priscilla all
right thanks 545 miles from the mountains to the
plains this vast stretch of land makes up Montana’s northern border with Canada
it’s an enormous territory for Border Patrol agents to monitor a job that
requires the help of advancing technology more than ever tonight a look
behind the scenes as we continue our trip on the northern border most come to
Montana’s Flathead Lake to vacation but not far from its shores
workers with Adela’s incorporated a subsidiary of SNK technologies are
refining a highly sensitive state-of-the-art technology just inches
beneath my feet is a fiber optic cable sensor system designed for border
security and it’s being developed right here at a testbed in Paulsen what you
can imagine is having thousands of microphones in the ground we listen for
everything that’s occurring around borders and perimeters outside the fiber
optic cable sensor system is so sensitive it can pick up the sound of a
plane an ATV tunneling voices and much more inside those sounds are captured
and measured so what you’re hearing there is somebody thumping on the ground
a hundred meters away so I had a personal human being stand a hundred
meters from that fence on the south end 100 meters a long way and do that and
that’s what we’re hearing and this is what you’re seeing company officials
hope their technology will soon be installed on the northern border it’s
going to take new and innovative solutions of the and a difference on the
northern border but all of the the technology advancements will be used
Montana’s northern border with candidate needs it it’s big remote and desolate
that’s why Border Patrol agents tested the latest ground sensors unmanned
aircraft systems and autonomous towers on the northern border in sweetgrass
Montana US Senator Steve Daines called the
technology critical to national security technology’s gonna help us keep our
officers safer and importantly as well secure that northern border we
absolutely need more resources you know we need more technology and we need more
manpower hands down agents got good heads up the hammer sector for border
security from Saint Mary to North Dakota he knows there aren’t enough agents to
patrol at all when you look at expanses as large as this just being having that
ability to identify and classify a threat or anything that’s going on it
may not be a threat and we’ll be able to see that with the technology our visit
to the border made his point I crossed this dirt road to check out this border
sign it’s possible I stepped on a sensor as it didn’t take long for Border Patrol
agents to show up they gave us a way in drove on but agents never know who
they’ll run into that’s why the training technology being used here at Border
Patrol sector headquarters in Havre is so critical in preparing Border Patrol
agents this virtual simulator program to put only one of its kind in the state
and it’s where Border Patrol agents trained for every scenario imaginable
and now it’s my turn a powerful example of what these agents are up against the
ability to have surveillance about what comes across the border is is important
not only to the United States but to Canada as well and they say technology
created hundreds of miles from the border can keep them in our country safe we’re back tomorrow at ten o’clock with
a look at a special federal funding spent with county sheriff’s departments
to bolster border patrol forces you can find additional information about
tonight’s story including the high-tech research being done as well as drone
video of areas we seldom get to see on NBC Montana comm let me know what you
think in the comment section thanks for watching like share and subscribe as
always god bless till next time please

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  1. Pointing out facts to a global communist arsehole is "hateful"? The treasonist scumbags leaving water and other assistance to vermin invaders should be gutshot with a small calibre firearm and left to wander in the desert.
    Every invader that dies in the desert is one less to pollute America.
    Great stuff on the Northern border. Much love to all the border agents.

  2. Anyone that helps criminal illegals that are breaking our laws and sneaking into our country should be punished – take away their citizenship- real Americans don’t want illegals and their children in America – let them fix there own country but stay out of ours

  3. Glad to see the news report on the northern border. We need it. That’s how all these Muslims from the Middle East and Africa are sneaking in.

    We don’t need people who hate America and refuse to assimilate, coming into this country.

    Go back home and fix your own country.

  4. I thank the public for turning in info to get these illegals. Keep our low populated states, just that LOW POPULATED! They cant afford or bear the burden of so many low skill poor people who breed like somebody else will be paying for it

  5. These are foreigners taking jobs, housing, raising our cost of living, many committing crimes.
    Under these people's ideas, we could have foreign leaders come into our country to campaign for puppets and vote. Unfortunately, it seems we already have very close to that happening. Foreign lesders just send others to do this. They are in thr unions and with access to the membership, are pushing propaganda to the members, some have even offered people $50 to be able to use their absentee ballots. Those doing this need to go to prison. Those leaving water in the deserts are assisting the enemy. That's a crime. Foreign governments, mafia, cartels & even some politicians are using these people. This is treason.
    A PSA about this and showing individual cases and who benefits from these cases needs to be made.
    These people have no idea what they are doing to our country. Harsh prosecutions are the best policy. Then others will not be inclined to do the same.

  6. Its "hateful" now to tell a politician to be a politician to American citizens……You know the people who actually are from your country and can vote for you. What a soy cuck. You want to be a politician to illegals, go be one in their own countries you idiot.

  7. 👍 GREAT BIG THANKS to the public for assisting our heroes & GREAT BIG THANKS to Border Patrol, Glacier County Sheriff's Office & Cut Bank Police for working together to keep American citizens/communities safe! Very Proud, thank you!

  8. They place themselves in harms way….those traitors who 'help' illegals help facilitate their demise. How many do these 'do-gooders' take into their homes? He'll no, they pass the burden onto us! Put them in jail!

  9. Why are they filling water for these assholes? If you going to illegally enter …that's on you. Or how about stay home?

  10. Insult to injury corrupt virtue signaling Ald. Arron Perry should be recalled for scolding a concerned constituent for voicing his concerns about Arron Perry's abuse of power wasting USA citizens tax payers dollars on illegal aliens who should be deported so tax payers won't have to be burdened to provide for illegals aliens, who the USA has no obligation toward! Tax payers dollars would be better spent honoring the government's obligations to USA citizens from whom the government collects taxes!



  13. Scott Warren & others should be made an example of by being convicted & or made to pay massive fines of $2,500 & up for breaking Federal Laws by aiding & abetting law breaking illegal alien fugitives against law enforcement & the United States Government!

  14. Non profit organizations that help illegal aliens against law enforcement non profit status should be revoked & they should be made to pay massive fines of $2,500 & up, each type of offense should be assigned a monetary penalty & a general penalty for a first offense or as applied by discretion!

  15. The people who crossing over here illegally they get no jail time. America is so dumb. It makes no sense they should go to jail for Crossing in to America illegally.😒😑

  16. These water stations enable the problem.
    Go to the border. Disable every one coming north.
    They turn back before they die of thirst.
    Collect them as they give up and come back.
    Darwin principle is in charge after that.
    These people have maps of the locations.
    They're not just stumbling on them.
    Not rocket science.

  17. Man I got a speeding ticket 🎫 I wonder if I claim in court that I’m just trying to work to make a better life for my family please don’t separate my hard working dollar 💵 from my family would it work ?
    Greetings from Texas my fellow kytekuttertv nation yeeeeee haaaaaaa

  18. What happens when an ordinary US citizen helps a criminal? Its against the law and we get charges for aiding and abetting a criminal. Why should these politicians or organizations be excluded?

  19. I am Tired of paying for these illegals that sneak into America… Most come here without speaking or writing English… They add no value to America they need to all be deported

  20. It's not fair to expect We the People to feed, close and house the world, while we starve and are forced on to welfare, get every illegal out of this country, it wouldn't be that hard, make it a death sentence to be here illegally and tell them to get out. they've got 90 days. And then we hang them on the wall. Start out by televising all the illegal criminals in jail hanging on the wall

  21. Kk, my wish is that president trump gets reelected and he becomes the nightmare the left has made him out to be. This shit has to stop.

  22. Why are all races coming ILLEGALLY to the U.S.A! We cannot safe the WORLD! Who died and made the U.S.A HEAVEN and the AMERICAN CITIZENS GOD. WHAT ABOUT THEIR COUNTRIES.

  23. Changing your party affiliation once you are voted into an office should be removed from that office immediately. That person won with voters from the party they are leaving. Lying to win.

  24. 3:30.. so …… which is more or less humane.. providing the incentive to break the law or putting up obstructions to show that there are consequences.. Not only does the government get forced into spending the money to protect our border BECAUSE of the "illegals" actions.. but the "illegals" cut in front of those that are trying to do it the right way..

    I have no issues with LEGAL immigration.. You want to come here.. make the applications and fill out the needed paperwork, wait your turn "if accepted", and be the responsible guest.. But don't come here in the dead of night, or swimming the river, contrary to the law, and hope for sympathy. There is a "right way" and a "wrong way"..The right way involves using the legal port of entry

  25. We need to really secure the border the way they are doing it in the northern border but we need to punish visa overstayers . Many illegals come here , work and travel to other states or even countries using their Mexican visa

  26. People harboring illegal alien do not care the damage it causes to Angel moms and the American public. They must be prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law. You dont have to take my word for it. Do the research for yourself.

  27. Why are Whites forced to provide welfare for colored people? Colored tax money for colored welfare. White tax money for White welfare.

  28. Why can't you fine him. He has money. You would rather praise him and throw some one with no funds under the jail. He should have been fined. He did wrong.

  29. Thank you for covering these issues. You are the "go to" person for this! If you could, please "full screen" the video clips so we could see it better? Thanks again!

  30. I can't wait to start my non-profit that will reward citizens for bringing cadavers of foreign citizens and political activists! To counteract refugee judges

  31. Build The Wall on the desert, intead putting water for illegally crossing. If you want to save life, make them crossing trough legal points of entry. Its the same like putting ladder next to the wall, so illegalls can go over the wall safer. SCANDAL

  32. Its like giving free needles. Keep coming keep using heroin .
    Waste American tax $$$$$
    While Americans are eating 1 meal a day .

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