Boone County Fair

((BROOKLYN)) ERIC AND MIMI WERE AT DAY TWO OF STATE’S MOST POPULAR COUNTY FAIR. ((ERIC)) THE BOONE COUNTY FAIR IS A TRADITION FOR FAMILIES ACROSS ILLINOIS. DYLAN SROCKI WAS THERE WITH US TOO. IT’S PRETTY OBVIOUS WHY THE EVENT DRAWS TENS OF THOUSANDS OF VISITORS EVERY SUMMER. DYLAN? ((DYLAN)) ERIC AND BROOKLYN… WITH SO MUCH TO DO AT THE FAIR…THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. THE KIDS I TALKED TO TODAY ALL HAD BIG SMILES ON THEIR FACES… FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. THE LARGEST COUNTY FAIR IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS… ATTENDEES SAY THE BOONE COUNTY FAIR KEEPS GETTING BETTER… YEAR AFTER YEAR. Laynee Noble, Boone County Fair Attendee “It’s really fun to see how the fair has grown just over five years of being here.” FOR LAYNEE NOBLE… THIS YEAR’S VERSION OF THE FAIR HAS BEEN A ROUSING SUCCESS. Laynee Noble, Boone County Fair Attendee “Well, so far at the fair, I’ve shown my horse, and I ended up getting 6 trophies, and I’ve rode rides with my friends. It’s been a blast! ” NOVILYN ALONZO AND HER FRIEND PAIGE STEURER RODE THE MECHANICAL BULL AT THE FAIR. ALONZO SAYS IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE. Novilyn Alonzo and Paige Steurer. Boone County Fair Attendees “It’s really fun.” “It’s really hard.” “Yeah it’s hard when you get to the higher speed because she’ll start you off slow, then she’ll get faster. And it’s really fun and it’s kind of cool because it’ll stop and then it’ll go different directions really fast. It was just all around really fun.” NOVILYN ALSO SHOWED HER HORSE, NAMED OREO. SHE SAYS HER RIDING EXPERIENCE HELPED HER CONQUER THE BULL… BUT ADMITS THAT THE RIDE IS TOUGHER THAN THE REAL THING. Novilyn Alonzo and Paige Steurer. Boone County Fair Attendees “That you can only use one hand, and in riding you can use two hands and you have more support around your body because you’re in a saddle and sitting.” THE BIG CROWD OF FAIRGOERS… MADE SURE TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE ESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES. Griffin Cooke, Boone County Fair Attendees “Ate a corndog, went on rides with my friends, played games.” GRIFFIN SAYS HE IS COMING BACK TO THE FAIR AGAIN THOUGH… THERE’S STILL ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO. Griffin Cooke, Boone County Fair Attendees “Oh, I want to see the animals!” ((DYLAN)) THE BOONE COUNTY FAIR RUNS THROUGH AUGUST 11TH. ERIC AND BROOKLYN.

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