Boise State University: Osher Institute – Why Become a Member

Carolyn Wolfe: Well there are many things
that I really appreciate about the Osher Institute. I think one of the first ones is the idea
to extend my learning ability and I enjoy learning. Cindy Anson: I think what I like most about
Osher is the opportunity to learn about something brand new and to take away as much as my brain
can bare and know that I will know something more about the world than when I started out. Carolyn Wolfe: I do believe in the motto of
Life Long Learning. I continue to take courses at BSU and have
for five years as a senior citizen, but I also like the social aspect. I see the same people in the classes, I’ve
made friends through the classes and I enjoy the Special Interest Groups, I’m one of
the hikers every week during the fall and the winter and I really enjoy that. Virginia Rivers: Osher to me it’s a place and
a presence online and in the community as well where there’s an abundance of goodwill
and it starts from the top down, the administration, the management team is just full of goodwill
towards the members, but it’s also with the presenters that come and talk to us and
give us information and educate us there’s also just this feeling of good will. But it’s also in the members, you know towards
each other, back towards the administration. When I think of Osher that’s the term I
think of, goodwill. Dennis Hall: I’ll have to say, it’s been
the number one best experience that we’ve had since moving to Boise. The classes are exceptional the instruction
level is very high, the classes are all so very interesting. I don’t know what we would have done without
Osher, it’s just phenomenal.

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