Bo Burnham | Recognizes Audience Member

[Audience Awes] Where the fuck were you?! Bring up the lights [Audience Laughs] Where were you in the back Holy shit! We got one – Why are you here?! [Audience Laughs] Look at you… Your little dre- Oh look at this! Oh man. This is not a regular at one of my shows [Audience Laughs] You stand up sir. Can you stand up? This is a regular [Audience applauds] Hey, wait. This is my audience. There’s another! What the fuck! It’s like Zombieland meets Rock Of Love [Inaudible] What’s up dude? What’s your name? – “Michael” Michael, nice to meet you …Is this? Your daughters or anything? Are you single? – “I am.” Michael, we’re gonna get you fuckin’ laid tonight Yea, yea yea. Michael, I – It’s all about playing up the sympathy Michael’s an orphan [Audience Laughs] He’s being pursued by his cantankerous uncle, Count Olaf Any girls? [Scattered cheering] You right there? Where? You up there? You right there, Ma’am? Michael, you ever been with a prostitute? [Audience Laughs] No, guys! It’s not like that …She’s called an attention whore. Ha-ha! Uh-oh, what’s happening there? [Inaudible] Michael, thanks for coming. …You got a stamp, “OKAY” What does that mean? “That means I came in” Oh, okay. There we go. And you’re okay? Michael, you are okay give it up for Michael [Audience applauds] I like you, Michael

100 thoughts on “Bo Burnham | Recognizes Audience Member

  1. I can never remember people face I can't even remember my teacher and classmates face , Im an introvert who was force/tought to be an extrovert . A soul of an introvert an vase of an extrovert, a thought of an introvert a heart as an extrovert

  2. I think you are all very confused, he was saying "where the hell were you?" because people walked in late, he asked "why are you here?" because they were dressed nice, and said "this guys a regular" because he was dressed down like his normal crowd….he literally didn't recognize any of these people….

  3. Count Olaf is coming for me and on an unrelated note, if you ever see someone with an eye tattooed on their ankle, tell me then run in the opposite direction.

  4. So a guy, who not everyone knows, sees a guy, who noone knows, and that is made into a video on the internet? We tryly are getting dumber.

  5. 0:06
    When you can't find something so you go out to buy a replacement only to find it after you get back home.

  6. I think that the people he was yelling at were coming in late, after a date or a party or wedding or smtn. So they were dressed nice and he was confused. He called out the guy in front because he was dressed casual and maybe comes to see the shows a lot.

  7. “Have you ever been with a prostitute Michael? Just kidding. She’s called an attention whore” this is why I love bo! 😂

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