Blkmarket Membership | SUB.Culture Episode 4

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  1. SUB.Culture: Blkmarket Membership

    Taimur and Fahad on the art and science of throwing exceptionally cool techno warehouse parties.

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  2. 2:57 LOL what? Excuse me but Berlin is Dead, the only people left here who party here are tourist and asocial asshole drugdealers… NYC scene is WAY bigger than BE, not just in the amount of people…

  3. Berlin is not dead, I can tell you that. Relative to the 88-92 period it is not as thriving yes, but it is bigger than the NYC scene. Tons of producers from around the world migrate to Berlin even now, and it has some of the worlds most renowned venues such as Tresor, Watergate and Berghain, not to mention all the others which are brilliant. Berlin is the boilerrooms second home. The NYC scene now is a little sub-culture, which Im not saying is a bad thing, but UDM is still bigger in Berlin.

  4. 2 of the 3 tracks on here will be coming out on the 2nd release of Ark To Ashes. The tracks are by 3 Wise Men (Shadi Megallaa, Taimur Agha, Fahad Haider) The record will be out in about a month from now.

  5. 'we only tell people who we want to come' doesnt sound like a scene… sounds like inclusive yuppies, defeats the essence of underground musicc

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