BLIND & DEAF LOOP 1V5 CLUTCH AND $5000 DONATE !! ( Legally Blind & Deaf CS:GO Player )

great your skin sawsan safe on trade skin fat calm fastest trading marketplace check it out now people having shit disease let's go hey Ezra Amy Amy Amy too many clubs in my mind I can tonight I just keep writing I don't need no help I don't need opinions are going for time living online myself on my local radio station like I'm gonna play then all of you ever can blossom go in there do it again I bring over there and I'm better with you many things I gotta just let it out loud I'm talking about that shit they've been talking about telling me I should do it telling me yes to do that no too many things have been building been hard to tell when I've been drinking remember my moves in the past and wondering what was I thinking lately I'm living in fear wondering what if the end is don't need all of this shit going on the shootings are strong wish I had and I'm gone I'm losing control but I can't anymore my mother calls when they're wrong and I don't know what's happening just gonna get what I just been imagining get a close-knit just been examining all the pictures they gave me a package I come from a town where most of the people let's go close minded they do in the school and they work in a job but they don't even like it I will be put in the back nobody telling me what I should write nobody telling me what I should drop because I do what I want to just do while stop recording to 4:00 in the morning they throw us all in there every story I'm writing producing that makes it I'm after I'm building my craft and I'm not looking back and doing things I want to do when I want you everybody want to get away and but they not you everybody want to cover you with in out you everybody want to be cool but they're not nouveau look ever go don't be your dentist I still got the flow never gonna lose cause I'm still there were both never go lose cause I've been on the road come the attending I'm killing the show know that I'm young enough to got a Grove snorting I'm working the Mustangs clapping thanks so much food I just something about thanks on my screen thanks OSTs cole holy buck hmm I buddy what a tragedy what what but I cannot see I'm legally blind but I cannot see I'm legally blind I know lots of these little toes we do but I don't see it sorry get him get him Oh one matter oh my god come in this together here good looks a nice field how you doing right what part of our skills are you planning let me see if I can gain some pretty to not screw you let's do it um yeah oh shit oh my god again not again no not does that No I thought I heard it thank you GOP underscore hated you're insane you're fucking nuts bro I love it honking evening go back don't I'm not good good he's got my off I mean to leave you there all orphan not at all damn sure and take out the well he's that what an idiot I remember Cadogan square I do I will never forget the shit

41 thoughts on “BLIND & DEAF LOOP 1V5 CLUTCH AND $5000 DONATE !! ( Legally Blind & Deaf CS:GO Player )

  1. Bruh I have fully functional eyes and fully functional ears and this guys is still better than me (I suck) 😂

  2. M0e and Anomaly are good guys, always donating little streamers, or streamers who need help about fund problem

  3. GodManiac, D34TH, MadDecent- & Adviko the worst human on CSGO cummunity. Really hope that they get what deserves

  4. Does he use some special device to hear?And also does he breathe trough his mouth or does his nose have holes?

  5. This man is insane in playing CSGO and it's insane that he plays,streams while being deaf and blind. Amazing

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